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Old 01-27-2009, 12:54 PM
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Originally Posted by HomeStager View Post
I don't know who the wholesalers/local distributors are. I learned that 5 different manufacturers out of China have sent their toxic waste hidden in drywall here. I learned that that at least 2 U.S. Manufacturers ordered blank stock from one of them in China and slapped their name on it.
Hi craaaazy, sounds like good info, could you share your sources with me?
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Old 01-27-2009, 07:02 PM
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This article just came out today naming one of them in a lawsuit filed.

Rothchilt International

Drywall lawsuit, more complaints filed - Local - Bradenton.com

The other names I would expect to come out as more law suits are filed.

Rothchilt will probably try to recover from their Chinese manufacturer and they will figure out some other product for export to the U.S. to dump their toxic waste in.

Hmmmmm. Please, no one buy matresses made in China, just in case.

Just say NO to China.

Follow the Sarasota, Manatee Lakewood Ranch and Bradenton Heralds on-line. They have been doing regular front page coverage on it.
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Old 01-28-2009, 01:17 PM
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The attic check isn't sufficient as some of the builders used a different and safe (lighter weight) drywall for the ceilings, and Knauf is not the only name to be found on the back of the toxic drywall.

The adequate way to check is to look for blackend copper on AC evaporator coils, wiring behind outlets, and piping on hot water heaters. If the home/condo was built after 2002 and has blackened copper, the house is very suspect and most likely has the toxic drywall.

The blackening/corrosion of the copper is the one true common bond in all of the structures made with the toxic drywall. If the residence is at least a year old, and still has shiny copper everywhere, you can rule it out of suspicion.

A greenish patina is not a sign, but rather the typical weathering of copper.

Other secondary signs would be the backing on mirrors starting to corrode away and any silver personal belongings in the home, rapidily tarnishing and pitting. Secondary signs include increased early failure of electronic equipment in the residence, as many items such as computers have small copper components.

For anyone residing in one of these places for at least 6 months to a year, various health symptoms of long term domestic exposure to the low levels of hydrogen sulfide off gassing may appear, such as headaches, migraines, sore throat, sore nose, bloody nose, coughing, wheezing, sneezing, fatigue, pulmonary arythmias, respiratory problems, bronchitis/asthma like symptoms, chronic colds, insomnia, increased allergic sensitivity, GI tract problems, bloating, depression/irritability, hormonal imbalance, short term memory loss, itchy watery burning eyes, optic sensitivity to light, skin irritations.

Limitted research and data has been collected on long term, low level domestic exposure to hyrdorgen sulfide, related to health. Government officials are citing standards for the work place, with test done on healthy grown men. They are not adequate for judging health risks of long term domestic exposure in all ages and sexes at even the lowest levels detected.

Because Hyrdogen sulfide mimics oxygen in the body, it acts to deprive oxygen in the organs and tissues. Pregnant woman, babies and young children, should consider immediately being removed form residences which have been identified to have the toxic drywall, as an added saftey measure.

The off gassing and associated sulphur smells (which at times may be difficult to detect because of the olafactory fatigue these gasses cause) will be strongest during times of higher heat and or humidity as well as more noticable after applying wet paint to the drywall.

To increase comfort of symptoms while working on a permanant repair/remedy, if you can not leave the place, you can reduce your exposure by openning the windows on cool/dry days to air the residence out. These gasses concentrate quickly in small places like bedrooms, bathrooms and closets. Always leave all interior doors open for that reason. Keep the place cool and dry on warm/hot/humid days with AC and dehumidifyer. Use activated carbon air filtration systems/filters to best collect and reduce the related VOCs in the air. Ozone air purifyers may make it worse.

It's reported that the smells, health symptoms and failure of appliances and electronics, get worse with time in the residence, especially coming into the third year of occupancy.

I hope the above can help some people make a better ID or rule out the possibility.

What to do if you discover the blackened copper in your residence? Try to work with your builder, get an attorney if the builder is uncooperative, and make a report to local and state health officials, though from what I have read they have done next to nothing to help the problem. That may be because the number of reports, though still growing, are still small, which is why making a report can help to get the government better involved at taking this toxic importation from China fisaco more seriously.

Toxic drywall has also been identified in Georgia, Alabama, California, and Virginia. Louisianna is suspect because of the massive reconstruction that went on after Katrina. Importation records show that 300,000,000 sq ft of the toxic drywall came into the U.S.

