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Revised (#5), updated FAQS on new legislation, eligibility dates, changes in benefits, which clarifies cutoff dates on implementation of new EUC Tier triggers, eligibility for old and new EUC Tier reconfiguration.

In particular, cutoff dates/parameters for moving to reconfigured tiers in September have been modified.

Thanks go to KLHart62 for providing the BLS directive on administration of the new legislation, which I've incorporated into this new, revised FAQS.

Also, thanks to Chyvan for reading through the legal jargon and accurately interpreting the correct implementation of the EB Fix. Therefore, states/territories long out of EB for any reason (AZ, MI, MS, PR, RI), can now pay augmented Tier IV, provided their UE Rate is at least 8.5%, and other parameters, as described below, are met.

The new legislation, enacted February 17, 2012, extends eligibility/expiration dates.

1. Can I still collect federal benefits under this latest federal legislation?

Eligibility dates have been extended to the end of 2012. If state benefits and EUC tier benefits are exhausted not later than December 22, 2012, you are eligible to move to the next EUC tier and/or Extended Benefits (EB).

However, all EUC/EB benefit payments end December 29, 2012.

Important Change: Previously, tier benefits once begun could be exhausted in their entirety. Under the new legislation, unless extended once again by Congress, both EUC and EB benefits end December 29, 2012, regardless of unexhausted balance. After October 13, it is estimated no state will be paying EB (Extended Benefits).

2. Relevant Federal Eligibility Dates:
  • December 22, 2012- Exhaust state benefits to transition to Tier 1
  • December 22, 2012 - Exhaust one Tier to transition to next Tier
  • December 29, 2012 - EUC Last Payable Date
  • April 7 - October 13, 2012 - EB Payments cease, depending on state, regardless of balance remaining - See EB info and NELP Projected Dates by state -//
  • January 2, 2013 - Expiration date of Legislation
3. Extended Benefits FIX - for states triggering off EB prior to June 1, 2012: If a state has triggered off EB anytime prior to June 1, 2012, Tier IV has been expanded by an additional 10 weeks, for a total of 16 weeks, as follows:
  • For those states not in an EB period on 2/22, anyone collecting Tier IV or eligible for Tier IV on 2/22 gets augmented Tier IV - provided they become eligible for Tier IV not later than 5/31 and their state maintains a UE rate of 8.5%. This excludes those who exhausted Tier IV before 2/22.
  • For those states paying EB after 2/22 but triggering off not later than 5/31, anyone currently collecting Tier IV or EB at the time the state triggers off is ineligible for the extra ten weeks. Only those who are not yet collecting Tier IV at the time the state triggers off are eligible. Further, Tier III must be exhausted at least one week after the state triggers off EB, but not later than 5/26, and the state must maintain a UE rate of 8.5%. If you are exhausting Tier III the same day your state triggers off EB, you are not eligible for augmented Tier IV, but will receive, instead, the standard 6-week Tier IV.
  • Beginning June 1, 2012, Tier IV augmentation is no longer available for new Tier IV recipients.
Warning: If you are collecting EB at the time your state triggers off - even if it is only one week - your EB benefits end per BLS end payable period. You are not entitled to EB fix of 10 extra weeks.

4. EUC June-December - New UE Rate Triggers

Beginning May 27 (aka week ending June 2, 2012
Tier 1 - 0% - (no change)
Tier 2 - 6% - new trigger
Tier 3 - 7% - 1% increase
Tier 4 - 9% - .5% increase

Although these UE rate triggers are effective for those who exhaust benefits on June 2nd, due to BLS reporting timeframes and EUC phaseout parameters, it is possible actual effective dates of the new UE rate triggers in certain states will not occur until one or more weeks (variable) before or after June 2nd.

If you are currently collecting a tier, you are grandfathered to the old rate that existed for that tier and can exhaust that tier beyond June.

5. EUC September-December - Tiers Reconfigured

If you are currently collecting a tier, you are grandfathered to the length of that tier which existed for that tier prior to September 2 and can exhaust that tier beyond September.

You must exhaust all state/tier benefits not later than for the week ending September 1, 2012 in order to remain on the higher (old) Tiers 1 (20wk) & 3 (13wk).

Otherwise, If you exhaust state/tier benefits for any week ending September 8th or later, you will transition to the new, reconfigured (reduced/increased weeks) tiers, as follows.

Beginning September 2, 2012:
Tier 1 - 14 weeks (reduced 6 weeks)
Tier 2 - 14 weeks (no change)
Tier 3 - 09 weeks (reduced 4 weeks)
Tier 4 - 10 weeks (increased 4 weeks)

In order to access Tier 4 for 10 weeks, you must exhaust Tier 3 no earlier than September 8, 2012. If it appears you will be exhausting Tier 3 on 9/1 or earlier, you might still access 10-week Tier 4 if you are willing to suspend claiming the appropriate number of weeks by which you are missing the 9/8 eligibility date.

This strategy was recently discussed, here: //

Note: The actual week for which you are claiming benefits is determinate, not the date on which you file the claim.

6. EUC Benefit Calculation is based on the original monetary determination of the claim as follows:

Through September 1, 2012:
Tier 1 - 80% of original monetary determination (up to 20 weeks)
Tier 2 - 54% of original monetary determination (up to 14 weeks)
Tier 3 - 50% of original monetary determination (up to 13 weeks)
Tier 4 - 24% of original monetary determination (up to 6 weeks)

September 2, 2012-January 5, 2013:*
Tier 1 - 54% of original monetary determination (up to 14 weeks)
Tier 2 - 54% of original monetary determination (up to 14 weeks)
Tier 3 - 35% of original monetary determination (up to 09 weeks)
Tier 4 - 39% of original monetary determination (up to 10 weeks)

The weekly benefit rate remains the same throughout the life of the claim.

Tier benefits are a percentage of the original monetary determination, divided by the weekly benefit amount, to arrive at the actual number of weeks available per tier. A smaller claim may not receive the full 20/14/13/6 (before 9/2) or 14/14/09/10 (after 9/2) weeks, etc.

*For new tier transition only. The benefits for the tier you are currently exhausting prior to September 8 are not affected.

I will update/correct as needed. For now, this is my best interpretation/projection of the legislation implementation going forward.

Let me know via DM (not on this thread, please) if there is an error/clarification/addition needed.


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