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Old 08-22-2008, 05:38 PM
Location: Oregon Coast
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It's best to see for yourself what Eugene is like. Lately (last couple of years) there seems to be a theft problem. I've been there a few times and nothing has happened to us. Still we are careful people.
I've heard a lot of theft of cars and break ins happen at the mall. Just be careful about locking your car and don't leave it too long. They also suggest they people don't leave stuff in their cars. Good luck checking out Eugene.
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Old 08-26-2008, 07:14 AM
Location: beautiful Oregon
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I have lived here all my life except for 4 years of my 50 years on this earth. I was wondering, where you in eugene or Springfield? And what area of town where you in?
Its funny your from WS. Thru ebay I have been ripped off 4 times. Heres the deal. The thiefs that still owe me $ are from WS. NO other states or continents.
Anyway I am truly sorry that your experience in our town has not been good. Unfortunely, Crank, Crack, or Meth. (Whatever you want to call it). Has effected ALL our states. Most likely the thief was using that ripped you off.
As far as the cops in eugene and springfield........they suck!!!! They would rather arrest someone for a 13 year old warrant than listen to information about a child molester. But thats another story.
I think the only way to stop the thiefing is to take in on ourselves. Our goverment sure isn't going to do ANYTHING about it.
The above is probably the reason why all of my many friends and working friends. (except 2) Have consealed weapons permits and PACK almost everyday.
(were you the people in the Gateway area when you where ripped off?)


Last edited by jdeskd; 08-26-2008 at 07:18 AM.. Reason: mistake
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Old 08-27-2008, 12:46 AM
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I'm just going to be passing through Eugene for the evening, but we will have a bunch of stuff in our car and you guys got me a little scared. So I went to the city-data page with info on Eugene since I know they have crime statistics there.
The chart breaks it down by types of crimes, but it only compares the numbers to other cities with the total crime. The crime rate does look higher than U.S. average:

Crime in Eugene by Year
City-data.com crime index (higher means more crime, U.S. average = 323.2)
1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006

496.6 458.5 423.2 400.6 410.8 404.6 435.5 367.2

And the ratio of police officers to residents is lower than average.
Officers per 1,000 residents here: 1.23
US city average: 3.00
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Old 08-30-2008, 04:14 PM
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Hi all,

I moved to Eugene from the midwest about two years ago and our first night here, someone broke into our cars in our driveway. I agree with Orygun about the being "too liberal for its own good". We need more city leadership here. . . it is a beautiful place, but it is running itself into the ground with its lack of development (except, of course, where U of O athletics are concerned!!) and lack of money spent on basic services. . .

nice posts, orygun. . . .
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Old 09-01-2008, 09:41 PM
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I have been feeling lately, since the Olympic Track Trials really, that the mood of Eugene has shifted a bit towards being a bit depressed. Our Mayor, too, seems to have totally lost touch with the people of our town. She flat-out ignores their requests and even the issues they have taken votes on. She just doesn't seem to care at all, and wants to sell Eugene off as being something that it is not, has never been, and doesn't want to be - a trendy, upscale, yuppie mecca. She brings in outside people to do things when she should be giving more people here within her own town more opportunities. Perhaps she's trying to move the town away from it's hippie roots... which is fine, really, because the town really isn't the hippie haven it once was. It's much more than that now... But really... we lost our chance at a Whole Foods Market and yet now we have a PF Chang's and more teeny-tiny overpriced upscale condo developments than anyone cares to - or can afford to - buy? Sheesh.

I don't want to badmouth Kitty, really, because she has done some good things, too... she seems like she has a good heart and she certainly has a good work ethic... I admire such a strong woman. But I feel like she needs to really step back and listen to the people more... the regular people of Eugene - not people with really deep pockets who want to milk our wonderful little artsy college town for all it's worth. We don't want to be a big fancy town with bells and whistles. People come here to enjoy the arts and outdoors and nature and good locally grown wonderful food and get inspired and get ideas for how to make the world a better, healthier, happier, place for us all to live and work and grow together. We don't want more shopping malls and more teeny tiny overpriced condo's. We need better roads and our schools need more resources. We need more effort, time, and money spent on keeping us safe and secure in our homes and out while we're enjoying the town. We're sick of our cars getting broken into and our bikes stolen. (It's never happened to us, actually, any of that bad crime stuff, but I read about it in the paper and on here...)

There is the issue of downtown, too... I liked someone's idea about piping classical music out into the streets. I've actually seen that work in California and in Washington state. Also I like the idea of a playground for children. A place for parents to take their kids after a visit to the library. Make it a wonderful little park like the Riverbend park. You get enough parents and their children downtown and the wayward youth and homeless will find somewhere else to be - or they will start behaving themselves. Add security camera's or a locked gate at night if you have to, have security or police frequent throughout the night to keep people away. Over time it will change. Also it would be nice to have an indoor, permanent place for the Saturday Market rather than the outdoor, cramped and crowded place where it's at now. I have stopped going to the Saturday Market, actually, because the tight squeeze of the crowd prevents our family from really enjoying it. It would be great to have a set-up more similar to the Pike's Place Market in Seattle downtown. During the week the spaces could be used for classes, recreation, meeting spaces, etc. and on the weekends the crafters, performer's, and farmer's market.

