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Old 02-13-2007, 10:34 AM
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Originally Posted by iowastate View Post
You wont find nicer people than in Iowa!! I lived there until March of this year-32 years. We had to move to Arizona and I cannot wait to get the heck out of here. Talk about rude and lazy people, cant even take their carts 2 feet to the corral at the stores. Lots of robberies, murderers, rapes, and road rage!! You cant even watch the news out here it is so filled with bad news. Yeah, Iowa has alot of corn, beans, hogs, and cattle. I guess Iowa has alot of hard working people that appreciate where their food comes from, dont see that in AZ. By the way, the Northeast part of Iowa is considered God's Country. Absolutely beautiful!! Cannot wait to get back!!!
I am so glad you wrote this! I feel exactly the same way. I too have lived in Arizona for many years after growing up in Iowa and believe me everybody, every word written by 'iowastate' is true! As a matter of fact, my husband is in Des Moines interviewing for a job so we can finally move out of this horrid place. I don't even live in a bad area and it's STILL awful! My husband has only been to Iowa once and he was so taken by it, when this job offer came, he didn't even hesitate. Jumped on a plane and was gone. I can't wait to raise our daughter there before she is corrupted by all the goings-on here. Wish us luck, can't wait to go home!
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Old 02-13-2007, 04:10 PM
Location: Southeast Iowa
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It's funny how people either love or hate Iowa. Not much in between. I hated my time living there, but I guess that doesn't mean I hate the entire state. I'm sure there are good things about it too. Like for instance, it's green. But the jobs are low paying, the weather is terrible, no one is friendly to "outsiders," and most of the people there seemed depressed or unhappy with their lives. Why is that? Now, I guess I'll wait for everyone in the Iowa clique to sharply defend their territory and go on and on about how wrong I am. But, we're all entitled to our own opinion about our experiences there.
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Old 02-14-2007, 08:50 PM
Location: Dubuque Metro, Iowa
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Default Nothing but good experiences...

in Iowa. Iowa is full of beauty; in the people, the town, the landscape, and the whole state. Crime is 0 in most of north and east Iowa. Yeah, sometimes you do have to know people in those "one-horse" towns for people to actually acknowledge you. But, Iowa is a popular spot on the presidential campaign, simply because SO MANY people have family there.

The only "bad" areas I think you will find in Iowa are a few spots in Davenport-Bettendorf, Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, and the Omaha metro. And even in spots mentioned crime statistics arent even that high-- As Iowa ranks #12 in crime-free states. Des Moines, though, will have the most problems. I do find more crime on the DM news than the CR news.

Good areas; Especially good areas; Spencer, Mason City, Fort Dodge, Boone, Pella, Dubuque, Mississippi River towns; excluding Davenport, and many,many more spots. Dubuque is probably has the smallest crime-population ratio for a city of its' size in the Midwest. No murders since 2003 :].

There are many beautiful areas in Iowa; it has SO many different landscapes. From Cliffs and Steep bluffs along the Mississippi to rolling hills from Maquoketa to Cedar Rapids, to flat plains in central Iowa, which are beautifully filled withcorn swaying in the wind, it is "bliss." Peaceful retreats and several "hidden and exposed" jewels are found throughout the state.

Towns to visit: DUBUQUE, Bellevue, Decorah, Guttenburg, Muscatine, Burlington, Sioux City, Cedar Falls-nothing in Waterloo, Dyersville, Swiss Village in CR, Amana colonies, and several other small towns....

Eastern Iowa is becoming increasingly popular for tourists; although I dont know the "exact" statistics, I know that areas like Iowa City, and especially Dubuque, with a 425% increase in tourism since 1990 are quickly becoming hot spots, mainly for Chicagoans, looking for a peaceful retreat, and they are delightfully pleased with what they find.

Eastern Iowa, The DM metro, The CR metro, and the OH metro are growing. With WDM being the fastest growing city in Iowa, and fifteenth fastest in the plains, it went from 32,000 in 1990 to almost 60,000 in 2006.

DUBUQUE- increasing tourism, renovation, publicity, and JOBS (especially) make Dubuque h the place! Dubuque proper only went from 56,5 to 58,5 from 2000-2005, but growth is happening in nearby Asbury, Peosta, Epworth, and Farley, (Cascade), too. Each of these areas has had at least a 15% increase in population since 1990, with Asbury exploding to ALMOST 4000, from a majorly contrasting 1895 in 1990. Western areas of Dubuque have recieved numerous shopping facilities; a Sam's Club, and a huge shopping plaza. Kohls, Old Navy, Strabucks, etc., Schools are also becoming way more numerous with a new 2000 capacity middle school built last year in Asbury, and a new elementary school in the works; open by August :]. Dubuque's ever-expanding school district hasnt lost its luster as the 7th best school district in the US, 3rd in the midwest, and 1st in Iowa, as it is the largest, too.

