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Old 11-01-2015, 07:19 AM
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It's purely amazing that Vitter would support the nature of divisive ads, that seek to play to the Right Winger, Tea Party mentality of hating the fact of A Black Man as President, so much so, he denigrates the President and tries to use that denigration to also denigrate Edwards.

The Attack AD Vitter Launched Against Edwards is a political shame.

People already know that many right wingers don't like the idea that a black man is president, they dislike it so much they deny and dis-acknowledge all the positive works of the President. They won't even acknowledge his works on getting the economy off the down hill slide, they won't acknowledge the help ACA has done for many people, they won't acknowledge he killed Bin Laden with a Seal Team.
Rather they(Republicans) support (the Bush Strategy) of wasting $Trillions fighting wars on Two Lands and claiming to be unable to kill Bin Laden . They won't acknowledge the President Obama plan, of which Bin Laden was killed without maiming and loosing more lives or adding to the thousands of American lives lost under the Bush Strategy, when President Obama used a Seal Team. President Obama did as he said, "He said he would find and kill Bin Laden, but he would use a Scapulae approach, "NOT" a Broad Axe, and that is exactly what he did. He used the precision of a Seal Team. Republican glossed right over and ignored completely that fact; bigotry would not allow their ears to open or their eyes and mind to acknowledge it. They won't acknowledge the debt crisis escalation of the Bush agenda still reverberates to add to the debt escalation, they want to pretend that the debt escalation of the Bush agenda has stop limits, when the fact the wars created still rage, adding more to the debt on a daily basis with not visible end in site as wars rage on, and sick and damaged people expense continue to mount and war game expense has not ceased. It's insidious, how they want to discount such factors and being continuing problems of the Bush/Cheney Legacy.

They won't acknowledge that Republicans stood in the way of more and improved banking reforms, and they won't acknowledge that President Obama made efforts to put regulatory controls on Wall Street, but it was the Republicans who supported Wall Street to continue its Casino Games and Gambling Atmosphere. People seem to forget that it was Republican who wanted to give the banks 750 billion with no questions asked and no repayment plan, it was Republican who wanted to not support funding for GM, which could have cost job losses across the country in all the support industry who survive by being providers of products and services to GM. Republican gridlocked the housing refinance programs, for an extended period while many continued to loose their homes and their life stability of having a home. Jinda did not make any efforts to try and save peoples homes, or push for banking reforms which could help struggling home owners. Vitter took no effort to support or launch any support to help struggling home owners retain their homes, he was too busy playing Republican games of trying to defeat the President and play the game to try and make him a one term president, rather than working to use the programs to help the people of Louisiana.

They won't even acknowledge that Jindal, and his desperate aims to be the Republican Poster Boy, damaged this state with his denials of Stimulus finds, denial of Medicaid fund, and fought against anything and everything that President Obama tried to do to help states. They won't even acknowledge other states republican governors, stepped up and ask for the money that many republican governors denied in public, but came running through the back door asking for it out of view of their republican base. people don't stop to realize the squandering of the Katrina Funds, or the support of Insurance Companies gouging the people, or the games played with Stimulus programs in an aim to make them under-perform in an aim to try and make them fail. Everything out of Vitter and Jindals mouth was against anything President Obama presented, without even considering the proposals, they took an adversarial stance.

People need to wake up and get over the bigotry ride, and let go of the racist divide mentality and pay attention. Republican Leadership has Devastated Louisiana, Devastated Higher Education Funding and Assaulted the LSU Medical system by trying to give it away via outsourcing which further damaged the LSU Medical Schools Stature and Potential.

Louisiana has historically paid people low ages, then during the Nation Wide mass of Job Losses, Jindal wanted to deny people even the benefit of unemployment compensation. How insulting !!!! to the people such an act was and is. Vitter falls right in line with the disrespect of the people of this state and detest the assistance for the poor and elderly.

Everyone who lives will get old, the people need to accept that reality, and understand, if you elect someone who has no concern for the elderly, it may be YOU or Your Parents, who is denied the assistance they truly need. If anything, the state needs someone who champion Senior Citizens, and the Youth, as well as the working poor.
The state needs someone who has concerns that can support building for seniors in their later years, but promoting the building of more senior care facilities, lowering the cost of Assisted Living facilities by promoting contractors to build more and bringing in business who can run these as a cost where people can afford it. We need to step up the training or more people in the nursing field and other medical fields, which means not only should LSU Medical be funded properly and supported, it should be supported to expand its programming to massively train more people who are skilled in elderly and child sickness care.

We need a more progressive minded Governor, who can set the tone for this state to advance. Not go into more of the Austerity Posturing which Jindal and Vitter commit themselves to. Austerity only benefits the wealthy and well to do, it devastates the mass of the population.

