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Thread summary:

Seeking advice from Southern California transplants living in Kentucky, how to adjust to move, weather/climate, acceptance to racial diversity, homesickness

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Old 03-18-2007, 10:13 PM
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Hello, if you have relocated to Ky from So Cal please advise me for your opinions regarding your new location in Ky and what you believe to be the areas of adjustment needed to successfully transition to Ky.

If your transition/relocation is not working out and the reasons are related to a difficult relocation/adjustment please advise (if not too personal).

We are seeking to relocate in few years from So Cal to Ky and have some concerns about the following: weather, receptiveness to racial diversity, and of course the 'homesick' factor for So Cal.
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Old 03-19-2007, 08:10 AM
Location: Prospect, KY
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We live near the beach in So. California and are moving to KY next year (retiring). I have visited numerous times - in fact, I have a visit coming up. KY is beautiful, clean and the vast majority of it is much safer than So. California. The lack of traffic will amaze you. Sure there are a few back-ups during rush hour but they are temporary and I find I can scoot around the city and surrounding areas with little problem. You will be amazed at how clean and nice downtown is and how beautiful the suburbs are. We have traveled

My best friend and her husband moved to Prospect almost 2 years ago from So. California - they never talk about So. California because they absolutely love their gorgeous KY home and their life in KY. My friend is an interior decorator...her house in So. California was fabulous but it doesn't hold a candle to her home in Prospect (about 15 - 20 minutes from down town).

My husband and I have traveled throughout the south - people from KY are some of the friendliest people we have encountered.

We like that sales tax is 6% instead of the nearly 8% that we pay now. We love the openness and semi-rural feeling of many of the beautiful communities that are within 20 to 30 minutes of down town....great restaurants, the arts are flourishing.

My friend that lives in Prospect has a 5,200 square foot home - their utility bills are almost 50% less per month than ours are here in So. California in our 1700 square foot home. Groceries and clothing cost about the same. Gas is cheaper as is insurance, overall taxation, and of course housing. We like that KY gives a $41,100 income tax exclusion on pension income - so that helps a bit.

And again, the people are extremely nice there - generous with their help and advice. I have meant some quirky and endearing types too that help make KY a charming place. There are some great little old towns and lots of places to explore and discover.

Now the negatives: Tornadoes - the first time I heard a tornado siren while out shopping, I was a little scared, but I got over it - no damage to me or the shopping center I was in....(I'm used to living with the possibility of earthquakes after all).

The summers are hot and humid (I adore the south and love the heat and humidity - go figure). If you exercise outdoors, the humidity will be a deterrent. But the early mornings and evenings are great for walks and bike rides and many people have home gyms (the homes are huge and plenty of room for a gym).

The winters can bring snow, ice and cold that we are not used to. But the streets are kept clear (you still have to worry about your driveway) and with the proper winter clothing, you can carry on with your life pretty much as you like (just with more clothes on than we are used to). Ice is really not something I enjoy driving on - if there is ice, we don't go out). There are some warm days during winter just like we have here - t-shirt days so you do get a break some times. Many people travel during the coldest winter months but my California friend and her husband have no problem with the weather and say it rarely hampers their plans - they have totally acclimated. There are some unbelievable storms in KY - not unusual for the electricity to go out for a time - many people have generators.

Racial Diversity in KY is not something I know much about. I do know that there was a black couple that lived in the tony area where my friend lives - they were pretty much ignored and not befriended so they moved to another area closer to down town and are happier there.... so I think acceptance of racial diversity is something that you might be concerned about but I'm not sure. KY is very white I have noticed. We have a daughter in law that is half black and would not have any reservations about her coming to visit us (we wouldn't be afraid she would be shunned or anything)....we were at one time considering living in the deep south and how people would respond to our daughter in law concerned us.

One of the things I love about KY is that it is centrally located - you can drive to New York or New England in a day, to Chicago in less than a day, to the coast in a day, etc.

Louisville has a great airport, lots of choices in medical care and huge choices in neighborhoods in which to live...I've heard that Oldham County (next to Jefferson County where Louisville is located) has great schools.

There is a level to sophistication in restaurants, the arts and shopping that will surprise you. Many of the neighborhoods are very traditional looking, very established and beautiful...closer to down town there are some very contemporary lofts and condo rehabs.

I will miss the beach when we move - no doubt about it. But I love sitting at a restaurant on the Ohio and watching the barges and paddle boats go by - different than So. California but very charming.

My friend bought us a subscription to Louisville Magazine and we love it - it is a wonderful way to see what is happening in the Louisville area and to get a feel for the city, restaurants, the arts, etc.

I know nearly 20 people who have relocated from So. California to Louisville - they all love it and do not miss California (at least that is what they say)....in fact, when they visit So. California for weddings and things, they can't wait to get back to KY.

My husband and I will be young retirees and we can hardly wait to move. We have a very nice life and home here, but we are very tired of the pollution, crime, traffic (most of all) and the high cost of living...we know KY is right for us. Keep in mind that all of my perceptions are based on extended visits to KY - we don't live there, but we have certainly done our research.

Good luck in deciding about your move.