Dubuque us the place to move in Iowa; Peosta too; several new housing developments with homes with prairie views.... 250K-800K.... all over.

The whole state is great; I live in Dubuque; maybe you can tell; and favor it naturally.
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Old 02-14-2007, 08:53 PM
Location: Dubuque Metro, Iowa
209 posts, read 1,030,249 times
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Dubuque was ranked #22 nationwide for cities in job growth. Nationwide, not based on size. It ranked in between Austin, Texas 21, and Orlando, FL 23.

The only Iowa city in the top 100.
The only midwest city in the top 100.
The only cold weather city in the top 150.
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Old 02-15-2007, 10:05 AM
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Default Iowa


Do Not Move To The Quad City Area, We Are Leaving...

Gangs - Gangs - Gangs

They Run The Area And Have Almost Taken It Over And The Cops Dont Scare Them. The Cops Dont Do There Job Either.

There Is Pockets Of Areas Of Nice Neighborhoods, But To Drive To Where You Have To Go- You Drive Thru Very Run Down Dangerous Areas.

The Old Victorian Homes Have Been Split Into Duplex's For The Low Income Families..

The River Has Become So Dirty.. You Dont Want To Eat The Fish, Let Alone Swim In It.the Better Resturants Are No Longer Serving Good Food In Some Of Them.. The Meat Is Notthat Good Any More..
So Really Think About This Move...
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Old 02-15-2007, 06:32 PM
Location: Minnesota..California Dreamin'
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I am not exactly from Iowa, but live there. I am from Minnesota originally, but have always lived close. I have sort of a love/hate relationship with the state. First off, it is beautiful, especially the northeast part, especially in the summer. Honestly, in the summer I love the weather and scenery ( and it is not all flat and cornfields like some people seem to think). I do like it, if not enough not to be not moved more by the scenery of New Hampshire, where I hope to live someday.

Iowa is also a quiet place to live, and it isn't always boring, but none of the shopping in my area is as good as Minnesota. It can get a bit dull, in terms of finding things to do, but then I've never lived in one of the major cities. I would say it is provincial compared to parts of Minnesota. But it is nice and is a quiet place to live in some ways. I'm not one for big places. But, the other side is, quiet equals boring as well as safe.

The greatest problem with Iowa in my view is the people. They can be friendly, yes,( for example, Clear Lake), but they are in the more rural parts, all related to one another. Then, if you are not from there and don't have an area name, it's like everybody is cousins, and if even if they are nice, it is sometimes it is hard to fit in. I know, I am originally from Minnesota, and don't have an area name,etc. They might be friendly, but you are never really part of the crowd, you feel left out.

And they aren't always friendly, either. They can be mired in small town stuff, where outsiders are defintely that. Also, may I add, they have in the more rural parts little intellectual anything. They don't think, at all. But, in the college towns, that isn't true. As well, there are lots of people who live in Iowa, who are not originally from there, so you can find company, and not small town petty company at that. So, you shouldn't write people from Iowa off. The natives tend to be very local, and related to everybody, but even among them, some are sincerely friendly. They aren't always hard to outsiders, nor do I think they try to be. I think it is more outsiders are dealing with a rural everybody's related to everybody else culture.

People who have have much sophistication might find them a bit simple. I know I do. But, Iowa is very scenic, no traffic, and not without culture nor friendly people. But, like in the Bridges of Madison county, these towns are said to be good to raise kids, but can they raise adults? I actually think that book is very accurate with its picture of a small Iowa town, and in some ways things haven't changed much since the '60s. I found that it is fiction, but the way it depicts the people of Iowa isn't just stereotype, it is rather accurate. I know maybe that is an out there comparison, but I have lived in Iowa enough to know, and for the past 18 years, I have lived close to Iowa, when not living there.

But, if you like peace and quiet and a lovely place to live Iowa is for you. I do love it in many ways, just as I hate it in others. Is it enough for me to want to stay if I can help it? Not really, I think I would like New England better. But, don't condemn Iowa, completely, because it is the place for some people, but not for others. I don't think it is the place for me long term, but I enjoy living here most of the time, and if I ever moved, would have fond memories of it. Yet, I think I would be happy if some of the small town hick stuff was over. I guess I love/hate Iowa, but I don't want people to stereotype the state. Just as in all things, there is some bad and good.. but then again some of those small towns where everybody is into agriculture, and is related to everybody else are not the best!!!

Last edited by summer grace; 02-15-2007 at 06:42 PM..
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Old 02-15-2007, 06:56 PM
Location: Minnesota..California Dreamin'
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Originally Posted by RonnieJonez View Post
Cactus Sam does make some valid points. While the people in Iowa aren't as mean as he may think, it is not the most accepting place to newcomers. The people do seem rather standoffish, but that is a trait of the upper midwest in general.

It lacks diversity, culture, and excitement. The trade-off is good schools, low crime, and no traffic.

