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Welcome To Case's Column

Let me say a big welcome to all of you for joining me here. I'm going to call these blog meetings Case's Column. I wanted to use "Corner", but that was already taken. Since 2008, it's been a real privilege to come on here and share some of my life with you, and it's a big world where we live.

In these blogs, I'll just speak whatever is on my mind, but we will be playing within the rules here. I may pick a particular topic, point out an event, or shoot the breeze. I'm a little bit of an essayist at times, so I'll just speak what's on my mind, and I might tell a story or two. Or, I might spew out an opinion or three. There will be some serious moments, some tender, some poignant, but there will also be those moments that you'll just bust out laughing. But, hopefully, everything will be in good fun here. And, of course, there's a place below for your comments and thoughts as we go along here. So feel free to join me for the ride -- I sure as heck hope I'm doing this right and not making any mistakes.

Thanks for taking your time in reading Case's Column. Hopefully, you'll enjoy being entertained by it as much as I've enjoyed putting these writings together. And thanks for the time you spend in City-Data.com, where it's great to be alive!



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Georgia Did The Right Thing, But It's Too Little, Too Late

Posted 04-04-2021 at 05:52 AM by case44
Updated 04-04-2021 at 06:03 AM by case44

The damage had already been done. We watched as two messy elections came and went, with disastrous results. Americans watched as ballot harvesting, Dominion machine snafus, media manipulation, and canvassers fraudulently rigging the eventual election outcome became the new normal in a bitterly-divided nation. Election integrity has become an issue in our country.

Only recently have Georgia officials decided to do something about it.

Look, it's one thing to take a stand for the right thing, and, yes, we do need to correct a grave wrong in this country, not just in Georgia, but in other states, as well. The trouble is, the damage has already been done and not enough people wanted to fix this when there was that opportunity. Now, we are stuck with a nation in crisis once again, with purposeful destruction of the minds of so-called "leaders". Politicians are going to let you down. Period. They cannot be trusted. Governor Brian Kemp of Georgia, a supposed Republican, is only one of many. Other folks from across the country are just as guilty of allowing what's obviously an immoral act being committed on our voting system because the cheaters in today's Democrat Party cannot win a fair election unless they do what I just said they've done. And they now have. And America now suffers, at least for now, the consequences of such despicable actions by canvassers, precinct workers, politicians, and others who have encouraged voter fraud to get what they want.

People everywhere have taken Georgia's new voting law completely out of context. None of this has ever been about race. None of this has even been about voter suppression. It's not even a GOP law, like the racist, bigoted, lying, dishonest news reporters and pundits in the media have actually told us, thus misleading the public yet again. This law is about election integrity. Period. End of story. It's not about keeping minorities away from the polls. It is, however, about restricting mail-in ballot voting to all except certain situations regarding senior citizen-related health matters or disabilities, and members of our military who are stationed overseas who obviously cannot get away. And, contrary to what is still popular belief, many blacks and Hispanics actually voted for then-President Donald Trump and many conservatives, not their opponents.

Remember what I've said about the left, folks. People on the left don't want election integrity. That's why you hear a lot of crybaby tears coming from them, because the left can't win elections without cheating. The Cheater Party also wants to encourage even more mail-in ballots and use illegal aliens storming across the border so that Joe Biden and his minions can buy votes. And, by the way, he's not really going to do anything for those illegals once they get into America. He'll treat them just as he's currently treating law-abiding citizens, by giving us the shaft at the expense of our opposition and enemy countries. We allowed two lowlife candidates to take a chokehold on our U.S. presidency and two more lowlifes in Georgia to take two Senate seats that could have been won by their opponents on November 3. Remember the "water main break" in downtown Atlanta? At any rate, the left is all about controlling us, so they must cheat to get what they want and to create unfairness in future elections. Some folks on the conservative side are so discouraged that they have lost faith in the election system. Folks, that's what the left wants!!! We must not give up. We shall overcome rampant voter fraud and we must stand up and fight for our country if we intend to win it back.

Now, we have to deal with the consequences of media misinformation and disinformation. Many celebrities and national figures have spoken up while not understanding the real reason for this voting law. Politicians have also spoken up. Andrew Yang actually encouraged voter fraud by publicly encouraging Democrats from California to move to Georgia just so they can vote in the Senate runoff. Is that not encouraging cheating?? Too much fake news just floating around. Even Major League Baseball got to the point where they made a stupid decision by pulling this year's All-Star Game out of Atlanta's Truist Park, where they were going to be the host site. This rash action is now forcing MLB to scramble to find another site for the game. How sad it is that sports in general have become woke and ignorant. You watch as this stupid decision is going to cause fans, at a time when many are just now coming back to ballparks from an awful pandemic, to just simply stay away. Conservatives and populists everywhere are unfairly getting the shaft, and only because we are standing up for what is right. The Georgia voter law is not about race or voter suppression. It is about election integrity!! And while there's supposedly a conservative, populist uprising in these great United States, we still face enormous challenges. The left is not going to give up, and they want to destroy us. They don't love America and never will, yet they choose to stay here and won't leave. The Washington Establishment is a huge part of the problem in our society. It is up to conservatives, patriots, Christians, and populists (and, just maybe, independents) to stand up and fight for America, against those who hate us.

You liberals who are sick and tired of your party's reputation for cheating and dishonesty and desire a change, well, you can always jump over to my side if you mean business about bailing out of the Democrat Party. Our nation, at the moment, is in shambles. But we can overcome voter fraud and preserve election integrity.

Georgia finally stood up for the right thing, but this should have been done before the presidential election. The damage, unfortunately, had already been done.
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  1. Old Comment
    Remember this, folks: The left will never be happy, no matter what is ever given to them. They'll always be crying and whining because they don't ever have enough power or control over you and I.
    Posted 04-04-2021 at 06:00 AM by case44 case44 is offline
  2. Old Comment
    MLB is concerned about the wrong things. They think that the Georgia voting law is about anything but election integrity, and so they pull the All-Star Game out of Atlanta. Totally stupid and ignorant move, and without really looking at the facts.

    What Commish Rob Manfred needs to do is pull any future All-Star Games out of Los Angeles because their gang prevention unit has just been disbanded. And why is that type of thing happening? A group of BLM-sponsoring terrorists deemed such protection as offensive.
    Posted 04-04-2021 at 07:23 AM by case44 case44 is offline
  3. Old Comment
    I'm just glad that the evil left didn't convince and pressure the PGA to leave Augusta. Just how much more canceling does America's biggest hate group need to do? The Masters must live on in Augusta.
    Posted 04-11-2021 at 01:16 PM by case44 case44 is offline
  4. Old Comment
    Too many people just don't get it. The opposition wants to make it about race, but the thing is, it's not and never has been. If we can't straighten out these election centers, then there's no way in hell that we will ever see a fair election again. And the pity is that that's the very thing the Democrats want as they seize power, and that's to steal every election they can.
    Posted 04-20-2021 at 03:46 PM by Gurn350 Gurn350 is offline

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