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Old 11-24-2015, 10:02 AM
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Caddo Parish 2013 Census: 254,887 (2013)

Look at the low voter turn out from Caddo Parish

A mere high of around 38,xxx out of a population of 254,887

If 31/5% are under voting ages, and 14% are above 65 - That still leave a large number of people who simply did not care or take the effort or opportunity to vote.

If nothing else in this nation is important, people should grasp the importance of the vote.

We have things done and people placed in position who make decisions which impact our daily lives, and still people are unaware of these dramatics which have been devastations of many sorts and still people are blind and unaware to the point they still do not vote.

IF people had any idea of what we could change, what we could impact and how we could turn American Around and become and make it to be a winning nation for All American people. They would learn the value of the Vote and how to choose whom they cast their votes for. It should be for the principles and goals of the canididate, not the image and commercial madness.

Low voter turn out, thankfully still performed to install a Democratic Governor who is for all the people.
But we have a long ways to go, because if we don't clean up and clean out the state congress, we are going to find gridlocks that further devastate us.

People should pay attention to any and all upcoming state and local politics.

We have to become responsible and put people in office who have the new day reality politicians mentality of inclusiveness in these important offices, This means choosing those who do not aspire to the old historical bias, bigotry, racism, class-ism and other elements that divided and devastated us as a people, a system and society.

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Old 11-24-2015, 11:47 AM
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Think of this,

"Within 40 years we have made China extremely wealthy" to the point we have to borrow from them.

IF - we did not have a past which was determined to limit and diminish the opportunity for economic equilibrium for women, minorities and poor whites, Then, Consider and Imagine how well to do every American would be today!!!

If we held the sensibilities to have maintained our own industry within our own shores upon our own lands.

WE would have NO Poverty in American, Every American would have a substantial retirement saving, own their own home and our infrastructure would be in top conditions and we would not have an unemployed people who are willing and able to work.

We would still have jobs that supported collective voice in the workplace, we would have continued to improve upon workers rights, and all the things which collective voice made advancements for within Industry.

We would have a better managed health care system, we would not have seen the massive gobbling up of one hospital by another, or big business taking over other business and trying to create modern day monolopies.

Our Downfall is very much Political
Is is very much based on a old system of political mentality, which since the 1940's seen politican madness which has tried to damage and roll back and do away with the advances that Roosevelt put in place. We saw a system which did not regard women, had not interest in Minority uplift, and did not have any need or interest in poor whites, beyond their usefulness to provide service labor and engage in conflict of a racial nature, because they were fed the madness of negative competetion for job, rather than mutual support of working together. The busting of union was a sure way to ensure blacks , whites and women would not be in a unified group to push for mutually benefical workers rights and equality in pay.

(Are we paying attention and learning, of what devastated us and how it was politically sanctioned by politicians, who still supported much of the Antebellum mentality and the Confederate Ideology) To grasp this, one has to look back to the 1930's ahnd the high volume of KKK mentality which filled the ranks of our congress, then once may better understand what is being discussed. If people trace back and follow forward, the will see the major change which came about during the Nixon Administration, with the political flip, where Southern Democrats became Republicans, and many from the Northern Republican became Democrats, its an interesting study in Political Sciences. People have selective Amnesia, to not grasp the undrstanding of the massive Re-Districting that took place in the Early 1970's seeking to take advantage of the political flip to push an agenda. Sadly, many caught up in the ideology did not have the foresight to see to know they were joining in their own economic demise as a general populations. They only saw the focus to push racial distance and differentation, since they could not longer engage in the standards of segregationist programming. Never did it dawn on them, that the aims and efforts to deny accessibility, opportunity and pathway for economic equilibrium, that it would too, deny it to them in their offsprings. Today, many of those same offspirngs suffer the same devastation that was aimed for minorities, but it has now taken hold and consumed the groups called "THE POOR".

Who composes the make up of "THE POOR" = Women (all ethinc) , Minorities, and Poor Whites

It is the election of politicians who did not try and stop the steam machine of Industrial exodus, it was the politicians, who made it easy and simple for people to produce offshore and gave them tax benefit, loopholes and every other thing for taking the wealth building from American and moving it to China.

It is politicians who allowed business to do everything to fit the Antebellum Ideal, to ensure women, minorities and poor whites would never gain economic parity in these lands of America. Do we even understand the dynamics and the long built stragety which put these thing in play. Go back to the 1940's all the way the late 1960's and reality may well slap one in the face and wake them up, to realize how systamatica bigotry brought down American, wiped out it's industrial means for people to gain and maintain a middle class life, and set us on the trajectory of where we are today.

