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Old 02-15-2018, 06:49 PM
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I'll rank the Texas cities I've lived in, since that's where I've spent most of my adult life.

1. Grapevine
2. Austin
3. Arlington
4. Kyle
5. Round Rock

6. Laredo
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Old 02-15-2018, 07:00 PM
Location: Central New Jersey (prev. Boston, NY, Florida)
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Originally Posted by march2 View Post
Charlotte, NC - Our permanent home. Love it here. Clean, lots to do, great people, wonderful climate, really good economy, and great cost of living. Plan on being in the Charlotte area for good once we go back.

Orlando, FL - MANY people hating on Orlando. We loved the place. We loved the theme parks, but if that’s all it had, I wouldn’t like it either. Once you get north of the FL Turnpike, it’s really a nice city. Lakes, parks, and great neighborhoods. LOTS to do. Close to beaches on both Gulf and Atlantic. The only other place I could see us living if we left Charlotte.

Columbus, OH - Really nice city. Great people. Great growth and economy. Liked it there, just like other places more.

Cape Cod, MA - We’re living here temporarily to help care for my wife’s mom. It’s very nice and beautiful. Great people. Boston’s isn’t far for more city-like things to do. But just too darn expensive. Could never live anywhere that’s COL is nearly this high.
Orlando was nice.. only things I didnt like about it was that things were so damn far. Literally Publix was the closest store... 2.5 miles away. In Boston, I have 15 pizza joints, 5 spas, atleast 30 bars within 2.5 miles. Maybe it is because I lived just southeast of the airport and it was boring... but I need a mroe dynamic environment. Kind of wish I lived near Winter Park or Downtown
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Old 02-15-2018, 10:11 PM
Location: Aurora, CO
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Only listing the places I've lived as an adult

1st - Denver (Aurora), Colorado. (7 years)
Love it here. Laid back, great climate, amazing scenery, incredible outdoor amenities. I drive into work with an awesome view of Mount Evans out the windshield the entire way. The area's had a lot of growing pains, but overall my commute is a breeze and I enjoy having everything centralized near Downtown Denver. I spend as much time as my wife will let me hiking in the mountains and physically I'm in better shape than anytime since college.

2nd - Fort Collins, Colorado (6.5 years)
Went to college here. Mostly worked and attended school. Didn't take advantage of the outdoors nearly as much as I should have. I'd move back if not for the highly-competitive job market. Very few IT jobs and there are a lot of young, hungry college students there who'll work for less money.

Distant 3rd - Dallas-Fort Worth (12 years - 8 years too long)
Lived in two burbs of Dallas, and Far North Dallas. Great place to work, own a house, shop, and eat/get drunk. With an area the size of Connecticut, it's the epitome of sprawl. Scenery-wise it's 100% forgettable. The only strong outdoor amenities the area has are the handful of reservoirs, but the water is generally murky and silty and they're brimming with drunken, reckless morons on boats. Nearby camping and hiking options are terrible, and biking is average at best. Overall grateful for the opportunities I was given, but you couldn't pay me enough to live there again.

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Old 02-16-2018, 02:29 AM
Location: Denver
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First of all I just wanna say this is one of the best threads on CD! Here is my list:

1. Boston. Lived here for 3 years. Awesome city. Close proximity to so many great places like the north shore, Cape Cod, Portsmouth, Portland etc. Good quality of life, amazing food scene, great sports city, lots of culture and educated people. T system could use some improvement but it is a pretty good subway system, just needs to be open 24/7.

2. NYC. I went to NYU and had the time of my life here. This was the late 90s. The nyc of today is so different. It has lost a lot of its soul IMO. All the creative/artistic types can’t afford to live in Manhattan so most have moved out to the Burroughs. Brooklyn is my new fave now. I can’t stand Manhattan anymore. The rudeness and pretentiousness there just does not resonate with who I am. Great subway system and food scene though.

3. Atlanta. Very nice city with friendly people. The most leafy city I’ve ever lived. It’s boomed so much and the traffic is just awful now. I made some great friends there in the 3 years I lived there. Cost of living is also growing rapidly. Best city in the South IMO. Too damn hot in the summer though!