Yeah, that is accurate. It is also scenic in parts ( Northeast Iowa!!!). I thought Cactus Sam over stated things quite a bit ( no place is perfect), but the quote about the people resonated with me, they are all related. Depending on your attitude and who you are, you might get more acceptance than him ( I can see why he didn't), yet, you will never feel completely accepted, I don't, yet I would certainly say Iowa has it's good points.
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Old 02-25-2007, 02:10 PM
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Default I'm suprised!!! Arizona???

I was looking for some greater areas to live in and one of the places that came up on the net was Arizona (glad to hear about some input). As far as Iowa goes, just brought in a few well known top producer Real Estate Companies to get my properties listed and they explained to me about how bad Real Estate is here. I would have to take at least a $20,000 (in the hole) cut on my properties even though I spent thousands upgrading them with electrical, plumbing, roofs etc. What a shame that property values here are so low and never advance much on the market. My advice is to anyone seeing the low rates in Iowa, better do your homework and figure out there is a reason for it. It's hard for new businesses to start up here, because the taxes are extremely high and the cities are in such poor shape physically, that they find every way possible to not give new business owner's a tax break, therefore the production plants move and set up elsewhere leaving empty buildings everywhere. That is something to look for in a town when moving. No plants, no work, falling down properties. When looking for a new life, a new career, new home, look at how many empty buildings and plants have shut down and moved from that area. As far as the rudeness from some of these so called "Iowans", I was raised here and those are the ones that you don't want to get to know, because they are slicker than druggies when it comes to stealing what they want from you. I have learned to protect my assets and what I brought back here. It's depressing watching all the thefts and the young people caught up in selling and manufacturing drugs to stay afloat. I've never seen so many poor, toothless, mentally chalenged people in one town as here in Burlington, Iowa. The summers are nice but only last 3 months, if your lucky you get almost 4 months of summer. The one's that defend this without going out and volunteering your time to make the situation better, don't jump on my thread, I help out at one of the halfway houses and listen to allot of stories from young men here that have no drivers license and no way to get back up on top to support their families because they are kept in the system so the city can keep generating funds between the halfway houses and the jail. Whenever top jobs in a city are the Sherrif's Dept. and Correctional Officers, City Hall.....Take a long look!
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Old 02-26-2007, 02:19 PM
Location: Southeast Iowa
154 posts, read 860,582 times
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I agree with "Discusted" even though that word is spelled wrong, but you probably meant to do that. Burlington Iowa is definitely a dying town and the building are all boarded up and going out of business. From what I hear that town used to be a lot nicer, back in the old days. I wouldn't know, I wasn't there. All I have to judge it by is how it is now, and I'm going to inherit a few houses and property from my husband's side of the family. I have no interest in living there or raising my daughter there, even if someone were to give us a free 5 bedroom house to live in. I currently live in Arizona and let me warn you, the grass isn't always greener on the other side. I guess just stay away from Northern Arizona, where the cost of living is so high and the jobs here pay so low. Not a good combination. Southern AZ is hot but the jobs pay a LOT more and the housing is reasonable. Flagstaff is a beautiful place, (I currently live here) but for $400k, you get a tiny piece of junk house with 3 bedrooms, nothing special. The jobs here start at $10/hr unless you're a doctor or a lawyer. Most residents here are just vacationing in their second homes. The other people here are struggling to get by, and most of them are planning moves to somewhere else. Just think about it and do research towns thoroughly before moving there. Just a few tips, Cottonwood is a dump, Camp Verde seems nice on the river, but it's also a dump. What I mean by "dump" is lots of meth and trailer parks. Good luck in getting the heck out of Burlington. I'd really like to see that town get remodeled and have a fresh makeover. My husband is from there and has many fond memories of his childhood. I myself, will never live there. Good luck to you.
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Old 02-27-2007, 09:48 AM
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Exclamation Nope....

Iowa.. Oh Iowa.. Where to start. Iowa is one of those places that most my age love to hate. I'm 27 years old and have lived and visited many other places. In comparison to other places Iowa really has little if anything to offer single, career oriented people looking for things to do in their free time. Some say we have out door activities. If you like to kill animals then yes. If you want to boat in lakes that are filled with farm pesticide run off then yes. And if you want to spend most of your winter shoveling your driving way then again yes. Being a person who was born and raised here I find little to stick around here for. There are some jobs, but theres also some poor #$^%&*! that has a wife, kids, and a house payment whos willing to do the same job for much less than you are. In Iowa you ARE paid as if you have a spouse at home to split the bills with and thats just the way it is. The people I feel are the only good thing about this place. But that could just be because I know so many here from being raised here. Yes we are laid back, but you'll find most of us have a dry sense of humor about things. Heck we have to entertain ourselves some how. If I were a person looking to move here look everywhere else first. You probably well be dissappointed...

Last edited by Yorkie_Mom; 02-27-2007 at 06:58 PM.. Reason: explicit
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