Anyway... Love this town, absolutely love it, but maybe we need a new mayor, or a reality check for our current one...

Last edited by haggardhouseelf; 09-01-2008 at 09:49 PM..
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Old 09-03-2008, 11:03 AM
Location: Sisters, Oregon
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I say we nominate haggardhouseelf for mayor
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Old 09-23-2008, 01:22 PM
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I would not move to Eugene. Most of the elected officials in Eugene, Oregon are very corrupt and heavily influence the Lane County Elections officials to keep people that don't fit their profile off of the election ballots (i. e. anything other than affluent white). The State of Oregon is investigating currently investigating election fraud in Eugene.

The current elected officials and the University of Oregon also are very anti-veteran, especially disabled veterans. The city of Eugene for the most part absolutely refuses to let any American Veteran, Arab American, African American organizations be included in parades and job fairs. The University of Oregon and most of the city of Eugene also does not recognize the national holiday, Veteran's Day.

In my humble opinion, I also believe that the police in Eugene are very corrupt too. Auto Theft, Buglaries, Drugs, and Gang activity is alarmingly higher than most big cities in the US. By the time anyone calls for the police, the need for them has usually long past if they even show up at all, an average of 5 to 11 hours for 911 calls is not uncommon. The City of Eugene does very little other than lip service to keep criminals in jail. It is not uncommon for people who are arrested to be let back out on the street for crimes like car theft 3 hours later only to get arrested for car theft again in the same day. The City of Eugene, Lane County, and senior State of Oregon officials are pushing to give themselves a 54% raise with no accountability, while they claim there isn't enough money for jail beds or to help senior citizens, the disabled, the homeless, and keep animal shelters open. Furthermore, the City of Eugene does everything but invite adult book stores and strip clubs on major city streets. In addition, most employers in Eugene will find reasons not to employ you if you are disabled. I know this first hand as a disabled veteran.

However, all is not lost in Eugene or Lane County, if you live outside the major city limits, the Lane County Sheriff's department is doing an outstanding job with the extremely limited resources it gets allocated to it. The K thru 12 educational system for the most part is very good in Eugene. Lane Community College is one of the best in the entire country too. However, the University of Oregon is more concerned about their sports teams than they are standards of education for their students. Also, the general population of Eugene is polite and unbiased. I would also stay far away from slum lords like Umbrella Properties.

The situation in Springfield is much better than that of Eugene, the City of Springfield is proactive and not corrupt in trying to stop crime and cleaning up run down areas of Springfield. Springfield is also trying to get rid of the adult book stores and strip clubs allowed within the city limits by previous administrations. Their worst area is car theft around Gateway Mall. I would put any valuables in your trunk site unseen if you happen to go there.

There are lots of churches throughout Eugene and Springfield for Christians like myself. But, most of Eugene and parts of Springfield is very liberal.

I am a disabled US Navy Veteran, Electronics Engineer, Computer Programmer, and have lived in the Eugene area for 8 years. I have attended both LCC and U of O, and stay in Eugene so that I can live close to my kids that live with my adulterous exwife.
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Old 09-24-2008, 08:48 PM
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Default Not necessarily liberal, but I know what you mean

Though I won't say my name, but as of spring, I'm now a committee member for Springfield's Downtown Urban Renewal program (you just have to figure which of the 15 I am). Being in the meetings, I really wonder what Springfield's future is going to be. Springfield is liberal in one way, everybody seems to have an opinion and the thing I have noticed is that our city doesn't bother looking at how successful cities have made their community better while preserving the historical elements. I listen to the meetings I've been in and I can tell you that most members don't know Springfield's history or their historical buildings. That's fine, hopefully they will learn but hopefully not at the expense of destroying the buildings in the future thinking a "lovely" Bronx-like ghetto-warehouse style building replaces it (metal and brick intermixed). What happened to good architecture anymore? And as for making Springfield downtown better, no matter how pretty you make it, that won't necessarily bring the businesses. I groaned when I found many committee members thought that a major renaissance would happen simply by putting hanging baskets on the streets and placing tiny 1 inch font flapping signs. They got to be kidding. The reason most of the downtown is abandoned is because the building owners are holding out for better businesses. The businesses there are fine, so don't get me wrong. I asked Ms. Chambers (she owns Chambers Construction and a good fourth of downtown) about putting in my shop (I own an online store) and she insisted that she only wants white-collar office businesses like insurance companies in any of her abandoned buildings. Some of the buildings have been abandoned for several years and I think there are about twelve. Other businesses like the Royal Building (St. Vincent's) want to charge $1.10 per square foot for retail. Looking at the studies, a Springfield downtown shop can't handle anything higher than 65 cents thanks to crime, lack of customers, and abandoned buildings everywhere. Good discussions.
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Old 09-25-2008, 09:15 AM
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"hanging baskets on the streets and placing tiny 1 inch font flapping signs"

That is too funny. I totally agree with you there, Quintus. It does take much more than "pretties" to "pretty" up a downtown. Flowers die, signs become weathered and aged... what downtown areas need are things of more permanence.

