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Moderator reports starting 1-2-2020

Posted 01-02-2021 at 08:50 AM by jbgusa
Updated 03-31-2021 at 08:11 PM by jbgusa


Originally Posted by WoodburyWoody View Post
Give it up, Minimalist. You lied and got called for it.
Personal attack.


Originally Posted by K12144 View Post
Just so we know, this thread is from 2017.
I thought only moderators post in red, and what's wrong with reviving a meritorious thread?
Originally Posted by K12144 View Post
Nobody's saying OP couldn't vent to someone else (preferably someone who doesn't know OP's father). Going off to rant to their mother was bad form.

My mom and I were very close, but we still didn't tell each other everything.

OP never suggested the argument with their father had anything to do with affairs or molestation.

Hopefully OP's father wises up and never says/does anything to/around OP that he doesn't want getting back to OP's mother.

(OP also doesn't apparently understand the difference between "information about someone that they willingly tell another person themself" and "information about someone that you see fit to tell another person without their knowledge and/or consent.")
Does whoever this poster is have problems with threads in general?


Originally Posted by texan2yankee View Post
the above is the only post i've read made by you over the years that is even partially honest. you do need to move on...on home to communist china.
I'm sick of these constant personal attacks.


Originally Posted by Lowexpectations View Post
I really dgaf about your opinion or anyone else’s on the topic. It’s gender neutral and you are one of the most negative posters I’ve run into on this site. If you are as in this post I’m quoting telling me men marry the wrong person its their problem. Grow up a little bit and maybe date people on your level
Profanity & rudeness


Originally Posted by Ruth4Truth View Post
Who lets guys being held on child sex charges out on bail??! [/

Perp's from Pennsylvania. So, the same criminals who stole the election, I would guess.
Political and controversial statement.


Originally Posted by jbgusa View Post
I am a B.U. Law School alum, Class of 1982. This is an outrage. I think of this as Boston University Law School Invitational Tournament. Acronym that one.
I am "self-reporting" this portion of the post, "I think of this as Boston University Law School Invitational Tournament. Acronym that one." If this crosses the line delete that sentence. (Later, "I decided to delete it on my own. I am not in the mood for humor on this issue. Just too upset.")


Originally Posted by JuanCorsair View Post
Until they start prosecuting African Warlords, the Khmer Rouge and demanding China stop the thousands of executions it orders every year, it is hard to take this opinion seriously.
This thread is not about African warlords, et. al. Also I suspect this is a sock-puppet for Ligurian.


Originally Posted by mike1003 View Post
This poster and the post are fine but isn't this for POC?

Originally Posted by Ligurian View Post
Stonehenge (hanging stones) was built by the first people in Britain: the Ligurians.

"Avienus makes only one direct reference to the Celts when he mentions that beyond the tin-producing Oestrymnides was a land now occupied by the Celts, who took it from the Ligurians."--Cunliffe, Ancient Celts

Whomever added to the Ligurian Stonehenge, added their religion to that monument. The Celts are probably the ones who brought the bluestones for healing... the timing is right, and they're the tall round-heads of the round-barrows. Sergei had 59 Ligurian skulls which were all long-heads of the type he called the Mediterranean Race.

The Stonehenge Druids were not Celts.

"Bertrand and Reinach both maintain the pre-Celtic origin of Druidism."--Wright, Druidism the Ancient Faith of Britain

"Druidism flourished before Adam."--William Blake

In fact, Ligurians held the Nemeton above Marsailles, and seem to have followed "Zeus, Jupiter and the Oak". ... Which came from where, first? ... The first modern man is found in Cro-Magnon, 'Cro' meaning hole in Ligurian, in the land of a man named Magnon. In Liguria were found many Cro-Magnon Aurignation burials. At Paviland Cave in Wales is the Aurignation burial of a Cro-Magnon man.

Strabo says there were three forelands to the west of the Black Sea, the Peloponnesian, the Italian, and the Ligurian.

Western Europe was, to all intents and purposes, Ligurian land. What was added to it came from the East with the Barbarian Invasions. The Druids had three schools of thought: Science, History, Religion. It was their Religion which informed their Science and erected the hanging stones at Stonehenge.
The post itself is great but I smell copying and pasting. Of course I have no basis for this but most of his or her posts are much shorter and different in style.


Originally Posted by jbgusa View Post
But what about parts of society that require official cooperation, such as concerts, museums and public events. If enough restaurants open defiantly or neighbors and private people start to have parties and get-togethers, that can happen without official. What about great cultural institutions like the Holocaust Museum, Museum of Natural History and Modern Museum of Art? These depend upon government acquiescence and cooperation, particularly police protection, to open. Most places that hold lectures by notables, such as synagogues and museums similarly rely upon government assistance, permission or acquiescence. Our neighborhood pool "reopened" five weeks after the state government allowed it, and after the neighborhood association had to lay the social distancing tape dozens of ways, so that your beach chair (which you had to carry in yourself) fit within a tight box of blue masking tape on the deck. If every event requires special permission and weeks or months of lawyering we're shut, not reopened.

The people going berserk may reopen nonessential businesses but it won't get life back to normal. Officialdom has other plans.
Please make the following correction and I am sorry for the inconvenience: "without official." to "without official sanction."


Originally Posted by stone26 View Post
You're full of poo-poo and really don't know what you're talking about.
Personal attack and foul language


Originally Posted by jbgusa View Post
If you wanted to have a trial concerning the massacre of the Native Americans, you would need to "try" the smallpox virus, see 1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus by Charles C. Mann. When Hernando de Soto hit the mainland of Florida in or about 1539, he left after exploring. His pigs and other animals remained. Those animals were disease vectors, spreading smallpox, diphtheria and other diseases against which the Native Americans lacked any immunity. Death rates throughout the continent are estimated at 90-98%, most having died before ever laying eyes on a white man. The remaining societies were demoralized and unorganized. Clearly, you don't reserve 100% of a continent for 2%-10% of the people. Further, the Native Americans, fore the arrival of smallpox, regularly displaced and slaughtered each other. Read War Before Civilization: The Myth of the Peaceful Savage by Lawrence H. Keeley. The natives were not noble savages or particularly angelic.

I'm not sure I follow your logic. The Americans didn't start the war. Of necessity they finished it.
Please change "fore the arrival of smallpox"" to "before the arrival of smallpox. Thanks.


Originally Posted by restoreriver View Post
My uncle is looking for ways to remove plaques in heart artery. he is not serious , so doctor didnt give aspirin yet.

There r a few very good things: curcumin( Turmeric), Nattokinase,Serrapeptase,Hawthorn, Seabuckthorn,red yeast rice(with side effects)

Which works best for you and whats the safe dose?
Nattokinese and natto food,which is better and safer?
Or do u simple control foods and LDL without taking any supplements?

Thank u
Is this an ad?
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