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Old 07-26-2017, 12:56 PM
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Originally Posted by rugrats2001 View Post
Of course it's different!

First, the second greatest scourge of genealogical research is people who feel that 'their' research should belong to them. You CAN'T copyright facts or data. You CAN copyright stories and text that you personally write. Non-commercial research that you keep private is pretty much valueless in every field of endeavor, but especially so in genealogy. If you are researching your own genealogy for money or fame, or to keep to yourself, I'm sorry, you are doing it wrong.

Second, everyone knows that the vast majority of family trees made public on Ancestry are group efforts, even though that particular iteration is being maintained by a specific member. If the information YOU are putting online is factual, you should WANT it to be copied by others. Otherwise why do it at all?
Lol! I recently became associated with someone like that. He's a bit quirky. He has allowed me to copy his pictures for personal use as long as I don't publish them. Pictures I posted he copies and 'restores' and posts on another site. We were looking at his 'research'. I don't think he realizes his 'research' is actually my fil's original work that he collaborated on with other people and published. Of course, that has made its way onto Ancestry and probably FamilySearch.
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Old 07-26-2017, 03:24 PM
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Originally Posted by PhxBarb View Post
The two of you seem to disagree. Michele says it happens on Ancestry, yet PA2UK says no.
I don't want to join Ancestry only to have the same thing occur.
PA2UK is correct. Though if you have your tree public, people can and do take information from your tree and put it in theirs but you can make your tree private and no one can see it without asking. Your tree will come up if someone searches on a relative in your tree but it will state the tree is private and only the name will show. Any photos you put up, if your tree is private, no one can see or take.

With ancestry.com people cannot edit your tree, they can only create their own tree with either factual information or phony information. This is why people say to not use others trees as fact but as hints of what may or may not be true.
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Old 07-26-2017, 06:01 PM
Location: zippidy doo dah
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Glad others have emphasized that NO ONE can edit your tree at Ancestry unless you give them editing privileges. I have given NO ONE editing priviliges on mine though I have some guests. However, my tree is public so other than giving guests the right to see living people, (at my discretion) , everyone has access to the information.

A note about people copying your material. A good part of this research issue is finding things you don't know. DNA has been great in that respect. If I had not posted my tree publicly as well as written a tongue-in-cheek story about the questionable research by multiple families concerning our mutual 3rd great grandfather, I would not have some priceless material today (and that's funny unto itself as the person in question is a Price so it was Price-full actually)....

I got a picture of my great grandfather in his Union garb at age 18. I had never seen a picture of my great grandfather until a few years ago and that one was at age 70 perhaps. Now I have him at 18, 24, and three other photos - his Union service jacket / indicating his injuries at the battle of New Market; his Virginia aunt nursing him back to health when he was found on the battlefield; his Ohio unit declaring him AWOL/a deserter because he was missing for two months; his time as a POW.......etc and so on. I got confirmation on my great grandmother's death /collaborating with some similar material I had discovered. I got confirmation on a grand uncle that I wasn't sure I had found the right guy but days after I found his material, this person's stuff she sent me had the same death story and I got my doubt cleared up. That was the result of having a public tree - of putting interesting observations with humor along with my research.

What a wonderful thing to have people contribute. That's what this about. I have a relative who keeps his tree private. He got mad with me and took me off the guest status so now I can't see any of it. If I beg pretty please, he may let me on again. I told him he treats a family tree like a child custody battle and I frankly don't do child custody battles.

I love sharing my information and I love contributions to my tree. No one adds without my adding it but I love it when I get things sent to me or see something someone else has posted. The terrible end to the story of my relative with the hostage tree - to put out an olive branch to him , I sent an email for his birthday with my treasured Union photo of my great grandfather. I had just received it / he had asked before if he could add things to his tree from my maternal side to which I said "Of Course!" So for his birthday, I sent him a Happy Birthday with the soldier photo which had the name of my great grandfather on it and followed with the story of how the picture ended up in my hands. I also laughingly referred to my Union soldier who I was most proud of who had fought in what here is called "the war of Northern Aggression". I laughed about it. I have never called the Civil War anything but the Civil War. Guess what happened? He felt that I threatened him with a picture of a soldier with a gun......................and that my reference to Northern Aggression was an assault on his anti-slavery paternal side that apparently single-handedly provoked the war what with being New Englanders............apparently the obviously dark colored uniform; the word "Union" and the regiment being the 123rd Regiment of the Ohio Volunteers was not sufficient to temper his feelings that I was just another gun totin' girl raised in the south (he didn't realize that young ladies who grow up in northern Virginia are generally not considered real southern girls even if our higher education took place in Richmond, Virginia. ) Sigh - this is why I like dead people.....and contributing relatives that I don't know.
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Old 07-26-2017, 06:13 PM
Location: Des Moines Metro
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OP, I really appreciate this warning! When I get time, I'll check through my info and see if anyone has added things they shouldn't.
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Old 07-26-2017, 08:05 PM
Location: Illinois
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At Ancestry, they can't edit your tree but they can TAKE INFO from you tree and use it as they wish. My uncle uptree was pasted on another tree at Ancestry.

