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Brevard County Space Coast: Palm Bay, Melbourne, Titusville area
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Old 04-15-2011, 02:28 PM
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Originally Posted by cfo.evo View Post
Decided id head out earlier, it might help curtail this depression im suffering, my doc calls it senior-citizen-itis

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Old 04-16-2011, 10:18 PM
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Originally Posted by cfo.evo View Post
yea and not to mention studying for state board certification while also working and satisfying work experience requirements. some young people are caring enough to live with their parents after college. not all families have parents that like to go out and party all the time and walk around the house naked when the kids aren't around. i guess the traditional path for most students is get into college, get through your 4-year degree have tons of fun and get the party out of your system, and EXPECT to get a job.

those people are the ones who end up in melbourne with a half ass job because they are half ass workers. and on the other hand you have someone like myself who cared to get actual real world management experience concurrent with an education all the while bartending on certain occasion (not even a full time job but networked enough to know a number of businesses/bar owners) and still have a good time. its like, people in melbourne are so insecure because whatever theyre doing here, they know they could be a lot happier doing it somewhere else or at least doing something else that is better but there is not much opportunity for change in brevard county. for example, bartending downtown melbourne vs bartending downtown orlando.

im by no means saying i am better than anyone i am one of the more humble people around, but melbourne is just a ****ty place. i am not unhappy here, but its the overall demographics, quality of service, and general quality of life here that is grossly sub par.

if you are older, been through some things in life, and want to get back to a simpler mindset and away from traffic or whatever excuse you have, sure melbourne is a great place to retire. but no one in their right mind will come out of school and WANT to come to melbourne if they dont have to. the only exception to this is if there might be a family business for them to attend to. ha which reminds me, being from melbourne, i had talked with some people from harris at a career fair once and their response to me was "sure we'll interview ya" -then she pulls me aside- "but i honestly think you can find a lot better". she was an older and more experienced lady in the organization who i could tell was not liking her position in life at that time.

and i could care less about the night life (especially in brevard), im not a toolbag alcoholic who half asses their way through life. and if thats what you are, no need to get offended, dont take it as derogatory but just simply descriptive i have nothing against people who are careless and like to party their lives away. seems great but unfortunately im not built that way and would prefer to actually attempt to achieve my potential

anyhow, what more can i say? if you are one of the people that may be offended by my posts then i challenge you to re-evaluate youself and see where you can improve on. i do the same for myself all the time and it gets tiresome having to deal with a secondhand environment like that of brevard county.

YouTube - Mr Sandman auchan
You will probably LOVE South Florida. From reading all of your posts sounds like you'll fit right in down here.

After living in South Florida for 23 yrs I would love to switch places with you as I am an old lady now that I'm in my mid-40s. And oh by the way, there are A LOT more older people here than there are in Brevard County ESPECIALLY from October-April so look out! (and I'm talking about ANCIENT if you're thinking about the 60+ crowd) South FL has the highest population of us older folks.

I'd love to live in your boring town as I'm am so tired of the mindless, nasty drivers and the extremely rude, selfish, mannerless attitudes of so many people that live here.

It is a fact that the drivers in South FL are amongst the worst in the country and I will vouch for that!! We have visited Melbourne many times and I can tell you driving drastically improves once you're north of Vero. (I don't see too many drivers there turning left from the from far right lane or vice versa or running red lights so much that cameras have to be installed in hundreds of intersections here). My daughter counts the red light runners everyday during her 3 mile drive to and from school...everyday.

Gangland, it's the next block over no matter what neighborhood you live in here. It's amazing how quick you can go from paradise to the slums in the blink of an eye.

You can live in the ritz section but when you go to the market a mile away to don't leave anything in view in your car because you'll come out to find your car window smashed and anything you leave in it...gone. And, maybe you didn't leave anything valuable in it, but good luck getting that window fixed right away.

The paradise they call South Florida, c'mon down and enjoy the Police Women of Broward County, because you'll get to see it several times a week, live and in person;-) Just save me a spot in Melbourne, because I'm packing my bags as soon as we can afford to leave here.
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Old 04-16-2011, 10:37 PM
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Originally Posted by muggums View Post
Above poster, we (my young family of 3) have been here since September 2009.

