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Old 08-25-2008, 06:59 PM
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Originally Posted by 2Adam29 View Post
Los Angeles: F (horrible smog, highly overrated)
San Francisco:B (always seems to be spoken highly of)
Seattle:B (I hear it rains here alot, and I like da rain)
Denver: B (mountains and a decent city)
Houston: A (I've never heard a bad description from anyone I've met who lives here)
Dallas: - (dunno)
Omaha: A (for obvious reasons)
Minneapolis: B (a great city by all accounts)
Chicago: D (heavy on crime with a skyline that I can't stand)
Indianapolis: C (not much I hear about besides sports, and I think cities should be more than one thing)
Miami: D (have to go half a lightyear to get anywhere from anywhere else)
New York City: D (highly over rated, and not a good example of america. It is its own little country and it has a similar mentality)
Boston: - (dunno)
Philadelphia: F (went there and was consistently scared out of my wits. Homeless people wander the streets and aren't afraid to panhandle, and even the brightest lit streets aren't safe from muggers.)
You give most of the greatest cities in this country low scores. You have lost all credibility.
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Old 08-26-2008, 07:16 PM
Location: O-Town
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Los Angeles:A
San Francisco:B
Omaha D
New York City:A
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Old 08-27-2008, 05:00 PM
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Los Angeles (F): Some nice areas, but a minority of the region. Foreign population, graffiti, Spanish media, over-inflated home prices, gangs, crime. Pros: Beaches, topography (Mountains, Beaches, deserts, coastal mediterranean).

San Francisco: (D+): Insanely leftist politics, foreign population, bums, over-inflated home prices. Pros: Beautiful natural scenery: bay and hills

Seattle: (B-): Cons: Leftist Politics, over-inflated home prices. Pros: Beautiful natural scenery: sound, Cascades to the east, pines. The area is very clean for a major metro area.

Denver: (C+): Cons: Growing illegal alien problem, slightly isolated and small. Pros: Rocky Mountains to the west, many nice southern suburbs.

Houston: (C-): Cons: Huge illegal alien problem, poor planning, poor schools, unbearably humid summers, crime. Pros: relatively affordable housing, conservative environment in some suburbs.

Dallas: (C+): Cons: Growing illegal alien problem, trees are somewhat small. Pros: Very excellent values on homes for a major metro, lots of entertainment. Nice conservative atmosphere in many areas.

Omaha: It's been a while since I've been there.

Minneapolis: (B-): Cons: Leftist politics, over-inflated home values, winter. Pros: Nice suburbs, plenty of recreational opportunities (lakes), good planning, relatively clean region. Less "diversity".

Chicago: (C): Cons: Out of control illegal alien problem, deteriorating suburbs. Pros: Fantastic skyline, lots of entertainment options.

Indianapolis: (C+): Cons: Somewhat small. Pros: relatively light traffic, nice family environment.

Miami: (D): Cons: Spanish media, Spanish language, dirty areas, graffiti, crime, poor housing market, extremely humid. Pros: Tropical-Nice throughout Spring, Fall, and Winter. Beaches. Growing skyline.

New York City: (D): Cons: dirty, alien-like, leftist politics. Pros: large skyline, Manhattan.

Boston: (C-): Cons: extremely leftist politics, arrogant, snotty attitude. Pros: pleasant summers, close to the ocean and Cape. Nice fall color.

Philadelphia: (D): Cons: Dirty, crime-filled, run-down. Pros: Liberty Bell, some decent suburbs. A few nice intown areas.
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Old 08-27-2008, 06:04 PM
Location: Omaha
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glad to see you didn't blatantly speculate based on aged perceptions about Omaha! I wish more people did that!
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Old 08-27-2008, 06:49 PM
Location: Northridge/Porter Ranch, Calif.
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Los Angeles- Covers a very large area. I would grade if from D (East L.A.) to A (Beverly Hills, Bel-Air, Woodland Hills, Hidden Hills, Porter Ranch, Pacific Palisades). Overall B+ because there are so many areas to choose to live in.

San Francisco- B+. I would really enjoy the scenery.

Seattle- C+. Nice scenery, but I would get tired of the many overcast days.

Denver- B. I would probably like it quite a bit.

Houston- C. Would enjoy the mild weather but would really miss the mountains.

Dallas- B-. Not as humid as Houton (?)

