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Old 12-26-2012, 12:58 AM
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1. Chicago
2. Portland
3. Seattle
4. Louisville
5. NYC (price and long travel times via subway killed me, would rather visit)
6. SF (again, price gouged)
7. Cincinnati
8. Nashville
9. Charlotte
10. Orlando

I travel alot for work and have stayed for 3 months or more in several other cities, and thus I feel this gives me the ability to rank them:

1. San Diego (my dream city)
2. Denver love this town
3. DC hate the crime, love the city
4. Boston
5. Austin and New Orleans (tie)
6. Saint Louis
7. Baltimore
8. Dallas
9. Philly
10. KC
11. Miami
12. Tampa
13. Jacksonville place is awful
14. Little Rock just a weird town, overall a very strange vibe.

(you can see I am not a fan of the FL cities at all)
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Old 12-26-2012, 06:35 PM
1,031 posts, read 1,113,587 times
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1) Chicago - most well rounded city to me. I grew up there, lived there for twenty years, so childhood memories could make me biased. Perfect architecture, well rounded infrastructure, good public transportation. Huge bang for your buck. Massively culturally endowed. The food culture is top tier. Not as impressive as New York, but offers 90% for far less. Obvious downside is the location with little accessible save Milwaukee. Most of IL is corn land. Lots of obese hockey fans on the west side. Too many porn/cop staches. Warms my heart to this day, though. Probably will retire here.
2) NYC - most exciting, stimulating place I've ever been to. Lived there for 7 years, mostly in Brooklyn, but also around the Columbia area that people jokingly call "white harlem." Best public transportation in America, not that I used it all the time since I'm a musician and you can't carry a 50w 75lbs combo on the subway. 24 hour entertainment, bars, shows, clubs ect. Massive, culturally and economically unparalleled. Great museums, great parks. It has everything. Living there can be really taxing, both in your wallet and your overall mental health, which is why I moved West among other reasons. If you've done well for yourself (I admire you) or your family is rich and live in the area, you will have the time of your life. People can be really rude and arrogant, and the outer B&T how youz doin' culture is provincial and obnoxious as hell.
3) Los Angeles - New York's odd, rambunctious, rebellious little brother. Perfect Tuscan climate, gorgeous topography/landscaping. Never lived near mountains before, so the San Gabriel mnts. are a real treat for me. Outdoors-y! Griffith Park is so beautiful and 100 ft. higher than the Sears Tower. The Beaches are wonderful, combining scenery and water sports. I've sailed, swam with dolphins (not in a tank -- wild dolphins!) windsurfed and dream of learning to surf next summer. Baldy ain't Telluride, but for anything 1.5 hours from the beach, its quite a bargain. The city is a weird patchwork quilt incorporating satellite cities like the gravitational pull of a planetary system. Venice Beach, West Hollywood (I count the satellite cities as LA -- if SF thinks it can claim San Jose and even Monterey in its metro, than I get get to add Beverly Hills and WeHo and Culver city ect. if I want to, dammit!). Its a lifestyle city: you can be who you wan't to be with little consequences. There is no choking sense of pedigree or old world European . If you want to be that guy and wear flip-flops or a cowboy hat to nice restaurant? No faux pas there, free country! Traffic sucks, it gets smoggy in the late summer, some westside neighborhoods are trite-incarnate and the architecture is everything wrong with mid-century design. I live here now and I'm having a great time. I do miss NYC and Chicago sometimes, but the huge area and flux of energy is a unique experience.

I lived in Boston for 3 monts, but that's not long enough to really get a good grip on it. I think to really get the sense of a city, you need to spend at least a year there imho.