It is cheaper for us to live here then it was in NW Indiana. We have well water, so there is no water bill. We have electric only, so no paying for propane. We rarely used the heat this past winter, even though everyone else acted like it was an artic climate. We spend no more than $100 a month on electric for an 1800 sq ft house, with the ceiling fans on all day and the thermostat at 75 if it's 80 and humid outside. Most of the time we just leave the windows open if we can. We don't have a pool. It's $950 per month for a nearly new house. The neighborhoods in Palm Bay are not very pretty as far as landscaping and have small yards, but they aren't gated either, so it's give and take.

I use coupons as much as possible, and shop for groceries at walmart and Aldis. I take advantage of CVS extra care bucks for most everything else. We live in NE Palm Bay, within easy reach of Kohls, Petco, Walmart, Aldis, and multiple other stores.

We don't pay for cable or the newspaper. We commute 20 mins to work everyday, and between our two cars, we pay about $150 every two weeks for gas. We love to go eat at places on the water, 1 or 2 times a week at the most. There are some lovely places to eat all over the county. I recommend The Shack, Jack Bakers, the Sunset Cafe, and the Atlantic Bar and Grill at the Pier.

We have not run out of activities to do as a family. We go to the beach, the Turkey Creek Sanctuary, the dinosaur museum, Cocoa Village for antique shopping, the local parks, the libraries, and the movies.

None of the places we have been are run down or scary, or we wouldn't go. There are areas closer to the river that are dicey, especially along US 1 regarding drug activity and prostitutes. I'm not afraid to go out at night in Palm Bay. But I'm always aware of my surroundings, and don't hang out with that population. I have not witnessed or been personally told about any major crime.

I can't tell you anything about nightlife, I am well past that stage, but I can tell you that I'm never bored or in risky situations.

Overall I love living here. I don't want to ever move. I hope this was somewhat helpful.
Thank you so much for posting this accurate, realistic bit of information. I think that's what this thread was intended to be in the first place. There are a few (or one in particular) "trolls" on this thread and that's too bad because it's makes it difficult to get an objective view of the area without the ranting.

During our visits I must also add we enjoy going to Grills Riverside which is up in Melbourne just north of Pineda Causeway. We also like the location on Port Canaveral but I'm sure that's a hike from Palm Bay.

I would just like to see the I-95 construction completed sometime in the not so distant future as it seems to be taking forever. Will make it much easier to get around the area when completed.

I have to laugh at your comment about not using heat. As a South FL resident for the past 23 yrs (but originally from the Northeast) my blood has thinned and once the temps hit the 60s minus the humidity I'm ready to turn the heat on (50s at night, that's the arctic when your used to temps in the 70s with 80% + humidity 9 mths of the year) and this winter has been one of the warmest for us.

The last bit of coolness I felt was when we were in Melbourne a few weeks ago and it was in the 70s with no humidity. It was amazing. It's just getting too hot down here anymore. Those fronts get past central FL and die out and never make it this far south, I feel like we live next to the equator anymore so when it's 50 it's COLD! I would love to live there.
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Old 04-18-2011, 11:52 AM
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Hey CFO,

I'm 31 years old. I'm college educated. I currently live in Hong Kong. I travel all over the world. I've visited every continent except Antarctica. According to my 1040, I made 236K last year. I drive a 9 year old car. I have more than 7 figures in liquid investments. I am relocating my family to the Cocoa Beach area later this year. Looks like a lovely place with terrific schools and many activities for the whole family. I'm really looking forward to it. I have to say I've never heard from or met someone quite so angry or out of touch with reality. Why U mad? For someone who preaches to be helping business and individuals with finances, you seem to be a bit lacking on financial acumen yourself. What kind of an "investment" do you suppose you are making with the purchase of a "new luxury vehicle"? You do know they depreciate faster than nearly any asset you can purchase, right? Trust me, I thought I was brilliant at 25 also, but I think after reading your vitriolic diatribes, I was still head-and-shoulders above you. I can promise you, you won't make it far with the attitude you currently possess. When I get settled in this fall, let's get together for a coffee, I'll buy!!
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Old 04-18-2011, 02:43 PM
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Sounds good, take it from someone who has lived here for ten years and had a good look at what its really like. Melbourne is a simple place for simple minded people. Feel free to disregard my opinion altogether or consider everything ive claimed. All you are doing is nitpicking for any reason to beat a dead horse. Melbourne is a beautiful place, everyone here is perfect except the black people with fitted caps, make sure your kids stay away from them or they might get raped and hustled.
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Old 04-18-2011, 07:56 PM
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Default cfo.evo I hope you find some peace