Today resembles the exact ECONOMIC model of the Antebellum Era. The Wealthy were then VERY WEALTHY BEYOND BELIEF, and the poor and working poor could not fathom the wealth volume the wealthy held, but they could see the result of the gap between the wealthy and the poor.

Historical long term bigotry, toward gender and race, followed by the focus on even more devastating racial push back and push down of minorities, especially blacks, and this was followed up with keeping the dirt poor struggling whites to remain dirt poor and struggling. They (poor whites) did not fit the ideal of image of the wealth whites and they wanted nothing to do with them, except use them to keep racial conflict alive in the streets of the nation.

All the while the elected politicians followed the strategy best suited to ensure there is no economic parity, and that was to move and remove any labor from the nations and limit the means of any concept of upward economic mobility from these groups. " Now" the term for the collective of these groups, is "THE POOR".

Who composes the make up of THE POOR = Women (all ethinc) , Minorities, and Poor Whites

One of the first things we need to do as a soceity of The Poor, is realize that we need to get over and past racial conflict, and look at the bigger picture of what kind of system and what type of leaders who have conspired against us and divided us, while they enrich themselves.
They used the old simple rule of "Divide and Conquer" and we got caught up in to the maximum degree, our conditions today demonstrate how devasted we've been made to be.

We need to WAKE UP, and use the same system of VOTE to put people in office who understand this, and will work to respect the Average Person, and not sell away the voice of the Average Person to the Wealthy.

People may not realize it, and some will deny it, but President Obama's Plan for CHANGE, said what?

Above and beyond everything else, His plan said, LET'S BUILD FROM THE BOTTOM UP, He said, let make the people on main streets of American important, lets, level the playing field so all may prosper.

When he said that, all the big money came out in full attack against him, and the party big money has bought went into overdrive to paint any negative shadow they could, they went so far as to disrespect the office of the president, because they cannot and could not fathom, anyone would get in office and try to reverse the madness that destroyed the economics of American, destroyed every vehicle to middle class economic standards, especially when for decades previous Administrations spent so much time, making certain that "THE POOR" did not rise above their state and condition as being a member of THE POOR.

We can talk and do many things, but we need to learn and re-learn what is the power of the Vote.

Look at history, the white male, at one time was the only one who could vote. Does that not tell you, the conspiracy to disenfranchise women, minorities and the dire poor whites, has long been in full effect. It's time to change it, when the Laws of Today, said, EVERYONE OF LEGAL AGE WHO IS AN AMERICAN CITIZEN CAN VOTE.

Learn more that one may come to understand and can teach others the importance of voting.

This very day and age, we can change the robbery that big farma has engaged, we can change the cost spiral of medical care, we can change the nature of how trade is engaged, we can impose penalty and make it stick, when free trade quota's are set and exceeded, we can change how and when industry can merge and when it is not in the interest of the people, the nation of the economic viability of the nation’s industrial sector. We can change anything and everything about the madness of which 'Greed" has turned to Avarice, and devastated a nation of more than 300 million people for the past 50 yrs, and much of the devastation is because of policies and political decisions were based on a grand old lie and a desire not to see women, minorities and dire poor whites to gain and have economic parity in America.
[SIZE=3] [/SIZE]
People truly should go back and read the Speech at the conclusion of the march to Selma. Please Read the Speech with a mindset focused on HUMAN EQUALITY OF INDIVIDUAL, let go of bigotry, racisit ideals, and read it with a though about the Human Equality and Our Own Nations Declarations and Bills of Rights. The Human Being is Amazing in Our Uniqueness and Ability to Work Together

We can't learn till we learn, and often times we have to be willing to Re-learn so we can grasp and get to the truths.

Events spanning and spread over a very long time, within, around and up to the march on Selma led to the The Voting Rights Act of 1965

Many should grasp and understand the value of the Vote and understand the Voice which is the Vote.

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Old 11-25-2015, 02:14 PM
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Things we must guard against can often times be learned for "History".

The Guilded Age:
Political corruption was rampant, as business leaders spent significant amounts of money ensuring that government did not regulate the activities of big business - and they more often than not got what they wanted. Such corruption was so commonplace that in 1868 the New York state legislature legalized such bribery. Historian Howard Zinn argues that the U.S. government was acting exactly as Karl Marx described capitalist states: "pretending neutrality to maintain order, but serving the interests of the rich.

The unequal distribution of wealth remained high during this period. From 1860 to 1900, the wealthiest 2% of American households owned more than a third of the nation's wealth, while the top 10% owned roughly three fourths of it. The bottom 40% had no wealth at all. In terms of property, the wealthiest 1% owned 51%, while the bottom 44% claimed 1.1%.

