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Old 03-22-2007, 04:11 PM
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Hello. Looking for individuals who may have material and/or stories relating to the Lima State Hospital for the Criminally Insane. Unfortunately as time passes, more and more mementos from the facility are thrown away. I am looking for ANYTHING from the hospital. Photos, badges, clothing, patient artwork, etc.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


The Dailey Historical Archives
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Old 04-20-2007, 03:47 PM
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Just wanted to thank everyone who has contacted me thus far to share your stories.
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Old 01-14-2008, 09:46 PM
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Default Newspaper article

I have a newspaper article from 1941. My uncle died trying to excape
from the hospital. Would you be interested in having it?

Jim Drummond
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Old 02-20-2008, 09:35 AM
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Originally Posted by daileyhistoricalarchives View Post
Hello. Looking for individuals who may have material and/or stories relating to the Lima State Hospital for the Criminally Insane. Unfortunately as time passes, more and more mementos from the facility are thrown away. I am looking for ANYTHING from the hospital. Photos, badges, clothing, patient artwork, etc.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


The Dailey Historical Archives
Hi. Just stumbled across your posting of LSH. I'm recently retired with 30 years of State service. I got my start at Lima State Hospital in the early 1970's. Worked those halls and wards a long time. Yes, dangerous,yes,interesting,yes scary,yes, haunted. Public cant even begin to imagine the bizarre and strange actions and behavior we dealt with. I have seen NO movie or show that comes close to depicting the real life we faced 8 everyday. I too, have a small collection of memoralbilia from there. However I'm STILL looking for other items to place on the shelf. Looking back, I wish I had listened to the advice the seasoned employees who trained me. A couple of them told me: "Take notes EVERYDAY you come to work. Someday you can write a book and be rich!" I laughed, was only going to work there temporary til I found a real job. They were right. Too young back then to listen. GOOD LUCK on your posting. Keep me in mind if you end up with duplicates and want to share with someone who was there! Thanks.
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Old 04-27-2008, 07:26 PM
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Default lima state hospital

i spent 8 years incarcerated at lima penitentary.i have seen with my own eyes strange,very strange occurances from unexplained deaths to unnerving appearances of people who were not really there.i was there from 1990 to 1998.dr.martinez was there when i first arrived and believe me,his idea of medicine was absolutely frightening.NO ONE went to the infirmary unless they were pretty much unable to talk for themselves.i'll post more if i get a reply but my stories of that place can be confirmed easily.
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Old 06-05-2008, 05:29 PM
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Hi Mxwedge, I saw in your post where you started to work at the Lima State Hospital in the early 1970's. I am searching for a patient named William Allen. I believe he went into the hospital sometime after 1962. Did you know him? If so, can you tell me any information about what happened to him?

Thanks, chucklebugg
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Old 06-11-2008, 12:51 PM
Location: Florida
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I worked at Lima Correctional Institution for quite a while, and I can tell you, I experienced also strange happenings, for one I seen a aparation in black sweat pants and sweat shirt on DC walk through one steel cell door and walk across the hallway into another cell. I even wrote a book about a whole lot of strange happenings, but never released it. Remember the officer named the Coondog!

Originally Posted by benzucc View Post
i spent 8 years incarcerated at lima penitentary.i have seen with my own eyes strange,very strange occurances from unexplained deaths to unnerving appearances of people who were not really there.i was there from 1990 to 1998.dr.martinez was there when i first arrived and believe me,his idea of medicine was absolutely frightening.NO ONE went to the infirmary unless they were pretty much unable to talk for themselves.i'll post more if i get a reply but my stories of that place can be confirmed easily.
Do you believe in Ghost

Do you believe in Ghost, If you do, then I have some stories to tell you about my experience with what are called Ghost but I chose to call them demons or demonic Spirits that I have encountered in my work place enviroment. I never believed in them until I started working at a local prison, which use to be a mental hospital. I always thought that it was someone's imagination when I would hear them tell of having an experience with one, but my attitude soon changed when I myself started having super natural experiences while working at our local State Prison. When I first started working at Lima Correctional Institution in August 1989, I often heard other correctional officers talk about either seeing ghost or having weird things happen to them while at work at L.C.I., but I was an unbeliever in Ghost at that time. so, I just shrugged it off as them having a wild imagination. My first encounter came about a year and a half into my employment at L.C.I., when I chose to work a newly opened Educational Lock called F Block. We worked our locks for a 6 month rotation and then we would rotate to a different lock.

