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Old 12-04-2012, 08:09 AM
Location: Montreal
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I lived in Israel for 20 years. I lived in a Kibbutz, not far from Gaza, about 20 years ago. Now rockets frequently fly in that direction. At the time it was peaceful, extremely hot but not unbearable. That region is a desert.

I lived in Tel Aviv and hated the weather in the summer: humid and sticky. The people are kind of superficial. Lots of traffic and its congested.

I lived in Jerusalem as a child and for a few years as an adult. I loved it, great weather, although the heat is intense in the summer. I'm sorry to say but its becoming more and more Arab, which is unsafe for Jewish civilians. I left because I felt unsafe and lost my job.

I now live in Montreal for 10 years. Its a beautiful city. Way too cold in the winter. Downtown is not that clean: many beggars and gum all over the sidewalks. The French government is oppressive and I plan to leave for this reason. They don't even speak real french, its Quebec French which French people don't always understand.
There is a mountain in the middle of the city, its a nice escape from the city life and there is a nice lookout on Montreal.
If you visit, make sure to go to old Montreal.
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Old 12-04-2012, 08:10 AM
Location: Tokyo, Japan
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1. Washington
2. Austin
3. Chicago
4. Dallas
5. Houston
6. Singapore
7. Mumbai
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Old 12-04-2012, 08:39 AM
Location: Spain
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I'll rank my cities in the order I would place them if I was forced to live there for the rest of my life (financial and familial concerns aside):

1. Los Angeles - It has it all, so much to do and so much diversity. Probably where I'll return to if I ever end up settling down on the West Coast.
2. Portland - Beautiful and pleasant, but I get claustrophobic being there too long which is why I won't live there again unless I was taking care my aging parents or got a sweet job at Nike.
3. Murcia, Spain - I'll call it pleasant podunk. Not the most exciting city in Europe but it is refreshingly different from America and the people and weather are wonderful.
4. Amman, Jordan - Living there was stressful and the city itself is lacking in beauty and things to do. But Jordanian people are fantastic and life is relatively cheap and very safe. I think I would have enjoyed myself more if I had a job (rather than school) so I wasn't stressing out about finances all the time. I don't see myself living there ever again, barring an awesome work opportunity. If I returned to the Middle East I would easily pick Beirut, Tel Aviv, or Cairo over Amman.

Madrid next year! I wonder where it'll land
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Old 12-04-2012, 09:01 AM
Location: roaming gnome
12,390 posts, read 25,419,032 times
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Originally Posted by talkispoison View Post
1. Chicago, IL

I just moved here in July but I love this city to death. I had visited the city a ton of times and have always loved it. Unlike most people, I love the weather. I no longer need a car so I don't have a car payment or insurance which makes up for the difference in the cost of living (compared to Texas)

2. Dallas, TX

I was born there. I know the entire DFW like the back of my hand. I have friends throughout the entire region. Plenty of shopping and punk rock (weird combo, right?). I just didn't like how spread out it was and I couldn't take the summers any longer.

3. Austin, TX

Over-rated. It seemed like a big small town the entire time I lived there. I didn't like it at all.

4. Stephenville, TX

Small town Texas. I hated everything about it.
Interesting opinions from a Texan going to Chicago, Austin has been on my to explore list for awhile but the things I hear about it being overrated drops it down...

I did not know we were including places we lived for a few months?
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Old 12-04-2012, 09:07 AM
Location: "Daytonnati"
4,245 posts, read 6,260,194 times
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1. Chicago
2. Louisville
4. Lexington
5. Sacramento
6. SF Bay Area (which would have been #1 or #2 if I had the money)
7. Dayton
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Old 12-04-2012, 12:34 PM
Location: Renton Washington
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6. Charleston South Carolina (1 year) - This place is ridden with crime and everything. Really from the Pacific Northwest I had to live here for a year due to a job and happy I left. Sorry to the people that live there but I hated the culture, crime and everything there.

Every other city on the list I for the most part enjoyed

5. Henderson Nevada (3 months) - Did not live there long but here is what I got to say. Henderson was alright but to me it was hot and the economy forced me to move back up here. In the future I might try it again however.

