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Old 06-19-2016, 10:13 AM
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I am considering a move yo Corpus Christi in the future, even if I am only able to live their part time (it will depend on my job situation -right now I telecommute, but am not sure they would allow me to move).

I have read all the negatives, but a few aren't as clear as I had hoped. I researched, but still don't quite understand.

What is the municipal water situation?
Any links even, to what contaminates, or causes one to have to boil? I just can't seem to find the actual regular cause (though I have seen it mentioned here occasionally). I have a really heavy duty filter because I went so many years on well water that I find tap water difficult to swallow

I am interested in the Bay Area. I like the little old houses, the ones that have obviously survived storm damage (I do realize that they may have been redone many times over, not that they are magical as far as surviving storms go).

My interests are places to walk my dogs, 3-10 miles a day (I realize this takes creativity, I am used to working around obstacles), and occasionally some off leash areas. It looks like some of the state parks allow dogs during certain seasons. And I would like for them to be able to get in water on occasion as well. I perefer to walk before sun-up so safety is a concern. I wear reflective, and so do my dogs. I do have a German Sherpherd Dog, and carry mace (the mace mostly for nasty stray dogs I have come across in the past). I used to carry bear spray when I walked where wildlife might turn up - though I just usually avoided those places if there were sightings).
I Don't want to live in a place that I don't feel safe. But I rarely feel unsafe, if I get a bad guy feeling I leave immediately, and I have lived in many different areas that friends were too afraid to consider.
So.... I have read the police records, and the charts posted. It her seems that most issues happen in certain areas, and that there are not bad people on every corner. Right?

I understand there will be heat and humidity. I have lived in an area that regularly hit over 120 in the summer. It would get down to 80s at night usually, and there were only about 7 days that I felt it too oppressive to walk in the morning. I know humidity isn't fun, but I also know we acclimate fairly quickly (even if we don't "like" it).
Cold weather, ice, negative 20 (without wind chill) is harder to work around for walking, so I am finding winters hard to take.
Eating out, big box stores, "stuff to do" aka entertainment/ night life are not on my radar. I can speak Spanish in the crudest fashion. And have about 6 generations of family from Texas. My grandmother used tomsaynshe felt sorry for us being born damn Yankees. I don't care to change others, and my only prejudice is against bigots (and I do know how to just avoid that!)
I love Mustang Island, and the Padre islands (what I have seen of them). But I don't care to go out to enjoy sun they seem the hit more often during storms, and have a vacation vibe which I think is fine, but it is just not my thing for everyday life.
Looking for a fairly peaceful existence, and I figure if it is gong to be hot, it should at least be near the water with breezes. I also like to garden, and would appreciate a farmers market, gardening club.
And if I could find a job there I might just take a stab at it.
i have a bunch of family and friends in Texas, though the nearest are in the far suburbs of Houston now, which is fine with me. I do road trips it's my dogs often.
I would also love a dog training group (not a chain) and it sounds like there are some good vets there in CC.
Ok, so,I have probably left a lot out, please excuse the ramble.
My cost of living would go down by about 20%. Could I make it fit? All friends and relatives have said is it is SO hot. No one has lived there, but they say it is hotter than Houston. When I have compared charts it isn't necessarily so, maybe do due to wind/ breeze? Thanks in advance for any advice.
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Old 06-20-2016, 08:17 AM
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I'm not sure anyone knows the exact causes of the water problems, but it has to do with aging infrastructure and really terrible city leadership. I could go on for pages about the terrible CC City council, but I'll just say that none of them ever make a decision unless it puts money in their pocket and leave it at that.

You could do a lot of dog-walking along the bayfront and it's beautiful, but your dogs cannot be off leash or go in the water there. However, you could live on the Island, or drive there in ~25 mins. from the bay area and walk for many, many miles with your dogs off leash. Technically they're supposed to be on the leash, but there are stretches where you can take them off, especially in the early mornings.

You can feel safe either living close to the bay or on the Island, especially if you have good instincts, which it sounds like you do. I regularly walk in my neighborhood at all hours of the day and night and never feel afraid. Like you, if I see someone who makes me uncomfortable, I just change my plan, but that rarely happens.

You can garden year round and there are a couple of good Farmer's Markets in the area. There are lots of dog lovers here but I don't know about dog training clubs. We have a wonderful vet and if you decide to move I'll give you their info.

As I write this, it occurs to me that you should also check out Rockport if you haven't already. That might actually be a better fit, given what you've described. It's about 30 minutes from CC, a retirement/arts community, lots of water front and beach areas to walk on, a nice oak-tree covered state park close by (Goose Island State Park) and a very laid-back atmosphere. It's touristy, but not overly so. I understand that Rockport has a dog park, but I haven't been there.

Yes, the heat and humidity are miserable from June through September although some days are worse than others. But the breeze does help. October through March are very nice.

If you have other questions, feel free to ask.
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Old 06-22-2016, 06:19 PM
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Thank you so much for taking the time to write this Marlow. I really appreciate it! I plan to visit in early September if at all possible so that I don't get perfect weather I really do like humidity, and do better with it than arid places, but.... I know it can make walking even in the early morning hours difficult.
I will check out Rockport too, thanks for the idea. I checked it out a bit and will read further. I still have a wile until retirement, so I am trying to choose wisely in the meantime. I might have to wait, but I feel better doing research now.
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Old 06-24-2016, 08:28 AM
Location: Austin, TX
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Temperature forecasts for the week in Houston are consistently higher than in Corpus. Intellicast - Houston Weather Report in Texas (77061)

Go to that website and click on Historic Averages. Record high temperatures in Corpus have never gotten over 109, with an average high of 93.

