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Moderator Reports starting 2-27-2024

Posted 02-17-2024 at 07:01 AM by jbgusa
Updated 06-02-2024 at 11:48 AM by jbgusa

Originally Posted by Remington Steel View Post
This 15 second "gesture" is gonna negatively affect this kid for a very long time....smh

How is this not POC?


Originally Posted by BalnearioCamboriu View Post
Worried about The future...... Not rainrootsy. I am forever one of the most well liked, well respected, well missed elite top rank Senior members. I am already in the top 5 to 10 of most well travelled. And one of the only ones with 200+ CD friends.

Okay, if Greysholic and karen-in_nh went back that fast, The future is returning. Case closed! Our website will be shutting down if I don't return. A very bad haunted curse for the closure of this website.

The 27 CD representatives were never supposed to act that evil, weird, delusional, suspicious with our members. Including me The PPA Future. I will never let them get away with that!...

Politics forum went down to less than one third of former traffic. We all are blaming Ibginnie for mass deleting, mass bans, and mass closures of our Topics. We are not able to trust Ibginnie. elnina, Mike from back east, mjlo are horrible for World, Europe, Asia forums. They will never allow new Posts. The Asia, Science Tech, Urban Planning literally have zero traffic because of them. They deleted more than thousands of all members Posts and Topics. How could they?.... Mightyqueen801, the new Yac, the CEO Lech Mazur just never respond to our emergencies or when something went wrong. Our website will be shutting down then later this year because of what they did to me for no reason and because the 27 CD representatives are not competent fit enough to be running this website. I am going to win 20 to 21 million dollars=O. Oh my, I don't even need much cash funds because I Travel on minimal budget often. I am at a 5 star like Luxury Hotel for only 34 Dollars per night right now in Florianopolis Brazil: ) Check my IP address, PjSaturn to confirm: ) PJsaturn is the most travelled of the 27 CD representatives. I have a feeling. Who knew!? You know what PJsaturn will just restore The future username in the next 24 hours to have this nightmare end for all of us.... : ) I can't wait until my own 200 CD friends email me at theo1985-1989-1991@mail.com. The future is very pathetic important and that is a very serious situation. The future is returning or this website loses all traffic and the website shuts down later this year. Case closed!

To the new Yac, Mightyqueen,801, and the CEO Administrator Lech Mazur You had to remove Mike from back east very early. And you have to restore my The future username. Finally respond at theo-1985-1989-1991@mail.com

Originally Posted by D3Murf View Post
Are you dumb or slow? You do realize the Nets were originally in New York as the New York Nets and then came to Jersey and became the New Jersey Nets, too. I mean even if you didn't know, which you clearly didn't, I explained that in my original reply to you.

Money from the state has something to do with it if the team chooses for it to, as witnessed by the Nets in their time here.
Are you dumb or slow? Insult

Originally Posted by WoundUpTightUR View Post
That professor advocated to sick national guard on his students. Bet he’d like to see Kent State style massacre
Maybe a tad intemperate?

Originally Posted by Mahayana View Post
Christopher Rufo's recent book is a gem:
In what way does this post differ from this one:


Originally Posted by mr.columbo View Post
I oppose your Racist Remarks --- and I am reporting you!

(forget that they are largely TRUE --- that doesn't matter anymore). What matter is 'We all act politically correct and fall-n-line for the Marxist agenda! ~

Long live Mao !

Reporting should not be threatened on the threads. Also, post itself is questionable.

Originally Posted by jbgusa View Post
First the good stuff (link) (sort of like "Puff the Magic Dragon):

One would think that these hard-working public servants are busy saving the earth. After all, they are building a supplier-aggregator of sustainable, renewable power. After that it gets tricky.

Sustainable Westchester is the default electric provider for most cities and towns in Westchester County, a suburban county of New York City. Customers can opt out
(spoiler alert we have)
but others are "voluntarily" paying more for electricity, for the benefit of the earth. It gets trickier.

Noah Bramson, a former mayor of New Rochelle, is now on Sustainable Westchester's board. He voted, as a member of New Rochelle's legislative body, to sign New Rochelle up, shortly before his term as mayor ended. He did not disclose that he had a "volunteer" position with Sustainable Westchester. And Bramson now has a $185,000 a year salary as a board member of Sustainable Westchester. The current City Manager, who runs the day to day operations of the city, just nullified the contract on ethics ground. Her contract as manager was abruptly terminated by an allegedly "forced" resignation, see New Rochelle NY city manager Kathleen Gill resigns after 16 months.