4. Renton Washington (4 months and currently living here) - I just moved here and it is nice. I like how it is close to Seattle but the traffic is horrid. I do not feel it yet as it is really just a Seattle Suburb. However it is cheap and safe and nice place to live.

3. Tacoma Washington (4 years) - This place is underrated. Back in the 90's yes it was pretty bad. However today the crime is way overstated and I feel it is real nice. Tacoma has so much Asian culture, great food and feels cool. it is cheap and I feel it is nice. However there are some bad areas in the city still.

2. Corvallis Oregon (16 years) - Born and raised here it is awesome. The outdoors is amazing and so close to Newport and Waldport which I love. When I go there it is still amazing with all the smart college kids and the food markets. Only problem is that it is that if you want to go to a big shopping center you are going down to Eugene.

1. Eugene Oregon (4 years) - It is just as amazing as Corvallis but is bigger and has more things to do!

Im still in my 20's So I expect to move a couple more times before I can really decide what is the best =)
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Old 12-05-2012, 02:13 PM
Location: STL -> RDU -> ATL -> CHI
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1. St. Louis - Home for me. Known for its crime and run down in a lot of areas, yes I know. But there are a lot of great places to check out that are true gems. Great music scene, great food. The Loop, Forest Park, Central West End, etc. Ahh fun times. Too cliquish for my tastes though. I just lived there for 26 out of my 27 years, and I was in dire need of a change of scenery.

2. Raleigh, NC - Current home since Sept 2011. HUGE mistake on my part by moving here. I was listening to friends who are older with children on how this would be a great place for me and how the economy is booming and there is a plethora of stuff to do. Needless to say, I didn't do all my homework and I find myself praying for a job in Chicago or DC so I can be on the first thing smoking out of here. Way too much sprawl, no jobs in my field, lack of culture and eclectic places and just too bland for my tastes. Love the weather and the people though!
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Old 12-06-2012, 09:10 AM
Location: Tokyo, Japan
6,805 posts, read 8,982,125 times
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Originally Posted by valentro View Post
1. Washington
2. Austin
3. Chicago
4. Dallas
5. Houston
6. Singapore
7. Mumbai
Washington: Still new here so everything feels fantastic. Love how every building seems to be like the exact same height as far as the eye can see. Love how clean it is. Love the professional environment, I'm not so much a fan of places that inspire idiocy. Love the multiculturalism. Love the museums, love how green it is, love the transit. Love the architecture. Love the food. Love the ample amount of things to see & do. Since moving here, I've gone out every single day and on the way back home something would catch my eye or I would be looking things up on my iPhone, something I haven't seen before & would make it happen and explore it. I haven't kept up with that since the period cold weather came into affect but every other day I still go out to see the city. To walk around, explore, taste, feel, enjoy my new home. Only thing Washington doesn't have for this skyscraper fanatic is a skyline but that's cool too, this city is unique because it doesn't have one. Love the Capitol building, love practically all the buildings here. The homes are so colorful, I like the variety. I also like the airports in the area, they're really convenient.

Austin: Some things about it are annoying but it fits my persona. Love the scenery, the hills are so lush and beautiful and just taller than they are in Washington by a lot. The lakes are awesome. The barbeque is amazing & so is the Tex-Mex. I also love the Korean burger in Austin. I love the architecture, the state capitol, also love the modernity of the skyline. I love how vibrant downtown is, it's always so packed with people of my age almost all night long- easily top 5 for a city with the hottest women too. I love the live music, love the rock music, even love the growing interest in my favorite genre- trance as well as electro, house, dubstep, & so on. Love how safe Austin is, you can go anywhere in the Austin area and never have to worry for your life, ever. Ever. EVER! Love the filmy environment as well as the fashion conscious nature of the city. Love the youthful vibe & the lax look at both orientation as well as cannabis. Love the political environment. Great diverse economy- unlike Dallas & Houston, energy is 0% apart of Austin but strong & balanced place for everything else. Love the climate too. Overall, few things I don't like about it are traffic, Austitude, lack of enough cosmopolitanism, lack of a waterfront (ocean waterfront that is), & it's not a huge city (like over 5 million). I do like to make fun of people from Austin about how dumb they sound when they're being arrogant but it's in a lighthearted manner & nothing personal. One thing though: people in Austin don't know anything about international culture whether it came punching them in the face 500-600 times. That said, for it's size- it's fairly a cosmopolitan place but compared to the major league cities- ROFL sit back down & shut your mouth Austinites.