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Old 03-19-2007, 09:14 PM
26 posts, read 139,468 times
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Default Thanks Cattknap

Hi Cattknap, you've certaintly detailed quite a bit for us. We are nearing retirement age (5 years away) and we too have the same aspirations. The income tax exclusion for pension income to $41K is a huge consideration! We too have friends in E-town, Ky who are Ca transplants. Their input for E-town is very positive overall however the weather (cold, storms, tornadoes) are also a shared concern.

I really appreciate your input for diversity and your comfort level for your daughter in law, that's very important (and I find it significant that your perception of Ky is so favorable in that respect). We are sensitive to racial diversity as we are a black couple and we would not wish to be made to feel ostracized. It's funny because we have friends who are in E-town (also black) and they have expressed overall positive statements for their perception of acceptance.

The only incidence mentioned was my friend was in a public setting and he was asking a question to an employee who ignored him (and my friend was very aware it was racially motivated). This incident was a source of irritation for my friend however he quickly accepted the other person's attitude of one of ignorance and my friend choose to overlook the matter.

I do understand your comments regarding your friend's friends (the black couple who moved to another community) and I assume they moved towards a city that had a larger minority population. We have visited E-town once last year and are coming out again at the end of this month.

E-town seems to be a quaint town, and our experience at several public stores/restaurants have been nothing but friendly, courteous treatment. In fact, I think I would be very surprised if I encountered anything but that however I am not naive to the fact that racism exists (everywhere for that fact).

Another positive for E-town (and I suspect other parts of Ky) is when we visited last year we drove through several subdivisions just looking at neighborhoods. Our objective was to get a feel for the area, check out the scene and just make some general observation (including determing our ability to cope with the humidity - we visited E-town in Aug 06).

What really surprised us was we were greeted in passing by other motorists (mostly white) who either waved and smiled at us as we drove past their vehicle (and some waved from their drive ways). Since you live in So Cal, I don't have to tell you that this NEVER happpens here (for whatever reason). That said, our initial impression of Ky is the general public treated us with a level of friendliness that surpassed our expectations!

Changing subjects; So Cal is just too expensive & conjested and we really cannot see ourselves retiring here. The problem is most of our family and extended family lives here so moving to Ky is a foriegn prospect for us and many of our family members are questioning the clarity of our thinking!

The other thing that concerns me is my wife has horrible allergies, she is really plagued by sinus headaches and my concern for her is Ky has large spanses of greenery, grass and what I suspect may be more problematic for her and that she may find making the adjustment to Ky to be possibly really tough in terms of her allergies.

Last edited by Wayne G; 03-19-2007 at 09:31 PM..
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Old 03-19-2007, 11:11 PM
Location: Prospect, KY
5,284 posts, read 20,043,847 times
Reputation: 6666
Hi Wayne - it sounds like you have thought out your contemplated move in a logical and realistic way. I know that you realize that there is prejudice in the south (and every place else unfortunately), but I have met some very nice blacks that have very happy lives in KY - good jobs, lovely homes, friends, etc., so I know it is possible to do well there.

Regarding our move to KY, all of our friends and family question the clarity of our thinking as well - none of them have been to Kentucky and all of them think that So. California is the best place in the nation to live...I stopped arguing with them - I just smile and nod and know that there are better places to live - nicer, cheaper, cleaner, less crowded, etc. I plan not to miss California or talk about it once we move....there are fun adventures for my husband and me and KY is a jumping off point for our travel and retirement enjoyment.

As far as allergies go, few people I know have worse allergies than I do - I take Alegra, Flonase and Singulair every day of my life - when things get too bad, I take prednisone and an inhaler. Remember that Los Angeles County including Long Beach (along with Riverside, San Bernardino and other nearby areas) have the dirtiest air in the nation - the highest degree of particulate pollution in the nation....that can't be good for those of us with allergies. I have been in KY for only 2-3 weeks at a time - I have fewer allergies there than here, but it often takes a year or more for new allergies to emerge once you relocate....I just figure my allergies can't be worse than they are here (I hope)...at least I'll be suffering from lovely pollen instead of brown filthy air. I notice that the further out from Louisville you go, the purer the air is - many places in Oldham County have practically perfect air - all I know is that the air feels like Mountain Air to me - my poor brown lungs suck in the clean stuff as fast as they can, LOL.

Keep doing your research and do visit KY as often as you can before you decide...also subscribe to Louisville Magazine and do check out the Courier-Journal Newspaper online - mostly their headlines involve sports and traffic accidents - a refreshing change from L.A.

Take care and good luck to you and your wife.
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Old 03-20-2007, 01:29 AM
Location: Hopkinsville, Kentucky
7 posts, read 26,577 times
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Default From S Cal to KY & Loving It

My husband and I chose to move to KY close to 1 1/2yrs ago. We lived 99% of our lives in S Cal & shocked everyone we knew with our decision. We have never regretted it and will never go back. Cost of living overall is about 40% less and a big piece of this is the cost of housing. Of course the average salary can be aligned to this too depending upon your profession. We moved slightly before retirement as I had been a 30yr corp executive and chose not to take a relocation with a corp. buy out & we thought there must be a better lifestyle & after months of research moved to KY. We chose a small town area 30,000 and actually live in a border town of less than 1000. We bought 35 acres, I changed careers and my husband's job came with him & he now works from home.