My first encounter happened on a late night which a Saturday night in which Inmates are aloud to stay up until 2:00 a.m. either watching television or playing cards. At around 2:30 a.m. while the Inmate porters were cleaning, and I was setting at my desk, I heard a woman holler HELP ME! HELP ME! several times, and at first I thought it was an Inmate up on the second floor just being a jokester, so I went up to the second floor and confronted the Inmate I thought was doing it because it sounded like it was coming from where he was, but the Inmate denied doing it, and I threatened to lock him up if he kept it up. He said it was Mary and I said Oh sure, and for him to knock it off. I then went back down to my desk and nothing else happened the rest of the night.

It was about two weeks later and also on a late night, and again it was around 2:30 a.m. in the morning and all the Inmates were in bed except the inmate porters who were finishing up the day room, and all of a sudden, I heard a moaning noise and it sounded like it was coming from that second floor area of F block where I heard the woman holler HELP ME! a few weeks before, only this time, the inmate porters heard it also. So I went up stairs to the second floor and the inmate porters followed me and again that inmate I had accused several weeks before was out in the hallway and he said to me, he heard it also, and while standing there I could still hear the moaning which would be loud and then fade, but not all the way out and then it would fade in loud again, this lasted for about 3 minutes while I was up on the second floor, and the inmate porters also heard it too, so I know I wasn't imagining thing. At this point I was still skeptical about Ghost.

My next encounter took place about 6 months later when I was working the hallway as a rover on the west side of the prison circle. I was waiting for a fellow officer who had to use the bathroom before we went down to do a basement check and I was standing in the phsyc services hallway waiting on this officer to finish using the bathroom, when I heard a noise of a door opening and I looked down the hallway and saw a door open and close with no one going in or out behind two huge iron gates that were locked and no one was suppose to be back behind there, so I went to the Shift Captains office and ask Captain Skyvers if there was anyone who was suppose to be back behind those gates and he said no, and I told him what I had just seen and he laughed and said it was probably Ghost. I went immediately to the Control Room and got keys for the big iron gate and went back and checked every door to make sure they were secure and they were, none were unlocked. I told Officer Blakely when he came out of the restroom what I had seen he just laughed, but I know what I had seen and heard, so I know I wasn't just imagining things. This still didn't make me a firm believer in Ghost yet, but my next experience started to make me believe in a spirit world for it scared the crap out of me and this experience, I shall never forget for it is one of the close kind, too close if you ask me.

It was quite a spell later, don't know exactly how long, but I was assigned to 2A Dorm which is a upstairs dormitory for inmates and I had around 60 sum inmates on this lock, and it was around 11:30 at night and I had just put the inmates to bed, but had a washroom porter in the washroom just finishing up, and I went down the short hallway past the washroom where the inmate was cleaning the sink room and there was a reading room right next it at the end of the hallway across from the officers restroom, and I checked the reading room to make sure no inmate was hanging out in there since it was their bed time, and had just turned around and started back toward the main hallway when I felt a finger move down my left buttox from point A to point B, and It startled me, and I whirled around with my fist doubled up, but there was no one there. Now this shook me up, I must confess. At 12:30 a.m. I took my count slip down to the bottom floor and came back up and decided to wash my hands, so I unlocked my restroom and opened the door and walked in, and I could hear voices, though not understandable coming from the ceiling, so I backed back out of the restroom and I couldn't hear them no more, so I stepped back into the restroom, and I could again hear them, so I went about washing my hands. The rest of the time on 2A Dorm was uneventful, didn't have any more experiences while working that lock.

