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Old 07-17-2007, 12:25 PM
Location: Minnesota..California Dreamin'
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Originally Posted by Ilovejazz View Post
It all boils down to "fit." Take New York City. Some people absolutely love living there and would live nowhere else. Others will whine and complain to death about what a horrible place it is. So, is NYC paradise? Or hell? It completely depends upon the individual.

Substitute Iowa for NYC, and the same situation applies. Some people simply do not "fit" in a particular area. It isn't necessarily the fault of the people or the area. Just as we don't all choose the same occupations and the same friends, we won't all choose the same place to live. Some people do not fare well in a small town, and others do not fare well in metropolises.

What's vitally important to realize is that one person's "misfit" is another person's "fit." Helping people make decisions that are best for them is to give information on the area (one grocery store in town vs 100) rather than say flat out, "I hate the hellhole" or "It's the greatest place on earth."

My experiences in life will simply not be the same experiences as others. That's really what we all need to realize.
That's very true. I guess I am too harsh on IA people. I don't like small towns, but have lived in them all my life, and I agree small towns are the samne everywhere. I just keep to myself and am happy with my own company, and I realize it's going to be that way as long as I live in any small town. I guess if you don't like small towns, you aren't going to like them in IA or any state.
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Old 07-17-2007, 05:28 PM
Location: West Des Moines
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Default thought I'd leave Iowa, but...

I always thought that when my kids were older, I'd move away from Iowa. I was born and raised here, in the small scenic city of Iowa Falls (which, by the way, is a beautiful small town to live in, along the Iowa River bluffs, if anyone is interested in a town of 5000 in the middle of nowhere!) Lately, I've started to change my mind about leaving the state. We have been able to travel to different parts of the country extensively (partly due to Iowa's central location) and we also have two sons who have lived out of state. (One wants to end up in Iowa, the other is still sold on Texas). Central Iowa has great bike trails and four seasons to enjoy them on. I live in West Des Moines and the schools and shopping are great. You have everything you need, and all within 15 minutes. And Des Moines has the "culture" I want, with jazz fests, events on the river, the civic center, etc. Big 12 games are less than an hour away in Ames. I am middle aged but am beginning to get sold on Iowa. It is a great place to live and now I probably won't leave!
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Old 07-18-2007, 07:27 PM
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Smile Iowa is a great place

I absolutely loved living in Iowa City when I was in grad school. (99-02) I have nothing bad to say about Iowa or the people there. Being from WI, I appreciate the friendliness of the midwest. My husband and I have been in southern California for the past 5 years and are planning on moving back to the midwest next summer. we can't wait. California has never felt like home and we miss the friendly people in the midwest, not to mention the slower pace and less expensive standard of living. We are hoping to end up in Iowa City again or perhaps Madison, depending on where my husband gets a position.
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Old 08-05-2007, 07:00 PM
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The last time I checked the Quad cities was voted one of the top five places in america for well-mannered(friendly) people. Sounds like you were creating your own misery. And Californians friendly?? If you define friendly as fake, self centered, and money oriented then you nailed that one. You definitely belong in a Desert. I hope you dont run out of aqua!!
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Old 08-06-2007, 02:00 AM
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Default Recent transplant from SoCal

I just moved to Davenport, IA. Just a few observations about the QC

First, Summer is very humid. I lived in the desert for the last few years, summer temps are rarely under 100 deg, but its a dry heat. Humidity can make 85 seem unbearable. I like that the weather forcasters call it sulty. Ha sultry sounds like fun. This is just sticky, draining and uncomfortable.

I agree that a lot of people are very guarded. Tread lightly until you can get a feel of peoples personalities. Californians tend to be an open book with their life storys. Maybe its gossipy, but its what I'm used to. People aren't nearly as blatant here. My co-workers didn't even ask if I had kids or was married for a few months.

