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Old 05-15-2012, 09:11 AM
Location: Upper Midwest
1,873 posts, read 4,409,591 times
Reputation: 1934


Getting ready to upgrade.

This will be my first smartphone.

A little lowdown on my cell phone use ---

*I do more texting than anything else.

*I would enjoy doing more social networking such as Twitter and Facebook on my phone. I can do that now, but the quality of Facebook and Twitter on my current phone is relatively crappy compared to what I'd get with Android or iPhone. Which phone is better for Facebook and Twitter?

*I'm not a big gamer, therefore I can't see myself being much of one on my phone. I'll probably do a little MORE gaming and general playing around with apps, since it'll be more readily available, but I can't imagine myself getting deep into it. I'm not an internet gamer at all, nor do I own any sort of gaming system (xBox, Wii).

*I would love a phone with great maps.

*Pictures and video are obviously a big priority. Any superiority between the two phones in that arena?

I've read up and asked around a bit already. I was on the fence between the two. Both seem to have their good points.

I have to admit, I am now leaning toward Android, because I hear that most apps are free, whereas with iPhone you have to pay for most of them. That was quite a game changer. I hear they're not quite as good quality apps on Android, but like I said.... not a big gamer, not big on that kind of stuff anyway. And that's not the main reason I have a cell phone. lol And I also hear most of the same apps are available for both. I have to confess, I don't like the idea of getting an iPhone and then have to continue putting money into it (aside from monthly charge) to get full enjoyment out of it.

I also read that Twitter and Facebook are easier on Android. On an iPhone you have to "go deep into apps" to use those, and depending what you use, it may not even be free.

As of right now, Android is winning a bit for me and my needs.
I kind of like the idea of talking into the iPhone to make a text though. I like that quality seems top notch. Android is questionable on quality, from what I hear, and it depends what kind you get.

Throw in your two cents, guys.
Thanks! I'm still swayable at this point.
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Old 05-15-2012, 09:13 AM
Location: Sierra Nevada Land, CA
9,455 posts, read 12,542,599 times
Reputation: 16453

You can thank me latter.

FWIW, I have the iPhone 4 and love it. I have about 20 apps and they are all free.

IMO both types of phones are good. I was swayed by the quality and feel of the iphone. Comes with a fabulous google maps app that tells you where you are within a meter or two.
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Old 05-15-2012, 11:51 AM
Location: Upper Midwest
1,873 posts, read 4,409,591 times
Reputation: 1934
I was just looking over apps at the iTunes store, because I've been an iTunes user for a few years now. Have never really looked at them, because I've never had a smartphone. Most of them are boring-looking, junky apps I have no interest in anyway. So I don't really feel like apps are going to be a major selling point for me. I can't see myself spending a lot of time playing games on my phone. I really can't. Never have, don't know why I'd start now. I was just looking at a $5.00 Wheel of Fortune app. I was sitting there thinking "Who would spend the time..." lol Ya know? I guess somebody does.

The free ones are the ONLY ones that even look interesting to me. Pandora... NPR... USA Today... iBooks... stuff like that. And if I DO choose to buy? Most of them are a couple bucks. You pay a couple bucks and have them forever, right? Or at least until they upgrade? No big deal for me, who probably won't use a lot of apps.

I was also wondering about my music, if anyone can answer this for me -
I'm a long-time iTunes user. Would having an Android interfere with being able to put music on my phone? I would imagine with iPhone it would be pretty effortless. Would I be able to put iTunes songs on my Android or would I have to start buying music elsewhere just to have it on my phone? As of right now, iTunes is the only place I ever purchase music. (I was once offered five free downloads from another site once, because of something I bought. I just had to enter the code on the receipt. That's the only time I've ever gotten music anyplace other than iTunes.) I read that you needed a special "card" for your Android in order to put iTunes songs on it.

If this post just sounds laughable, lol... well I'm pretty naive about phones.
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Old 05-15-2012, 12:46 PM
Location: Sierra Nevada Land, CA
9,455 posts, read 12,542,599 times
Reputation: 16453
Some free apps that I find highly useful:

Dropbox, Pandora, YPmobile, facebook, Netflix, Google search, Movies, Skype, Shazam and flashlight. Look 'um up to see what they do.