Omaha- C. Cold winters; I'm not used to those.

Minneapolis- C. Cold winters, but I would like the wide open spaces of the surrounding areas.

Chicago- B-. A lot to do in a big city. Would still miss mountains.

Indianapolis- C+. Would probably like some things about it.

Miami- B. I would take advantage of the beaches and would like the mild weather.

New York City- B. A lot to do, would probably prefer the suburbs like I do in Los Angeles.

Boston- C+. Lots of history, some scenic areas, but cold in winter! (For me, anyway.)

Philadelphia- History, would like some things about it. As with New York, would prefer the suburbs.
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Old 10-02-2009, 06:49 PM
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Los Angeles- Some beautiful neighborhoods, some terrible neighborhoods. Beaches, great weather, theme parks and lots to do. Plastic/flaky population, smog, lots of traffic and expensive. B

San Francisco- Beautiful and charming city. Great economy and skyline. Diverse. Very expensive and lots of homelessness. A-

Seattle- Beautiful city, intelligent population, nature close by. Too cloudy and gloomy and a bit of a depressing feeling. B+

Denver- Fun downtown. Good nightlife. Close to skiing/mountain biking. Sunny days. Not that diverse. A bit bland for a big city. B

Houston- Lots to do. Strong economy. Cheap. Smoggy. Dirty. Flat. Humid. Terrible traffic. D+

Dallas- Glitzy downtown and skyline. Great economy. Cheap. Mild year round. Flat. Conservative. A bit on the boring side. C

Omaha- Lived here for over 18 years and hated it. Boring and bland. Terrible weather. No scenery. Conservative and closed minded. People always have to say how great it is, but it isn't. A zoo and a downtown with cobblestone... whoop de doo. I guess it's cheap and has some Fortune 500 companies... F

Minneapolis- Surprisingly cool city. Awesome skyway for the cold winters. Good nightlife scene. Strong economy. Cheap and close to a lot of beautiful lakes. COLD winters! Not quite at the level of Chicago. B

Chicago- Awesome city. So much to do. Tons of culture. Beautiful lake. Pedestarian friendly. Expensive. Cold winters. Diverse. Corrupt politics. A-

Indianapolis- Omaha with pro sports and a slightly stronger economy. D-

Miami- Awesome beaches. Unreal nightlife. Beautiful population. Dangerous areas. Overabundance of seniors/Cubans. A weak economy outside of tourism. B-

New York City- One of the world's greatest cities. Culture galore. Awesome economy. Diverse. Very expensive and not much for the nature lover. A-

Boston- Loads of history. Awesome universities. Great scenery. Cold winters. Expensive. A bit of an elitist population. B

Philadelphia- Loads of history. Great food. Unique environment. Dirty and rundown in many areas. C+

