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Old 02-09-2008, 10:37 PM
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Is it likely safe to say that racism in some form between some group or groups against another exists somewhere in practically every city? If so, leave it alone. There is no true litmus test for the extent or depth of racism in, for, by, or against anyone, so, leave it alone. Racism, sadly, exists literally from coast to coast in this country and many, many others (though the specific prejudices may change). So what's the point of belaboring it? Is anyone really willing to be so bold as to suggest that this or that town is any more or less racist than any other? If so, how could you prove that satisfactorily? You can't. No one can read minds and hearts and even if they could, would anyone be willing or able to determine the mindset of every single person in a town? I doubt it. So, please, leave it be.

I've had good and bad experiences with every race I've met so far. I've known blatant racism from blacks and whites. It happens. Though greatly improved since the damnable days of slavery and even through the civil rights movement, it's a fact of life at this point in America's history.

You see, when I wrote my first reply to this board about Albany, I tried very hard to stick only to facts and to leave person experiences, thoughts, and feelings wholly out of it. While you're thoughts and feelings and experiences are absolutely valid and valued, please understand that in the end, it comes across generally as simply one embittered person venting.

I once read a piece by a Republican refuting some truly misleading and flatly dishonest statements by a Democrat. Before I go any further, the point here is not who was right or wrong in their political ideologies. It just so happened that for story, those are simply the affiliations that each person in my example belonged to. Now, the Democrat had lied and made rather gross exaggerations of the truth. The Republican went down the line of what had been presented and successfully refuted each in turn. After he'd done that though, he began taking personal stabs at the Democrat sighting his weight and other wholly irrelevant characteristics. In the end, he lost his credibility with me entirely and I've not read anything from him since. Keep it FACTUAL and keep it professional.

In the same way that there are absolutely some who would insist that Albany is, in the very least, a decent place to live there will be those who don't. Such will likely be the case in every city you ever go to. So why bother? In a forum debating the pros and cons of something, facts are far better and more effective than speculation, assumption, implications, and certainly opinions.

If I were to say, "There is a lot of racism here" and someone were to challenge that statement where would or could I truly begin to prove my case? In the end, I'd have to admit that it was primarily my personal thoughts and feelings and experiences that led me to make that statement rather then fact. I am not everyone nor is anyone else.

I would like to see this bulletin board be of true value to the occasional browser and most especially to someone contemplating relocation of themselves or their family. Why don't we try to keep it real and honest here and concentrate on aspects like local government, entertainment and career (or lack of) opportunities, educational statistics, industry (or, again, lack of) and a wide variety of things that other people could and would have to handle should they move or visit here? The name of the site is, after all, city-data and not city-personal-experiences-and/or-opinions.

p.s., I DID say earlier that everyone's personal opinions, feelings, and experiences are valued and meant it. I would simply like to see this forum be factual accurate and useful to others.

Last edited by itsbroke; 02-09-2008 at 10:39 PM.. Reason: mis-spelling

Old 02-09-2008, 11:34 PM
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Default Merry Acres??? LOL!

That is one of the Biggest Racest schools in ALBANY!!! My daughter went there...Her purse was stolen by three black girls and absolutely NOTHING was done to punish them. I was told, "maybe Your daughter should leave her purse at home next time". That is bull crap and you know it.
Old 02-09-2008, 11:40 PM
6 posts, read 42,010 times
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Okay...FACTUAL AND ACCURATE...Albany is 86% African American Community located in South Georgia.
Old 02-10-2008, 03:52 AM
7 posts, read 50,883 times
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Originally Posted by lizizmorefun View Post
Okay...FACTUAL AND ACCURATE...Albany is 86% African American Community located in South Georgia.
I'm sorry to hear that about your daughter. I hate that people of any race or sex act the way some do. I hope she is doing good now and isn't permanently damaged because of that harsh experience. I agree. The "punishment" or lack of is appalling. I truly wish I had more to offer and could be of some help regarding the matter.

Please understand, I made the point VERY clearly (I thought) that racism does exist. Not once did I state nor suggest that Albany nor any other city is free from it. What I do mean is that one person's experience with matters of that kind will not be everyone's experience. I could have a lousy experience at nearly every restaurant in a town. Would that automatically make every restaurant in that town a bad one?