That all said, I feel pretty privileged to have lived in the Big Three.
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Old 12-28-2012, 05:06 PM
Location: Morgantown, WV
1,000 posts, read 1,672,461 times
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1. Charlotte, North Carolina: Went to High school here, and my parents and sister still live here. I live here when I'm not at college. Love Southern living.
2. NYC, New York: I have been trying, and still am trying, to be as southern as possible, and don't want to go back up north, but I was born and raised in NYC. I still love NYC, even though I constantly bash the Northeast. Proud of the fact that no matter what, when I look at my birth certificate it'll always say "Brooklyn, New York"
* 2A: Staten Island
* 2B: Queens
* 2C: Brooklyn (though, ironically, Brooklyn is my favorite borough to visit)
3. Morgantown, West Virginia: I go to college here. Too northern (geographically, and culturely) for my tastes. I like it though. I'm a huge sports junkie, and Morgantown is definitely a sports town. Social life is great.
4. Tannersville, Pennsylvania: Didn't enjoy living in the Poconos for a variety of complex reasons, but the town is nice, and the Camelback/Camelbeach resorts are amazing.
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Old 12-29-2012, 11:36 PM
53 posts, read 194,831 times
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1) Tucson, AZ-love the weather, mountains and "small town" feel. Can be in San Diego in 5 1/2 hours! However, not the best choice for young families considering the population of retirees. We are a young family so not sure we will be staying here.

2) Leawood, KS-great people, clean city, educated, great schools and family place. Midwestern people love their sports! Least favorite thing-harsh winters.

3) Portland, OR-lush and scenic. Love "the feel" of the city. Neat and vibrant downtown. Negatives...rain, rain and more rain. Strange people there...need some sunshine!

4) The Woodlands, TX-beautiful homes, mild winters and low cost of living. Massive sprawl, terrible traffic and zero "quaintness". Felt like a "number" there.

5) Westport, CT-charming in many ways. Too cold and not a fan of the NE. Rude people for the most part. Terrible commuting.

6) Tulsa, OK-people are very nice. Southern charm but not much to do. HOT, HUMID summers with bugs the size of Texas! Plus, I grew up here (maybe the reason for the lowest ranking) and wanted to get away for college.
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Old 01-02-2013, 04:33 AM
Location: Milwaukee, WI.
5 posts, read 6,432 times
Reputation: 27
#1 FAVORITE: Key West, Florida,
5 Years, FUN FUN FUN Friendly People, Easy Going, Be who ya Wanna Be, Live and Let Live, no-one cares, FREE SPIRITS/GREAT WEATHER ALL YEAR LONG... Loved, LOVED,, Everything About it Except the SUPER SUPER SUPER Expensive Rents...

#2 Nokomis, Florida
5 Years, Awesome, Perfect, Uncrowded, Easily Accessable, Smoke-Free Beaches with Manageable Rents... (But the population multiplied by 5X in the past 5 years & is too Crowded now plus the Retirement Age people were NOT very nice to the 30s and 40 somethings when I left..)

#3 Biloxi, Mississippi/New Orleans, Louisiana
7 Years HANDS DOWN, THE NICEST PEOPLE ON THE PLANET, Small Town Feel, Easy Going Pace, Great Food, Great Culture, Totally Accepting, & Totally Affordable. Downside ~ SUPER-Low wages and SUPER-scarce jobs.

#4 Milwaukee, Wisconsin
22 years, Horrible Horrible Weather & Horrible Horrible Crime... ALL THE TIME, But Decent people (for the most part), Affordable, and GOOD JOBS..(I Live here Now Again and buying a House)..

#5 Los Angeles, California
1 Year, HELL ON EARTH.... Quite Possibly THE WORST Year of my Entire Life.. Spent in Traffic -or- looking for a place to park, or/and then paying parking tickets.... Surrounded by Phoney, Unpleasant, People((and their Agents)) LOL..!!. I was offered $72,000 a year to stay at my job in L.A. which I couldnt stand, so I Left for Florida on vacation anyway, & took the first fast food job on the beach in Florida I could find,... Left my cloths, my furnature, everything accept my car in Cali & never looked back... NO REGRETS!! LOLOL.. strange, but True
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Old 01-02-2013, 06:52 AM
Location: "Daytonnati"
4,245 posts, read 6,265,381 times
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I've lived in the following:

Chicago, Bay Region, Sacramento, Dayton, Louisville, Lexington.

Probably my two favorites were Chicago and Louisville...probably Chicago as #1 for obvious reaons. At the time a good place to grow up..

Least favorite is Dayton, AKA Squaresville USA.