My next encounter with a Ghost took place on 5 Dorm, which is the drug rehabilitation dorm. Here I had two encounters, the first was in my little supply storage room where we kept cleaning supplies, I had just come out of there and set down at the desk which is a few feet away and an inmate porter needed some cleaning supplies, so I got up and open up the door and the lights were off, and they were on when I came out of there a few minutes before, so I said, well, the bulb must have burned out, and the inmate porter said no it wasn't, the switch was off. Well, the switch was on and the lights were on when I came out of there just a few minutes before and I knew I didn't turn them off, so I had a mischievous ghost at work playing games with me, so I just left it at that and forgot about it, but my ghostly experiences on 5 dorm were not finished yet, I was about to experience another ghostly prank a few months later that brought me up out of my seat and kind of scared me for a second.

My next experience on 5-Dorm took place a few months down the road, when I was setting there at my desk about 1:30 a.m. in the morning, and all of a sudden the dayroom door came flying open hitting the wall with a big bang, now this brought me up off of my chair. I knew no inmates were in there, so I went and investigated anyway, and found a window that was shut was wide open and snuggly back against the wall, so I went out of the dayroom and closed the door again and sat down and a few minutes later I heard another banging noise in the dayroom, so I got up and walked in and looked over at the window that was previously open and to my surprise, it was completely closed, but the window directly across the room from it which was previously closed was wide open flat back against the wall. The only way it could be that way is if someone had open and shut both windows, but there was no one in there for all the inmates were in bed sleeping at 1:30 a.m. in the morning. These old windows were wood framed and with the force that they opened, they would have bounced and not have been open flat against the wall unless placed there by someone or something. I knew then, that I had just had another encounter with a mischievous ghost, and I was now a full fledged believer in the spirit world, and now have no doubt.

My next encounter took place when I was working the hallway as the East Hall Key Officer, I was the officer that let people into and out of the Maximum Security Lockup's and I had the only set of keys to do so. First of all, my office was a little room about 6 x 8 ft, located right on the main hallway with a table and two chairs, and I did have a coffee pot. I was setting there one night about 2:30 in the morning, drinking a cup of coffee and it was real quiet, when a kitchen type broom leaning in the corner, where the 2nd shift officer had left it, came out of the corner by itself and hit me on the head and shoulder at the same time. There was no vibration or nothing that could have caused the broom to do this as it was leaning at a 45 degree angle, and it simply came out of the corner and hit me. I said in a loud voice, Ok, knock the crap off! What else could I say to a ghost. I know, this is all hard to believe, and at first I didn't want to believe any of this, but facts forced me to be a first hand experienced ghost veteran at Lima Correctional Institution, I would have been just as happy being a non believer, without all of these encounters, but there is more to come yet, I have some other encounters to tell you about, and one I did actually see an asperation or ghost if you choose, materialize.

My next encounter tool place on a maximum security lockup called DC which stands for direct control and is a maximum security lock up for inmates that just can't behave and are always in trouble or threatening to others and staff. One Morning about 5:30 a.m. at chow time, I walked down the north range popping shoots so we could feed our inmate population on DC and had just popped the last shoot and turned around and started walking toward the south end of the DC range when I seen a Ghost in black sweat pants and black sweat shirt walk out of one cell door and walk across the hallway through the other steel cell door, boy did that make my mouth drop. I had heard banging on pipes previously to this in a room back behind the iron gate, and had my restroom lights turned off and door closed to that restroom, so I knew that there was an active Ghost up there, but to see one walk through two steel doors, kind of took the cake. This would make a believer out anyone and it did happen to me. Oh yes, I do have more stories, so be patient and I will tell you about my other encounters and some encounters of other correctional officers as told by them to me.

The next encounter with a ghost happened on B-Block, which is a priveledged housing lock. It was around 5:30 a.m. in the morning and I just had released the lock to chow, and I came back up the stairs from the first floor as B-Block had three floors and my desk was located in the dayroom on the second floor and we had an iron gate at each end of the hallway, and we usually released the Inmates through the north gate in which we kept both north and south gates locked because on the bottom floor, was the Unit offices. As I said, it was 5:30 a.m. and I had just released the Inmates to chow and I walked back up the stairs to the second floor and went through my opened iron gate, and just went to my desk when I heard an Inmate holler at me and said there were some people who wanted on the lock. I couldn't figure out what had happened. As I had just come through the iron gate and knew that it was open, but I went down to the North gate to investigate, and there stood two of my Inmates who had finished their chow and wanted to come back on the lock. It had only been about a minute before I had just came through that gate, and I asked them what was the matter, they said the gate was locked and they couldn't get on the lock, and sure enough, it was locked, so I unlocked it and left them back on the lock, knowing, the ghost had struck again, cause, like I said, I had just come through it myself and It was open and not locked, but it sure was locked when I went back to it to investigate. Weird things do happen, all the time. In Lima Correctional Institution, there are all kinds of weird noises and things happening all the time, so I don't get too excited.