Bare-knuckles politics at least, fraud at worst, all in service of saving the earth from "climate change."
Please close this thread. I want to try it as a local interest thread. Thanks.
Originally Posted by pinacoladatastypre2020's. View Post
Oh my God!.... Is that really it for the Israel topic?....... The entire traffic of this website is DEAD since I The-past-present-and-future tragically lost access from my username overnight for zero valid reasons!?..... And we lost all members because I left back in January 2023! THIS WEBSITE IS GOING TO SHUT DOWN AND WILL BE CLOSING. RIP CD FORUMS 2007-2022...

A lot of our more established older Senior members will commit mass suicides in overdoses. = ( PLEASE DONT ONLINE POST HERE! DON'T EVEN BOTHER! OUR WEBSITE CRASHED SINCE 2023, 2024. The CD representatives volunteers RUINED SABOTAGED OUR WEBSITE. THEY WEREN'T EVER SUPPOSE TO HARM ME, DISRESPECT ME, OR TRY TO KILL ME MAKE ME WANT TO COMMIT SUICIDE FROM THEIR 105 SEVERE VIOLATIONS 10-20 FELONIES. Really that evil, weird, suspicious that close to New Years-Christmas reference? Absolutely sickening and disgusting Cybercriminals! WOW! HELP! I am going to make sure the Police, FBI ***** hit, kick, punch, physically restrain, handcuff ALL 20-25 OF THEM FOR ACTING THAT WRONG! I AM 100% RIGHT ABOUT THIS ENTIRE SITUATION!

I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT Lech Mazur the CEO Administrator, the new Yac, elnina, Mike from back east, Mightyqueen801, PJSaturn, mjlo, 7th generation, Ibginnie, Count David, June 7th, GraniteStater, VTsnowbird, Airborneguy, in new england, volosong, Oilhag1, mensaguy, Miss Blue, CaseyB, mikeala43, TallysMom, Gungiur, seventhfloor, Lizap really failed that horribly to avoid this emergency from ever happening!!!! ITS MIKE FROM BACK EAST THAT BROKE THE RULES TOS FOR LOTS OF REASONS. NOT ME. I AM ASKING FOR HELP IN THIS FORMAT ON PUBLIC DISPLAY BECAUSE THERE ISN'T ANY OTHER OUTLET TO BE ASKING FOR HELP! NOT Spamming, not a troll, not supposed to be getting ignored for 12-18 months without even one response! All of the CD representatives HAD TO REMOVE MIKE FROM BACK EAST.

THE CD REPRESENTATIVES WILL FINALLY CAVE IN FOR THEIR OWN DESTINIES JUST TO AVOID SUCH DEEP ISSUES INCLUDING LEGAL TROUBLE AND THEY WILL PUT ME BACK TO RESTORE MY OWN USERNAME! RIGHT NOW! EMAIL ME AT theo1985-1989-1991@mail.com. Why did they do this to me for zero reasons! STOP! I am not overreacting. Because I got mugged a bit before in 3 countries(Hopefuly not in Brazil=/ ) and I didn't ever complain about that! STOP! YOU MADE ME CUT BURN MYSELF! I have scars on my skin to show to Police, FBI! I WILL SELF HARM AGAIN. NEVER WHEN I AM TRAVELING! MY OWN SUICIDE WILL NOT BE AN OVERDOSE YOU EVIL DEMONS! THE SECOND I COMMIT SUICIDE IN OTHER METHODS ALL OF THAT GARBAGE THAT THE CD REPRESENTATIVES CAUSED WILL DISAPPEAR. I WONT EVER TALK ABOUT THIS MATTER IN ONLINE POSTING. NOT EVEN ONE WORD. Marisa, you little b-i-t-c-h don't even try to bad mouth me in public because it will get deleted before it even shows up on the other side! marisa won't be Online Posting for like 35 to 45 years. Aw, Marisa will lose access. Including double h, and suesbel. LITTLE PUNKS! YOU ARE STILL JEALOUS OF ME! I AM POSTPONING MY SUICIDE TO REACH AS MUCH COUNTRIES AS POSSIBLE in 3-5 years or less. No suesbel, I don't have to be on medicine. I went off of my medicine because the CD representatives made me not feel well and I couldn't be on medicine since this happened. Thank god I got up to 41 Countries visited from 31 since that complete waste of mike from back east trash happened! 46 Countries before middle of June. Yes, going to Brazil later this month. : ) Then Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay. Then another trip in September-November to reach 51 to 57 Countries. Then I finally take an extended break from International Travel November 2024-September 2025 11 months. Then a 57 to 73 Countries trip. Ah, just 2 years, then I can just kill myself! I don't want to live on Planet Earth any longer after this happened for zero reasons! Happy to have traveled. Happy to have lived fast die young. I HATE THE CD REPRESENTATIVES! IN my 7,851 Posts, 421 Topics RESTORE THAT PUNKS! OR FACE BRUTAL PHYSICAL FORCE OF MASS ARRESTS! AND my future Online POSTS, I will never talk about this matter. Because I am then back to Online Posting.

