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Old 08-16-2007, 01:43 PM
2,506 posts, read 7,991,587 times
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Originally Posted by pwright1 View Post
Los Angeles: A - I love it
San Francisco: A+ - My favorite city of all
Seattle: B+ - I love living here. Great weather
Denver: C Ok city.
Houston: B Always enjoy my visits. Good food
Dallas: B I lived here. Cool city. Enjoyed my stay.
Omaha: D No thanks
Minneapolis: C Cool city but visited in the dead of winter. Again, No thanks
Chicago: A I love this city
Indianapolis: D No thanks.
Miami: B I love this city, especially the people.
New York: A+ Has it all.
Boston: A IMO one of the most beautiful cities in NA.
Philadelphia: C+ Historically beautiful but.....
Minneapolis gets a C because of winter but Chicago gets an A. That hurt
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Old 08-16-2007, 07:15 PM
Location: NEW JERSEY
859 posts, read 3,141,636 times
Reputation: 521
Los Angeles: B (seems like a fun place, but the surrounding highways are too crazy)

San Francisco: B (seems pretty, but may be a little too boring for my tastes)

Seattle: B (I have always wanted to go to Seattle but couldn't live there b/c of the rain)

Denver: B+ (another place I really wanna visit, just seems nice)

Houston:B- ( I honestly don't know enough about Texas, my friend who lived in Texas for a few years said if I had to move to Texas he thinks Austin would be the only place for me)

Dallas:B- (same as above)

Omaha: F (I'm sorry, just doesn't seem like my kind of place)

Minneapolis:C (nothing bad about it off hand, but has never interested me)

Chicago: A- ( I would LOVE to go to Chicago, the buildings seem awesome and looks like it has good food and nightlife)

Indianapolis: C+ ( Been there...very clean and cute...but not enough to do at night, things close WAAAYYY too early for a city )

Miami: Been there....A or South Beach...C- for the rest LOL

New York City: A+++++ (Been there...I LOVE NY forever. I think it has everything, I like not living in it, but I love going there. Think it's one of the greatest places in the world )

Boston: B (Been there, it's alright)

Philadelphia: B (been there...it's fun, a lot to do, see and eat...but just doesn't hold a candle to nyc)
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Old 09-02-2007, 04:26 PM
Location: New York
3,570 posts, read 3,246,200 times
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Originally Posted by ScrantonWilkesBarre View Post
That's up for debate. One thing you can't ignore though is that most people on this forum tend to lean to the left of center, so "liberal" to them is a positive term. For me, I prefer an area full of moderates, such as my own, where people are all registered Democrat and vote as such but have Republican mindsets as well. I like to be "dead-center."
Catching this thread late...

The majority of people who have "Republican mindsets" think that, but are actually traditional Democrats. That's taken from anecdotal conversations where one asks the gamut of various questions about issues.
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Old 09-03-2007, 01:20 AM
38 posts, read 221,882 times
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Los Angeles: D+ (Pros: Good looking people, awesome Mexican food, tons of stuff to do [if you have a car], nice weather. Cons: Money and image obsessed, shallow people, terrible air pollution and traffic, crappy downtown for being the 2nd largest city in the US, bad public transit, sprawl.)

San Francisco: A (Pros: Beautiful location, architecture, mild weather, very centralized and walkable, good public transit, best Asian food in America, very tolerant culture. Cons: Expensive as all hell.)

Seattle: C+ (Pros: Beautiful scenery, decent architecture, pretty close to Vancouver, fair amount of culture and entertainment. Cons: Rain, ridiculous traffic considering its size, weak public transit, getting expensive)

Denver: C+ (Pros: Majestic mountains, pretty clean, affordable, great outdoor recreational opportunities. Cons: Changeable weather, culture seems very whitebread, disappointing amount of cultural and urban entertainment for a city of its size.)

Houston: D- (Pros: Proximity to Galveston Island, some interesting architecture, cheap. Cons: Dirty, sprawl, hellish weather, flood-prone, getting to be quite violent.)

Dallas: D- (see Houston, only not quite as dirty, not close to the ocean, and with ice storms in the winter. San Antonio and Austin are by far the two best cities in Texas.)

Omaha: F (Nebraska sucks... I dont even know why this one's on the list)

Minneapolis: B+ (Based on my perceptions and what people who've been there have told me, its a pretty cool place with some of the nicest people. Only drawbacks I can see are the winters and collapsing bridges [sorry, bad joke].)

