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Old 08-16-2007, 09:28 PM
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I was born and raised in a Hick town in Ohio, I have traveled everywhere in my life. Lived in Fort Wayne since 98' I like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love meeting people from all walks of life, cultures etc.. Racism is everywhere to a degree but Fort Wayne gets better every year. If anyone is looking or Utopia go find a gated community and lock the doors!!! There is nothing wrong with this city. People are people, you will find good and bad no matter where you go!!! I am going to be sad if we have to move away!
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Old 08-30-2007, 04:42 PM
Location: Concord, California.
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Originally Posted by jess1975 View Post
i worked in fort wayne for several months and there were several racist . most of them were black. the only reason there are more white racist than black racist is because the white population is larger. but a larger percentage of blacks ( per population ) are racist. only diferrence is white people have to be careful of what they say in front of minorities, but the minorities can speak there mind without being called racist.
Personally, I am white and I DO speak my mind but I am not racist, -I am careful with what I say to anyone regardless of "race" just to try to be respectful or if I think it might be dangerous to speak my mind (and that goes for some whites too who I don't agree with). However, I completely reject holding someone of a diferant "race" to a lower standard and if they say something racist against whites I WILL call them on it! -Now this has got me into some real trouble a few times, but mostly I just don't hang around racists of any background, and if they will not tolerate me calling them on their racism then I just leave and cannot relate to them. If I think I am in danger then I just don't even go there though, and just quite relating to them and just get out of there. But, otherwise I do not tolerate ANY racial double standards, P.C. BS. be damned.

Oh, and BTW I think most people are pretty tolerant most of the time BUT there is a lot of racism as well as many other forms of bigotry including classism among ALL groups and yes quite a bit of it is institutionalized. -We do live in a somewhat white supremacist country, quite frankly, but there is also a lot of bigotry against so called "whites" as well, -it's just that as of yet, whites are still the majority and especialy among those in power, so it doesnt efect us as much. But I think that would be different if (and IS DIFFERENT when) we are the minority!
Racism is a social disease. -Emil.
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Old 09-11-2007, 10:54 AM
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[quote=bigtallredhead;1393006]Personally, I am white and I DO speak my mind but I am not racist, -I am careful with what I say to anyone regardless of "race" just to try to be respectful or if I think it might be dangerous to speak my mind (and that goes for some whites too who I don't agree with). QUOTE]

you say you are white and speak your mind, then you say you are careful with what you say to anyone regardless of race. if your careful with what you say thats good . you can still speak your mind while being careful at the same time. my point is that we as whites have to when it come to minority groups, however the minorities do not have to watch what they say. they can say whatever they want then charge us with hate crimes. im in no way a racist. i just like to give my opinion and help people see whats right in front of their own face.
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Old 12-11-2007, 05:36 PM
Location: Chicago,IL
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Originally Posted by Sonic View Post
What's the general attitude of Fort Wayne residents towards other races that are non Caucasion or African American? I plan on visiting FW to visit a friend, and several people have mentioned that the city is not as receptive and progressive as others - yet, this issue is kept behind close doors. Can anyone give me some insight. Oh, and BTW, I'm hispanic.
Im half Hispanic also.
I've lived in Fort Wayne,IN for about a few years or so..But then I moved back home to Chicago. I never felt that Fort Wayne was racist. I would get some stares, but never had anyone say anything racist to me. The reason I left Fort Wayne was because when I went on vacation my home was broken into.
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Old 08-27-2008, 10:59 PM
Location: Fort Wayne, IN
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I've lived in Fort Wayne since 1994 & if there is one thing i've noticed it is that we are very diverse here but definitely not a racist city.
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Old 09-30-2008, 12:34 AM
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Originally Posted by Faurocious View Post
As a white man who has been living with a black female for the last 8 years in Fort Wayne, I know a whole lot about the racial attitudes of this city. If you're not in an inter-racial relationship, then you really have no clue as to what the racial attitudes are really like, since you aren't on the receiving end.

