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Suggested First 100 Days Manifesto for President-Elect Donald Trump

Posted 11-09-2016 at 02:57 PM by Blondebaerde

I am not a terribly spiritual man by-nature, but as we move forward on this glorious day-after the election of Donald Trump to the highest office, President of the United States, I feel the touch of divine providence yet again on this greatest nation on God’s green earth.

Our President-elect now has a mandate, between dominance in both houses of Congress, and the ability to nominate at least one Supreme Court justice, possibly several. The latter will have repercussions for decades, helping to restore this nation to our rightful place of supremacy in the world.

Immediate appointment of a special prosecutor and panel of judges to investigate both the Clinton Foundations’ business practices, Secretary Clinton’s involvement in-same, ditto former President William Jefferson Clinton, and Chelsea Clinton. Investigate closely collusion, play-to-pay, other racketeering suspicions. Provide full and transparent outcomes to the American public within six months.

Immediately begin a tactical retrenchment in Afghanistan, ending with the full withdrawal of heavy U.S. combat forces within six months. Timetables and details need neither be shared nor justified with anyone outside of military planners on OUR side of the war. Executive Branch of the U.S. Federal Government to immediately cease and desist issuing pronouncements, apologies, and other weak/ineffective statements to the world press regarding our activities. Offer compensatory payments to surviving family of civilians mistreated/killed by United States forces. Accept this failed foreign policy move. Regroup.

Whatever is planned for Iran, to stop them gaining nuclear weapons, keep it up (aggressive diplomacy, sanctions, or support of Israeli offensive war). Reexamination of treaty signed by Obama Administration. Play to WIN, seek solidarity with other nations. Should Iran suddenly announce acquisition of nuclear weapons, however, immediate (<48 hour) follow-up with tactical nuclear strikes of every military bunker or complex known or suspected to be part of the nuclear program, including all known missile bases. Back-channel communication that any retaliation via weapons of mass destruction, or attempts to close the Straits of Hormuz, will be met with strategic nuclear strikes on Iranian command-and-control centers, permanently defanging the Islamist regime.

Immediate Congressional rollback and removal of repressive, anti-free-market legislative hurdles to open and honest US Post Office operations. Subsequently, immediate crash implementation, via turnaround executive team(s), of operations (per recommendations of various studies) and for the organization to function as a true free enterprise responsive to market forces. (One goal, of many: push use of eMedia and other modern technology to replace vast bulk of obsolete "advertising" and "First Class Mail" correspondence.)

End "bailouts" and other unpopular political schemes to US Post Office, major banks, and corporations, “Green Energy” frauds. Keynesian deficit spending is self-evidently failed. Allow bad debt to clear in the course of a natural business cycle.

Immediate intense negotiations with the Mexican Ambassador to the United States, and a delegation of the Mexican government at the highest levels, to discuss illegal and chaotic people migration across the United States southern border. Should also include intense and ongoing economic discussions to address on-the-ground realities in a humane manner to discourage mass migrations.

National, biometric-based identification for every citizen of the United States. Call it Passport, National ID, or similar: high-encryption, non-intrusive, mandatory for driver’s license and other instances requiring absolute identification of citizens. All citizens to present to law enforcement on-demand of legal, lawful authority under reasonable suspicion of criminal activity OR for normal course-of-business requiring identification. Could potentially replace United States passports.

Economic-based deportation of illegal aliens, with rapid and final case by case disposition. A business knowingly aiding, funding, or otherwise abetting illegal aliens to be charged with felonies. Fund an action committee to closely examine this issue, costs, ramifications to constitutional rights, et. for this complex issue. Repeated illegal crossing into the United States to be charged as a felony, with internment to labor camps.

MID TERM (6-12 Months)

Announce a permanent United States departure from the United Nations. Set a rapid timetable, c. ninety days, for complete evacuation of UN personnel from American soil. (If asked, suggest they re-establish operations in Riyadh, Baghdad, Beijing, or Grozny (Chechnya) instead.) Set engineering demolitions charges around UN Building, raze to the ground. Bulldoze site, plant a Victory Garden in memoriam of our troops overseas fighting for American interests. Televise the above. Afterward, discourage news coverage of any UN proclamations other than perhaps as half-hour comedy shows on Nick at Night.

Crash energy research program, Manhattan Project- style, into the mass commercial use of fusion power and complete energy independence of the United States within twenty years Use funding formerly reserved for the United Nations. "Failure is not an option." Proof of concept plants to be operational, without excuse, in five years with full-scale rollouts within seven years. Use of National Guard or other militarization of security, countering threats from land, sea, and air. Via Executive fiat, terminate lawsuits, bogus court orders, other bureaucratic nonsense to stymie or slow effort, in the interests of national defense (and salvation). Ten to twenty-year plan to mass-decommission fossil fuel coal and oil-fired power plants in the United States, replaced by previous.

Massively accelerate R&D into use of compact, light-weight, super-efficient batteries to use unlimited power released by the previous effort. Once realized, 5 to 10 year plan for tiered replacement of 10, 20, 30, and then 50% of automobile engines with electric power equivalents.

Open the books and establish goals, milestones, timetables, and other externally-auditable progress of so-called "green energy programs" heavily funded by the government. Presence of independent auditing authorities at management and executive levels of public-funded organizations: mandatory. Transparent publication of results and findings for Congressional and public review: mandatory.

LONG TERM (12+ months)

Use of streamlined, accurate, timely, actionable business intelligence to measure health care costs, across the board, at any medical facility receiving Federal dollars. Accountability, and externally-auditable accounting practices, at all levels of "government funded" health care as part of so-called "Obamacare" rollout. Periodic publication of results and findings for public review and to illuminate/stimulate debate regarding true sources of high and growing costs, and to derive solutions to contain said-cost growth. Open and transparent public debate, backed with data, on projected costs of Medicare vs. demographic trends and revenue streams under realistic economic models.

Eventual goal to be halting, and replacing, Obamacare with sensible, fiscally-responsible and humane counter-solutions for all.
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  1. Old Comment
    Are these part of Trump's "mandate" and if so, could you cite references? I have never heard Trump speak of any mass-decommissioning of fossil fuel plants or benchmarks to convert automobiles to electric power. I'm pretty sure those holding the "Trump digs coal" signs seen at Trump rallies in the Appalachia would have boisterously objected.

    What you wrote above sounds sensible and sensitive, inclusive and considerate of the complex dynamics involved in many issues in our country.

    But neither what you wrote or how you wrote it was reflected in narrative coming from "The Donald" during the long, arduous months of campaigning.

    I heard a little about ******* and Putin. And a wall.
    Posted 11-09-2016 at 05:19 PM by flyingsaucermom flyingsaucermom is offline
  2. Old Comment
    Oh, no: to be clear, that was merely my musings. I do not believe the President-elect has explicitly enumerated any of the positions I've espoused in the way that I have.

    It's a blog, thus an Op/Ed only in this case.
    Posted 11-09-2016 at 07:26 PM by Blondebaerde Blondebaerde is offline

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