Chicago: A (Based on my perceptions and what Ive been told. Some of the best architecture in America, about as diverse as NYC [not so many Asians though], world class culture and entertainment, and some damn good hot dogs and pizza!)

Indianapolis: C- (Pros: Access to freeways that will take you anywhere in the country, some interesting architecture, fairly clean. Cons: Boring, not a good geographical locale, severely lacking in culture and entertainment. )

Miami: C (Based on my perceptions, and what Ive heard. Some great beaches, interesting art deco architecture, great clubs and parties. More like the caribbean than the US [good and bad thing], bad traffic, swampy and humid.)

New York City: A+ (Pros: Best architecture and urban landscapes in America, very ethnically and culturally diverse, unlimited culture and entertainment, awesome public transit, great food [especially diners], historic yet modern, too much to list. Cons: Yeah, yeah its expensive... whatever)

Boston: B (Based on my perception and what Ive heard. Smart people, lots of Irish, good bars, great entertainment and culture, lots of history. Winters are bad, way overpriced.)

Philadelphia: A (Pros: Friendly and helpful people, great food, cheap, close to NYC, DC and South Jersey shore, good public transit, lots of history, awesome neighborhoods, fun to explore. Cons: Some areas are pretty blighted and dirty. [Alot of people remark about the violence, but Ive never had problems with it. Almost all of the murders are gang related, or from drug deals gone bad. I have family in Kensington, and I walk around there alot [and even into N. Philly], and have never felt threatened.)
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Old 09-03-2007, 06:39 AM
Location: NM
1,209 posts, read 1,684,593 times
Reputation: 1114
Los Angeles: B+ (I come here regularly, nowhere near as bad as some people make it to be, has problems, but the social scene is unbeatable.)
San Francisco: A (If it wasn't so damn expensive, I would move here in a heartbeat. The scenery, architecture, social scene here is excellent)
Seattle: A (Home of Starbucks, awesome scenery, and I'm pretty impressed with the way of life there)
Denver: B- (based on media perceptions and images from the net)
Houston: D(meh sure it's cheap, but to me it's LA without the social scene)
Dallas: C+ (A glitzier Houston)
Omaha: D- (If I wanted isolation, I would move to Alaska, at least over there you have awesome natural beauty at every corner)
Minneapolis: C (Based on what I've seen, it looks habitable)
Chicago: A- (Loved it when I went here, the NY of the Midwest)
Indianapolis: C
Miami: D- (Miami Beach is nice and all, but the rest of the city leaves something to be desired)
New York City: A+ (Whether it be Manhattan or one of the outer Bouroughs, an awesome and lively place to live in.)
Boston: C (I don't what grade to give to this city, a C sounds adequate)
Philadelphia B (Lots of History here)
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Old 07-29-2008, 09:35 PM
212 posts, read 851,242 times
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Originally Posted by MattDen View Post
Based on perception what grade (A-F) do you give these cities based on perception or if youve been to these cities which grade would you give them based on overall impression? Also what stereotypes based on what youve heard or if you were there what you say would say there is.

Los Angeles: D (pros: lots to do / cons: very expensive, dirty)
San Francisco B (pros: lots to do/ cons: very expensive, lots of problems, rude)
Seattle A (pros: safe, beautiful, interesting, mild/ cons: very expensive
Denver B (pros: downtown, cheap, friendly, fun/ cons: economy)
Houston C (pros:fun, cheap, economy/ cons: violent, dirty, rude, snooty)
Dallas D- (pros: cheap/ cons: rude, snooty, violent, dirty, violent, boring)
Omaha C- (pros: cheap/ cons: insular, sprawly, boring, isolated)
Minneapolis B- (pros: fun, recreation, interesting/ cons: economy, expensive
Chicago B- (pros: lots to do, neighborhoods/ cons: economy, expensive)
Indianapolis D- (pros: cheap/ cons: infrastructure, economy, boring
Miami D+ (pros: interesting, fun/ cons: very expensive, violent)
New York C (pros: interesting, infrastrucure/ cons: very expensive)
Boston B- (pros: interesting, fun/ cons: people too smart, expensive)
Philadelphia C (pros: interesting, cheap, good food/ cons: very violent)

Based on this it seems like I gave Seattle an A based on perception, I would probubly give Portland one also. I love Denver but just had to give it a B even though alot of people who havent been there seem to think its an A grade city. Denver up until very, very recently had a very, very crappy economy for several years.

