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Old 01-20-2009, 01:14 AM
Location: South Bay, CA
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Originally Posted by Mar0 View Post
When I first moved here, I had lunch with a local woman, Kam school grad. She was explaining to me how many locals identify themselves and others by what high school they attended. She then explained that this holds true for ethnicity as well. She explained to me that this isn't an issue for one to take offense with, but rather a way for people to understand who you are and to better classify you. The lady tried to explain how locals try hard to understand you and it is easier for them to ask you about schools/backgrounds to either make a connection (moreso by asking about school) and to identify with you. I have been asked about my heritage MUCH more here than back on the east coast, but I don't mind. Locals are proud of their heritage and it makes them who they are...

exactly, these kinds of questions go hand in hand...plus they're followed up with the inevitable, "oh so you know so and so??"
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Old 01-20-2009, 02:21 AM
Location: Moku Nui, Hawaii
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Ayup, "where you grad?" is a great ice breaker!
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Old 01-20-2009, 04:44 AM
Location: Far North Dallas. Like FAR!
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I love getting to know people from all different cultures here! Since I'm blonde and fair-skinned, it's obvious that I'm a boring American. I've never asked anyone outright, "What are you?" But there are more subtle ways of asking, "Where did you grow up?" The other night I met someone from Korea. It was her first time to the States and she had a million questions for me about culture issues. When we got up to leave, she wasn't sure of the proper way to say good-bye. I warned her she would probably be cheek-kissed. That shocked me the first time someone did it to me! But it was such an interesting evening, learning about Korea and her life while telling her about mine.
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Old 03-10-2009, 05:45 PM
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Aloha from Michigan! Well Ive always dreamed about living in Hawaii. I know Im like other people and probably making it more romantic than it will be. And after Im there awhile some of the awe and excitement will die down as I get back to the the chores of everyday living. But I enjoy nature and growing things and what place could actually be better? The vast majority of people Ive met there have been really nice. I dated a Hawaiian woman for awhile and enjoyed learning about the culture. She was fluent in Hawaiian and I was lucky to pick up a little of her language too. I ended up marrying a filipina. Shes an island girl too, just different islands! lol Now Im trying to convince her thet we can retire to Hawaii winters and spend summers back here... Aloha a hui hou. Dave
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Old 04-17-2009, 02:45 PM
Location: 98166
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I've said it before, don't move here unless you are well off or have family or really good friends here. All in all the people here are "nice". I know Hawaii is supposedly a "melting pot" but there is a TON of resentment towards people from the mainland. It is strange out here. You may meet someone who is mostly caucasian and a fraction Hawaiian and you will here these people say "effing haole(foreigner but when a local says it, it means whitey from the mainland) should go home"! What?!!!! There is a fine line between being "proud of your heritage" and being downright rude, loud, offensive and sometimes violent towards "outsiders". Again, not everyone is like that but there are many and it really takes a little while to start to notice it. I do love Hawaii and all that it has to offer but if we could, we would leave tomorrow with NO regrets. I am so glad I got to live here and experience everything that is Hawaii but it is time to move on. I just want people to at least think twice, maybe even three or four times before picking up and moving here. Remember that it is expensive to move here and you really are in the middle of nowhere! If you do decide to take that plunge, just try to enjoy every minute and be respectful to the people and the land. Oh ya, the cost to ship things here via usps, ups, fedex is OUTRAGEOUS. Some companies won't even ship stuff here(i'm talking about online shopping type stuff).

Last edited by 7th generation; 04-17-2009 at 05:28 PM.. Reason: removed bad language
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Old 04-25-2009, 06:53 AM
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Default Brit moving to Hawaii

Hi Everyone

I'm new to this site and have just come from a brief visit to Hawaii. I'm marrying my US fiance this year and it seems that he is now going to be located in Hawaii with his job, so this is where we will end up living for a while. I'm currently working and living in Hong Kong, even though I'm british and wanted to know if there are many Brits living in Hawaii.

I had quite a weird experience when I visited Hawaii. Your right, it's a little bit of a shocker as its not quite like the brochures when you're out of the touristy areas, and the local people were not quite as pleasant as I was expecting until I opened my mouth. It was very strange....I'm unsure if they thought I was american but when they heard the accent, they were not sure what to make of it.