Look back on this day and know that I tried to tell y'all. It has happened to me.
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Old 07-26-2017, 08:22 PM
Location: Illinois
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And btw. Let us revisit another recent post here at CD.

A user thought that she did not belong to her own family because one side didn't match at Ancestry. Hhm. That one side of her family actually tested at 23andMe.

That family tree at Ancestry does NOT address all things DNA testing. And 23andMe isn't their only issue.

I will only test at Ancestry when and IF I need to. With all of the free sites, including Gedmatch which has Gedcom, I really see no reason to test with them at this time. Especially considering that I got extremely accurate Health Reports from 23andMe.
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Old 07-27-2017, 07:26 AM
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Originally Posted by CMichele View Post
At Ancestry, they can't edit your tree but they can TAKE INFO from you tree and use it as they wish. My uncle uptree was pasted on another tree at Ancestry.

Look back on this day and know that I tried to tell y'all. It has happened to me.
What info are you speaking of that can be "taken" that is actually owned by the creator of the tree?

Only thing I would think that would be "taken" is pictures that are uploaded or some documents that someone wrote that they made public on ancestry.

You can alleviate the risk of sharing those items (which cannot be taken, they can be linked/attached to other trees though on ancestry) by having a private tree whereas others cannot view your pictures/stories, etc.

FWIW I have a lot of pictures on my ancestry trees that I linked to on other member's public trees. Other public members have linked to my own uploaded pictures. I'm very grateful that my family members in particular have uploaded pictures of, what is their grandparents/great grandparents. Those people are my great/great aunts/uncles and cousin. I recently got a message from a distant relative happy that I shared some pictures of my great grandmother, her brothers/sisters, and their father as this person was a descendant of a half sibling of my great grandmother. They never even knew our 2nd great grandfather had another family! They had no picutres of him at all. I was glad they found mine and they now have pics of him and our family. This person, I found only lives an hour from me, so we have met in person and extended our family connection in this regard. We are even planning a reunion for next summer to get to know more of our cousins/relatives.

So good things come from sharing information online. Those personal/family things you don't want others to have, then you should just not put them out there.
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Old 07-27-2017, 08:32 AM
Location: NJ
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Originally Posted by PhxBarb View Post
Well, maybe not pirates, but by people I do not know, are not related to and who have incorrect information.
They feel free to post it to my family tree and to change various names, relationships and dates. They add children who did not exist; they are basically evil.

I have warned one person a couple times to stop this. Once again, there are new people in my tree who are NOT related to me, and I know this for a fact. And once again, when you go back into the tree after being away for a while, so much has changed and it's not anything I did. A bunch of unknown names with NO resources posted.

I need to join Ancestry and delete the whole file on Family search. Too bad cause it's free. Guess you get what you pay for.
You're not able to delete the family search tree. You may not even be able to delete any of your entries one by one. I've tried to remove a few relatives, the system would not let me.

I use family search and ancestry. My tree on ancestry is private, you really need to spend time with each setting to make sure that you do not come up on anyone's similar tree. Example is, I get emailed that ancestry user X has 5 relatives that I have, it also gives those 5 relative names. I have mine set to not match any of my relatives to users that have the same. I didn't realize the system did this until someone told me they kept seeing my hubs name somewhere but they couldn't find it when he finally contacted me.

Family search is a public tree site like wiki tree. They want one profile per person born/died. When you start a tree you should search to see if some relatives already have existing profiles; if you do not, at some point someone that may have more research may come along, find the person you started, then add relatives to them. When I add relatives to an existing profile, I will make sure I do have the right person, I will also attach records so that the person that started the profile sees I didn't just pull them out of my a$$. Depending on who made the profile I'm editing, I may also send the original person a message. I know most of the relatives, they know me, so it's no big deal when I edit some.