I guess based on opinions I gave the worst grades to Indianapolis I have been there, Dallas and Miami dont seem very appealing either.
Los Angeles-C+, sounds like a great city despite the high crime
San Francisco-B, lots to do
Seattle-B+, low crime for such a big city
Denver-B, great restaurants
Houston-B+, the houses are not very expensive for such a big city, and Houston is on the list of the best cities for finding a job in 2008
Dallas-C+' also on the list of the best cities to find a job
Omaha-B' my favorite city in Nebraska
Minneapolis-C' I really don't know much about Minneapolis, but it sounds like a nice city, despite the horrible winters
Chicago-B+, I was in the Chicago airport, and it was a very nice airport, and the rest of the city seems nice
Indianapolis-B+, extremely low average house price for a city that size
Miami-C+, very dangerous and one of the hardest cities to afford, but it is close to The Everglades, and some of the suburbs are very safe, but also very expensive
New York-B+, can't go wrong with The Big Apple. I would say the pros make it worth dealing with the cons.
Boston-B, I have never had much interest in Boston, but I'm sure it's a nice city
Philadelphia-B, I hardly know anything about Philly, but it sounds like a good city from what I have heard.

Last edited by alligatorboy; 07-29-2008 at 10:20 PM..
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Old 08-04-2008, 04:45 PM
Location: The Lone Star State
8,030 posts, read 8,102,866 times
Reputation: 5045
Los Angeles C+ (has gotten better)
San Francisco B- (good scenery, terrible politics)
Seattle A- (not a large number of negatives)
Denver C (kind of overrated)
Houston B (underrated but needs better public transit)
Dallas D (Houston except with no trees, no beach, and more snobs)
Omaha C- (seems boring and in the middle of nowhere)
Minneapolis B+ (going mostly in the right direction, but weather sucks)
Chicago B- (crime still an issue, weather)
Indianapolis D- (don't find much great about it)
Miami D+ (nice beaches and social scene but everything else sucks)
New York A- (main drawback is cost)
Boston B- (bad weather, snobs)
Philadelphia C- (crime and blight still an issue)
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Old 08-04-2008, 06:12 PM
Location: tattooine(SoCal)
85 posts, read 104,246 times
Reputation: 23
Los Angeles: A- (pros: very beautiful landscape, vibrant city, world class. cons: bad downtown, underataed, sprawl. San Francisco: A+ (pros: beautiful city good skyline. cons: Liberals exspensive. Seattle: A (pros: perfect city gorgeous, great skyline. cons: rain, population. Denver: B+ (pros: great city, beautiful landscape, cool downtown. cons
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Old 08-04-2008, 06:47 PM
Location: Greater PDX
1,018 posts, read 3,838,883 times
Reputation: 951
Los Angeles D- (pay $$$$ for the privilege of living amid smog and total a-hole posers)
San Francisco C+ (an absolutely unique city; but a socialist tyranny and $$$$)
Seattle B (pretentiousness in flannel, $$$$, lotta nut jobs)
Denver C+ (snow skiing nearby, but the city itself presents no immediate perception)
Houston C+ (great cost of living, but it's like walking through soup)
Dallas B- (great cost of living, almost as full of a-hole posers as LA)
Omaha C- (midwest at its "greatest"; lots of steak available)
Minneapolis D+ (so cold it overrides anything else)
Chicago B- (political corruption probably second to none, but midwest ethos)
Indianapolis C- (like Omaha, but with more people and fewer steaks)
Miami D (too many posers living flashy lifestyles they can't afford)
New York B (too high on itself)
Boston B+ (nanny state, but friendlier folks than I expected, lots of history, an like San Fran, a truly unique city)
Philadelphia F (if I'm fortunate, I will never set foot in that hellhole in my life)
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Old 08-04-2008, 07:01 PM
7 posts, read 13,910 times
Reputation: 13
Los Angeles: A - inovative alive cutting edge green friendly athletic
San Francisco F nutcases dirty too angry liberal
Seattle D same but cleaner, deppressive angry people snotty
Denver B + outdoor enthusiasts happy invigorating
Houston C+ friendly ugly cheap
Dallas B- pretentious humid affordable
Omaha C ??? I would try it
Minneapolis F cold, forget it
Chicago D cold too many smokers
Indianapolis D- cold boring
Miami C+ exciting dangerous glamoroue cigarette boats Waterway diving
New York F+ rude hectic materialistic unattractive people!
Boston C patrician stunted intellectuals near Rockport MSS, I could cope
Philadelphia F dirty hot criminals

Honolulu: A athletic, mellow, international, perfect
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