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Old 12-17-2007, 04:28 AM
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How horrible. I never knew this existed.
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Old 12-17-2007, 09:14 AM
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Originally Posted by mkfarnam View Post
This is from the second link

While urban areas undoubtedly offer the largest squatter populations overall, some people squat in even the smallest and least hospitable towns. In 1992, my own small corner of the world, Santa Cruz, California, had a population of only 50,000 and very few vacant houses. Even in this small, admittedly countercultural town, I personally knew more than two dozen people who were self-conscious squatters. I hear stories about squatters in the strangest of places: one guy up the road from a winery in Sonoma, California, who, to the distress of the landowner, built himself a teepee. One friend had to evict a squatter from her mother's cabin in a small New Mexico town. When I was three years old, even my mother and I squatted for a summer. We lived in an abandoned farmhouse in the middle of Missouri. If my anecdotal experiences are any indication, most communities in the Northern wealthy nations probably host at the very least a few squatters per thousand residents.

I've seen 3 families living in a 2 car garage, with a auto repair going in one and the 3 families living in the other.
It was reported to "Code Enforcement" several times, but actually "code enforcement" is the main cause of the long evictions.

Our Community formed a Committee to get to the bottom of this. I was part of it.
And I thought this stuff went out with the stage coaches. Shows you what I know.
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Old 03-23-2008, 09:08 PM
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Default Now please simmer down Synopsis

Originally Posted by Synopsis View Post
How could anybody purposefully move into a home that is owned by someone else and claim squatters rights? And why would it be so hard to evict them, they are there illegally? If I ever saw this happen or had it happen to me and the law wouldn't do anything about it I think I'd have to take the law into my own hands.
It's not worth it squatters rights exist in all 50 States Of The United State , even in Texas. The differences between Texas and California is that it takes 30 years of a person paying your property taxes as opposed to 5 years in California to legally get their's hands on your property.

The differences between a treapasser and a squatter is that a squatter must make improvements on your property , pay ultility bill , have mail deleiverd to your Address in his or her name , when they break into your property they quickly must replace your doorknob "or" door so that the Police Can Not See Evidences Of A Property Break - In..They Have To Pay Your Property Taxes for 5 years straight...30 years TEXAS
, have furniture whereas a treaspasser would not....Squatters would
have to cook on your stove and maybe have a T.V. in your property.

No I Never Done this before I would be tightrope walking between Legal And Illegal Activities and there's a Thin Line Between Squatters And Treapassers. the Squatters Laws Were Used To Keep Income Coming Into County And City Governments Via Your Property Taxes ,Ulitity payments , Keep Your Property Maintained , weeds Cut ,
As A Squatter You Have To Document That You Are Living A Orderly Lifestyle Have Furniture In The House Not Sleeping On The Floor , Looking At T.V. Taking Baths , Cutting The Yard.

When My Grandmother and Grandfather died in NOWATA OKLA we had to Bulldoze Their's House Into A Big Hole That We Dug , because no one wanted to leave TULSA or OKLAHOMA CITY or TUCSON Arizona to live in NOWATA OKLA and I couldn't leave CALIFORNIA we had a White Neigbor that always had his eyes on my Grandparent property that would have kicked the door down and put in "his door" as sure as I'm on the computer right now , many a night my Grandmother would have me roling on the floor telling me story about this fella and feeling smug
that he never got his hands on "Her" Property.

Well Grandparent dead, mother dead in Tulsa , Aunt dead in Tucson ,
other Aunt is a National Church Speaker that lives in OKC and travels all the time , from the north to the south and left coast to the right coast. My cousins and brothers and sisters could care less about Nowata ,i need to talk to my Aunt in OKC to see if the property is still in the family. I took a Wisconsin,Oklahoma vacation in 2000 and decided to take a drive up to Nowata and Lo And Behold this white fella had put up a "Electric Fense" around my Aunt "Nowata" property without her knowing about it or arthorizing it "I"told her that a chain around the base of his fense and the towing hooks on the underbody of my car could do the trick , but cooler heads prevailed (her) head.

She did have a agreedment that this particular indiviual could allow his "cattle" to graze on her property for free but the electric fense shocked her no pun intended, she paid another white fella to cut the tall grass on another part of the property and bale hay if he wanted to
, but this first white fella didn't even have electric fensing around his own property and it seen strange to say the least that he would have it around me Aunts but she had bigger fish to fry.

