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The Right Stuff

Posted 06-01-2018 at 08:21 AM by snowduck

Titus 2:1 - You must teach what is in accord with sound doctrine. - Remember the movie "The Right Stuff"? That's what we all need. We like our churches, we have friends there and may have been going there for years and might even help run it and maintain it. We should be going there to hear God's word and worship him, if not our church has become a social club, no matter what we call it. As Christ says in Luke 14:34 - “Salt is good, but if it loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? - It all started with Moses in the old testament with the building of the tabernacle, which was basically a tent so it could be carried during travels. Later when permanent structures were needed they were called temples, and today we live in the age of the church. The reason the church (the called together ones) was established by God was so people could come and hear his word which now contains teaching about his son Jesus who became our Savior, that's the right stuff, and if our church isn't teaching that we should see that it does or get out of it. What About Jesus?
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    Thank you so much for blogging about this. I'm not exactly sure how many 'Christian blogs' there are out there (as I haven't really searched), but I certainly got excited when I saw "Titus 2:1" as the first part in a blog. I thought, "Holy cow!" (no pun, intended) "There is another Christian!" ....... but really, isn't there something wrong when in the mainstream of any kind of media, there doesn't seem to be much light or "salt" anymore? .... We are indeed in the Last Days, and have been.... for maybe 100 yrs, maybe more. (As we know a day in the Lord is a 1,000 yrs -- or something like that.)

    You are 100% correct about your 1st sentence; of course, it's God's word, it should be correct. But you didn't take it out of context, like so many do.

    Maintaining that saltiness seems to be a challenge for some, but it's only because they don't want to offend others. Wrong, and scary... but we're not supposed to be a part of the world anyway. Friendship with the world is to be an enemy of God -- something we're both aware of... but what they forget (or don't know) is that the bible teaches that in the last days (as Jesus warned us) that there will be false teachers, those who have a form of godliness, but deny it's power.... and therefore, teach or say what "itching ears" want to hear.

    There is a massive generation out there, who have not only fallen away from the Truth, but have forgotten it's importance, the sheer power of God's word, and most of all what the whole purpose behind teaching the word of God is (which is to save God's children from the pit of Hell), and also living out the word of God in such a way that it brings more people into His Kingdom. Didn't Jesus say that if you deny me before men, I will also deny you before my Father in heaven? Didn't Jesus say whatever you do to the least of these, you also do to me??

    There is also another generation out there who is soooo hungry for God. I call them Runners; actually, I was a jogger at first, now I am running - so hard, and so fast. Not only do I want to see the face of God, but I want to know what His EXACT assignment is for me, before He calls me home. .... Anyway, the runners ...they are running after God with all their hearts, and they are experiencing God like they did in the days Jesus was still here on Earth! I don't know if you have seen a mass movement in the church, but it's out there. It's happening all around. Actually, a lot of things are happening, both good and bad in the 'spirit world.'

    There is another group out there that I call The Sleepers. They are Christians, but they have (as Jesus warned would happen) fallen asleep in Christ. ... ..... Did they forget that Jesus said to stay awake until the midnight hour? Didn't Jesus say that? .... Didn't Jesus say that he would come back, like a thief in the night? That the day and hour are unknown, but to be prepared for His second (and final) coming? How is it, in these days, where it's so apparent that Satan has consumed so much of the minds of others, that we depend on our pastors to feed us once a week??? Really??? WE NEED THE SLEEPERS TO WAKE UP, and the church (His bride) needs to start reading again, praying again, and seeking the face of God again. Some are slowly waking up, but we must hurry. The seals.. yes, the seals... I am sure, have already began opening. Read about the one seal in Revelation (if you haven't already) where it talks about the angel that was given the power to release something very powerful that makes people kill each other. I'd have to go back and read it again, but I read that maybe 3 months ago and gasped b/c as we all know.... the killings around the world are increasing. ....In mass numbers. You know this. I had a very disturbing dream last May actually, after attending a service in Phoenix. It was so disturbing, that my mother couldn't console me 20 minutes after I woke up. And that DOES NOT happen to me. Never happened before, not like that. .....I mean, I could go on and on about scripture talking about God will pour out His spirit on His son's & daughters in the Last Days, or how Jesus (I think) told us that young men would have visions, and your old men would dream dreams (I believe). .... It's all in there, it's all written. It's there.... It's there, but what.... there is a high percentage of Christians who attend church and don't even crack open the good book themselves. Matter of fact, it has dust on it. ....... We must, we must.... turn our faces back to God and seek His face, so that He will heal this land (or souls) for eternity.