Why would any intelligent voter have any concern to even consider Vitter. Only the one he plays to who are hung up in the 1950-1960's Georgian; George Wallace and Bull Connor mentality would ever vote for Vitter.

Right Wingers seem to have forgotten the excessive efforts Vitter put into trying to frighten the senior citizens against ACA. None of the Vitter claims are even remotely a part of ACA. But with Republican Selective Amnesia they seem to have forgotten those antic's engaged by Vitter.

Vitter would like to continue to devastate this state with the Confederate Antebellum Ideology, and its time for the people of Louisiana to let go of that madness and move on to become the quality and stature of State it has capability to be, once it let's go of the Confederate Antebellum Ideology.

This State ranks last in so many categories, and certainly in health, yet he would and did support the near destruction of LSU Medical and other Medical programs in this state.

The young people are assaulted with the devastation of monies looted from the School systems under Jindal and the Republican Agenda. How do you strip 800-900 million dollars from higher education? and claim to care about the young people or this state.

Neither of these men (Jindal and/or Vitter) respect the Preamble of this State.

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Old 11-02-2015, 07:44 AM
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What does it take for Canididates to simply not waste the voter contributions on negative attack ads, and actually get up and talk about what they CAN and WILL do for the State and its people. Is that too much committment for them to make? We really don't need any divisive ads and race baiting slants and other negativity, people need to know more about a Canididate, than just knowing they are a vicious attacker !!!! Are these Attacks a sign of incompetency, ineptitude and/or basic desperation?

One can guess some who engage in negative ad's think pushing down others will lift them up. If so, that alone is a dangerous individual, one may inquire if such a person is so bold and quick to negatively attack an opponent, then what kind of negativity will they engage during the term if they get elected. Will their vicious nature continue? Will they focus more on attacks than actually doing something positive for the people and the State?

It's sad so many have ran whole campaigns with the attack Obama madness, and trying to use that to garner votes. We saw it with Campbell.. how could this man have won, based on nothing more than Ad, claiming to challenge and attack Obama.
When fact is, he is no were in an arena of power nor influence that can do anything to the President or the whole of the Administration when congressional decisions have been made.

Maybe people just don't care to have politicians who can and will work for the people, and prefer to have 'adversarial attackers at their represented leader". If so, that is pretty pathetic to make a vote selection based on such insidious criterion.

America is as it is, politically, because people vote not from being informed, but from advertised name circulation, and who can generate the most contentions and conflicts. They they wonder why we have a congress full of "Contention and Conflict makers", as if this is their prime duty as office holder.

Even in Local Races, we see some who think their longevity should give them a new position when they get tired or retire from the one they have. When fact is, even in local elections the city needs people who Can and Will do something to improve the system they are running office to preside over.

If america does not become 'astute" and "informed" about whom they elect, then people have no one but themselves to blame. If people vote based on "bigotry", "racism", and other divisiveness, then they have only themselves to blame when nothing gets done, or the dismantling of things to support and progress the people becomes destroyed or entangled in negativity until it becomes non functional.

Maybe the later 21st Century citizens as they get older, maybe by the year 2030 or so, will be wiser than the current generation and the baby boomer generation, when it comes to electing people to represent a political system or office?

It is for certain that it will take another full and maybe two generations to diminish and rid this nations and its people of the Antebellum Confederate Ideological aims, and actually accept tht the Civil War has been over for Decades upon Decades.

Maybe it may take the continual rise of China and other Asian Nations, to show the people how divisive insidious mentality and activity brought down the nation of America. At some point, some nature of "SHOCKER" will hit the atomsphere to force people to think beyond themselves, to think beyond bigotry, and think beyond greed and avarice. to actually begin to learn and care about what is really important in and of America.
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Old 11-04-2015, 09:20 AM
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When we look at Kentucky and other places that chose Republican (Tea Party) Leadership, then we as a state must certainly be concerned.
Truth, Fact and Reality is: We've watched the Republican ( Right Wing / FAR Right Tea Party) wreak havoc and gridlock, stall out and hold back this nation in a wide variety of concerns and issues, while seeking to dismantle programs, and still there were and are people who follow that sort of mentality.

We watched in this State, Education Funding get Butchered, Medicaid funds denied to limit accessibility to the citizen population, We've seen a disasterous assault upon the LSU Medical, and watch for two terms as the Administration was cut, in aims to defeat anyone and anything that opposed Jindal's attack mentality upon the State and its Programs. The list of damages are broad, but there is a segment of society who have no concern for the damages they do nor those which have been done, they are only of concern for their "divisiveness driven decisions", " they succumb to racial slanted campaigns to the point of obsession in following the Republican Agenda to deny and seek to defeat anything and everything that President Obama has engaged to do for the people of this nation.