Strikes organized by labor unions became routine events by the 1880s as the gap between the rich and the poor widened
These unions used frequent short strikes as a method to attain control over the labor market, and fight off competing unions. They generally blocked women, blacks and Chinese from union membership, but welcomed most European immigrants, once you know the truths, its not so difficult to see how European Migrants prospered ahead of women, blacks, chinese and others.
"Is not this the same subject OF unequal distrubution we talk of today, only these people today have "BILLION/ 10'S OF BILLIONS")

We have seen in recent years such corrupt influence being sanctioned, by the Surprme Court's - 2010 Decision in Citizens United. is not very much different than activities taking place in the Gilded Age. When we think of lobbyist for big corporations buying away the voice, through the outright purchase of politicians, under the pretense of financing and supporting their campaign in our current day system.

Mankinds history in many parts find ways to repeat itself, unless "we the people", learn, wake up, and break the cycle and change the paradigm. We need to review what has driven the disdain toward Unions, and truth will find it is nothing more than Industrialist Propaganda to void out collective bargaining and stagnate and depress wages.
As we can clearly and visibly see the corporate wealth accumulation is steadly increasing and profits are astronomical, and Executive Compensation is beyond belief. Still: We act blind and unaware

Sadly, the people fell for the spill pushed by degree riders and the suits, while their increased their own pay and maximized their bonus and awarded themselves even more stock options.
American people would serve themselves well to stand up and vote, vote in pro union people, and people who equally so, put fixed quota's on what volumes can be free trade, and all above the volumes pays duty. Then we can force American companies to bring a % of production back to American lands. We can find means to tax production over a certain % when products are made over-seas and require products to have x% of american produced parts. This is something Unions fought for, but people were too willing to listen to the suits and the degree riders and helped them in thier assault against the American Worker. As a result we have practically lost the concept of "middle class" and means for upward economic mobility.

We have much to think about, and we can learn from the past what we don't know, and learn better how not to allow what we've become to continue to bring us downward. Script and process trained economist, have contributed to the decline of America and its industrial system, as they were trained by the same system which manufactured the inequity within our industrial sphere of domestic stability, while they are pushing global system, unaware, that without a stable and strong dominant national system. We have nothing remotely close to the power we had the turn of the 20th century. But they can't learn different because this is the mentality within the field. They follow the script as it laid out to be followed. They can't and don't see beyond the box, nor can they see the cave in that is happening to the box. It was evident after the crash of 2007-2008 the first thing out of the top economist mouth was, "we don't know what to do" and we did not see it coming. When it was evident to the layperson as if whale had landed on a beach, but they could not see it.
We should have been asking "why"? and they should have been heavily RE-THINKING everything they'd been taught. But they went right back to script, and we are right back on the trajectory to encounter economic fault, as we still have not by their measure even considered how to think in terms of re-industrialization value upon American soil. They think, Wall Street paper shuffling, and companies buying and selling each other taking on wild debt, is economic function. Geez!!!!! people we are in for a nightmare.

We must- WAKE UP !!!!!

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Old 11-26-2015, 06:22 AM
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Who are the people most damaged by the destruction by Unionized Labor"

It's a very simple answer: " THE POOR = Women (all ethinc) , Minorities, and Poor Whites

What is the result of Busted Unions and who did it benefit: This answer is very simple /
clearly and visibly We see the corporate wealth accumulation is steadily increasing and profits are astronomical, and Executive Compensation is beyond belief and quarterly these companies report $ billion upon billions in profit.

Still we have a brainwashed society, who fell for the degree and suits spill, of "anti-Union", WE ALLOWED Republican agenda and its process for decades to push the Anti-union madness. Ronald Reagan took it to a whole new level in Union Busting, and still we did not awaken.

It would cost those companies no more than 2/10th -3/10th measured over a 5-10 span to have used some of that profit to have retained Union shops on American social.

We could have uplifted countless American people from poverty, improved our middle class volumes, and America could and would have not only been able to improve and maintain its infrastructure, but it would have the ability to sustain the public assistance programs which were developed during the days of American Industrial prominence.
We would not be cutting our school budgets, and more American would have used their earned income to have developed more business and expand building in every category.

Currently today, the workforce has absolutely "no voice', the result is stagnated wage, stripped away benefits, outsourced companies, and a flood of imported parts and products, in an 'anti union" atmosphere, which has continued to show a devastation of what was once a middle class society. We are no longer a society who has any potential for saving, and many can no longer even consider being a homeowner. Still we remain unaware.
Unions did not run business out of American, "Corporate Greed" ran companies out of American, under the same premise as the mentality of industry during the Gilded Age.
What people should realize, if the Vote is your Collective Voice, the the same applies to Unions being your Collective Voice, and "Without Collective Voice", YOU are made voiceless.