4. Connecticut. This is my home state, grew up here and stayed until I went to nyc for college. Now I must say I never really enjoyed living in Connecticut while growing up there. I lived in a small suburban town, it was quite boring and not very diverse I will say one of the main draws of living in CT was being between Boston and New York City which were both easy commutes. I also like the four seasons. The negatives for me would have to be the people who can be snotty and standoffish. There are also no good quality cities in Connecticut, well possibly new haven. However Hartford and Bridgeport are extremely high crime cities and have seen much better days. Having said all this, Connecticut will always be home to me and I really feel nostalgic when I visit.

5. Jacksonville FL. Oh Jax. Where do I start? This is where I live now. It’s not a terrible place just not my type of city. Relocated here for my partners job as it would’ve never been a place for me to move to. There is very little culture here and it just has this strange king of vibe which I just really can’t explain. I also despise hot humid weather so right off the bat it’s not a good match for me I also just don’t like Florida in general way too flat and culture-less. It’s a very spread out city and you’ll be driving 15 to 20 minutes whenever you get in your car. It’s also very conservative and quite religious. I will say there are a few really cool neighborhoods like Riverside and San Marco that are pretty nice. And I do find people here to be quite friendly and easy to make friends with. However we are currently thinking of relocating to the West Coast or somewhere back in the Boston area which I’m very excited about!
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Old 02-16-2018, 10:20 AM
Location: Erie, PA
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1. Syracuse, NY
2. Detroit, MI
3. Bowling Green, KY
4. New Orleans, LA
5. Louisville, KY
6. Albany, NY
7. Memphis, TN
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Old 02-16-2018, 08:09 PM
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Midessa is the only place i have lived that i remember well.I still live in Midessa,Texas.I liked it more before i graduated high school.I work in the oil and gas industry and i love how there is so much of that here.I also love the high school football especially Lee and Mojo.I like how it is close to America's Land of Enchantment.However i dont like that is so far away from things to do and its 5 hours away to any big city.Its really boring and more of a place for kids and married people so i hope to move to Abilene and or Angelo and or Lubbock, Texas in a couple years

However Midessa will always be home.I know a bunch of people here but I am ready for a change.I lived in DFW when i was little.I did not rank it since i dont remember it that well.I am thinking of moving back at some point but idk for sure.I like how it has Waffle House,Krispy Kreme, and Pappadeaux's/Braums.It does not appeal me to as much anymore because its not very outdoorsy and traffic and 30k a year millionaires.However its still my fav huge metro in the country prolly.

Last edited by C24L; 02-16-2018 at 09:05 PM..
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Old 02-16-2018, 11:00 PM
Location: SoCal
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Gainesville, Fl where I was born, and sorta kind of raised in the middle of the country. At the time I was sad to leave looking back on it, I'm glad we did! It's one of those places that lack in much opportunity. I love the nature around the place though, simply amazing!

Orlando, Fl where I essentially grew up at, and went to school. I loved the place literally never ran out of things to do, only lived 35 mins away from the beach, and I practically live at the beach. Most will complain about the weather, but when water is your life the weather is great, and boy do I miss all the wildlife there. There were Always bears, deer, racoons, tons of birds, fish, and more infects then one could count. I see myself returning here around 15 years from now.

San Bernadino County Desert this place opened my eyes tilLL that California has to offer. I've never lived in the desert, but it was ann expierience, and the desert is beautiful It's own way. I could also see mountain peaks of 11k feet from my window covered in snow from November til june. I just hate driving so far to everywhere there.

Santa Monica, Ca where I currently live it feels great to be reunited with the ocean once more I live 6 blocks away. My job, and shopping is all within walking distance, so it's been great not paying for gas, and not to mention the weather can I say no AC almost year round. Great restaurants, and great people in my neighborhood, and there's so much to do.

My next place is going to be Manhattan, I've wanted to live in NYC for a while, but only recently considered Manhattan, and specifically the East Village neighborhood. I'm very excited to move there
In 3 years unless I change my mind, I just love the NYC atmosphere it's motivating!!! Constant reminder that the sky is the limit.
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Old 02-18-2018, 09:42 AM
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1. London - my hometown. Doesn't get better. Huge range of culture and entertainment, much of it extremely reasonably priced or free. There was a three year period or so, where I went out to a new play or concert every weekend and didn't pay for any of it thanks to the under 25 tickets policy at a lot of places. Vast range of food available, streetlife is vibrant and energetic. Drawbacks: massively expensive rent and transportation.