I've done a lot of travelling, but this was the first time people looked at me like I had two heads...hahahahahahaha.!!!

Anyway, can anyone give me some insight to living in Hawaii being a Brit rather than being american..??? I'm sure there is no difference but it would be interesting to know a Brit's experience if any.

I have to say, I love the big island, especially Oahu where we will be living, but you are right, it is expensive and rentals costs are astronomical. I thought Hong Kong was expensive..!!!! Damn..!!!

thanks for your advice
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Old 05-01-2009, 03:22 PM
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Thanks for the insight.

I have a question about pricing:

I currently live in Downtown Chicago. It seems everything here is much more expensive than the rest of the world. Gas is higher in Chicago than anywhere in the U.S. (maybe not as high as Hawaii though??).

Where does Hawaii's costs of goods compare vs. living in downtown chicago? If it's comparable, then I'll be on the next boat to Oahu...
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Old 05-02-2009, 02:58 PM
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1. real life disapearing and when living here you just don't do the things hawai'i has to offer. i couldn't agree with this at all. i think this depends on the person alone and their personality. every day off it's like i'm on vacation. most things to do here are free, the hiking, site seeing, beaches, camping...i think if you stop taking advantage of what the world you live in has to offer it's only your fault! going out and doing these things isn't necessarily being a tourist either, it's just enjoying where you live.

3. racism. i know it's here, but i never expirience it. i'm not denying it's existance, but i think a lot of the way you are treated when you move here has to do with the attitude you exude when you arrive and put yourself out there. the attitude of "back at home we do things this way" makes people dislike you, hassle you, be rude to you. believe it or not, it was the same in texas. you come from the north and say how these texans are stupid and hillbilly, obviously they will not like you, then you'll be crying about how theres racism and stuff. just a thought on a percentage of the racism here, not all of it. some people are just racist jerks!

5. island fever. this is the big one for me. before i moved here this was everyones second concern (after tsunamis, lava, etc). honestly, if you get island fever, all you need to do is learn to change your mindset, in my opinion. people say "well you can't just up and drive to arizona if you wanted to." really? and how often do you do that? how often do you leave the 20 mile radius of your home and job? and if you run out of things to do on any of these islands, you are not looking hard enough-not that you have to look hard in my opinion. i understand the fact that you can't get in your car and drive for thousands of miles, but knowing that there are thousands of miles of earth surrounding me doesnt feel any different than thousands of miles of ocean, on a place that has so many activities to offer jam packed into it. the possibilities of things to do here are endless! i think island fever is created by the idea of where you are and not the reality of the island. not only are the things to do here so diverse, but you can drive 10 minutes and the scenery will look like a brand new place! the only reason i see island fever being plausable is if someone that doesn't live in honolulu enjoys city things, like bars, nighclubs, 24 hours places, concerts-city things. in that case, moving here was a mistake in the first place!

yes, living here is a lot different from vacationing, just like anywhere in the world you would vacation to. i believe that most of that is your mind set though. mind set and money, the rest of it is all how you take it in!
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Old 05-04-2009, 08:23 PM
Location: Big Island- Hawaii, AK, WA where the whales are!
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yes, living here is a lot different from vacationing, just like anywhere in the world you would vacation to. i believe that most of that is your mind set though. mind set and money, the rest of it is all how you take it in![/quote]

I agree with this statment. I have been coming over - mainly over more since november... I just came back to mainland Saturday... forgive me for the long post....

I took my auntie over with me in the beginning of April to see if she would like to retire in HI... big island...

I have changed my "status" from vacation to almost living - I don't spend the $$ on resorts live with friends -- Pahoa lifestyle but not complete off the grid ... she was there for vacation maybe living....I was tour guide Haha I know now why my friends were so happy I found my vacation myself and then started living in Hawaii - grueling 10 days to cover the island "sites" ... Wow it wasn't so grueling when I was seeing it the first time!!

I found myself settled in... Ya drive to see whales but Ohh Kona soo far -do it once in a while - really drive into Hilo - traffic no not so much I want... My auntie listened to us thinking Wow Hilo must be bad traffic and so far from Puna - she laughed at me when I took her.. that is it? are you kidding... that was less than 20 minutes.