The rest could jocky for 2nd or 3rd place. The Napa/Vallejo area would have been topsif I had the $$$ to really enjoy the place instead of living hand-to-mouth. Hard to beat that climate and scenary. Look but dont touch, if you know what I mean.
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Old 01-03-2013, 04:17 AM
8,584 posts, read 10,292,595 times
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Lived all over as a kid, including the south Pacific (military family), but I'll only include places Ive lived as an adult for more than six months. Also was based temporarily in various cities all over the country for work for a couple months at a time or so, plus traveled extensively for work with usually 180-200 days a year spent away from home in various cities that over time I became familiar with.

1. Portland, OR. Im an avid hiker and backpacker, also ski etc. Lots of outdoor activities there. Loved the lush, thick temperate rain forests, misty days, fog. Love the beautiful Gorge, Cascades, and coast. One thing I didn't like was the rain. I like cool, cloudy weather, and fog, but the constant rain got old. I would still move back in a split second if the opportunity came up.

2. Salt Lake City area- Outdoor person's Mecca. So much hiking, skiing, biking, to do in the mountains right at our doorstep. If bored of that, southern Utah has some magnificent parks and ranges to see that are one of a kind. It's clean here, low crime, safe, good economy, decent cost of living. Fantastic spring and fall weather, gorgeous scenery. This area is what I think of as home, as most our family and friends live here, and I was raised mostly here.

Don't care for the hot hot hot and very dry, brown summers. Lots of summer wildfires and dust. Winters are too cold. And wow..pollution is a nightmare here in winter. Right now we're deep into a bad inversion. The air makes my eyes burn. Horrible! Very conservative overall, weird culture. Very weird. As it grows I hope it will dilute the weirdness.

3- Seattle. I liked it for many of the same reasons as Portland, but knocked it down for a few things. First the city was just too big for me. I don't like large cities. Expensive, and horrible traffic. Some crime issues. But tons of things to do and see, great outdoor recreation, city had a great character.

4- Houston- Didnt like it at all. Being a person who loves mountains more than anything, I was immediately out of my element. Waaaay to big for me. Crime, horrible heat and humidity, huge power bills. Lack of scenery, main things to do seemed to be go to malls, or dining, or other indoor type activities. Bleh. Lots of obesity. Felt bland and character-less. A big asphalt and concrete jungle. Surprisingly pathetic public transport for such a large city. Sprawl and more sprawl. I was really unhappy there. I just don't like many parts of the south and southeast at all, including Texas.

5. Newark- Bottom of my list. Horrible. Nasty place all around, it's a cess pool. i don't know how people live there. At least NYC was nearby for something to do though.

Of places I lived for only a few months or where I stayed a lot on work trips: Really liked Burlington Vt, Asheville NC, San Francisco, San Diego.
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Old 06-07-2013, 03:14 PM
67 posts, read 109,120 times
Reputation: 42
1-Charleston, SC - LOVE THIS PLACE
2-Sarasota, FL
3-Fort Myers, FL
4-Augusta, GA
5-Knoxville, TN
6-Bloomington, IN(Awesome city...for Indiana lol)
Distant 7th-West Lafayette, IN(Hell)
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Old 06-07-2013, 03:18 PM
10,717 posts, read 13,871,434 times
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1. Europe

2. US
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Old 06-07-2013, 04:14 PM
5,918 posts, read 6,620,615 times
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I guess will chime in start with my favorite to least favorite.

Chicago. Great city with lots of options for life as long as your willing to go for it. It has something for everyone. Downside us corrupt politicians, hyper segregation that leads to overt racism. Very big city that very provincial. Too many people don't know their way out of their neighborhood.

St. Louis is home so I'm biased. Tons of free stuff with awesome neighborhoods rolling hills and great parks. Biggest draw back is the city has terrible self esteem issues and lack of progressive leadership. With the negatives one of the best kept secrets in the country.

Charlotte was a good place for transplants looking to get away from the northeast back in the mid 90s the job market was competitive too many MBAs making minimum wage. Nice green growing modern city.

Durham NC was ok.meet a lot if nice people. Very well educated population. Nice scenery but too small.

Memphis was horrible for me. To obsessed with religion and conservatism. Small town mentality I could not understand and didn't want to.
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