Don't think for a single second marisa old fossil idiot that I will ever be in trouble for having to ask for help in an emergency to restore my own username. I am going to win like 141 million dollars about this with zero trouble. I WAS NOT SUPPOSED TO GET DISRESPECTED SUCH AS THIS! OUR WEBSITE WILL FOREVER NOT BE RELEVANT BECAUSE OF THIS SEVERE FATAL ERROR! WOW! My very important The-PPA-future username HAD TO BE SAFEGUARDED! THIS WAS EASILY NOT SUPPOSED TO HAVE HAPPENED!


elnina will not be in a good mood for now on and act grumpy with all of our members. elnina DISCOURAGED ALL OF OUR MEMBERS FROM ONLINE POSTING. elnina never allows unlimited topics from Davy040, Tigerbeer, Oycrumbler, uggabugga(ugga, be careful! lovecrowds got banned in April 2023 for unlimited topics in Politics forum!), AntionioR(Since 2018, elnina that evil monster that we all bad mouth constantly behind the scenes and despise hate didn't allow my own top rank exciting unlimited World forum Create a Topics. I had to stop doing that for no reason?....Only 2 topics per month in 2018-2022. I got up enough new topics especially back in 2022 that is going to be restored. I am the top 1 Online Poster in 2022, and in top 100. I probably have the most Posts in the Top 100 Online BEST POSTS ever recorded on our website. Good thing I Online Post solid length on enough occasions. elnina will not allow AntonioR to have up his topics in Americas forum, unfortunately. elnina see the unlimited topics over there! elnina will delete absolutely everything! Trust me, elnina we all hate you. And want you removed!) elnina already MASS BANNED HUNDREDS TO THOUSANDS OF OUR MEMBERS! elnina MADE THE TRAFFIC OF THIS WEBSITE DIE! HOW COULD YOU???... WOW CD FORUMS city-data is DEAD AND NOT RELEVANT FOR NOW ON.

Remember, our Russia Ukraine Special Military Operation topic back in 2022 was just entirely filled with high popularity and traffic just because of me. I also made the Asia, Science Tech, Urban Planning, World, Europe Forums very popular with solid traffic. : )......................

Oh my god, worried about The future.... WE WANT HIM BACK! HOW CAN THIS HAPPEN!

SORRY, the Online Posting World will have a very irreversible horrible curse if I don't return on CD forums city-data. HOW CAN THIS HAPPEN? elnina made me self harm cut burn myself. I will do that again. I am going to show all of the cuts burns on my skin to Police, FBI to forcibly have the CEO receive an FBI home raid THIS YEAR! I didn't ever do that while traveling. I want to commit suicide because of the CD city-data representatives with all 20-25 of them. Even when I am quite grateful, happy with my most recent mega voyage from 31 to 41 Countries... : ) Sorry, our website became The Ring..... because of the CD representatives that have failed themselves, me, and all of us... You are all forever going to be humiliated punished if you don't start correcting those severe fatal errors of mike from back east....