Watched her go through the complete merry go round in ten days - should I shouldn't I ... While still going through my own - Do I really wanta live in Hawaii? Needed a vacation after watching her...

What do I need in Hawaii to live - $$ job market find a niche although don't know what that is.. find a job good luck if not in medical. Mind set yes you gota love the island. Soooo much to offer and give aloha back.

After one day of watching whales too her back - "Ohh been here done that I want to do something else" I was shocked and What? If you have a been here done that type of mind set - this is not the place for you. It is whales are you kidding?!! the beach the ocean the lava .....

People are great - come on if you have an issue with people of the island it is you not them... plain and simple. Give aloha you get it back...

Now are things differnt Ha yes they are!! Dont try to get a safty at the last day of the month! don't try to change it to the main land -- although sometimes it would be nice to have things right now how you expected it would be ---

it won't just deal with how things are done and go to the beach and watch a wave - or look at a hawk in a Mango tree - or enjoy the breeze in your lania - or enjoy the pretty lei flower - slap the mosquito away put on the bug juice - get used to the rain (haha from Washington thought I knew rain - not)

Come to Hawaii with pre concieved notions thinking things will be how you think when living post card resort - give it up and go back to the mainland - it won't work. If you can truly love the islands good and bad (including earthquake lava vog rain) beauty smell of flowers watch a hawk peek down at you see a breech of the whale swim with wild dolphins taste freash fruit watch beautiful hula BBQ with good friends ....you still may wonder is this the right place .... all a mind set.....know your limitations...

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Old 05-04-2009, 11:47 PM
Location: Hawaii
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Originally Posted by HHM View Post
We recently moved our family to Hawaii. Collectively, we have lived in another country, on the mainland in the midwest, in the northeast, in the southeast, in the greater southwest and in south Florida. This includes living in the south side of Chicago, in NY City, in Miami, in suburban Atlanta and in north Texas. We also speak 2 other languages other than English. Basically, we're part of the melting pot. So far, we have found the people of Hawaii to be a mix of arrogant ignorance. One of the strange things kids ask one another here is "What are you?" I have never heard that statement by kids before in my life! I think the reason for that is the political climate that is here with the Kau Inoa, etc. etc. How stupid is that thing? I say Hawaiians melt already and get educated!


Impressed by the beauty of the land but not by its people.
It's sad that you think Hawaiians as a whole need to get educated and melt already. first off your own arrogant ignorance at grouping everyone in Hawaii in one category based on your personal experiences with a handful is for lack of a better word laughable. the question of "what are you" is merely a tool to identify, it is based on the cultural history of Hawaii so please educate yourself on that mater to understand rather than assuming that all the children here must be racist etc. Hawaii as a state is more of a melting pot than a majority of the US. Pidgin (if you dont know google it or find a way to educate yourself on it) itself is a wonderful example of how much various cultures have melded together to form a language unique to Hawaii. It is a type of creole developed on the plantations by the workers who were Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, Portugues etc. various words from each language along with Hawaiian and of course english create a language that many people have a difficult time grasping if not familiar or who have not lived in Hawaii for a long time or grown up here. now not everyone agrees with Kau Inoa (locals included) however to really understand you have to look at Hawaii's history. somewhat similar to that of the Native Americans on the mainland and Maori of New Zealand. Hawaiians were recognized as part of a soverign kindgdom of Hawaii before being overthrown by a handful of Americans. it is difficult to briefly explain this so i suggest you again do your own research before making blatent assumptions which you clearly are not necessarily informed or educated upon. now yes this seems harsh but i detest it when people act high and mighty without being completely informed on various matters. Now I wont deny that yes Hawaii does have its problems just like any other place but to make an assumption about everyone who lives here is pathetic.
oh and i myself come from a family who have collectively lived in Colorado, Illinois (Chicago as well as on a farm near Polo), California (LA and southern CA), Arizona (Tempe), Hawaii (big island), New Zealand (Wellington) and have travelled around Europe, Australia, South Pacific and North America.
oh and i alone can speak spanish, english, italian, japanese and hawaiian pidgin
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