I have been reading these threads for awhile now, although I am not from the area and can not speak to life in Melbourne, I must say, cfo I hope you find some peace within yourself. It sounds like life may have dealt you some heartache, hardships, and encounters with people who do not know how to treat others with respect...no matter what color your skin is...each and everyone of us deserve respect. Where ever you go, there will be those that do not know how to treat others, but there are many more that do....it is clear, this has left a bitter taste in your mouth. A good lesson for all....no matter who you are....written by Wade Davis
(The world in which you were born is jut one model of reality; Other Cultures are not failed attempts at being you; They are unique manifestations of the human spirit.)
This may sound corny, I am not some religious nut...but a social worker who works with families everyday....of every world, who face mountains of heartache and hardships.....lessons I have learned: it is a choice to be bitter, or a choice to see the positive and goodness in every situation.......just remember, your attitude and outlook on life, will attrack the same.....I wish you the best cfo.
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Old 04-18-2011, 10:34 PM
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Thanks for that and I appreciate your intellect why can't others understand the way you do? It takes a lot of energy to be passive about and some people are just stubborn. Its not something new to me and I am obviously doing fairly well for myself even with the cards I've been dealt. But no matter what to some people they will always try to put you down just because they dont agree or are different. I'm not the one who has a problem, its all the result of a diseased society that dwells on differences rather than embracing it. I've been through these discussions many times and there are always ppl so narrow minded and cold. South fl will be better, people aren't shallow enough to go out of their way to deliberately offend someone, at least its a lot more comfortable for me there than a community that is non inclusive and judgmental of someone like myself for no reason. I speak for a lot of people out there except others are so preoccupied with their lives and I enjoy analyzing things of this nature. Melbourne is ridiculous to me, enjoy your paradise people and keep up with your narrow minded community.
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Old 04-18-2011, 10:46 PM
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I hope you enjoy Southern Fl. We lived in Pembroke Pines for a year and worked in Miami.

It was an experience - but one I wouldn't care to repeat.

I'm moving to Viera and I intend to enjoy living there. (Hopefully rather more than I enjoyed living in Pembroke pines. Crowded suburbia with impressive traffic jams.)

I sail, I fish and I swim. - Those are some of the things I will do in Viera.
I hike in the mountains and I ride a motorcycle. So I'll spend a large part of the summer at my other home in the Alps.
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Old 04-18-2011, 11:33 PM
12 posts, read 29,781 times
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While I was a bit condescending in my post (intentionally), I simply want you to understand that prejudice doesn't only happen to you. Where I live, I would say I am hated just as much as you, and you feel it daily. Does it bother me sometimes? Of course, but I have so many great things in my life, that I really can't be bothered by something so trivial as what someone I don't even know thinks!! The only people who I care about their opinions are my family and friends. Try it this way, and enjoy the things you have in your life, don't worry about what others think. Try as you might, you won't change the minds of the ignorant, so just turn the other cheek and understand that you have a better understanding of the world than they do. Good luck in S. Fla.
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Old 04-19-2011, 12:51 AM
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I wonder whether CFO's dislike of Melbourne stems from his experience of racial prejudice, or whether it's simply that life in Melbourne is too quiet for him?

I don't know Melbourne very well, but perhaps there isn't a lot of night life (or whatever kind of entertainment he wants?)

Given that there are a lot of retirees in the area and given that they tend not to be 'night owls' and given that much of the commercial hospitality industry is likely to be aimed at the largest market, he may be right. Melbourne may be boring for people who follow his lifestyle.

'One size fits all' doesn't exist. I'm retired (but I don't go to bed early.) I'm a European and I tend to eat late - by American standards. Dinner is at about 8pm.

I don't go clubbing and I tend to be up early. I've lived in a number of places and I usually manage to adapt to where I live - not by changing my lifestyle, but by finding the places which are open when I want them to be.

Some years ago (when my son was young) we lived in a rural village. He asid to me: "Dad, why don't we live in the city?"

I said to him: "Why on earth would we want to live in the city?"

He said: "You know, Lights! Noise! Action!"

I said: "That's three reasons."

The things which appeal to me may not appeal to other people. I live where I like the lifestyle; YMMV.
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