That punk will have rotten feces urine and self harm in a sewer just for me FOREVER! hahahaha lol Mike from back east, did you reach like 42 to 79 COUNTRIES before the year 2026 while being just born in the 1990's!? 0 Countries for Mike from back east=_(>.<......MFBE0. EVIL MONSTER! I HATE THAT PUNK! I WANT mike from back east removed immediately! BEFORE MY OWN SUICIDE IN 3-5 years or less, GOT TO MAKE SURE THAT HAPPENS! I waited too long to get help for this matter. And am going insane enough hours. THIS WAS NOT SUPPOSED TO HAVE HAPPENED! OUR WEBSITE WILL SHUT DOWN LATER THIS YEAR! I am going to continue asking for help NON STOP FOR YEARS OR MONTHS UNTIL MY OWN USERNAME GET RESTORED.

Mightyqueen801 already knows in the evidence that I was only Polite, Friendly for lots of 24 hours, months before I had to rightfully raise my own vocabulary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IDIOT! WE HATE YOU. YOU RUINED OUR WEBSITE! YOU WILL NEVER SEE YOUR DAUGHTER EVER AGAIN FOR BEING A CYBERCRIMINAL WITH ME ONLINE! YOU TRIED TO MAKE ME BRAIN DEAD! CUT, BURN yourself in a sewer even harder, b-i-t-c-h I AM ANGRY that this emergency happened that much months! WHAT A COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY POINTLESS SITUATION THAT mike from back east ruined our website and I had to ask for help like this up to my relatively young death from suicide........ Just a few years to reach 41 to 71-111 COUNTRIES....

I hope all of the CD representatives read all words. And they will. : ) They have to restore my own username and respond to me at theo1985-1989-1991@mail.com. Or this nightmare will NEVER END FOR THEM!.... I believe in Karma, principles of reciprocity, Religion, and Spirituality. They really think they will ever go to HEAVEN? even one second after disrespecting me that horribly and failing to remove mike from back east immediately?.... Aw, talking to ghosts in the air, Mightyqueen801. YOU WILL BRUISE YOURSELF IN THE SEWER FOR HARMING ME ONLINE AND ACTING THAT WEIRD WITH ME WITH NOT RESPONDING ABOUT THIS EMERGENCY FOR 18 MONTHS! LITTLE PUNK! I WANT TO *** SPIT ON YOUR FACE! YOU CANT DISRESPECT ME THAT HORRIBLY! LITTLE DEVIL! mightyqueen801....=_(>.<=( MQ801=0........................................... .................................................. .................................................. ....................
Dont forget, Ibginnie! DESTINY IS ALL!? OH MY GOD, you will be despised hated as the most evil delusional Cybercriminal of all time! SEE HOW NICE, FRIENDLY I WAS WITH MQ801, IBGINNIE IN THE NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2022 EVIDENCE! OF COURSE I HAVE TO DISPLAY RIGHTFULLY FORM OF JUSTICE, ANGER AT THEM!

All members are bad mouthing Ibginnie in Online Reviews: City-Data.com Reviews - 1.2 Stars: https://www.sitejabber.com/reviews/city-data.com
Is Ibginnie going to just ban all members of Politics forum overnight! PLEASE DO THAT! WE WILL ALL COMPLAIN OVER THERE THEN ABOUT ibginnie! How about you restore my own username and respond. Then of course I act only nice again.: ) Doesn't MQ801, and Ibginnie want to just go to Heaven to leave this evil Planet? YOU ARE GOING TO RESTORE MY OWN USERNAME: ) Welcome T-H-E-P-A-S-T-P-R-E-S-E-N-T-A-N-D-F-U-T-U-R-E BACK! I AM NOT GOING TO ALLOW MYSELF TO GET DISRESPECTED SUCH AS THIS WHEN I AM THE NUMBER ONE ONLINE POSTER WORLDWIDE IN THE YEAR OF 2022, A SENIOR MEMBER FOR MORE THAN ONE DECADE IN 2010-2022, AND FOREVER STILL IN THE TOP 100 ELITE SENIOR CIRCLE. : )
Originally Posted by brazilianadventures View Post
Who are the punks that sent such nasty verbal attacks to me? You both are not Online Posting in Heaven for 35 to 45 years and going to get endless bad mouthing from me for now on. Including on the other side.