They have no concern of how they damage and assault this nation, themselves, and their own offsprings, by their pursuits to try and "deny something". All because they think it may have some means to benefit minorities, single women, and dirt poor whites.

They will immediately stand up and lock step to give the WEALTHY another tax break, another concession and allow the wealthy corporate LOBBYIST, to buy away the voice of the people. They support the Lobbyist for big banking to try and COVERTLY CREATE PLOYS TO UN-DO THE REGULATORY CONTROLS ON BANKS, AND FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS.

They deny that mankind has damanged the atomsphere, so they have no concern for regulatory controls of carbon emissions. These are the same type of mentalities, who'd again spray crops with DDT if they could get away with doing so. Well after it is a known carcenogen !!!!!

You never hear them talk about bringing jobs back, because Big Corporation has paid them to "shut up about it", so the products can continue to be made offshore, while America continues its economic decline.

They want to push things like the Keystone Pipeline, which is the dirtest fuel to date, but they have no concern for environmental impact, nor the fact this products moves across American lands, to go to the Gulf for Exports to benefit Canada.

Stop, Look and Listen; Then be certain not to engage SELECTIVE AMNESIA, and you will see and know as well as understand how the Republican System embroiled us in two wars raging more than a decade each, trillions spent but the claim was they could not catch or kill a 15 cent criminal Bin Laden.

It's as if they continue to fight the same ideological battles that created the Civil War. They want to encumber and indenture people, and allow corporatiohns to work people, for a wage which is no higher than what it would cost a slave owner to house and feed a slave. That's all that $7.xx and hour is the current cost it would be for a plantation owner to house and feed a slave.

When you watch people turn their vote, just at the mention of the Presidents name, then we know the vote is being driven by bigotry, racism and the historical bias, which some cannot let go of. The historical ignorance is so ingrained, they can and do salivate with anguished vile, at the thought of wreaking havoc within and upon any plan or idea the President proposes.

It will be a long time before America can rid itself of these mentalities, as they are in many ways already infecting the minds of a whole new generation to continue their madness and self consumption driven mentality.

People who are nation respecting and have concern for the dignity of humanity within the American Peoples mass. Then you need to prepare to get out and vote. Remember, when wise and considerate people who respect equality and dignity of all persons does not vote. Then, it is easy for the Antebellum Confederates to continue their march to try and revert this nations back 150-200 yrs, by trying to recreate the illusions and delusions they lived during the 1950's and 1960's.
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Old 11-05-2015, 01:53 PM
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What the hell is a right winger?
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Old 11-05-2015, 05:13 PM
Location: Louisiana
810 posts, read 663,268 times
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Originally Posted by blue 92 View Post
What the hell is a right winger?
Oh dear God ! Why did you have to respond to that blather ???
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Old 11-05-2015, 09:00 PM
Location: Denver
14,244 posts, read 20,644,861 times
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Originally Posted by selogic View Post
Oh dear God ! Why did you have to respond to that blather ???
....and then you respond....
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Old 11-05-2015, 09:24 PM
Location: Shreveport, LA
1,429 posts, read 1,101,252 times
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Yes, this state is super red.
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Old 11-06-2015, 07:05 AM
5,229 posts, read 2,495,991 times
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Originally Posted by Magic Qwan View Post
Yes, this state is super red.
At some point and time, the people who want to push the agenda of Republican Process, will find they have been defeating themselves and ultimately "hoodwinked", by the agenda of Republican Process.

They need on open their mind and move beyond the biases which blind them, then visibility will show the devastations done to this state by Republican Leadership and Republican process.

It's purely sad after so many decades and years, people cling to something that has no place in the modern world of America. We won't regress back to be any sembalence of the 1950's and certainly the vile in the streets of the 1960's. There also should by this day and age, be a realizations there is no such thing as White Supremacist, nor Black non American, within what makes up the State and the Nation of America.
We are all "American People". Many blacks have a longer history upon this land than many of various European geonological whites who want to claim rights solely for themselves. It's such an absurdity.

Political process hopefully leads to a Democratic Governor who has a sense of liberal mentality to encompass all people, to support policy and process to be beneficial to all people in the State.

It's time for this State to let go of the past. It's time for many to realize they only regress the state by the clinging to the ole Confederate Ideals, as they should be aware, that Antebellum society is long since been a dead concept in American. The Civil War has long been over, yet some continue to fight battles claiming to extend the War which only exist in their minds, and thus makes foolish their own heart.
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Old 11-11-2015, 01:40 AM
Location: Louisiana
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SEABAUGH: I Know John Bel Edwards’ Record, And You Should Too | The Hayride

With so many mixed messages about the two remaining candidates for governor, a voter has to look beyond the advertising to find the real facts. The best way to do that is to review the ACTUAL voting records of both men and to talk to those who have served alongside them. I have served alongside John Bel Edwards in the Louisiana House of Representatives since 2010, and based upon that history, I believe electing him governor would be a critical mistake for Louisiana.