Clothing is vey conservative. I thought I was modest but women glare anytime I show the slightest hint of cleavage. Even at clubs and bars its noticable. Some old co-workers (from different part of the US, but all live in Cali now) came out for a visit. Being young 25-ish girls, we put on out best clubbing clothes and went out on the town. Most of the people out were wearing jeans and t-shirts or tank tops. We were very over dressed. Funny that we would have fit right in if we were out in a little desert town in CA.

Davenport is going through a major overhaul, but its clear that the money is going into a very small area of the town. A good portion of the town is very run down. I'm sure that will change as the revitaliztion progresses.

The traffic situation is a mess. It takes a great deal of time to travel on surface streets during the day. Take this into consideration when choosing an area to live in. Also, if you work across the river you will have to cross a bridge. The one I use is a drawbridge. It takes a while for barges to get under, so I have to leave about 25 min early to give myself time to cross on another bridge if needed.
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Old 08-12-2007, 12:37 AM
Location: Lenexa Kansas
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To cactus sam

I'm sorry for your experience but welcome to reality! Do you really think your going to move to dinky little town with a population of 10-20,000 and expect heaven? Did you except it to be like that movie field of dreams?
Most of Iowa is full of tiny little farming towns that have 2 or 3 generations of families that grew up there. Your not going to get the mix of people you would get in Arizona or California, but you would experience the same thing in any small community even if was someplace like AJO AZ or Barstow CA if your not Mexican or Native American or a meth addict you won't fit in.
I personally would never go back to Iowa but I think you can't lay a blanket decision on a whole state.
Personally I hate Phoenix and could say a ton of negative things about it but I think Arizona as a whole is a beautiful state and I will miss a lot of things about it when I leave, but I'm looking forward to moving back to the Midwest. If you’re happy out west more power to you but don't blame a whole state because of some negative experiences.
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Old 08-14-2007, 11:16 AM
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Default Another Recent transplant from SoCal

Well I finally made the move from to Iowa in a town called Marion. I had been posting and reading on this thread for a while now. I used this thread to really help me understand Iowa while I was still in So Cal. And let me say after the move, WOW what a friken change. I still can't get over it. I must have had 5 or 6 nieghboors offer to help me move in during the week that I was getting into my new home. In So Cal, the only time I had a nighboor get into my garage to move things was the time they moved my DVD player from my SUV and my entire drum set into their car at like 3 in the morning. And they where so kind in that they didn't even wake me to tell me. They just took it all. You like that?

Marion is about 3 hours from Chicago. I moved from Hell,..uh oops I mean Southern California after being there for 15 years. It's like Hell; in more ways than one. It's been well above the 100s, and in Iowa. Ha. Everyone complains about the muggy heat and I just LOL. At least in rains in Iowa, and in July! I think So Cal gets what? 6 inches a year? That's like Morocco or something - and So Cal residents pay for the weather???!! LOL!

But do you know what makes me LOL more than that. The friken market in So Cal and the suckers (me included) that bought over-inflated priced homes in places between San Diego and LA. That's what makes me LOL. Homes, well these are like stucco huts really, were going for about the same price as homes in San Diego. That's ridiculous! LOL. And now. Those same homes inland are like 200k less in value because the market tanked. So now I am trying to get rid of my home in SoCal for 100k less than I bought it for 9 months ago. LOL!!! Do you know how many families I've met so far in Marion Iowa that have moved from (or escaped from) So Cal and some families from the very town I'm from. It's amazing!

It was scary in So Cal to drive down the freeways not seeing Cops for months at a time. Who's seen the racing movie: Need for Speed? Ok, no joke, there are idiots exactly like that getting killed and almost killing innocent people, like my wife and 1 month old for example, driving on the So Cal freeways all the time. That's what you get when the force doesn't want to stick around because the city is bankrupt and overpopulated, the pay sucks, and the houses are way too expensive.

I lived in (what the home builders coerced me into believing was) a nice area of So Cal. Nice is what, twice a month helicopter search lights instead of 10 times a month? LOL!