I have a life. I am in Budapest Hungary right now. In a Cafe typing this. Going to a Hostel tonight. I stayed in all types of Hotels in 10 Countries since September 2023 to April 2024. 77 Hotels total!!! =O Living a Luxury multimillionaire dream. Even when that was only 14,555 Dollars since Tokyo Sept 27th. Look up the currency in Australian Marisa the schizhophrenic old senile idiot. Is that like 20,000 in Australian? I made endless travels almost affordable. Going to Brazil round trip in May for only 1,600 Dollars absolutely everything covered New York to Sao Paolo two to three weeks. And remember I reached 42 Countries much younger than Marisa. I am born only in 1990s. And I have the extra holy sacred Internet. Marisa had nothing but endless overly priced travel scams before 2012 to get stranded. Or was that the year 2006? Ugh, so happy I was born in 1991. Hate to be born later that 1996 because the Pandemic virus 2020's ruined our Universe and before 1977-1983. Sucks to be born before then, also.

Anyways, I am returning or this website closes this year. We already lost almost all members! Poor Marisa is talking to a wall except with a fight to me. Marisa will get banned from elnina for a multiple account user name on MarisaMay+Anna. And Marisa hates bad mouth elnina, anyways. elnina didnt travel far enough and never will in da sewer for neo nazis of world war 2. elnina will still restore The future username, anyways. Sorry, elnina has no other choice. I am returning: )

Remember Marisa, one of the Moderators is deleting wiping out all records of city-data. All of our members lost thousands of Posts. All of our members will commit suicides. Including me in 5 years or less. Thank god I went to Japan, the Philippines, Indonesia, Taiwan, China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Kuwait, Oman, now Hungary the past 7 to 9 months. Brazil is next: ) Then another vacation in September 2024. Might get up to 51 Countries that fast from 41 right now. hahahaha lol Marisa I cant believe you waited that old to reach Ambassador elite 40s to 50s Club. I got there kind of early. I am born in 1990s. With I was born in 1987-1990. Or 1983-1986. I am very important to this website and RIP The future username 2010-2022... Time to finish 31 to 111 Countries before suicide 5 years or less later.......
: ) The Ring movie on city data forums Broken smashed cracked computer screens haunted symbols......…..........Absolutely everyone is bad crying and or deeply disturbed I lost access to my username when I didnt even break any rules..
PPF 4-1-2024 -- April Fools?

Originally Posted by OyCrumbler View Post
clearly the poster you're responding to lives underneath a bridge and has very limited social interactions with humans, so I'm not sure why you bother responding to him. You can save yourself from looking at garbage if you just put the thing on an ignore list.
Personal attack. I generally like this poster because he is well informed. However he hates my guts.


Originally Posted by resorthotels View Post
All members are bad mouthing pjsaturn behind the scenes. Absolutely everyone hates you pjsaturn. Woah, you are such an evil demon. . Even criminals that mugged me are more rational than you.... Psycho devil in a sewer! DONT DISRESPECT ME OR MAKE THINGS UP DELUSIONAL LITTLE PUNK! Aw, pjsaturn you really think you are going to heaven after that 0 countries travelled for pjsaturn the miserable malicious harmful cyber punk NOT FIT to moderate a single thing!
PP & F strikes again

Originally Posted by resorthotels View Post
Hurry up and put me back or I am going to arrest all CD representatives later this year

One of the Volunteers Moderators is mass deleting all of our Online Posts since March 2023. Thousands of valuables already lost! Please don't Online Post here! The CEO, Yac, 20 to 25 Volunteer representatives are not acting right since I got banned for no reason. The future is returning or Police FBI closes this website forever around October to December 2024 unfortunately. Mightyqueen801 will forever be well hated in the sewer. MQ801 ruined our website and failed as a "Moderator". Extremely harmful malicious Cyber criminals such as you go into a sewer after death. I won't let you get away with that MQ801. You were responsible to restore absolutely everything before Late January 2023 very early. I will never forgive you if you don't start responding and restoring. MQ801 will email me at theo1985-1989-1991@mail.com. Don't you dare disrespect me. I won't let you get away with that. And I am going to continue asking for help like this for literally 5 years non stop until I return. MQ801 is even worse than Criminals that mugged me. I didn't find that a big deal compared to this and I am not overreacting. Mike from back east, elnina, and mjlo will continue to delete all members Posts and mass ban even Senior members that follow the rules and get along with absolutely everyone. Our website is dead because of them. All members can't stop bad mouthing you behind the scenes Mike from back east. We hate you! elnina won't allow new topics in World forum. And Mike from back east='( >.< will not allow new topics in Great Debates forum. Yac will fail to respond in emergencies and make all members brain dead. Not me because I am finishing my 31 to 111 Countries climb to Heaven in 5 years or less. Since just 1 to 2 years ago I already got up to 40 Countries traveled. 42 before June. Then 51 before next year. 59 to the 70s before 2027. I am going to create a new forums website with my Website Developing background.RIP The future username 2010-2022 and I am the most well respected. We can blame MQ801 for not fixing that emergency to remove Mike from back east early. MQ891 will forever feel unbearably crummy in a sewer after death from old age. Damn, I know how wrong you are, MQ801.
Past Present & Future strikes again!