One of the latest things happened to me earlier this year in 2002, when Me and another Officer were doing a basement check, and I walked into this little room in the basement off the maintenance hallway, and rattled this iron gate, and as I walked away, it rattled back at me. It has done this on several occasions, same gate and same room in the basement, I might be about 10 feet away after rattling it to make sure it is locked and it will rattle back at me. If I wasn't use to this weird stuff, It probably would scare me, but I have become really used to things happening, that it doesn't bother me and seems almost normal for that place. I call them ghost, but I know inside that they are demons, and the word ghost is just another word for them as demons can take many forms.

Now it is time to talk about other ghost stories that happened to other people at Lima Correctional Institution. There was a female officer on 7-Dorm who worked 3rd shift with me and on the same night I heard a ghost moaning on F- Block in which I was assigned, 7-Dorm was right next to F-Block, and on the night I experienced the moaning sound on F-Block, she seen a female ghost walk out of the wall and walk across the hallway and through the other wall. I guess she about had kittens as it scared her pretty badly, that she called the Shift Office and reported it. I cannot mention this officer's name, as I will not be legally able to mention other officers names in this book. Anyway, this female officer finally quit, she did have mental problems and eventually a mental breakdown. She was quite a character in her own right.

This also happened earlier this year of 2002, to a 3rd shift officer out doing a fence check on the outside of the prison. This officer was checking the area of our old segregation unit called SC which stands for Security Control, and he was checking to make sure the fire exit door was locked on the outside of the building, so he looked in through the window of the fire exit door and observed a pair of red eyes looking back at him, so he pulled away and then decided to look again to make sure he was seeing what he thought he saw, and the red eyes were still there staring back at him. He proceeded on with his other checks of the outside perimeter. He said he didn’t tell too many people because he was afraid no one would believe him.

Also in our Infirmary, there also have been ghost sightings, and I recall a 3rd shift Nurse telling about seeing the face of a woman in the window looking back at her, and also the tale of a male Infirmary officer telling of seeing a ghost and of hearing foot steps in the hallway of the Infirmary. With all of these different people experiencing these encounters, I know that my mind is not just playing games on me, in all the years that I have worked at L.C.I.. However I can easily see how other people not familiar with our work place might think you are truly nuts.

The next officer I will talk about having a ghost experience is a male and this happened when at shift change. He was assigned to first shift which starts work at 7:00 a.m. and as he was going onto his upstairs lock of D-3, he noticed a female ghost going up the stairwell before him, and he said she proceeded up the stairwell all the way to the top and disappeared somewhere around the top of the stairwell. He really didn't elaborate too much on the incident.

My next story from a Black Officer who no longer works at Lima Correctional Institution, told of a window he encountered going up and down when he was doing a basement check and when he called another officer over, the window quit going up and down before the other Officer could see it, and on their second and final basement check in the morning hours before 3rd shift ended, the same window done the same thing only this time, the other officer doing the basement check with him also got to see it doing it also. The basement can be a scary place at night for any officer, seasoned or new to L.C.I. I can tell you this, but you get use to the weird happenings going on the longer you work there, and come to expect them

There is a black officer that simply will not do another basement check and he works first shift, because his encounter with a ghost in the basement. It is my understanding, that he was doing a basement check and this ghost grabbed him and spun him around, now if you would see this officer, he is a very big guy to say the least, about six foot, eight inches tall and not a small guy to say the least, but this ghost grabbed him and spun him around, and to this day, he simply will not go down n the basement again. Now I have ask other officers and they tell me the same thing that this officer will not do a basement check or even go down there, that this incident scarred the life out of this big guy. I can believe it as I had an encounter with one which touched me on 2A-Dorm and it scared the dickens out of me, so I can believe that this did really scare this individual regardless of his tremendous size.

