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Originally Posted by harry chickpea View Post
If someone wants to be an ethical vegan or vegetarian, I can understand that desire. However, this is a self-sufficiency and preparedness forum, not a "bash-the-chicken-eaters" forum.

So... in the interest of keeping the forum ON-TOPIC... what special needs do people with limited diets need to take to survive a SHTF situation?

Situation 1 - Stores closed for a week due to storm or other natural disaster.

Situation 2 - Extended (3 month) situation - lack of income, family issues, whatever.

Situation 3 - Major problem. Ummm, destruction of a nuke plant on the coast of Kalifornia contaminating much of the commercially grown organic foods for a year or more. Something along those lines or worse.
Situation 1: Anyone can go a week without food.

Situation 2: Eating as a vegetarian, particularly a vegan, is extraordinarily cheap. Try it for a couple of months. You'll buy the best of the best and spend less than you do now.

Situation 3: Silly. But why are you conflating ethical vegetarians and vegans with the health food bunch?

Originally Posted by harry chickpea View Post
In special diets, there are other possible problems as well, what of people who must have insulin or thyroid medication, or other medications? With insurance requiring monthly refills, does that mean at month two, people start dying?
They may die. But people are dying everyday now because they can't get drugs to cure cancer as well as many other diseases.

Originally Posted by harry chickpea View Post
Again, I've no problem with the idea of ethical vegans or vegetarians, but since this is a SURVIVAL and SELF-SUFFICIENCY forum, and not a soap box for animal rights, I would hope that those posters have something CONSTRUCTIVE to add.
You sound as if you have a big problem with people who don't eat meat.

Rest assured that there are vegans with guns. Inasmuch as they don't need hunting arms and they have small food budgets they have plenty of money for man-killing goodies.

Originally Posted by gwynedd1 View Post
B12 is an issue correct?

In that case fermented vegetables should provide a decent source.

I have recently fermented and have been enjoying a combination of fermented purslane and lambs quarters. "Weeds" are usually available.
The ancient Athenians never seem to have had a problem as many people lived past seventy. They had little or no meat because they lived in rather barren country and were too far from the sea to receive fish.

If B12 is necessary why not use the current source, human urine from portable toilets?

Originally Posted by lifelongMOgal View Post
That said, survivalism may require that those with chosen lifestyle diets who were not able to become self-sufficient abandon their druthers for the reality of eating to survive.
You've certainly changed your tune since the cannibal thread. What's the difference between roast toddler and roast lamb?
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