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Originally Posted by Sawdustmaker View Post
But the point is that some jobs are just what they are: not going to pay very much as compared to others. Ever. So why go in to a profession knowing this and then complain?

What I see, in other words, is that certain fields that ALWAYS paid much less, still do. Certain fields/jobs ONLY require SO MUCH....unlike others. When's the last time a cashier's job got harder or expanded? Why should a cashier be paid $270K a year?

My father was making 12K per year in 1969. He lived in DC at the time. He got sick of working for the man, moved north, started his own business, put his blood, sweat and tears into his business (you know, worked 13-18 hours a day/6 days a week (business had to legally be closed one day a week otherwise he'd have been open) for years, hardly ever took a vacation, had a few kids and a wife) and is now a retired mutli-millionaire. He never complains and never did.

No, that's not income inequality. How much, exactly are certain jobs SUPPOSED to pay? A cashier, fast food worker, painter, janitor, etc., should be making $300K a year in 2011? For doing what? There's a reason an executive of a company was making $60K per year 40 years ago and a commercial painter was making $5-8K. There's a level of skill needed and you get paid for that level of skill you have and what you are worth to the company paying your salary.
The "inequity" comes in where the expenses have out-paced the income for the average American. While EVERYTHING ELSE has gone up, income for the "middle-class" has stagnated over the last fifty years. That is the problem with the economy today. The "middle-class", the MAJORITY of Americans do not have enough money to keep the economy flowing. Inequity = DIS-PROPORTIONATE".

Show me just one exec whose decisions are actually worth a million dollars a day. Even just a thousand dollars a day. Think about it. As great as he was, even Steve Jobs is now replaced. And, as great as he was for the company, he was not that great for America. Look where your Apple product is made. American jobs?

Ever hear of "The Law of Diminishing Returns"? Keep raising your prices, and eventually, you'll price yourself out of business. That is what Corporate America has done. They have priced the economy out of business.

Take a look at the cost of a kit to put a motor on a bicycle. A 50 CC kit has gone up nearly $100 because of the demand. They're replacing cars with motorized bicycles and scooters. And, the auto industry isn't doing as well as they were ten years ago.

If a cashier is being paid exactly what they are worth, then we're paying far more for everything than it's worth. Gasoline isn't worth $3.599 a gallon. Why are we paying that much? Car insurance is not worth what we're paying. Why are we paying it?
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