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Old 05-15-2008, 08:08 AM
Location: oceanside ny
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hi ya mike : my sis Susan deLuca told me you was on here .
It is me LoreAnn now Yanatos married 17 years now in oceanside and have three son's WOW OMG ! lol
how are you
how your family - i have been reading this and wow i really loved rosedale no other place to grow up. My area in oside remeinds me of our block always kids out school yard right around the corner i love it .
be well gonna get on with my reading
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Old 05-16-2008, 10:26 AM
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Originally Posted by Tom20349 View Post
I watched Goodfellas about 50 times (goodfellahenry.com) sorry no links to rosedale and valley stream just idlewild airport (jamica). Fact is some mob people lived in Rosedale but then again they lived all over queens for that matter but very littlle activity no major busts as you assert. Also never referred to as Mobsdale sorry your trying to "steriotype" Maybe they dropped you on one of those cheers
You missed some keypoints of the movie. The diner scene was actually shot in the original diner where the doublecross took place in real life. Although it wasn't considered 'Rosedale' because it was located at the corner of Farmers and Rockaway (11430) where a McDonalds is now and the zip was different. But that was in the news. Also there was a storefront on the South Conduit I was young so I can't recall the exact name (truthfully I don't think it had one, the sign was white with faded blue lettering) but they had metal racks and racks of stuff, kept furs in back, jewlery in cases out front. Real nice stuff. It was also busted on the news I remember because my Mom was disappointed because you could get just about anything you wanted for your named price. It was part of the sting operation at JFK(also alluded to in the movie) of a handful of mobsters who had operations involving imports of goods (and again not neccessarily Rosedale Mafia). Some stuff was stashed in Warehouses (located along 147th Avenue in Rosedale) and in the Airport Cargo holds. Seriously you must have slept through the movie if you can't make the connections. They are creatively licensed of course but when the filming was being done you could have stopped into any of the locations and hung out to watch. I did. I wanted to see the diner bulldozed.
And Yeah I use the word 'Clan' as stereotypically as you use the phrase 'Crack and Crime'... seems fair. And when we first moved into the neighborhood and our house was defaced my parents went over to 'Sons of Italy' and suddenly it stopped. I never made a connection until my mother mentioned the 'possible' ties to mafia or simply a brotherly organization of Italian men. (My parents became friends with them and they were often invited to many of the events held there, bet you never saw the inside didja?). Hence the original meaning of Mafia (what are you a fake Italian? It seems I know more than you because of my close attachment to being raised in Rosedale, or maybe I'm assuming you're Italian.) Mafioso meaning "aggressive boasting, bragging", or marfud meaning "rejected". Roughly translated, it means "swagger", but can also be translated as "boldness, bravado". In reference to a man, mafiusu in 19th century Sicily was ambiguous, signifying a bully, arrogant but also fearless, enterprising, and proud. And no I didn't make up the definition before you accuse me of being confused again (look it up in an encyclopedia). There was also the Hair Salon on the corner of the Conduit (used to have a burgundy awning) and 144th it was raided in the seventies and then again in the eighties for illegal gambling. Again other than being in the papers my mother would sometimes go there and play her numbers and the horses before all that became legal.
And before you get your panties in a bunch although the airport has a Jamaica zipcode parts of it once possessed Rosedale Zips same as parts of five towns on the Rockaway side do now. (Also one of the reasons why it took so long to fix the properties behind Rockaway and Brookville the City said it belonged to Nassau and Nassau said no way. You also have several zips running in there as weel.) It's because of the way they built up the neighborhood. There were areas that weren't strong enough to hold houses (swamp) so streets were created with one zip but then when the area across from it could hold property it ended up with another address. My house actually sat on one of the borders. Half of my house would be powerless during a blackout depending on where it was. If 11422 (Rosedale) was out then so was my kitchen and bedrooms. 11413 (Springfield) was out then you got the living room and basement. I was a 'Rosedale' zip but sometimes I'd get mail with 11430 (Jamaica).
Up the block from me their was a house that looked like no other Mr. Carlton lived there. He would tell me stories of how he and his wife had their house and a candy store moved in on flatbed so they could cater to the men building Idlewild. I hung out with them learning what I could so that one day I'd be able to share their story and they wouldn't be forgotten.
Around the corner from me was a WWII Vet. Nice man named Eddie. He protected me from a wayward dog one day and we'd been friends until he passed on. I'd never seen the inside of his home and it had nothing to do with color but decorum, back then little girls did not go in the home of grown men alone. So me and my friends would hang out on his porch, get ice cream from the truck (his treat) and listen to his stories so he wasn't too lonely. Next to him was the Colleti's until they moved to the other side of the park, John-John and Laura, then the Grey's and the Basta's. Next to me were the Gates and the Seivers. Not many kids on my block but lots of good people.
I agree with you when multiple families moved into a house made for one family it seemed the neighbors were less neighborly, didn't upkeep the property as well and were troublesome. But as you said with the neighborhood so tight knit (as was explained to me by my parents when I was older) it wasn't just a matter of having the money to move in. You almost had to be approved, and be of the right complexion. I was born in 70 and it wasn't until I started school that I had seen another face of color. It wasn't something that as a kid was an issue either. I know who and what I am, my whole family is African-American but I didn't question that my friends were not. Education is education and my parents wanted for their children to have the best, playing is playing and long as they played with me who cared what color they were, church (St. Claire's where I was baptized and my sister was married), friendships (Rita, Mario, Patrick, Jessica, Lisa, Joey, Vinny, Susan, Tracey, Vita, Helen, Michelle, Mickey, Muffy, Florence, Patricia, Dominick (he crushed on me then me on him always a day late a dollar short), shopping, and living. Race once meant running as fast a you could with your friends up the block. Skelly, stick ball, Pop-Fly, Red rover, freeze tag, catching light bugs, marbles, climbing trees, the fireworks fights in Brookfield Park (which I always thought was Brookville), football, scrimmage or tag, cheerleading.
As a kid, race only mattered to me when others made an issue of it like you did. Really you should have left your opinion in that regard out if only so that I'd stop showing you your own mistaken stupidity. (You can check microfiche in the library or go on-line and look up the movie history as well as the true story. Again the Liotta character was actully living in LI when he was ultimately taken down, or for that matter look into Rosedale history in general, it's fascinating.) I love the memorial. I remember being a kid asking my dad about the poppy he'd give me to give to Eddie and Eddie would give me one too. I asked him about the black 'Pirate Flag' he said it was to salute and remember the Prisoners of War. It wasn't until years later that I understood. But anytime I'm overthere to catch the railroad I make sure I stop and pick up the garbage give it a quick wipe down. Don't know if anyone notices but my own father was a Vet of the Korean war and he'd taught me to respect anyone who fights for our country, or their own country. There is no right or wrong when a man is on the front line just survival.
I grew up being a Rosedale kid. And although I had the racist faces to deal with on a regular I was glad my parents were able to provide me with a home that was free of crime and crack and all those other things stereotypically associated with 'Urban' living. I got the best of your world. while you... well we all know what you are Sad and small-minded...