Why isn't Pruzhany an "Eternal Member"? It was reported in the Judaism forum that he/she died.
Originally Posted by SquattersGetsBeaten View Post
Yeah, you do have to wonder if vigilantism will rise in this city because the cops and government no longer work or back the tax payers. Squatters getting beaten would make feel good videos, like the one 711 video where the Sikh owner beat the **** out of that thief.
Is a screen name and series of posts that suggests violence a violation of TOS?

Originally Posted by l71843064 View Post
My name is Ian Anderson, and I'm 77 years old. My wife, Marlyn, is 70. We've been eagerly waiting for a positive change in our lives, all thanks to the amazing help of Lord Bubuza, the lottery spell caster. With his guidance, we got the winning numbers that won us £1 million in the National Lottery. It completely changed our lives when we won this huge amount playing Euro millions earlier this month, all thanks to Lord Bubuza's powerful lottery spell. Even though we're stuck at home without many luxuries, we're filled with hope and gratefulness for everything Lord Bubuza has done for us. If you're hoping for lottery success like us, don't hesitate to contact Lord Bubuza for help via email: Lordbubuzamiraclework @ hotmail . com or WhatsApp: +1 920 474 6543
Advertisement? Spam?

Originally Posted by l71843064 View Post
My name is Ian Anderson, and I'm 77 years old. My wife, Marlyn, is 70. We've been eagerly waiting for a positive change in our lives, all thanks to the amazing help of Lord Bubuza, the lottery spell caster. With his guidance, we got the winning numbers that won us £1 million in the National Lottery. It completely changed our lives when we won this huge amount playing Euro millions earlier this month, all thanks to Lord Bubuza's powerful lottery spell. Even though we're stuck at home without many luxuries, we're filled with hope and gratefulness for everything Lord Bubuza has done for us. If you're hoping for lottery success like us, don't hesitate to contact Lord Bubuza for help via email: Lordbubuzamiraclework @ hotmail . com or WhatsApp: +1 920 474 6543
Really? Advertising?

Originally Posted by Chorlie View Post
Ok, I know you wanna invoke your inner Hitler.

But let me correct you, Christians in Gaza are one of the oldest Christians groups in the world. They are being killed off by the IDF.

Palestinians are not a monolith.

2 Catholic Palestinian woman were sniped by the IDF after they left a church to go to the restrooms outside. The pope himself condemned Israel for this.

Many Palestinians were historically Jews who converted to either Christianity or Islam.
Calling another poster an "inner Hitler?" Personal attack

Originally Posted by b29510 View Post
i remember one is school

im sorry you are a POS

im sorry i didnt wipt your butt last week

im sorry the best of you ran down your daddy leg

im sorry your the fastest swimmer
How is this a post complying with TOS?

Originally Posted by Welllikedwellrespected200 View Post
I am going to continue asking for help Non stop FOR YEARS. See my IP address PJsaturn. Very exotic space age dream : ) 200 CD friends please finally email me at makuhari9@proton.me
Another iteration of PP&F. He/she/it needs a different kind of help. Is he/she/it like every day?
Originally Posted by jbgusa View Post
Deleted thread
I apparently deleted my own thread or so I thought. I was repped on this. Please delete thread.

Originally Posted by rokuremote View Post
What planet is this on?
One liner. And he's rude. And another one, same poster: Is this Great Debates material?

Originally Posted by ambassadorworld1 View Post
Respond to me at makuhari9@proton.me

March: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Kuwait, Oman, Brazil
January to February: China

Yes, The... went that far this year: )

RIP city-data 2007-2022.... We are not able to trust the CEO Administrator, the new Yac, or 20 to 25 Volunteers....