Chicago: Love the gyros & deep dish. Love the architecture, transit, bar scene. Love the view & waterfront. Love the skyline. Love the fast paced environment. Love the ample supply of great eats. Love the big city atmosphere. Great balanced job market- makes holding selective professions easier. Love the location- fly time to any corner of America is convenient. Love the greenery of the surrounding areas. I like the hotdogs. Love the sophistication. Love the liberal atmosphere. Love how clean it is. Love Navy Pier. Love the walk along the sidewalks on Lake Shore. Love the ample amount of things to do, see, buy. Love the house music atmosphere. Love O'Hare, it will successfully connect you with anywhere that's relevant in the world! I'm not a fan of the climate though. One other bug about Chicago is the lack of food carts (not trucks, carts). I'm not much of a fan of the type of drivers in Chicagoland either. Otherwise great city, just loses to Austin because of the weather- I cant stand cold. I would say more but it would take me all day- walk by walk through- to list everything I like about Chicago.

Dallas: Pretty clean city. It fits my persona more, people are just people- they don't go digging in your personal life (like Houston). I like the skyline view at night, get with friends, get some food to go, go to a hill in the midcities, sit there on the ledge and look over Dallas at night- inland America's largest (and arguably greatest (inland America meaning a city not on a Great Lake, Atlanta, Pacific, or Gulf coast)) city. Love the sophistication. I like the personality people have, it's more fast paced than Houston by far, more image conscious (yes I do care about looking clean & presentable). I'm also a pretty big fan of the cosmopolitanism (multiculturalism), Dallas feels hella balanced. I like the trance scene & the nightlife in Uptown, Deep Ellum, & so on is pretty awesome. It's a massive city, with lots to see & do. Just like Chicago & Houston I also like DFW Airport- again just like the other two- I love the option of ending up in any corner of the world. Great asset for a very international minded person. I have very few complaints about Dallas, mostly just not into the lack of as many walkable environments but infill- I've personally seen it change (and Houston too) so I wont be grieving for this all my life it seems.

Houston: Kind of like-dislike this place. On one hand I've never missed on food in Houston- never had a bad meal before that I can recall. I used to only eat vegetarian sandwich's, pizza, & burritos and I still only eat vegetarian sandwich's & pizza but Houston's burritos are too good to pass up in any selection. I like Uptown, great area to live for the view (and I prefer it's skyline way over downtown Houston)- and fantastic place to shop around & meet other youthful people. I like the greenery & love the museums (especially the natural science one). I really like Herman Park as well as the Houston zoo. Love the Intercontinental Airport. I also love the vibe in Upper Kirby, the Heights, Montrose, Neartown, Greenway, Rice Village, Rice Military, Uptown, & inner Westheimer. I really like the cruise terminals, love the option of being able to travel that way as well as Kemah Boardwalk, Moody Gardens, & Pleasure Pier. I like the areas along Buffalo Bayou. It's a big city with enough to keep one satisfied I suppose. I also like the cosmopolitanism- it's hella balanced & honestly feels like there's no lack of anything. I like the climate. I also like how infinitely safe it feels, even in the bad areas one can be in it and not have to worry about their lives being in jeopardy. Now what I don't like is the music scene- I hate Houston rap. I hate how dirty it is for a sunbelt city-although no where close to the dirtiest city. Hate the lack of transit. Hate how screwed up politics towards transit is. Hate the vibe of the people there, friendly yes but I don't care for friendly- just like cities where people mind their own business and keep to themselves- Houston is not that kind of place. You have to be a social person to live in Houston. You have to be a person willing to entertain questions to live in Houston and a person that lets others into their life- I'm not that person.