    WE, THE CHURCH, need to be making sure that our pastors are leading us correctly, by reading God's Holy Word ourselves, so that WE will be able to tell the difference in a real, and false teacher. .... As Jesus said, have been, and will be, in the world.

    We must remember that in Revelation it says that many will fall away from the Lord in the Last Days, and that Satan will come as an angel of light and deceive many. ...... We must remember to be ON GUARD, and not forsake the simple, but powerful teaching of God's Word... but most importantly, seek guidance from the Holy Spirit himself. .... There are so many who have squelched the tugging of the Holy Spirit.... so they don't know what to do anymore, b/c they have lost fellowship not only with God, but the Holy Spirit himself who knows and sees all things. It is the trinity: God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit the Counselor... that all work together for the Kingdom of God, and to save as much people as possible from the nasty claws of Satan and the gnashing of teeth. ...... But no one wants to "offend" anyone. Some people want to teach only the soft and happy side of the gospel. .....NO! .... NO! It's not only.... wow... depriving our fallen (or spiritually dead) brothers and sisters, but we are basically saying, "Hey, it's okay. You're ok, I'm okay, we're all going to be okay..." Um..... no we're not if we continue to let little false teachings slip into the church, or 'let this go,' or 'let that go,' ..... well hm........ then how much are we going to 'just let go?' .........

    I guess what I'm saying is this: Yes, you are totally right in what you said. I am so ecstatic that I even came across your blog in the first place. I want to see so much more of this, because this world is falling away so fast that I can't even bare to turn on the tv anymore. And I am 37.

    I want to encourage not only you, but any other believer (or non-believer) to start to pray again, or even for the first time. We have forgotten just how powerful prayer is..... isn't that how the church started?? The disciples in the upper room, who didn't know what to do b/c Jesus died and they thought Jesus had left them for good? Remember that? ... And remember it was the Holy Spirit who fell upon them, not only giving them power, but the authority to teach where Satan didn't want them teaching?... And who won, what happened..?? Jesus won... and the church GREW. Yes, Jesus said on the cross, "It is finished," but us, the church.... we are far from finished. ... We're still here, aren't we? ... I used to ask God to just take me home already, but then... something shifted. I don't want Him to take me home, until I've completely discovered and completed the assignment He gave me while He was forming me in the womb. 8 years in, and I just got my 'assignment' last year. Gave my life to Christ in 2010... when I had just turned 29.

    We should pray not just for the country, not just for the world.... but for each other and ask God Himself, what is it... that we need to do, in order to reach the lost, the hurting, or those who simply need to hear/feel the simple (but powerful) pure love of God.

    We, the church, can make it so complicated sometimes. More complicated that it was ever meant to be; thus that's how the divisions in the church were created 100's of years ago. We must bring it back to the basics: read the Word of God, pray, and obey. Simple.

    As I said, there is a lot going on in the 'spiritual world'.... both good and bad. And it looks like you're on the good side of the good fight; and I thank God for you.

    God Bless Snowduck, and thanks again for posting...
    Posted 06-01-2018 at 11:39 PM by Smile37 Smile37 is offline
    Updated 06-03-2018 at 10:00 PM by Smile37
  2. Old Comment
    Thanks Smile37.
    Posted 07-02-2018 at 06:58 AM by snowduck snowduck is offline

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