I had hoped not to be lured into another Yuck-fest with Tom and I promise to (try) to be bigger than that. However I wanted to make sure that the things I was accused of can be verified if you simply check for it. I'll do some more of my own digging and see if I can get the dates and addresses up. (Just for my own morbid fascination, and the next time I'm challenged).
By the way Your own Rosedale Cheer Chick is a published author of two romance novels. If you wish to support please leave word and I'll divulge the info. I don't want to post it to the board because of the overtones I have with Tom and I'd hate for that to carry over to my website and career.
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Old 05-16-2008, 02:47 PM
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Default New to thread

Just figured Id stop by Wessons for a quick burger, while on the way to Gimbels. Darn, got a flat, better stop at Macy's Auto repair on Sunrise. Still a bit hungry, luckily I got a nice hero from Roman Carousel, Was gonna get a slice of Pizza from Paola but changed my mind.
Hey they sure did put a lot of rocks around base of St. Pius X School.
Remember you had to have a friend that lived in Nassau who had cable, so you could watch HBO or some sports. Unless you had WOMETCO Home Theatre !!
Saw a Police Car in Rosedale once, only once !! (1965-1986)
St. Pius anyone ?? .10 pretzels every Thursday ! Early dismissal on Wed.
A lot of roadwork always going on, but roads never seemed to get better.
anyone remember Marty the butcher ???
Lived off of 259th St.
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Old 05-16-2008, 05:51 PM
Location: Queens, N.Y.
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I remember on the Conduit and 144 used to be a spot called Ferrucci's, back in the days!
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Old 05-16-2008, 05:56 PM
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Default street