Why did the CEO Administrator, the new Yac, 20 to 25 Volunteers fail that horribly?... To not put me back or respond?... And one of THEM is deleting ABSOLUTELY everything on our website... Whoa, I will be successful then with Police, FBI arresting them for 10 to 20 very serious non violent felonies solidly explained in my 10 to 20 pages of evidence already well established and printed. Going right in front of THE CEO's home with Police later this year. CD city-data will unfortunately close down... I am going to create my 22nd website as a new Online Posting forums after my 7 to 9 months recent overseas holiday is successfully finished. Living a dream with Japan, the Philippines, Indonesia, Taiwan, China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan September 2023 into April 2024. Next are Kuwait in a few days, Oman another Persian Gulf country, and Brazil. From 31 to 41 Countries after that happened... City-data's own peace and holy sanctity is forever broken.. I have final say, sorry. For my 43 to 59 Countries voyage in 2025 going to have my new website ready. I believe the new website is going to get launched October 2024 this year. There wont be Volunteers Moderators ruining the website. Going to return on city-data also or the website closes. Most of the traffic I have seen completely died out since 2023. This website has zero worth since one year ago. Dont even bother Online Posting here. Mike from back east will go on a mass ban rampage before going to jail for me. Mike from back east will ban all of you for no reason! Go on right ahead mike from back east to price that. And it will. We had to remove that evil monster punk from Moderators list very early. Mightyqueen801 is going to absolutely forever regret that in a sewer... You will NEVER go to Heaven because of what you did to me on my top rank 100 superstar The username. I am the number one Online Poster of the year 2022. Same rotten destinies for the other evil monsters 20 to 25 Cybercriminals. The CEO will have a sudden surprise to bring the Police FBI to the front door of Lech Mazur's own home address. Stop acting weird and delusional elnina and put me back! I am going to ask for help again on Flickr. Same with Twitter for Lech Mazur. I was only polite, friendly for a long tine. This situation will not end for years or until further notice when I return or city-data closes. See my Online review before middle of April. Going to have one up.
Is this the "pastpresentandfuture" of CD? I think so.

Originally Posted by Finalyeargoodbye View Post
Asking for help to return. Hurry up to put me back or city-data is closing!

Stop Online Posting here! This website will never matter again since I left. RIP CD city-data 2023-2024. The CEO, Yac, 21 Volunteers are obviously not acting right. They will set you all up brain dead in suicides. Very tragic. I am going to get all 21 of them in trouble thrown into jail. Physically handcuffed at brutal force. There will b a Police FBI home raid on the CEO of this website. I already successfully started to set that up. : ) The Online Posting traffic is dying. There is no point to Post on this website for now on. One of the Volunteers is deleting wiping out absolutely ever trying on our website... Keep on doing that and banning all members. You will get away with that only less than one year. We all hate you mike from back east and all Senior members cant stop bad mouthing you behind the scenes.

Please enter my new emerging Online Posting forums website instead for 2024. My 22nd Website to create. I am going to Online Post there while I wait to return on this one or this website closes. Also, there is Heaven in 5 years or less. I almost got mugged two days ago in Kazakhstan. I did not find that a big deal compared to this! The CEO, Yac, 21 Cybercriminals are causing way beyond delusional malicious harm Online. Thry are not acting right! I am screaming at the top of my lungs! STOP!!!!!!!!!I cant believe they did that to me. I wont let them get away with it. Dont know how the hell Mightyqueen801 has a child. YOU EVIL MONSTER to scream at and spit at your face. How could you to that to me?... You will forever punch the walls in the cramped loud sewer around You. Little childish devil punk. mightyqueen 801...... and other Volunteers that cant be moderators for now on will forever be miserable in a sewer. While I am happy satisfied tobe finishing my International traveling. And a new website. Reaching 41 countries before April, 43 in May. From 31. I am a solid Online Posting superstar and I wont ever get disrespected. Good to see I went to China Dec 20th To Feb 5 45 days. : ) One example
Obvious "returning" poster and the post is gibberish.

This thread duplicates another I made accidentally and should be deleted. The other thread, which is live, has a similar name. Relating to https://www.city-data.com/forum/juda...l#post66431792
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