I have never felt unsafe in any of the areas of Corpus that I have visited nor have I experienced any crime. Your exposure to crime will depend more on who you associate with than any other cause.
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Old 06-26-2016, 05:49 AM
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Thanks CptnRn.
That was what I needed to check! I have now compared it to areas with family in the DFW area and CC as well, and CC had the same or lower humidity, and heat. They are shocked
I am sure it changes day to day, but it is still interesting, and very similar. I have told them I would live near them, but if I am going to have heat and humidity I'd rather see the big water too, not just brown grass and mosquitos.
Thank you for your feeling of safety input too.
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Old 06-27-2016, 10:35 AM
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Breeze makes up for the humidity and it's cooler here than inland Texas in the Summer. If the weather weren't better here in the Summer than inland Texas we wouldn't have the tourism we do.

Random violent crime is rare here, more an outgrowth of lifestyle choices and homelife/economic situation than anything.

Bay area along Ocean Drive is very nice. Very low traffic and close to most things you want or need without getting on the highway.

Lots of dog training enthusiasts here due to weather and hunting culture.

Lots of places to do dog walks. Non-leash is a little tough to come by but leashed there are tons of places. Bayfront, state parks, City/County beaches, etc. The Oso Bay Preserve just opened and has 4 miles of trails is 162 acres and is dog friendly. Oso Bay Wetlands Preserve

Spanish isn't necessary. The most you would need it for is banter with waitresses at Mexican restauraunts(lots of recent immigrants work at locally owned taquerias) but they all know enough english to take an order that way. Also some workmen in construction and landscaping are Spanish only. The vast vast majority of people speak english. Corpus actually has a fair number of call center jobs because of high rates of bilingualism coupled with a soft easy to understand english accent.

The last boil was due to low chloramine levels not presence of bacteria. Low treatment chemical levels can happen if the ground gets too hot since it hastens breakdown. Basically they needed to add more the week before for a small portion of the city and did not. They are adding injection stations so it can be done on an area scale rather than all at the main plant from now on. Current system basically makes them have to model effect and adjust treatment levels a week in advance. Improvements will make daily adjustments in neighborhoods possible.

Now the good news. You can't even get -20 here at the meat packing plant. You will wear shorts year round. You will marvel at 20 years of coat fashions when it gets below 60 because cold weather is so rare and short people keep coats a very long time since they go out of fashion long before they wear out and people don't replace them because there is no perception of them being a part of a wardrobe.
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Old 06-28-2016, 10:10 PM
Location: the Permian Basin
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The recent boil order wasn't caused by contaminants. It was caused by residual sanitizer levels that were below spec.

In plain English, the water didn't have enough chlorine to meet government standards.
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Old 07-01-2016, 05:45 AM
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Thanks all for the info. It is nice to see clear thoughts on this, and I much appreciate it. The water thing, and living in a close to each other neighborhood are things to consider now.

I have always had "good water" on my list as an adult. Growing up I hated water (I. Oils smell the chlorine) until I had well water. Good water can change your life �� We had situations like that Occasionally in CA where we would get warnings 2 weeks after they happened, over or under did the chemicals "whoops", are really no laughing matter.
I have signed up for job searches, just to get a feel, though not excited about commuting in a bigger city again.
After reading a few questions about Harlingen, and comparing it, I will consider it as well. It looks different for sure, but more space (outside) does truly appeal to me. I a looking at a year to decide, and still no rush. My trip down in a few months should give me a better idea too.

I really do appreciate the thoughtful responses. Sometimes all I read is negativity, and I just couldn't believe it was all true, but know there has to be a grain of truth in it if it is repeated.
I love my sweaters, but i wouldn't miss my coats much.

The dog training thing is so important to me I have considered moving back near to where my favorite trainer is (which would be silly, considering all the other factors involved).
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Old 07-01-2016, 02:25 PM
Location: Austin, TX
16,769 posts, read 42,871,502 times
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Originally Posted by Marlow View Post

As I write this, it occurs to me that you should also check out Rockport if you haven't already. That might actually be a better fit, given what you've described. It's about 30 minutes from CC, a retirement/arts community, lots of water front and beach areas to walk on, a nice oak-tree covered state park close by (Goose Island State Park) and a very laid-back atmosphere. It's touristy, but not overly so. I understand that Rockport has a dog park, but I haven't been there.
I agree, I'd check out the Rockport/Fulton area. I kept my sailboat there for 3 years. It is the prettiest part of the Texas coast, with scenic wind twisted Live Oak Trees located on the N side of Aransas Bay. If I were moving to the Texas coast that is the area I would target. It has a good selection or stores and restaurants, and if you need something you can't find locally, its only 31 miles NE of Corpus.
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Old 08-23-2016, 09:09 AM
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Default Trip to visit

Well, I am driving down to visit for a few days in September. I will drive through Rockport as well, though it looks more expensive housing wise. It does look pretty, and I don't care much about further amenities.

I am going just to get a "feel" for it. I plan to drive the neighborhoods in the Bay Area (between Staples - or even South Alameda, and from the Cole park area to the Suter wildlife refuge), since that area in particular looks/ sounds like something I would be interested in. Not near the Golf course area.
Opinions on that fairly narrow area?

You have all been so helpful, and I appreciate all the advice! I am now considering a place to stay overnight one or 2 nights, as I will be bringing my 2 dogs with me (1 is large) I can find a LaQuinta, but would really prefer something local/ closer to the water (ground floor). Any ideas?
I won't be eating out, or sightseeing since I will have the dogs, but will walk some areas in the mornings if it is not too hot. We are not acclimated in the least I have chosen to go in September so that it won't be nice and cool, in that case I could fool myself if everything else looks perfect. I just couldn't get away in August, or I would have.
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