I have served on committees with Edwards, interacted with him on a daily basis and I am very familiar with his political philosophies and positions which are out of step with most of the people of Louisiana. For example, I watched this year as he rallied the Democratic caucus in support of a $450 million cut to higher education. If he had been successful at rallying a few more votes, several Louisiana universities including LSU medical school in Shreveport would have been facing closure this year. This is not merely an accusation or political posturing. It is a fact.

In his eight years in the legislature, John Bel Edwards has never voted AGAINST a tax increase. Not even once! Literally every single tax increase that has come to the House floor a vote has received his support. This year alone, he led the fight and passed a $700 million tax increase on Louisiana businesses and working families. Every time a tax bill is debated, Edwards is one of the first to the floor to argue why Louisiana citizens need to be paying more of their hard earned income to the government. This has all been done knowing that Governor Jindal would veto any tax increase without a corresponding offset. But that did not stop him. He was right there fighting tooth and nail for every tax increase that he could get. Which begs the question: how much would he increase our tax burden as governor? That is something that is truly scary to think about and something that we simply can’t afford.

Another troubling aspect of a new “Governor Edwards” administration would be the activists he puts into key positions of power. His campaign is literally being run and funded almost exclusively by union bosses and trial lawyers. If you want labor unions to run the Capitol, then you might like another Governor Edwards. If you want to continue paying the highest car insurance rates in the nation while trial lawyers (like John Bel Edwards) continue to pad their pockets at your expense, then you might like another Governor Edwards.

His record of supporting tax increases and opposing job creation has earned Edwards the second worst voting record in the entire history of the Louisiana Legislature (besting only Cleo Fields). By comparison, Edwards’ voting record is considerably more liberal than that of Mary Landrieu. Let that sink in for a second. By comparison, Edwards’ voting record is considerably more liberal than that of Mary Landrieu.

In his eight years in the legislature, Edwards has consistently shown that his values are very different from the vast majority of the people of Louisiana. He has championed Obamacare and pushed for Medicaid expansion. He has earned a lifetime failing grade from Louisiana Family Forum and is one of their lowest rated legislators ever. He voted to give government pensions to convicted felons while they are still in prison. He has cast many anti-2nd Amendment votes increasing government restrictions on gun rights. He voted to more than double his own salary at tax payer expense. He has consistently voted against the rights of Christians to exercise their sincerely held religious beliefs without the fear of government retribution, and he led the fight to defeat Mike Johnson’s religious liberties bill earlier this year. He wants voters to believe that he is pro-life, but he supports using your tax dollars to fund Planned Parenthood and calls abortion “freedom of choice.” He also authored anti-Life legislation to legalize fetal experimentation. I could go on and on, but will stop at simply saying that electing another “Governor Edwards” would be a disaster for the state of Louisiana much like the election of Obama has been a disaster for our nation.

Thankfully, we have an alternative. David Vitter has a voting record in the Louisiana Legislature and the US Senate which is fundamentally different from that of Edwards. David Vitter has consistently voted to reduce the tax burden on businesses and working families so that they can keep more of their hard earned income. He has worked tirelessly to ensure consistent funding for higher education and has pledged to keep LSU Medical School in Shreveport open. David Vitter has opposed trial lawyers and the expansion of the influence of far left labor unions. David Vitter has also stood up for the rights of Christians to exercise their sincerely held religious beliefs without fear of government intervention or retribution. In short, David Vitter has spent his entire career fighting FOR you and your freedom while John Bel Edwards has spent his entire career fighting AGAINST you.

Before you cast a vote on November 21 in the Louisiana Governor’s race, I urge you to look into the policies, positions, votes and careers of the two candidates. Any objective observation will clearly show that Louisiana needs David Vitter, and simply can not afford another Governor Edwards.
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Old 11-13-2015, 09:44 AM
5,229 posts, read 2,495,991 times
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One thing is certain- Edwards is a far better choice over Vitter.
citizens have not forgot the scare tactics he used to try and sway seniors and uninformed and those with not the highest education, against ACA. All his attempted claims were false. He pusposefully played the Republican Game of "Assault anything the President Propose, and he was party to the mission to try and deny the president any progress, without a concern for the damages his actions cause to the people of this nation or this state.
He was as much a party to Jindal ripping the funds from higher education, and denying the medicaid fund, as well as fighting against unemployment for Louisiana citizens during the middle of the worst economic down turn of the 21st Century to date.
People are not ignorant, some may have selective Amnesia and try and omit and by pass this stuff, but the astute political people know the truth, and that truth is. Vitter is not good for Louisiana, not as a Senator and certainly not as a Governor.
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