Some other city ratings:
Atlanta: Think Dallas/Houston with a stronger African American culture. C
Baltimore: Cool Inner Harbor. History. Some nice scenery. Some terrible areas and a general feeling of apathy around. C-
Bosie: Close to great nature, but little else going for it. D-
Buffalo: Lots of great nature nearby. Down to earth people. Cold winters. Terrible economy. C-
Charlotte: A bit overrated by people. Nice downtown. Good climate. Somewhat close to the ocean. A bit conservative and bland. C
Cincinnati: Cool city. Somewhat scenic. Great theme park. Rolls up the sidewalks early. B-
Cleveland: A rundown mess that has seen better days. F
Des Moines: A smaller Omaha. F
Detroit: See Cleveland but worse. F
Kansas City: A bigger and better Omaha with pro sports, a theme park, better shopping, better scenery, better restaurants, better economy and slightly better weather. C-
Las Vegas: Fun to visit, but would never want to live there. Great climate. Weak economy outside of casinos/hotels/entertainment. D+
Louisville: Love their baseball bats. Decent college town. Bland and boring. D
Milwaukee: Another surprisingly fun city. Good social scene and fun environment. Very cold and a so-so economy. C+
New Orleans: Very fun city. Diverse. Tons of charm and character. Awful economy and infastructure. C-
Oklahoma City: Better than Omaha, but not as good as K.C. D
Orlando: Good weather. Tons of entertainment. The economy lives and dies on tourism. Not very diverse. C+
Phoenix: Good climate. Great for the outdoors. Terrible summers and a pretty bland population. C+
Pittsburgh: Not as bad as people think it is. Not very diverse and kind of a dirty city. C
Portland: Very clean and green. Awesome for outdoor activities. Not the best economy and somewhat of an apathetic population. B-
Sacramento: Wouldn't be my first choice of place to visit in California, but wouldn't be a bad place to live in. C
St. Louis: Pro sports and beer. Also lots of crime and not the best weather. D
Salt Lake City: Close to skiing and outdoor activities, but little to no culture, no nightlife, and overrun by Mormons. D
San Antonio: Very cool city. Charming and fun. Good climate. Lots to do. Big Hispanic population and not the best economy. B
San Diego: Gorgeous city. Tons to do. Beaches and the best zoo in the world. Diverse. Very expensive, but worth it for all you get. A
Tampa: Nice city. Good theme parks. Nice beaches. Nice weather. Not the best economy. B-
Washington D.C.: One of my favorite cities. Walkable. Culture. History. Scenery. Diversity. Expensive. Problems with crime. Not many jobs outside of politics/government. A-
Wichita: It's Omaha in Kansas. F
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Old 10-02-2009, 07:21 PM
Location: Concrete jungle where dreams are made of.
8,900 posts, read 14,421,604 times
Reputation: 1819
Los Angeles: B
San Francisco: B+
Seattle: B
Denver: B
Houston: F
Dallas: F
Omaha D
Minneapolis: C+
Chicago: B-
Indianapolis: C-
Miami: D
New York: A+
Boston: B
Philadelphia: B+
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Old 10-02-2009, 07:59 PM
Location: where my heart is
5,642 posts, read 8,751,010 times
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Los Angeles (never been there). B-. Cooler and more things to do than where I am, but no 4 seasons and too far away.

San Franciso (been there), B. Nice place to visit, but wouldn't want to live there for above reasons.

Seattle (never been there) B. Sounds nice, but no for same as above.

Denver (never been there but my aunt and cousins lived there). B+. I like snow and moutains, but still far away.

Houston (offered transfer there). F. No thanks, too hot, humid and conservative.

Dallas (never been there). F. Same as above.

Omaha (never been there). D. Doesn't appeal to me.

Minneapolis (never been there). C. Very neutral to me.

Chicago (been there). B+. Nice place, but bit too far away.

Indianapolis. (never been there). C+. Indiana is ok but flat.

Miami. (been there). F. Want out of this hot, humid, buggy place.

NYC. (born and raised). A+. As Dorothy said, there is no place like home.

Boston (been there). A. I could live there.

Philadelphia (been there). A-. I could live there also, but prefer New England.
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Old 10-02-2009, 10:51 PM
Location: Las Vegas
3,631 posts, read 6,727,283 times
Reputation: 4354
Los Angeles: D for all the reasons others have mentioned...you could not PAY ME to live there.
San Francisco: A- Beautiful, nice people, Fun, lots to do.
Seattle: B lots to do
Denver: C Only have been there once as an adult and wasn't all that impressed
Houston:B interesting place seems to be a little something for everyone
Dallas:C too superficial...seems to not belong in Tx when compared to other cities in Tx
Omaha: C typical midwest
Minneapolis: C some neat features but not fond of the weather
Chicago: B+ Great city, lots to do
Indianapolis- God awful place IMHO
Miami:C have never been there just doesn't seem my taste
New York City: A I loved living in NYC everyday was interesting
Boston:B have never been there but have friends from there
Philadelphia C I would have to go again to grade I don't remember much of anything that stood out.
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Old 10-02-2009, 11:00 PM
Location: New York
11,340 posts, read 18,655,083 times
Reputation: 6165
Los Angeles: (Been There) - A+

San Francisco: (Haven't Been There) - B

Seattle: (Haven't Been There) - B

Denver: (Haven't Been There) - C+

Houston: (Haven't Been There) - B+

Dallas: (Haven't Been There) - B+

Omaha: (Haven't Been There) - C+

Minneapolis: (Haven't Been There) - B

Chicago: (Haven't Been There) - A

Indianapolis: (Haven't Been There) - C

Miami: (Haven't Been There But Going Soon) - A+

New York: (I Live Here) - A+ (my neighborhood gets a F+ though)

Boston: (Haven't Been There) - B+

Philadelphia: (Been There) - A
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