Try living with a black woman on the southside of Fort Wayne as a white man, and then tell me Fort Wayne isn't racist. I can't begin to count the number of altercations that have taken place between myself and some ignorant fool who couldn't control his mouth. So much we just moved out to the northeast side of town to get away from it.

My girlfriend has had to live with the brunt of the ignorance that comes from the black community that is very intolerant of a black woman dating a white man all the while being very excepting of a black man dating a white woman. Shes heard it all in the last 8 years, but she's got very thick skin. She's had too.

Now we just deal with the "looks" from the whites out where we are living now. Fort Wayne is very divided, and having graduated from Southside High School, I know more about the southside of Fort Wayne than most. Low crime rate? You haven't lived south of downtown then. I'm not saying it would be any different in any other city in America, because I believe it wouldn't, but to deny it exists in Fort Wayne is wrong!
Born/raised in the Fort, and i had the same problems w/ 'the brothas' when my 2nd wife & I were together; there was some vocal support ("you a helluva man, bro!") as well as the expected opposition ("why you betray the brothas for a white boy?" I can't print her response to that!).

Yes, racism is everywhere, and in varying degrees, and there are lots of worse places -- although the KKK that appears around here is usually imported from the sticks nearby.... But I have to tell you -- the idea that it's OK for a black person to call a white person 'honky', 'cracker', 'white boy' is as offensive to me as hearing the n-word passed around amongst themselves! (And I'd REALLY like to know -- why is it OK to say 'white boy' & 'black man' -- like color makes manhood?)

And as to the crime on the south side, well...look at the BP on Anthony & McKinnie; lotsa violence there, more than a couple murders. Gangstas are running things to an alarming degree on the SE side.

Just tellin' it like I see it, from my front porch....
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Old 10-08-2008, 12:05 PM
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Default Racism in FTW

FTW in general is not racist but VERY cloistered. In other words they are far too naive to accept or 'step out of' their 'world.' Just like any city, big or small there are racists of all types; FTW has their racists. Overall however they are small minded in life, work and worldliness. FTW imitates rather than innovates. FTW has the Wal-mart mentality cheap and lower standards. I am SO sorry to have moved here!
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Old 10-08-2008, 12:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Unbreakable1 View Post
I don't want to sound discouraging, but FW definitely has some racial tension in the air. I'm from Tennessee and even I am surprised by what I see. Despite the fact that their are tons of interracial couples, it still is a little taboo. About people keeping it behind closed doors, this is true. People are not openly racist at all. They will rarely treat you any differently than any other race. But if you get to know someone on a friendship basis they will eventually let something slip. For example, my best friend of 6 years recently made a comment about having sex with a darkskinned African American as compared to a fair-skinned Afro-American. "Ugh, I don't want that black S**T going in me getting me dirty," was her reply. I never knew she harbored those feelings. Another time I was standing in a grocery store and a hispanic woman and a caucasian woman were talking about head-lice, and why the majority of cases occur with caucasians. The caucasian apparently had been trying to figure out why her kids kept bringing them home from school, and finally she said nonchalantly, "Ah well, I guess they just like clean hair." It was stereotypical but I sure she didn't even realize how offensive it sounded. You will also hear more stereotypical jokes about different races as you become on a friendlier more comfortable level with someone of a different race. But as far as racial name-calling, discrimination, etc. you will almost never experience it openly. Because as you heard, it is kept behind closed doors. But after mixing in different backgrounds here for so long, I definitely believe FW is one of the most racist northern states, more than where I'm from. Coming from one of the biggest slave states - Tennessee - that's pretty disturbing.