We listened to the wrong people, Economist and their metrics has been devastating group unto America and its potential to be what it had potential to become. This was followed up with the puppet reports generated by bought and paid for Consulting Firms who generated reports to say what the payee wants it to say.
Sadly no one broke from the mold of the pre-scripted format and methodology used by economist, because of status desires and the fear of being ostracized within the community of the Economist Club.

We watched administration from Reagan onward tell the people, if we give tax breaks to the wealthy, the trickle down will benefit the people, TRUTH AND FACT, it only made the wealthy more wealthy, and further encumbered and defeated the average people. But this again is a madness, of which administration relied on Economist to push this colluded model.

Economist and New York Mayoral candidate Henry George, author of Progress and Poverty, stated "Chattel slavery is dead, but industrial slavery remains."

Once Unions were busted, it only enhanced what is Industrial slavery.
a person whose primary means of income is from the selling of his or her labor has met with stagnation and in some cases considering inflation and the increase cost of housing, medical and all the basics is far beyond the reach of the average laborer; therefore, the Middle Class has all but been wiped out.
We might truly ask, what happen to Ethic's and what happen to the ethnics to support the strength and stability of America as retaining a position of power within the global sphere. We now ride on past glory days, and other nations are looking at us, as to "how did we go from a nation who helped build up other nations, to become one of the biggest debtor nations on the planet?"

We fell into a delusion of superiority, thinking we could paper shuffle the world nations economic function, and forgot they have the power of the computer to do their own management of their own economy and their own resources.
If our economist do not get out of the stuck in the past mentality, and see the world in a different perspective and invest their time to figure out how to push and play with their numbers to promote rebuilding American, then we will continue to spiral down. Sadly, out politicians give too much credit to economic reports and economic outlooks, generated from old models and basing their metrics on these old models, which has proven time and time again that non of it serve us well.

We have bankrupt cities, broken down infrastructure across the nations, our building has slowed to a crawl and we can't maintain and upgrade the things we built 40+ yrs ago. Sadly, they don't care because they live in a high income bubble, which blinds them from the true reality within that covers the expanse of this nation. They would quickly disregard this, because it questions their effectiveness. The haughtiness won't allow their minds to re-asses their paradigm and learn a new paradigm shift which focuses on what is a strong nation, and how does a strong nation play into the global sphere. They have not factored what is the meaning of the AIIB, (
The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank) and how it will further impact us, because they never factored the Asian models capability to manage and control their own destiny without Western (American) influence. but you can be their economist did a forward looking model, and re-developed their model and its metrics to shape this model.
We are still spinning in models based on the Gilded Age, and those cycles that have shown a historical downgrade and downfall of the American Industrial position.
They did not factor in the history that "Steel Built Nations", nor did they factor in "The Automobile Transformed and Enriched American". none of the supply side industry matter nor factored. They simply jumped past that and began to focus on the paper shuffle of the fictions of the DOW, which everyone knows is over-inflated and incapable of producing to meet the numbers, so they play the game of futures projections. But if that is truly looked at we still loose, because we have a mad cycle of Acquisition and Mergers, which damage any potential to have a balanced field of expanded production industry.

When a nations highest income is factored from the stand point of advertising revenue, we are in trouble. When the claim of the highest performing American company, has it main production of foreign shores, we are again in trouble.

These are things they fail to factor, nor consider the dramatic impact it has upon the American people, their communities, the cities and states, down to the basics of home-ownership and retirement function. At our rate and pace we are on a path to see more erosion of retirement programs, and companies under funding any pension programs, and this is only one segment of major challenge.

Now, reality is, Politicians rely on the systemically faulty reports, and sadly we are teaching a whole new generation these same models.

At what point do we stop, sit back re-view, re-evaluate and re-model our systems?

If our young people do the research and learn, rather than accept what is pushed as propaganda by the wealthy, they will find out, it is their time to not only re-institute unions it is their time to focus on the necessity of collective voice, and within Industry, the only way to have that is via Unions who engage in collective bargaining.

Corporate American fears the Union, Walmart is a prime example - It knows that when people have collective voice, they must be paid a living wage and benefits which helps sustain their lives and give them hope of some level of upward mobility. How many companies have been sued for cheating people out of overtime, denying people basic health care subsidy or paid benefits, and in some places they deny family medical leave, and all the humane things which unions once fought for, in the aim to respect workers rights. Yet, the executives maintained all these things for themselves, along with massive pay increases, bonuses and profit sharing. The worker gets nothing but 'cut hours', irregular shifts, no benefits and everything which resembles industrial slavery.

People will gloss over post like this without ever allowing it to inspire them to think.

A post like this may get a few hundred view if that, and people won't share it that others may read and be inspired to think.

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