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Originally Posted by Thomas R. View Post
I think several cities, maybe Cleveland included, are more ignored than hated.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Birmingham, Alabama
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Dayton, Ohio
Knoxville, Tennessee

Might be more ignored than hated. Maybe Cincinnati and Indianapolis as well considering their size. Or my impression are totally off-based due to my limited experience.
i, by and large agree w/ your statement. baton rouge, even though lsu is located there, is always in the shadow of new orleans. it is really in a downtown growth spurt at present. it has some beautiful subtropical gardens and the mississippi---often overlooked. b'ham is beautifully situated around red mountain. it has beautiful vistas of mountains, valleys, and greenery. it is undergoing extensive downtown renovation of the downtown university of alabama med ctr. several high rise apt/condo buildings throughout the downtown and city are planned and/or under construction. most of its suburbs are middle income to wealthy. mountainbrook, in addition to enormous wealth, has some wonderful normandy french, english, and spanish architecture. violent crime, generally black on black, is the major scourge on birmingham. colorado springs, to me, is just another town, as for buildings, etc. it is the geographical area that makes it attractive. w/out the lay of the land, pretty much a yawn. dayton has a few small attractive downtown highrise buildings, a nice river and that is about all. some nice neighboorhoods w/ lots of people. knoxville, is pretty much a poster child for a dump and a yawn, altogether. the only possible significant landmark worth remembering in knoxville, while looking in one's rearview on the way out, might be the u of tn. the main thing to remember about the town is the beautiful smokey mountains, knoxville's nearest neighbor southeast about one hour away. this area is full of natural beauty and wildlife. the park, itself, is heavily visited; however, it really is memorable. ashville, nc is about an hour or slightly more away. this area and city is the one considered to be culturally rich, full of artists of various disciplines, and intellectuals. this area creates the great divide concerning intellect---knoxville area equals backward , hillbilly, redneck, while ashville equals progressive, bohemian, intellectuals, etc. knoxville is slightly larger than ashville. ashville is referred to as "little san francisco." uhm, i don't know about the san fran comparison. nevertheless, although knoxville is a bit podunkish, and, as they say "sucks" for obvious reasons, the nearby mountain range is nice. anyone choosing a city should not ignore cincinatti. beautiful architecture, music conservatory, history, gardens etc.
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