People talk about the humidity however, we lived in FL for just over 1 year and nothing feels really humid after that. The area we chose has very minimal snow maybe a couple inches at a time (just enough to make it beautiful without the mess). We have found the people to be wonderful. Out on the rural roads people in vehicles or out front just waive to you as you pass by. We have a few bi-racial close friends and it was important for us to find a place that they would feel comfortable visiting. So far their visits have gone great and nobody has felt uncomfortable at all. I work very close with the public and find there can be some comments however,for the most part it is very minimal. I think this can be found anywhere. I heard things in FL and CA. I do agree as noted in one reply that this can be very heightened in the far south as my same friends have family that they still cannot visit there.

It is much calmer and cleaner here, the only big negative I have is tick season and I buy Off by the case full and of course it impacts your pets too and you need to check them each time they come in. The only thing we really miss is real Mexican food, a barbeque meal at a restraurant that includes beef and/or beef ribs (everything is pork). However, the trade off is well worth it.

I hope everything works out well for you both and that I was able to answer your questions. If not, just let me know I'll gladly answer any I can.
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Old 03-20-2007, 06:52 AM
Location: Prospect, KY
5,284 posts, read 20,043,847 times
Reputation: 6666
Good to read your post Walker. With my allergies, pets aren't a problem because we can't have them....we don't want the upkeep on a big piece of property, so we hope ticks won't be a problem if we buy a patio home or a home with 1/2 an acre - can you spray for ticks?

There is a good Mexican place - hole in the wall down town run by Mexican people - cannot remember the name but I will try to find out....they serve very good authentic Mexican food.....hey that was one of the reasons we finally decided to retire to KY - gotta have good Mexican food!! For barbecue we go to Juicy's - I believe it is in Oldham County - I don't know my way around KY very well mostly because my friend and I are always talking and she drives and I don't pay attention - however, I do know my way to the malls - go figure :-).....good to read your post and I'm sure Wayne will appreciate what you have said.
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Old 03-20-2007, 11:15 PM
26 posts, read 139,468 times
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Regarding:[We chose a small town area 30,000 and actually live in a border town of less than 1000.... We have found the people to be wonderful. Out on the rural roads people in vehicles or out front just waive to you as you pass by. We have a few bi-racial close friends and it was important for us to find a place that they would feel comfortable visiting. So far their visits have gone great and nobody has felt uncomfortable at all.]

Hello Walker, thanks for your comments! I noticed your town is Hopkinsville, Ky and I researched this town on Sperling's Best Places and it appears to be one of the most racially diverse small towns in Ky. This was of interest to us because we like diversity and if not for the good friends that we have in E-town I would otherwise have considered Hopkinsville.

And I still may do so because it appears to be not that far from E-town so if we liked it and could drive to visit our friends that might be another option. Not that we have felt unwelcomed in E-town, that is not the case at all. My friend says Leitchfield is where there is more racial prejudice (I am not sure where that is in relationship to either E-town or Hopkinsville but I will find out).

I have checked Hopkinsville home costs on Realtor.com and found the homes to be nice and the subdivisions appear well kept too. Its hard to tell just looking at real estate thumbnails so I guess we'll have to check it out the next time we can get out that way.
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Old 03-21-2007, 10:09 AM
Location: Prospect, KY
5,284 posts, read 20,043,847 times
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Walker - one of the good Mexican restaurants is El Mundo at 2345 Frankfort Avenue - have you tried that one?
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Old 03-21-2007, 02:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Cattknap View Post
Walker - one of the good Mexican restaurants is El Mundo at 2345 Frankfort Avenue - have you tried that one?
If you want REAL mexican, you need to hit Eastern Boulevard in Clarksville, IN or South Preston Highway in Louisville. La Herradura is good in Clarksville and La Tapatia on Preston in Louisville. Perhaps the best Mexican in the metro is La Rosita in New Albany. This place is also very "gringo" friendly where as the others are too but mostly cater to Hispanic patrons. There are hoardes more too, as the Mexican population grows, there are probably something like 30-40 Mexican taquerias that cater exclusively to Mexicans and offer the most authentic food. There are also panaderiasa and other stores all over. So try La Rosita and then La Tapatia then get back to me

el Mundo is americanized mexican served california style. good, but not the real deal. Los Aztecas downtown is good and fairly authentic but has been amricanized, just like the rest of them like el Nopal, el nopalito, and the other local mini chains.
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Old 03-21-2007, 04:23 PM
Location: Prospect, KY
5,284 posts, read 20,043,847 times
Reputation: 6666
Thanks stx - I haven't been to any good Mexican restaurant in KY at this point - but was told about El Mundo and another restaurant (can't remember)...we were assured they were good - glad to have your suggestions as both my husband and I tend to go through withdrawals (and it isn't pretty) when we don't get our Mexican food at least twice a week :-) .
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