Take movies for example. It locates local theaters, tells what's playing, showtimes, reviews, syopsis and even has trailers. Rates DVD with reviews, syopsis and trailers. You see smething you want to rent or stream? It links to your Netflix account. Then you can watch said movie on your phone.

I have NPR, MSNBC and BBC for news.
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Old 05-15-2012, 05:44 PM
Location: Minneapolis
1,617 posts, read 5,673,286 times
Reputation: 1215
I have a few apps that I gladly pay for on both my Android phone and my iPod touch.

A good Podcast manager is worth a few bucks on either device, and TuneIn Radio Pro is easily worth the $1 or $2 they charge. For podcasts, I use Downcast on the iPod, and DoggCatcher on Android. Both are pretty good.

If you pay for an app on either OS, that's tracked, so you don't need to repurchase anything if you upgrade or replace your device. You'll be allowed to re-download them no charge if necessary--just don't lose your GMail/iTunes username/password.

One big difference between the two is how backups of the device's apps, data, and settings are handled. iOS backs up EVERYTHING to your computer through iTunes. Android doesn't. If you need the phone replaced under warranty or any other reason, iOS restores everything for you. When I had my Android phone replaced under warranty, I had to pay for a back-up app, and there was still a lot of settings lost and re-downloading of apps. Advantage: iPhone.

I have them both, and I like them both, but I lean toward recommending iOS to people new to smartphones, unless you're a techie who likes to get into and play with the nuts and bolts of the OS. If you prefer something that "just works" with less fuss and muss, iOS is a great option with lots of support.

With iOS you kind of have to do things "the Apple way," and get used to certain limitations. For instance, Android has homescreen widgets and can browse Flash-enabled websites, while iOS doesn't work with either. Android is arguably more capable, and certainly more customizable, especially among the crowd who "root" their devices.

If you're an iTunes user, the iPhone is great, IMO. (iTunes treats the iPhone like an iPod as far as music management is concerned.)

I don't know if Android has a way to play your older rights-managed AAC files, but unprotected MP3 and AAC files can just copy over and play no problem. I'm not the best person to talk to about this though; since I have an iPod, I don't use my Android phone for music storage at all. My feeling though, is that as an iTunes user, you'll prefer the iPhone.

Last edited by Thegonagle; 05-15-2012 at 06:20 PM.. Reason: Because...
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Old 05-15-2012, 06:22 PM
Location: Upper Midwest
1,873 posts, read 4,409,591 times
Reputation: 1934
When my cell provider gives me $30 in late June (in other words, I will be able get a $100 phone for $70), I'm going to probably go with the iPhone.

I've skimmed through various things today about people switching from one to the other. I didn't remember reading anything about anyone giving up iPhone over a real quality issue. Overall, it seemed more like a "the grass may be greener over there" thing more than anything else. And some of those people were satisfied. They love Android and now swear by them. And then there are the people who switched BACK to iPhone after having Android for a bit. On the other hand, I have been reading about serious quality issues going on with Android. Rebooting (even during a call).... a few varied things I can't remember right now. Bottom line though: All unacceptable glitches for a $100+ phone, in my humble opinion.

But overall, I think both phones have same amount of fans and naysayers. Only one has the more major quality issues for some people, that I have read though. And that's Android.

Just thinking of the big picture, and what my daily usage will really be like..... there's a good chance I'd be happy with either. But iPhone just makes more sense overall.

First of all, they'll be the same phone price and plan price. I asked. So no issues there.

In a nutshell...
iPhone = Android - Price
iPhone > Android - my music
iPhone > Android - general risk
iPhone > Android - quality, look, and feel
iPhone > Android - Apps

.... Can't think of anything else at the moment.