[How about playing in the street. Hardly ever see that anymore. Used to play street hockey all over Rosedale for at least 2 hours after school and 5 hours or more on Saturday. My kids need adult organized fun, or as you said, play dates. We had an aboveground pool in the yard, and my house became atropical paradise to my friends. Now we have a beautiful, tiled built in pool, next to manicured garden, and my kids gwent in the pool exactly 4 times last summer !!quote=Jenny11422;3235231]I grew up in Rosedale too... '72-89 on 148th avenue (between 259th and Francis Lewis/Hook Creek).
I watched the gas station (Getty) at the merge of Francis Lewis and Hook Creek change names and owners dozens of times. Hook Creek was nothing but a giant sinkhole. I walked that road countless times... cutting thru Blum to get to Green Acres Mall.
I was a little girl when the drive-thru was still there. I have a picture of me on the old swings that were in the drive-thru parking lot. As I got older I'd buy beat-up (probably stolen) bikes and skates from the outdoor flea-market in that lot every Saturday morning.
I worked in just about every restaurant in the Green Acres food court
"Larry's Weiner Works", Blimpie, Stuffed Potato, the nasty salad/yogurt store...
I remember back when Korvettes was still there and the whole mall was chocolate brown and white square tiles. There was Puppy Palace, Cooky's Steak Pub, Gimbles, Dennison's (Hello Kitty Heaven).

Let's see... There was the candy store (Frank was the grumpy old guy who sold me cigarettes at any age) next to the old KeyFood (they turned into Annie sez )

Mrs Lewis, Mrs Groff, Mr Papille, Mrs Benson, Mrs. Santoro, Mrs. Greif...and the old principal who looked like the Burger King king (I forget his name).
We had broken glass under our swings and had busted seesaws... and we liked it! Kids these days don't appreciate what a real school yard injury is
Then there was the Country Store ...parked at the handball courts. He sold an interesting variety of "stuff".

What else?.... The Chocolateria on Francis Lewis... Rotellas Deli, Paola Pizza..
The FEAST at the Son's of Italy!!! Rosedale Pizza, Bambi's ...

Those really cool rides that you could stop like and ice cream truck and every kid on the block could ride.
What else??? Danny's Crash cars, killer July 4th fireworks on every block-especially at the school yards....then picking the unused fireworks out of the streets the following day.. Christmas light craziness...especially down Rando's block..
CCD at St.Pius! Dance Street!!
The freedom of coming home when it got "dark out", as opposed to today's lame "playdates" and parental escorted EVERYTHING.

DeCurtis, Kajetanowicz', Oxleys, O'Shea, Hopkins, Poggis, DeStefanis, Kilbride, Nicolettis, Randos, Gaglianos, Buckleys, LaGreccas, Goldberg, DeLucas, Gerbasios, Devinos, Warnocks..... I could go on forever

It feels like it was all just yesterday[/quote]
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Old 05-18-2008, 08:08 PM
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Default Chinese Food

Were there any other Chinese Restaurants other then The House Of Chan ?? It was a little past Green Acres in Valley Stream. And was any restaurant finer than Cookies Steak Pub ? Many a special birthday or occasion was celebrated there ! When it turned into a Chi Chi's my heart broke !!!
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Old 05-19-2008, 11:50 PM
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I'll be in Rosedale this Saturday for a special service for the 40th year of the Rosedale Vietnam Veterans Memorial. It's the second oldest Vietnam vet memorial in America.
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Old 05-21-2008, 07:38 PM
Location: Nassau County
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What time will you be at the Memorial on Saturday?
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Old 05-21-2008, 11:12 PM
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Originally Posted by last of the redmen View Post
What time will you be at the Memorial on Saturday?
It starts at: 10:30 am.
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Old 05-22-2008, 08:11 AM
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Default There was a Chinese delivery place on 225 ST

Originally Posted by Pat L View Post
Were there any other Chinese Restaurants other then The House Of Chan ?? It was a little past Green Acres in Valley Stream. And was any restaurant finer than Cookies Steak Pub ? Many a special birthday or occasion was celebrated there ! When it turned into a Chi Chi's my heart broke !!!
Do you remember a Chinese delivery/takout place on 225st. The guy was allover the neighborhood, or the truck that came around in the 60s that sold Chinese food I think Chow Chow Cup...
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