Yes there are people that edit that have no clue what they're doing, I had it happen to me with my hub's grandmother on his fathers side. I had entered them there as I entered them in my ancestry tree, I didn't have time to attach records to all of them. I ended up using a profile for his grandmothers brother that another user made, which alerted them of the change. This person came along, edited the birth location for hubs grandmother from town/ county/ Italy to unsure saying they couldn't find record of it. I changed it back saying I had the social security death index as well as other documents showing the info, I then messaged this person asking them to message me if they have questions about any of the ancestors I entered instead of changing what I have. I got no reply so I messaged again telling her I wasn't trying to be rude; that this is my hubs grand parents; I know the info I'm entering is correct. No reply to that either so whatever! lol

I like family search so that I can share relatives with other relatives without having to invite anyone to my ancestry tree. As I mentioned, I know the cousins who are on ancestry, my heritage and family search, they know that I'm enhancing the relative profiles with info I find like burial/ find a grave. We work pretty well together because I'm linking as many relatives that I can on find a grave which benefits all of us at on our Ancestry trees

Originally Posted by PA2UK View Post
It's different at FamilySearch because when you upload your tree there, it's not "your" tree - anyone and everyone can edit it, add to it, delete from it, etc. It's a universal family tree. This is precisely why I don't have my tree at FamilySearch. At Ancestry, only you and anyone else you choose to give permission to can edit your tree. You can also make your tree private so people can't copy it to their own tree.
I love Ancestry because of how private I can make it so that people do not copy.

Originally Posted by PhxBarb View Post
The two of you seem to disagree. Michele says it happens on Ancestry, yet PA2UK says no.
I don't want to join Ancestry only to have the same thing occur.
Read what I said above about making sure you edit your privacy setting on ancestry, no one will be able to see anything you enter if that's the way you have it set and no one can edit your tree unless you invite them to it

Originally Posted by residinghere2007 View Post
I primarily use FS. I also have various public trees on Ancestry, including one that I update for my own family based on my FS research.

I've only had someone try to change my FS tree once in the past 5 years that I've had it there.

I do believe that Ancestry has the private tree option where people cannot change/link to your tree but the public trees are there for people to view and add to. I know because I've linked up with distant cousin's and their trees on Ancestry, but I always message them first to confirm the relationship. I also only do it with people who have more information on a specific relative (usually a 3rd-5th aunt/uncle and their children/grandchildren).

I would just heavily monitor the FS tree and immediately delete the people not related to me. I'd also message that person to notify them that every time they add inaccurate info/data that I am going to delete it and advise them to create their own tree.

I use FS more because it is free and because they have some international source material. Every couple years I do reactivate my Ancestry account for 3-6 months to do some genealogical research associated with my local history hobby (I create trees of black/colored residents of the city I'm from in an effort to document their family histories. I plan on creating a text on our early black history and families in the future, hopefully in the next 10 years).
Read my 1st reply where I said Family Search allows one profile per person born/died. It's a public family tree like wiki tree.

You can go to the desired person profile on family search, in the right column it says latest changes, click show all, it will show you all of the changes to that person, you should be able to remove the changes made and restore the profile back to what you had.

Examples so everyone can see how to easily fix a profile that was edited Jesse Woodson James - and all changes

James Butler Hickok - and all changes
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Old 07-27-2017, 08:56 AM
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Originally Posted by rugrats2001 View Post
.....You CAN'T copyright facts or data.
This. And since you don't own your ancestors, I'm having a hard time fully understanding the problem. I have one set of 6x great grandparents for which one fabulous researcher has found over 30,000 descendants that sprang forth from them.

In a couple of my lines, I built upon a distant cousin's research. I then added to it, breaking through a brick wall, only to arrive at another brick wall. I'm hoping that with all my "notes" on potential parents, someone else will have--or find--the missing link to get us another generation back. Thank goodness for sharing relatives! If I breakthrough to another ancestor and connect to a line that's well researched by someone with good sources, I will "connect" my research and indicate who did that particular line's research (but who knows whose they built upon).

Some folks have incorrect information (according to my files, facts, or sources), and that's THEIR problem, not mine. If possible, I try to tell them what my sources say. I have one ancestor who had a sister mentioned in a journal from 1800 (that's in a state archives). It clearing indicates her age. She was of dating age. She married in the same county as other family members. The last name wasn't spelled "correctly" (as is often the case for just about any surname, especially way back then), but it was clearly pronounced the same; we knew she was "ours". She married a man with a common name, but another researcher who had that man's NAME for a 5x ggrandfather in the general area decided that since it's the only marriage record found for that name, that it's HER line's ancestors. Doesn't matter than going forward in the life of that couple, in ALL records and census AND tombstone, etc., that HER 5x ggrandmother would've only been a child of 9 when she "married". She built her tree based upon someone else's research that utilized that marriage record for their own....because they didn't know better at the time. Oh well.
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Old 07-27-2017, 09:34 AM
Location: Canada
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Several times I have merged duplicate profiles on Family Search and in so doing have smashed someone else's brick wall, providing them with centuries of new ancestors. I have wondered if they have ever been back to Family Search to notice.

By the way, when I first started to work on the tree on Family Search some years ago I provided an email address for contact. I created a throwaway email address for that purpose because I was worried about spam. I never had any spam at all.

Last edited by cdnirene; 07-27-2017 at 09:42 AM..
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