I grew up in a major metropolitan area in Texas, and since leaving Texas I've lived in several different cities and states as my husband has relocated us for his job. The most effective downtown areas, meaning the most vibrant and active... where you actually saw business being done (and I don't mean drugs!) and people flocking around and lots of good things going on all around... all had these same characteristics:

- public parks and natural open spaces where people would rest from their shopping, picnic, let the kids run off energy, etc. In one city this area was actually part of an old cemetery. A local artist created public art and the city put in benches and some beautiful water features and pretty soon everyone was gathering around. It was very positive.

- a "clean" feeling. When storefronts and buildings look old, grey, worn, and streets have potholes and look beat up, and you've got transients and homeless peeing everywhere and begging... it's rather depressing. No one wants to go there. And no amount of hanging baskets or painted store windows is going to fix that. Some of the most wonderful downtown areas we've experienced had a very well-maintained downtown... meaning they regularly painted and fixed up their buildings, and they certainly kept their streets smooth and well-maintained! One downtown area had a homeless problem, so at the far end of downtown they actually turned this old falling down warehouse into a place specifically for the homeless. They had food donations and clothing donations and other services set up there and redirected homeless people to that location when they were found loitering and begging and peeing in the parts of downtown that they were trying to clean up. It worked for everybody - homeless got a home and services while everybody else had an easier time and nicer experience downtown.

- safety. I have never seen so many people walking around openly doing drugs (usually smoking pot). Eugene blows me away! I honestly have never spent any time in the Springfield downtown area, but the Eugene downtown area is just amazing... it's like people don't even care. In Eugene, I get the feeling that laws, rules, and regulations are treated as if they were merely just suggestions, and nobody really listens anyway so who cares? There's a sort of "free-for-all" mentality, live and let live, and the police don't seem to do anything. Perhaps they are scared, perhaps they don't care, or... I'm not sure... but really.... it truly amazes me what I see happening just out in the open for all - even children - to see. In all the places I've lived, the places which had a "firm but gentle" approach to "protecting and serving" the public had the better downtown areas because people felt safer knowing you had a group of police officer's and local government that cared about things like that and took crimes very seriously. I no longer go to downtown Eugene and this saddens me. We used to really love going to the Saturday Market and the downtown library and there were a few shops - two shoe shops, a hobby shop, and a few other shops - that we used to shop at regularly. We don't feel safe down there anymore, though. Recently things seemed to have become even worse... and I got tired of my children being exposed to the sort of drug culture that seems to have taken over there. I can deal with homeless people, but the wayward youth, screaming out for care and attention by doing stupid pranks and stunts, and the druggies I will avoid if I can. The last time we drove through downtown - we weren't even going downtown, we were driving through - we saw two people in two different places vomiting on the street. Two! Both looked very messed up... if I had to guess just based on appearances I would guess they were both meth users, just from the emaciated appearances with scabs everywhere and strange eyes and bad skin, dirty fingers, and wrinkles and all.

Anyway... both Springfield and Eugene need to get serious about their downtown areas. They need to address the safety issues, the homeless/druggie/wayward youth issues, and they need to create more beautiful space and green space like parks and outdoor play areas and public art and things. I personally feel like "the pit" across from the library would be a perfect place for a playground for children. Parents could go to the library, then let the kiddies play at the park, then pop over for coffee... we could even put a tent or one of those nice permanent tarp type things over it so even if it was raining it could still be used. Also, one of the most successful downtown areas I've ever experienced piped classical music outside. It was really wonderful, people loved it. It seemed to irritate the people you don't want downtown and attract the people that you do!

Our Eugene mayor said recently that it's a county problem, not a city problem, as to why the EPD can't function as well as it should.... she was saying something about there not being enough jail cells or something to hold all the criminals. If this is true - why don't they build more jails? I know I'm naive, but it seems like the obvious thing to do. Or - put criminals to work. Have them fix the streets and paint buildings and build playgrounds and parks and gardens! If the criminals are locked up like they should be, then they aren't out and able to commit more crimes... and with more crimes comes more paperwork and court appearances and whatnot... and more police hours spent dealing with them... It totally seems to me that building more jails would be cheaper (not to mention safer!) than letting criminals walk free because of lack of space.

Last edited by haggardhouseelf; 09-25-2008 at 09:33 AM..
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Old 09-25-2008, 09:28 AM
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Originally Posted by skypros View Post
I say we nominate haggardhouseelf for mayor
Awww... you just earned yourself some reps dearie! But, I gotta raise my kids first. I don't really know how Sarah Palin does it! Oh wait...
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