It is thought that some northern states may have it as well, but because of the cooler dryer temperatures, it will be much longer before the property damage signs start to appear, if it was used in any northern states.

It is debated as to what the proper remedy of the home is. In the least, the bad drywall, backing insulation and damaged wiring/piping, and corroding appliances need to be replaced.

County Building Inspectors really need to get on the ball with their own Independent research as to how far down the interior stripping of the residence needs to go, to insure it is reconstructed to be safe and healthy. They should be so sure of the proper method they are willing to certify it as such.

As if property values havn't been damaged enough in Florida, all newer and newly remodeled homes in the state will now be suspect to buyers. My bet is that sadly, 2-3 years from now, having a "Certified Toxic Drywall Free" home will be a new selling feature.

Yeah Globalism!!!!
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Old 02-01-2009, 08:28 PM
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that was very nice of you to write all that informed info! i wonder then upon moving into a new house, be it to buy or rent, other than checking the copper if one can, how a person can find out what kind of drywall has been used?

also, this is true that China used the drywall to dispose of their countries toxic waste??? like a drywall garbage can??

im scared to move into a another home!!
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Old 02-02-2009, 08:45 PM
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Chinese Drywall Cited in Building Woes - WSJ.com (Wall Street Journal Article)

Class action lawsuit filed over Chinese drywall - South Florida Business Journal: (Article about Class Action Lawsuit that was filed today).
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Old 02-03-2009, 08:50 AM
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Originally Posted by airbucket View Post

i wonder then upon moving into a new house, be it to buy or rent, other than checking the copper if one can, how a person can find out what kind of drywall has been used?
It's the only way I know of, other then taking multiple drywall samples and sending them in for costly air chamber testing, which can take weeks. Nothing hard about finding copper and looking at it. I would look at several places around the place. The best way is to shut off the breaker and pull out random electrical outlets to look at the wiring behind them. If its blackening, let the owner know they may have it, and advise them to get it inspected.

Originally Posted by airbucket View Post
also, this is true that China used the drywall to dispose of their countries toxic waste??? like a drywall garbage can??
I would think, more specific details will come out on this later. So far from what I have read about investigations into it, and I may stand corrected up the road on details, there is a chemical washing process that is suppose to be done on the ash from the coal plants, to remove the toxicity from it, before it is added to the drywall as a filler. People thought they were doing a "green" thing, by helping China figure out a way to clean, then reuse its massive amount of toxic coal plant waste.

The problem is, some manufactures, for whatever reason, skipped the washing process and just dumped the toxic ash into the drywall.

The government really needs to step in and help indentify, all the manufacturers of it, assist the public in learning how to identify it in their residence, and help get it removed from properties, where the builders are no longer in bussiness to be a part of that remedy. This can be an issue for even older homes that had remodeling/rehab work done with it.

I'll sum it up again.

Sign #1 that is common in all affected homes- blackening copper.

Sign #2 Happens eventually, timing depending on heat and humidity levels in the place-Evaporator coil failures on ACs and refridgerators, along with chronic failure of newer electronics that have small copper components/wiring. This eventually includes premature failure of electrical outlets and flickering lights as the wiring behind the walls breaks down. Electrical shorts and fires are a concern here.

Sign #3- Rapid tarnishing and pitting of silver belongings in the home, along with premature corrosion behind bathroom mirrors.

Sign #4- A variety of sulphur/metalic odors may be detected by someone with a good sense of smell.

Sign #5- Varies greatly from person to person, depending on their bodies immunity/sensitivity to VOCs- Deterioration of health starting after 6-16 months of residing regularly in the place.

I just read today that one of the builders filed a law suit against some manufacturers and drywall installers.