I am very good friends with a man (from Leesburg) whose grandmother was raped in her old age by a black man. They both grew up here. Having has extensive talks with him, I know that he is torn up inside with conflicting thoughts between being a racist and disliking blacks because of what his grandmother suffered and being the reality that because one person did something so utterly horrible that does not make nor indicate a proclivity towards such behavior by the race as a whole or even the members of that race in a given town. I am going to assume that both you and your daughter are white. If so, for example, would it have been better had the exact same thing happened to her including the lack of punishment for the perpetrators but the guilty parties been white as well? Or for that matter, would my friend any more peace of mind had his grandmother been raped by a white man? Would he simply say, "Well, I guess it happens" and think nothing more about it?

Again, PLEASE do understand that I never suggested that racism does not exist.

As to your statement of fact: according to the most recent U.S. Census Bureau statistics (conducted in 2000), Albany, GA. was 50.98% black, projected to be 52.72% by 2003, and 54.34% by 2008. Unless they were grossly mistaken in their original count and/or some rather drastic changes occurred between 2000 and every year thereafter, I'm inclined to believe them. And for the benefit of anyone interested in knowing the breakdown of Albany by race, see it for yourself here: http://www.ams.usda.gov/statesummari...pdf/Albany.pdf

and even this site lists it at 68.4%: East Dougherty, Georgia (GA) Detailed Profile - relocation, real estate, travel, jobs, hospitals, schools, crime, news

Please understand that it is not my desire nor intention to start a bulletin board flame. Your complaint is legitimate and it's unfortunate that it ever happened. I still cannot say that it is a reflection on Albany as a whole.
Old 02-10-2008, 04:13 AM
Location: Albany, GA (Hell's Waiting Room)
602 posts, read 1,803,744 times
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Itsbroke, thank you for your reasoned reply. Thank you also for noting that personal experiences do count, because if they didn't, why would anyone bother posting or reading here? I did not mean to come across as bitter. The past year (since we moved here) has been very, very hard, and I have probably vented more here than was good or helpful because I can't really call up my Albany-native friends and vent to them about how much (I think) their town sucks.

My problem is not (and never has been) with what percentage of the city is which race, but rather with the behaviors of people who, when I began to think about it, were of a certain race--and the attitudes that their behavior indicated.

It was and is my belief that anyone preparing to move here should be prepared for things like this, because I wasn't. I had been told (before we arrived here) that Albany was a sweet, friendly town, and (as I've indicated in various posts) in some places it is. But in most instances, it has not been. I even took into consideration the idea that I might be causing or contributing the problem by acting or seeming a certain way, so I've gone out of my way to be polite, courteous and respectful, and the results were unchanged.

Again, people contemplating a move here need to be aware of things like this; remember, the thread title isn't "Is Albany, GA Really That Humid" or "Is Albany, GA Really That Full of Oak Trees". The word used is "Bad", and "bad" can be measured on any number of scales. Posters in other threads have asked and answered questions about racism in different areas; did you expect those answering to cite anything other than personal experiences? It's a bit much to ask that feelings be kept out of it, especially in threads like this one. But thank you again for tossing oil on the waters.
Old 02-10-2008, 07:14 AM
7 posts, read 50,883 times
Reputation: 24
And thank you for your reply. What is really sad, quite honestly, is that you aren't wrong. Unfortunately the situation does exist and does, much, much more often than one would hope, get perpetuated.

I went to India once and absolutely loved it. As one might expect would happen going into a country literally half-way around the world, I saw many new, exciting, and surprising things. Among them, ox-drawn carts with images and probably words painted on them in ornate designs and with bright colors (this on a main road in town), monkeys instead of squirrels or chipmunks in the trees, and people living in poverty in conditions that America hasn't seen the likes of which likely since the invention of the light bulb, and and Indian mariachi band dressed accordingly, and a (of all things) death metal music bar (now THAT was weird to see a large room packed full of Indians headbanging). Of the many people I befriended while I was there, a couple of them listened to gangsta rap. Initially I thought it amusing but realized that much as I have a broad taste in many areas, I shouldn't find this all that odd. After that, I thought no more of it. And then I came back home. The return to "normalcy" was a larger shock than going to India in the first place. Two weeks after being home I was watching MTV and saw a video by some rapper doing the typically "I'm a thug. I'm from the streets. B*tches and H*es and guns, money, and drugs, etc., etc." What hit me was that in comparison to the Indians that I met, too large of a majority of people in this country really and truly do WANT to be like that. I suspect the Indians care less what the rap group(s) they listened looked or what they did in the personal lives. They liked it for the beat basically. Whether they were at work or goofing off these people didn't dress, act, or talk like the rappers they blared in their cars. They had really good paying jobs and had worked very to get as far as they had (the school system over there is vastly different than ours). Bill Cosby, J.C. Watts, Ken Hamblin, Clarence Thomas, T.D. Jakes and many other often cite the deplorable dispositions and mindset all too prevalent among many blacks today citing the black-on-black crime rate and the percentages of single-mother homes. I have to wonder if Martin Luther King Jr. (a brilliant man) had known what was to come, would he not have said instead of "I have a dream" something more like, "Umm, yeah, civil rights... equality, yeah, those are some good ideas. Somebody should do something about that" and gone back to bed.
How, when, and why did murdering, doing and dealing drugs, indiscriminate infidelity, and shameless self-indulgence (bling, bling, ya'll) become respected and desired in role models?