BUT that's just my opinion. To anyone who says I'm wrong, let's just agree to disagree.
I would say Ft. Wayne is no different than part of Georgia where I live now. No, not everyone in Georgia is racist, bigoted, or prejudice, but it's there. You said that there were interracial couples in Ft. Wayne, but they were viewed as taboo. I see the same thing living in the western portions of metro Atlanta. It is also behind closed doors here too and sometimes it does slip up in public. Other times it comes out. My experience was kind of eye-opening. There was a girl I knew who I was initially friends with at first. We kind of drifted apart in high school. What happened was that I walked backwards without knowing anyone was behind me. I accidentally bumped into her and a dollar fell out of her hand. She was upset. I was a little upset too because I tried to explain it was an accident. Then she called me the "n" word in rage. Her friend was standing there and tried to deny it. I turned her in to the principal's office for it. Because the only witness denied the whole thing, nothing was done. I didn't speak to her for a year and then later confronted her about it. She did make an effort to apologize, but she still felt like she ddin't do anything wrong. A little later she was suspended from school for getting in a fight because she called another student the "n" word.
My opinion is that Ft. Wayne is no different from parts of the South. The only difference is the location. I am speaking from experience and reading your post because some of the stuff you described happens down here too.
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Old 11-15-2008, 10:28 AM
Location: NE Indiana
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I have lived in Los Angeles, New Orleans and in small communities on the Gulf Coast. Living in a small mostly white town north of Fort Wayne now, I have experienced that while people are still BIGGOTTED, they are not RACIST here. Fort Wayne it is even less so.

And biggots are everywhere, within every race. Fort Wayne is extremely culturally diverse and heading north it is becoming that way even in the White and Uptight communities . Still, being a biggot and a racist, to me (having lived through race riots in So. CA) is different. Biggot are just ignorant...they think what they think, based on what they have been taught and lived. Racists breed hate and HATE other races and will act upon their hatred eventually.

I find Fort Wayne comfortably balanced - albiet there are more white people than other races. But when I was living on the Gulf Coast the white people were elitest and racist. It was in the open and it was "normal" and nobody thought it odd when a perfectly dressed woman used the "n" word (in that sweet southern accent too
). I've never heard any white person use that word since moving to Indiana....and quite frankly it's been a relief. Not saying they don't use it - but it's not being used by the bank teller or real estate agent in normal conversation like it was in the south. That was disturbing.
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Old 11-30-2008, 10:24 PM
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Originally Posted by mizzthang6688 View Post

Before I conclude I will say one thing about racism that has offended me personally. While I may live in diverse circumstances there have been several times where I have experienced racism. Being a white female I believe there are a lot of African American's who are also racist here. Just with some people though. Like "Whatchu doin wit dat white chick?" or "Naw man, dey white folks."
Actually, I'm a white guy and I can see where many of these black women are coming from. I don't think have a problem with people of other races, and I don't have a problem with inter-racial relationships. What I DO have a problem with is the one-sidedness of it.

If everything was fair you would see one interracial combination as often as another, sometimes you might see a black woman with a Asian man, sometimes you might see a white woman with a black man, sometimes you might see a white man with a Latina woman. As it turns out, all I ever see here are white women with non-white men. In all fairness, I occasionally see a white guy in an inter-racial relationship, but I see these examples perhaps once every two months or so. I see at least three or four white woman/non-white man couples every day I go out.

I go to Mexican restaurants I see white women with Mexican men. I go to Asian restaurants and I see white women with Asian men. And just about everywhere else I go I see white women with black men. There was even one time I went to a an old pool hall called "River City Billiards" and I and my friend were the ONLY white guys there. EVERY white woman was with a black man. It's to the point I don't even feel welcome in this town any more.

And, oh, I'm sure the white women here can't comprehend why a white guy might not like seeing this. It's not because we're racist or opposed to interracial relationships, or that we're jealous. It's because we don't like being shut-out like we are second class citizens. I've yet to meet a white woman who has the compassion to actually understand this, yet if the tables were turned I'm sure they would be singing a different tune.

I'm sure there are some people who will probably be offended that I'm bashing our city, but it needs to be bashed. Fort Wayne is a cold, unwelcoming city for single white men.

Fortunately, I've since found out that the rest of the world is not as messed up as Fort Wayne. I used to believe the world sucked. Now I realize that it's only Fort Wayne that sucks.

So if you are a young single white guy and love feeling lonely, and alienated simply for being a white guy, then by all means come to Fort Wayne. You'll love it here.

But I've had enough. I'm glad to say that I'm leaving in a few months and never have to think about this god forsaken sh**hole ever again.
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