What I mean by general risk is that if I were to go with iPhone, I know I'd be getting a solid phone. So okay, maybe if I could see into a crystal ball, I may learn that had I gone with Android I would've liked it a little better. But hey, ignorance is bliss, right? Bottom line, I feel like there is little to no chance I would be DISSATISFIED with an iPhone. That's the point. Android, on the other hand, seems like a little more of a "hit and miss" kind of thing. I may really luck out, or I may be one of those people who is stuck with kinks to work out.

And about Apps... I give it to iTunes/iPhone again. I checked out apps today for really the first time ever. I can tell right now I'm not going to be a tremendous app user. Most of the ones that caught my interest at all were free anyway. Therefore, so what if I pay for one once in a while that'd normally be free on Google? It'd probably be better quality. And new iPhone apps are available immediately. I'm always hearing of Android users who have to wait. And sometimes when they finally do get it, it's not as good. That will probably not always be the case, but as of right now, that's where it's at.

So while I'm still going to do a little more reading... I think I've pretty much decided.
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Old 05-16-2012, 07:37 AM
Location: Cleveland, Ohio
16,544 posts, read 19,685,380 times
Reputation: 13326
I'm a big Android fan but not so big that I hate Apple products. Not at all.
And in your case I would suggest the iPhone for you. Anyone heavy into the iTunes world would be better served with an iPhone.
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Old 05-17-2012, 04:23 PM
Location: Upper Midwest
1,873 posts, read 4,409,591 times
Reputation: 1934
LOL guess what?

I may have had a change of heart in the smartphone search odyssey. I've been reading more, watching more videos... I'm enjoying the useability of Android, based on a few side-by-side comparison videos I saw on YouTube. Real Android fans did real demonstrations. I think some of their grievances about some of the things they think are wrong with iPhone are a little petty sometimes.... because it's not like they are actual technical problems. Just things that are much less user-friendly.

On the other hand, I DID see one Android video of a guy who was having issues with his phone loading, and he was considering going to get an iPhone. Now that's a real issue with the phone itself. But of course, I don't know how he's been handling the phone, etc. Things like that. Could be so many factors.

Another big thing was my music. Obviously having an iPhone would make syncing my music a snap, since iTunes is the only place I buy from. But I read up on how to get songs on your Android. There's a way to do it that involves manually moving them.... I can do that. Easy peasy.
If that's the kind of typical grievance that iPhone fans have in claiming that Android is "harder".... something like that is no big deal to me. Granted, I won't be able to playmy protected files on Android, but that's just a handful of songs overall, really. The majority will play fine. And I still have my iPod.

I also saw a really good video where kids were dropping Androids and iPhones (hell, I won't ask why... I just appreciate the demonstration) to test breakability. They tested the iPhone4s and the latest Android. iPhone shattered fairly easily. Android took a few good drops and was basically unscathed in comparison.

Then there is the apps issue that I think still plays in iPhone's favor a bit.....Like just the other day, there was a cool-looking free app on a favorite website of mine that I took notice of for the first time, since I have started exploring apps. It appeared it was for iPhone only. I have no idea if there would be an equivilent for Android or not. That would bug me, if I couldn't get simple free apps half the time just because I had Android. And again, in general, iPhone users are first priority when it comes to new apps. It's funny. I always read that. An app comes out, and then maybe a week or two later, an announcement, "Oh we didn't forget about you, Android users.... here's yours." lol It's a bit like they're still second-rate citizens.

So, the jury's still out, but more points have again been scored for Android in the past day. Big thing being that breakability thing and the music thing, which I found may no longer be an issue at all.

Bottom line, I'll be well-researched when I go in to play with phones and take one home.
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Old 05-17-2012, 09:31 PM
24,488 posts, read 41,132,345 times
Reputation: 12920
I have both.

Android > iPhone - Web browsing (superior js and flash support)
Android > iPhone - 4G
Android > iPhone - Physical keyboard
Android > iPhone - Touch keyboard options (swype, etc)
Android > iPhone - Screen size options
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Old 05-18-2012, 03:56 AM
1 posts, read 2,671 times
Reputation: 12
I am a complete Apple fan. have one iPhone 4S. but I must admit that Android is pretty amazing as well. they are the market leader right now.
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