There ya go, a little nothing-but-my-musings-and-opinions for you in an otherwise "factual" forum. See? I can be human too.

p.s. While I do think Eminem is a superbly talented lyrics, my rant about rappers does not at all pertain solely to black artists. I could care less what color your skin is if you're going to abandon your children, push drugs, denigrate women (you know what those are, right? You were probably raised by one...), and glorify it all the while, well, that just makes you rather pathetic and pitiable.
Old 02-11-2008, 08:44 AM
102 posts, read 121,893 times
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Default Yes, Albany really is bad

I've lived in albany my entire life and I'm nearly 40 years old. Albany has steadily gotten worse, especially over the last 10 years. The reason is due to the majority black population. Now before all the goody-two-shoes out there tell me that this is a racist remark, take a look at the crime rate here. I also went to school with blacks and have grown up with them, so I know how they are. I don't just sit back and watch them play sports on tv and think that makes me an expert on black culture. I have lived and worked among them first hand, so I know how they are. I'm not saying ALL of them are bad, but as a whole, they do commit more crimes, especially violent crimes, than do whites. If you really consider yourself a progressive, non-racist type of person, then I pose this question to you: would you rather your car break down in the middle of the night in an all-white neighborhood or in an all-black neighborhood? Try walking in any all-black neighborhood late at night and tell me you aren't racist.

That said, albany has also lost many big industries here, including Firestone, Delco-Remy, and Liliston. So there aren't many job opportunities here, especially for white people in the larger companies. I recently interviewed for a job at Marrs, Inc and noticed that nearly every employee there was black. Of course, I didn't get the job. I was interviewed by 2 black women so I figured my chances of getting the job weren't very good. Blacks here are extremely racist, even though the finger is always pointed at whites.

Night life isn't very good here either. We did have a place called Boxers but it was shut down due to too much noise, since it was located near a residential neighborhood. There was also alot of gang activity there and you can probably guess what race made up most of the gangs.

I have family here and that is the only reason I stay. Most of the white people have left albany for leesburg,ga. As soon as the blacks invade leesburg and ruin it, I'm sure the whites will leave there too. Sorry folks, facts are facts. Blacks are much different than the image they are given on tv.
Old 02-14-2008, 02:35 PM
Location: Georgia
5 posts, read 45,629 times
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That was definitely an inappropriate way to handle the situation. I would have understood fully if you had done to the superintendent or the board of education.
Old 02-14-2008, 02:48 PM
Location: Georgia
5 posts, read 45,629 times
Reputation: 33
Thanks for the clarification. I missed your posts that explained you have seen the positive side to other races. It concerns me when we focus on the negative because I don't want it to go back to the way it was, in the 60s and earlier, when even those blacks, who were living positive, productive lives, were grouped with those who chose to do negative or illegal things. I point out the positive interactions and friendships I've seen, at the MAMS' gifted program, and at Westover, Sherwood Baptist Church etc., so we will have hope. Hope that we can change more of the negative behaviors by showing how blacks and whites work positively together, than by just complaining about all the bad stuff. God knows, I would love to run the drugs, gangs, and the degrading rap music out of every neighborhood in America, not just Albany.
Old 02-14-2008, 10:55 PM
7 posts, read 50,883 times
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Originally Posted by Mov08 View Post
God knows, I would love to run the drugs, gangs, and the degrading rap music out of every neighborhood in America, not just Albany.
Here, here! Well said! I just found out today that wearing a plain white t-shirt at Albany High could get you in trouble because that is a "gang thing". Is that not pathetic? Also prohibited (by the gangs at Albany High) is using the words doughnut or worm. Okay, seriously, people (meaning local government and/or school board) is it not well past time to do something? Are they going to sit by and let gangs control what other students say and wear? You could probably lump "do" in there as well but I've yet to hear that there were things you aren't supposed to do for fear of repercussions from the local gangs.
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