Builder files lawsuits in Chinese drywall case | HeraldTribune.com | Sarasota Florida | Southwest Florida's Information Leader

The story is in the above link.
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Old 02-07-2009, 01:57 AM
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Our home also has Chinese Drywall. We settled in 2006 and our punch sheet which we found has smell written on it.Also during our punch sheet the mirrors had turned black, and drains were also black. The builder Taylor Morrison took care of this under the warranty, however they did not think there was a smell.We only use this home in the winter, but that does not make it any less important to us. We try and come as often as possible, and it was our "happy" place. Two days ago after confirmation of Chinese Drywall, we vacated our home.The smell is not so much like rotten eggs to me. It was more like a wood burning or maybe a varnish smell.I kept thinking something was dead in the walls.When we returned this Oct. the smell was as strong as ever, and our mirrors had all turned black again, our drains all pitted again, and our new TV and computer had gone bad.We left to return in Dec. and when company came over, she said, you had better check for Chinese Drywall.Because I had never heard of it, I decided to call the builder. After three calls none of which were returned, I went home for a few days, and returned in January, and called the corporate office. We had all been noticing scratchy throats, burning of the eyes, and also nasal drip and headaches.Taylor Morrison sent out three men on the morning of the 2nd of February. They said it was their first complaint, however this is not true. There is a girl who complained some time ago, only to be told they would put in a air purification system.These three men said they had never heard of it, and they only use good materials. Read their web site, FALSE ADVERTISING at its best.I told them my daughter and i needed to be relocated immediately. Taylor Morrison has many empty homes that should not be effected.Taylor Morrison then called me and said they had no proof it was a health hazard and did not believe i had Chinese Drywall. They told me they had not used it.I then called the Health Dept to find out that there was a simply way of testing to verify you may have it.That is to pull off an outlet and if the cooper wire is black, chances are very good you have Chinese Drywall.The outlet was pulled the wire black. The fact the air conditioner had failed also pointed to a problem.After finding a black wire, I called Taylor Morrison with my findings and told them to come look. I had company, and I will tell you they were simply appalled at the statements made by their company repBirch from Taylor Morrison said he smelled it but that it was again probably not Chinese Drywall. My friends told him we were being poisioned. I contacted the law offices I saw who were handling cases. Ultimately I chose Richard Serpe of Virginia. I again contacted Taylor Morrison this time calling the CEO directly. This time i got her assistant who while having a sympathic ear, said she could only relay the messages. She said the CEO of the Southwest Division would call me.HE did not . I told Dawn the assistant we needed to be relocated. She said she would again relay it.I also then got a call from the CEO of the SW division who said that it was not dangerous. I hung up.Taylor Morrison does not care, their web site is false, and they left me in harms way. Anything that shuts down TV's, ruins mirrors, and pits metal can not be good for you.Further, I believe the state of Florida should condemn all of these homes until proven they are SAFE! Why are we waiting to prove they are not.Two days ago, an investigator with my attorneys office and an engineer came and spent six hours in my home. He is an expert and immediately identified the smell. However being a scientist, he pulled samples from outlets and the AC.After gaining much of his evidence, labeling it, and taking photos and videos, the said he really needed a piece of drywall. Knauf Tianjin was making much of what was being found to be defective. After cutting into the wall, and putting his scope in, he found a big piece with the name Knauf Tianjin very big on the boards.I cried and am still in shock. I am worried about my health and my families health. We immediately vacated the premises. We are now in Naples at friends trying to find a rental in high season. I need to be here to move our things out, and to be available . We have friends with plane tickets coming and we have no home. My business is internet out of my home and I can not work. I have lost sleep and am writing this at 2 am. I am worried about our health, and do not know what to do next. Our homes, all of us with Chinese Drywall have a very big problem. They need to be plowed to the ground. Their value is nothing. Even if the unit is gutted out, forever we must disclose if we sell that the homes have Chinese Drywall.The state needs to step up. Our builder Taylor Morrison has treated us as if we are a thorn in their side, and has done nothing. In fact they said it would be two weeks to be tested something I had done within in 24 hours. They would not have anyone call who did not say they did not use Chinese Drywall.The CEO Sheryl Palmer would not return my calls. Her assistant said she knows about it, and can not help me, because they have to help anyone the same.What I know is the engineer who is testing daily said he had never seen it that bad.I hope we all get help, and someone helps us.Taylor Morrison used sub standard materials and then told me to deal with it.Now the attorneys get rich, all around the country, but at least they protect us.
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Old 02-07-2009, 06:21 AM
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This is a really sad situation. It is tragic that so many homes are involved. President Obama is coming to Ft. Myers next week for a town hall meeting. Maybe someone could get word to him about this situation. Perhaps he could help. Also if the Florida legislature could step in to do something that would help. I agree that the houses should be condemned until action is taken and an outcome is known. It sure isn't helping the real estate market there with so much unknown about which houses have the problem. Fear of the unknown is making me think twice about my relocation to sw Florida.
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Old 02-07-2009, 08:27 AM
Location: Palm Island and North Port
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I don't think it is just SW Florida that the Chinese drywall is appearing in. BigHouse had mentioned that his company was approached about using the drywall and he declined due to fire safety issues, etc. His company is in Maryland so I don't think it's just SW Florida but more of a US or possibly worldwide problem. Just a thought...
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Old 02-07-2009, 10:44 AM
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You are right. Chinese drywall has turned up in the following states-

Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, California, Virginia, New York, New Jersey, and Nevada.


Your story sounds like so many others dealing with this-I have a family member and some friends dealing with it and have been helping them research it. It's been a living nightmare for them. Their children have nosebleeds, wheezing, sore throats, pink eye like pain, headaches. It's terrible, and fortunate for you, that you have somewhere else safe to live at least.

One couple, who have been living in one of the these toxic homes in Atlanta Georgia, for 4 years now, have more recently developed the symptom of coughing up blood. It seems to get worse in these homes with time, not better.

The smell was probably worse when you came back with the "raspy throat, running nose, burning eyes, headache" symptoms hitting you quickly, because your house was closed up for a while. These gasses concentrate quickly in closed up spaces.

You said you thought the homes should be condemened until proven safe.

That would require a gutting and replacement of everything.

It goes beyond the health symtoms. Even if the Florida State Health Department comes back with a cockamamy claim that the levels are safe to human health, the problem has not gone away. People have fled the homes because the symptoms got so bad. What about the other damage that continues on in the homes?

So far, everyone coming forward with their experience, has said they have sustained chronic, repeat, property damage to electronics, computers, appliances, mirrors, fixtures, electrical wiring, jewelry, silver serving ware, etc.

What are they suppose to do, keep replacing brand new expensive items/antiques a couple times a year? Who can afford to keep up with the replacement costs of personal belongings being chronically damaged by the drywall gas? That is aside to the medical bills, AC purification systems, and medications these people have been spending money on to better cope with living in these homes.

What is going to happen to homes that were fled because builders didn't pay to relocate families while the gutting repair was done, and where people stopped paying on them so they could afford the safer residence? When they foreclose, the bank is going to sell them as is, without the disclosure.

If anyone flees a home for health reasons, and has to stop making payments on it to afford another place, please at least let the bank know why. Perhaps the banks will start putting pressure on the builders and government for the repair, so the next unsuspecting owner doesn't suffer the same fate.

There should be great concern about these homes being sold and bought before being fully remedied. And those along the chain from manufacturer to builder, should be held accountable for the costs, by the government, without Lawyers, siphoning off what money is retrieved for compensation and remedy by the responcible parties.

I think I have seen over 11 law firms now that have filed class action suits. Eventually, the state will merge them all into one case. The Lawyers will first get their hefty expenses paid back, then they will all get their percent cut, and what will be left to split up between the thousands of homeowners, will be pennies. It won't be enough for them to fix the home and recover losses.

A bunch of these toxic homes will be left abandoned, even after the class action suits, unless the government intervenes to make them safe for occupancy. Safe includes that they no longer eat up other parts of the home and personal belongings, including corroded wiring that can short and start a fire, even if the state ends up denying health risks.

Rene, consider copying what you wrote here and sending it to the Florida state representives, senators, governer, attorney general, and state legislatures.

A Sarasota reporter has started contacting them asking what they are going to do about this toxic import they let into the country and the damages suffered to the unsuspecting buyers of these toxic homes. For them to understand the problem, they need to hear from people like you.

A wierd twist of fate, the Lt Governor has it in his home. He bought one from a Builder/Congressmen, Aubuchon, who is relocating the families at least, until they figure out what they are going to do to remedy the homes.

The story is in the link below-

Lt. Governor's home has Chinese drywall - News- msnbc.com (http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/29003280/ - broken link)

Keep us posted on any progress made with your terrible lying builder. Anyone following this knows about the lady in Lakewood Ranch with one of their homes who complained to them about it over a year ago, and had to move back in with her parents because she was pregnant. She is still making mortgage payments on the home she can not live in. Have the builders name name splattered in the press to warn others about how they take care of their customers.
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