2. Suva, Fiji: I mean: tropical, laidback, island vibes...what more to say. Bit isolated though.

3. Oxford, UK: great cultural scene for a tiny city, can walk from one side to the other. Gorgeous parks, waterways, and beautiful ancient architecture. Drawbacks: town v gown, a bit pretentious and exclusive, stuck in the past.

4. Sheffield, UK: down to earth, laid back Northern city. Lots of parks. Friendly people. Drawbacks: way too many hills, too far from London (says the Londoner haha).

5. Boston, MA: Meh. Much smaller of a city than its reputation would lead you to believe. Good cultural options in some areas - classical music, ballet, old school stuff basically, but lacking in contemporary art or theatre and doesn't have a vibrant arts scene. Very hard nut to crack as an outsider socially. Socializing is done in neighborhoods and downtown is a bit of a desert in terms of good restaurants or bars. Dilapidated public transport. Glorious weather, though - lush summers, sunny cold winters - basically my ideal weather. Great location though - can visit so many great places easily - surrounding areas are beautiful (the Cape, North SHore etc).

6. Nairobi, Kenya: Vibrant city, a lot going on culturally, good food, good bars. Safety is a concern, and the lack of personal freedom that goes along with that gets old.
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Old 02-18-2018, 10:27 AM
Location: Germantown, Philadelphia
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I feel deprived for some strange reason, as I've only lived in three cities - five if you want to count the communities I lived in in metropolitan Boston separately. I'm going to do that in ranking them:
  1. Philadelphia I've lived here for almost 35 years after being dragged here kicking and screaming from Boston. The place grew on me fairly quickly, and it's also blossomed and improved in ways I couldn't have imagined back when I moved here in 1983. It's lively, colorful, beautiful in some places, forlorn in others, and it has some nice attributes like rapid transit subways, a varied and exciting food scene, and ample parkland that I like. And I can afford to live here, in contrast to most of the other cities that have subways.
  2. Kansas City (Mo.) My forever hometown, a place I love to death but will probably never live in ever again. It's one of the greenest and most beautiful cities in the country, something you will have to experience first-hand to understand, and it also has loads of color - especially a colorful past - a friendly populace and great barbecue. I don't mind driving, but I don't want to live in a place where you have to drive everywhere, and Kansas City is such a place, the downtown streetcar notwithstanding.
  3. Cambridge, Mass. My impression of this city is no doubt colored by having attended college there. Boston and environs in general feel like the world's largest college town anyway, but the feeling's more concentrated in Cambridge. The Charles riverbanks are lovely, as is the Harvard campus, and Harvard Square was a great place to hang out. But see Boston for the downsides.
  4. Watertown, Mass. I lived over a store just off Watertown Square for a year, and I still recall that year fondly. This suburb provided me with my introduction to Armenian fare, and I loved hanging out on the back balcony of our apartment with a beer as the sun set over the laundromat and the Free Public Library. And I could be in Harvard Square in about 20 minutes, and downtown or the Back Bay in about 30.
  5. Boston I lived in a neighborhood on the city's western edge - Allston - with a changing array of roommates at three different addresses. This neighborhood was one part student ghetto and one part barrio, which I found interesting, and I could get everything from cheap beer to gourmet foods within a few blocks' walk. I liked taking the trolley into Kenmore Square and the Back Bay for a night of partying in the gay clubs as well (this was where I came out to myself, so it will always have some significance to my life). But the rent was too damn high and the winters pretty rough. Bostonians (IMO) share a certain arrogance with San Franciscans to boot, and I find that quality unappealing in both cities.
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Old 02-18-2018, 04:39 PM
Location: The State Of California
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1. Nowata Oklahoma
The only great thing about Nowata Oklahoma is I was born there and two generations of my ancestors came from there.

2. Long Beach California
Long Beach is Los Angeles California "Second City " and Long Beach California acted as my "Entrance City" to the whole southern California coast , and Inland Los Angeles and also West Los Angeles. And in the latter part of 1977 the whole year of 1978 and the month of January of 1979 gave me more than what I could handle. however the thing that turn me off most about Long Beach California was the ever-present smog and the ever-present urban sprawl. But keeping it upbeat and ending on a positive note both issues will be dealt with by 2030.

3. Honolulu Hawaii
Is Long Beach California Honolulu Hawaii was a military station
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