So I know what you're thinking. The job offer I got in Iowa is probably pays less and the homes are not as nice right? WRONG! The homes in Iowa, well let me just say this, California homes are built for one thing and one thing alone: BUILDER PROFIT. I know cause my dad is a land subdivider. How many stucco huts can we put in a square acre in So Cal? Profit. Just go to So Cal and see it for yourself. It's ugly. Maybe it's not like that in Marion IA because we are about 48% cheaper cost of living than So Cal, so that's maybe why all the builders are not trying to make millions off young families with kids just trying to stay afloat in the ridiculous economy and job market So Cal had to offer.

Each home I've seen isn't built like the track shacks in So Cal. They have tracks out here but each house is unique and made from beautiful brick or wood and each on it's own quarter acre for the most part some larger lots and some smaller, but at least you don't have to look into your neighbors bathroom when you want to look outside. I thought maybe I was going to get a pay cut when moving to Iowa. Nope. Pay raise. Common myth about So Cal is you make more. Well, maybe for some professions if you are into the rat race commute thing and you don't care about ever seeing your kids during the week, or the light of day.

So I move out here and I drive 5 minutes to work from our home we helped design (you can't do that in So Cal) which was 229k at 3000 square feet. LOL! Try that in San Diego. And I actually get to see my kids during the week and ... sometimes for lunch... So anyways, Iowa has been a blast so far. I just love driving right at the speed limit not worrying about the flow of traffic at 90+. Maybe that's why we drive so much slower out here, because we're not worried and stressed about the BMW payments or the Caddie payments with the 24s, and our over priced mortgage as a double/triple income family that doesn't experience a true family bond because everyone works and commutes, and for what?!

And for all of those So Cal friends and family that gasped at the thought of me moving my wife and five kids to Iowa, you don't know what you're missing. It is so much nicer out here. Yes we have the snow, but that's the price you have to pay if you don't want to commute the rest of your life, not see your kids or wife because everyone has to work, and then sell your soul to your company in order to meet your bills.

Anyways, Iowa is great to me. It is. The people. The drivers. The population. The presence of Police Officers. The homes. The land. The parks. The sparse traffic. The lack of hoochies thereof. Hey, I'm straight, but if you respect women and especially your own wife and daughters, it gets kind of disgusting when the majority of women you look at all day long dress like their trying to get every male on earth to..... I mean, what the hell are they trying to prove? Shouldn't they save that for their husbands? I think a women's beauty for her husband (future and current) is a priceless possession not bought and sold. Anyways, ladies out here dress like they're not trying to get laid in broad daylight.

In closing, I took pictures of my last commute in San Diego a few months ago and posted them in my cube at my new job just to show everyone what I had to go through each day to survive in So Cal. Everyone can't believe what they see: five lanes of grid lock traffic over a ten mile stretch; and it was like that every-friken-day from 5am to 9:30am and 3pm to 6:30pm.

So, for anyone that likes So Cal, I hope you enjoy it just as much as my family and I did which, in short, was as much in worth as the dirt that fell from my shoes as I picked up and left that rat race.

Last edited by Malcolm; 08-14-2007 at 12:37 PM..
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Old 08-15-2007, 07:02 AM
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I have lived in several states including Texas, Missouri, Louisiana, Florida but none compare with Iowa. I like the people here most. They are my type and I can converse with them easily. I have never met any like them in the other states. I feel at home here.
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Old 08-24-2007, 12:36 AM
Location: West Des Moines
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I have lived in Iowa West Des Moines for almost 18 years and I travel a lot and I feel that this is defenetly home and there is no better place to raise a family, no traffic issues. As far as Des Moines and crime well live in West Des Moines or Urbandale and youll be fine. And for shopping why not use the internet like to rest of the world?
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Old 08-24-2007, 11:53 AM
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Malcolm, wow man you made me remember why I left Carlsbad over 14 years ago. It was bad in the early 90's, but now much worse. I go back to visit every summer, and while I still fully intend on moving back to retire, living my life and raising my family is best done right here. Iowa feels like home and yet so does Calif.....just Calif takes me back to my roots, the sun, sand, weather and actually I like the Hoochies, cause between you and me, people wear the same thing here, but its not quite the same with an additional 50 lbs dripping over the sides.
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