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My experiences:

I bought an iPhone 3G a couple years ago and it did me well. A few months ago I got an Atrix 4G from Motorola, with Android 2.2 on it. The goods and bads? Well:


-Better texting/emailing (keyboard is better, in my opinion, easier to type on without hitting the wrong keys)
-It has iTunes integration (not really a plus for me, as I have an iPod)
-A myriad of devices have support for the iPhone (docks, chargers, even my car stereo)

-I didn't know it at the time, but after I bought my Atrix I see now why people want "openness" in a phone. iPhone is WAY too locked down, even after jailbreaking.
-The cell reception sucked, all the time. Could blame ATT, but it's better on the Atrix.
-The speaker was pretty quiet
-No voice activated anything
-Over the years it's gotten sloooooooooow (apple supporting 4.0+, which doesn't run well on the previous gens)
-battery is horrid
-No ability to change the battery yourself (without a lot of work)


-Bigger screen, higher resolution (not as high as iP4, but close)
-Voice commands (voice guided turn by turn navigation, search for something, call a restaurant, etc.)
-Navigation is better than the Nuvi that got stolen from me
-Superb control (near complete control when rooted). Don't like the lock screen? Replace it. Don't liek the dialer? Replace it, too. You can literally replace everything about the phone.
-The app stores (I use Market and Amazon) are better than Apple's, in my opinion. Yes, they don't have as MANY, but they have good, quality apps that are mostly free, unlike Apple's store.
-Battery life is way better (especially with juice defender app, I can get over 48 HOURS of battery life out of my Atrix's 2200mAh battery). Although the first few days I had dismal battery life, don't know if the battery just had to stretch its legs a bit.
-Carry extra batteries or get a bigger mAh battery if you wish

-Texting/emailing, like I said, is not as good on the Atrix. I miss the iPhone's keyboard/touch response
-Fragmented - meaning if my friend's Galaxy android phone gets an update, that doesn't mean my android device will.
-Boot loader is locked - not really a big deal for me, I don't want a custom ROM, but some do. Other android devices have unlocked bootloaders
-Not as much aftermarket support (compared to iPhone, it's like comparing an M1 Abrams to a SMART car, iPhone crushes it in aftermarket)

Overall, I will not ever go back to iOS phones. Too restricted, too "conformed," and the apps are more expensive (like I said, Market and Amazon app stores have a higher free to paid ratio). I like the simplicity of the app stores also (click, download, done, no signing in every time, no having to authorize it, no having to download one at a time, super easy).
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