Singapore: I love how clean it is. Love the open air market- lapassa (spelling?), where you can get great quality food at street carts & vendors, unique styling and tastes. I was born here, lived there for a few months after I was born but have been back enough times to visit- mostly mixed reviews. Love the greenery. Love the climate. Love the waterfront. Love the skyline. Love the architecture. Love the transit & big city feel. Love how sophisticated it is. Love the Espalade. Love the professional environment- great and diverse job market. Love the vibe- people stick to themselves & it's fast paced. Love the ample amount of recreational things to do- especially involving water (like Chicago). It ranks low because the people there are soulless- everyone has a robotic feature about them- almost emotionless. It's an awful place for having "fun", the red light district is okay- I'm not into that sort of stuff but the nightlife is underwhelming (like Houston). It's a boring city unless all you want to do is eat, shop, & go to work and then come home. If you've seen the Symphony & Espalade once then that's all there is- unless you go back everyday. Although the view from an observation deck is great, the city feels very monotonous. Hate how over regulated it is, it feels like everything is a crime- liberties are withheld & there's no hope to any excitement. It feels like a place people feel stuck in, waiting to get out- somehow & someway. It has a lot of positive attributes but for livability, I much prefer any large city in the United States. That said, it's still a world class city & one of the world's best models for what a city should be like.

Mumbai Very few things going for it so I'll just list the far & few now. Great shopping- easy to get anything for a comfortable budget. Love the food & especially street vendor food- just awesome. I love the waterfront & growing skyline and how green the city becomes. Love the big city fast paced atmosphere & the lights everywhere. It's incredible- you'll never feel alone in this city. I also like the glamor side of this city too, very cool. I like the climate as well. Now what I hate is how filthy it is, I cant stand filth. I hate how there isn't a clear cut marker for street lanes. Hate how there are pigs rolling around in the filth. Hate how unsophisticated the city feels. Hate how it's a wannabe Americana cultured place. Hate the attitude people have there- 100000X more intrusive than Houston (by far). Hate how anything liberal is frowned upon. Hate how people practically stalk you there. Hate the poverty. Hate the corruption. Hate how polluted the water is on the shores- literally trash floating in the water in layers upon layers. Hate the transit or lack thereof. Hate the lame nightlife, seriously everything about it is wannabe westernized culture & it comes off in a very corny way. I hate almost everything about this place, too many things to list & it would take all day so I'll leave it here but Mumbai is infinitely better than that god foresaken wasteland Delhi which is easily the worst megacity I've ever been in. When people die, they don't go to heaven or hell- they're reincarnated into a nice place or somewhere as god awful as India. The conditions in which people live there is just unbelievably sad.

Next stop: I hope to try New York, London, Hong Kong, Melbourne, Vancouver, Frankfurt, Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul, or Tel Aviv. I would like to "grow old & retire" in Seattle, Denver, Tucson, or San Diego. I really want to visit Seoul, badly.

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Old 12-07-2012, 08:51 PM
Location: Limbo
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Danbury, CT: Was really young and don't remember much. Close to NYC and high quality of life.

Leesburg, VA: Still really young. Sweet neighborhood, awesome people, easy access to the airport.

Lakeville, MN: Lived there twice, Leesburg was in between. Biased because I've lived most of my life in Minnesota, but the Twin Cities is probably the best place to raise kids - me being the kid.

Atlanta, GA: I work there. Good people; low education.

I've probably spent 3 of my 23 years overseas in total. Home away from home. 9 countries down this year.
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Old 12-07-2012, 09:29 PM
Location: Charlotte
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New York City- Would move back if it weren't always so touristy.

Charlotte- Clean, progressive, nice people, weather, close to beaches and mountains. Haven't regretted moving here.

Austin- Similar to Charlotte, but large music presence. Typical Texas fakes.

Atlanta- Traffic did it for me. The infrastructure is obviously not planned very well.

Orlando- Dirty and hasn't found it's city identity. Disney is the only thing I miss.
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