Also, one time we had an emergency count taken because a female officer said she seen someone up walking on the roof, and I believe she was working either 9A or 10A Dorm at the time of this sighting, when the emergency count was taken and the roof of the prison was searched, no one was found and the inmate count came out alright and operations went on as normal.

There also have been times when our Control Room officer seen persons in the café area when there no officers in the café area on 3rd shift and when officers were sent to investigate, there was no one there to be found. This has happened more than once to the control room officers. An actual ghost is seen on camera in our main control room.

I think the scariest room in the place is where old grave stones are stored in the basement, this alone can make hair stand up on your head, as a lot of the off shoot rooms of the basement hallway are poorly lit and dungeon like and do give you a cold feeling when you enter one of them. One night I did hear music playing and it sounded like it was coming from the ceiling of the basement down by the maintenance hallway, never could figure out where the music was coming from, as I remember, me and the other officer did look

I am not sure if I told you about the basement checks I done this year which is 2002, in which a certain room in the basement where I would check an iron secured gate and I would rattle it to make sure it was locked and before I would leave the room, this gate would rattle back at me, just as if someone was following me and doing the same thing I was doing. This happened several times, but I didn't let this annoy me, but I did tell the officer I was doing the basement check with, and he just laughed. In reality, there are probably many more stories about the Ghost of Lima Correctional Institution, that other corrections officers past and present could tell, and probably not all of them will ever come out, but I know, that they are really not ghost but demons or evil spirits that haunt this place, for you can feel the evil in the place when ever you go to work there, which is a nightly thing for me. I am glad I have a strong belief in Jesus Christ who goes before me when ever I enter this evil realm to do my job. It is through that strength that I am able to work in such a place and I seek the Lords protection from all of this evil. I think it makes the worst of all who work there to come out into the open. I pray for my fellow officers quite often that they may get to know Christ as their personal Savior so that they may have the protection against this evil that haunts their work place.

Now I know many of you reading this probably think this is a bunch of bunk, but I can tell you in my experience of over 13 years of work at Lima Correctional Institution, that what I am telling you is true and really happened to me, and that there is truly good and evil spirits, and I had my encounters with these spirits. So this should set ones mind to thinking about what the Bible said about these spirits, and that Heaven and Hell does truely exist!

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Old 06-23-2008, 01:24 PM
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Default i have photos

i have negitives from 1944. most of them are of the outside. i have a couple of a man, couple of a women, one of a baby on a rocking horse ( i dont know if that has to do with the prison), and one is of a bunch of people kneeling around some table with hand and feet cuffs on and people are standing around looking at the prisoners. i want to get them developed but i have been told it could cost $5.00 per photo. i have 23 some are doubles.

Hello. Looking for individuals who may have material and/or stories relating to the Lima State Hospital for the Criminally Insane. Unfortunately as time passes, more and more mementos from the facility are thrown away. I am looking for ANYTHING from the hospital. Photos, badges, clothing, patient artwork, etc.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


The Dailey Historical Archives[/quote]
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Old 07-19-2008, 08:25 AM
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Thumbs up Auntie

I have a aunt who was sent to the Lima State Hospital for the
Criminally Insane in the 1940's. She killed her husband who was
very abusive. After being transfered to the the Lima State Hospital
she suddenly died after a few months. I do not know what she died
of. I would really like to know. I have articles from the newspapers
where she was committed of the terrible crime. I am looking for any
medical records of any kind or any information of her stay at the
hospital. Where can I find these records?

Any information would be appreciated
Thank you,
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Old 07-29-2008, 06:51 PM
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I wanted to know if you could tell me anything about the Lima State Hospital in 1952. My father was kidnapped by 2 guys who escaped from the hospital in May of that year. Their names were Floyd Keith and Neville Flusher.
I have newspaper articles from that time about the actual kidnapping but not a lot of detail about the hospital and why these men were locked up there.
My Dad just passed away a couple of weeks ago and I'm trying to write a biography about his life and what happened so many years ago before I was born.

Thank you in advance for any information or leads you can provide.
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