I'm calling my Aunt in OKC well really (Mid-West City) to see What's Up With The "Black Ponerosa" is it still in the family or it that part of our family history forever gone. There's three ways to lose your property , and i'm just dealing with two of them (A) Squatters Rights (B) Property Taxes Lein Sale Of Your Property.....in both cases somebody "Else" has to pay your property taxes , with a Squatter it's every year for X amount of years...County Property Taxes Lein Sales are when your taxes "Go Unpaid For X Amount Of Years And The County Government Put Your Place Up For Sale For Anybody Willing To Pay Your Back Taxes

My Great Grandfather and Grandfather together built three houses in Nowata with theirs bare hands , one was burned down by Afro-American treapassers in town.I knew of these kids vaguely from my summer vacations in Nowata , Grandparents House Bulldozed into the ground , Grand Aunt House Left Standing..my grand aunt died 20 plus years before my Grandparents in 2000 it was still standing but I doubt that anyone is going to Squat in it.
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Old 03-23-2008, 09:46 PM
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Originally Posted by colleeng47 View Post
And I thought this stuff went out with the stage coaches. Shows you what I know.
It's not just squatters and trespassers, there are gazillions of homeless people too, and not the 'Bowery Bum' types. There are whole families living in cars, or whatever else they can find. With all the foreclosures lately, the numbers are going to go up drastically.

I got a load of it when I was in St Louis 8 years ago. It seems that there, if a tenant stops paying rent, they can't be legally evicted as long as there are children in the house/apartment. My sister was handling my mother's house after she went into a home, and one family decided not to pay, so she started proceedings - there are proceedings, they just seem to take long enough for toddlers to graduate from high school! - then the family decided they wanted a home of their own and left. They also took all the appliances that were in the house and did a great deal of damage. It cost around 30,000.00 to fix it up again. So they filed a claim against the people, who immediately declared bankruptcy. So landlords do their best to screen out any potential squatters - you wouldn't believe how long and detailed the general application for a rental is. It's not just a credit check, they want criminal history, health history, a report from the state social services, copies of social security cards, driver's licenses, birth certificates, and some other things I've forgotten. The first time I looked at one, I said 'I don't want a top secret clearance to work for NASA, I just want an apartment!' That's when I got the lowdown on squatters there.

There were some homeless in AK, too - especially kids in the Anchorage area, but also in the town where I lived. They were very ingenious in finding places to stay - hiding in laundromats until the doors were locked was a favorite, that way they had a toilet and running water. Or malls, those are always good - the ones up north are enclosed because of the weather, you go inside and then along a series of walkways from store to store. A lot of kids hide out in them as well. Ten years ago there were an estimated 300+ kids living on the streets in Anchorage alone. There was a group of non-profits in my town doing a study on homeless shelters [I was part of it for awhile], but for some odd reason they couldn't count as 'homeless' anyone who actually was taken in by someone. I and a few of my friends took in kids sporadically who'd been thrown out for some reason, and I was told that we couldn't count them, because a bed was provided! I also knew a man, kind of a friend of ours, who was homeless by choice. He didn't want the hassle of worrying about property. His favorite place to sleep each night was in the crawl space under one of the bars. Unfortunately, there were a lot of feral cats living around there, too, and any time he came to visit I'd tell him to bring a change of clothing and aim him at the shower first. Otherwise, he was just too rank to be inside with.
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Old 04-13-2008, 05:11 PM
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I myself have lived in Texas all my life and have been considering moving to Oklahoma lately for a few reasons. 1) when we move we will have to rent for some time & rent in TX is so high, I've seen so many reasonable rent places in OK & I like that, it's cheaper so it seems. 2) seems to be very pretty country from photos I've seen and I like that as well. 3) I am so tired of the huge state of TX. seems that in OK I can find a nice small town of about 5,000 or less like I like & it has a Wal-Mart..but in TX you rarely get lucky to find a town that small with a Wal-Mart. 4) during the summer TX is getting way way too hot, not sure how OK is on that but seeing as it's up further I would think it'd be a little cooler maybe. 5) I've heard that most of the people you come across in OK are pretty nice and friendly..some are in TX as well but I'm finding more and more that are just getting so rude and down right mean.
I for one wouldn't dream of changing OK, I want to experience the beauty it has to offer.

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Old 04-15-2008, 05:16 PM
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Default Doggy Tails and Oklahoma Tales

Got to love that doggy, Synopsis. He's just squished the entire I-80 corridor in Nevada.

What will Oklahoma become? A moderately growing state with a solid economy, good living, and many opportunities. Not as big as Texas, though, but not stagnant like Wyoming.
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Old 04-16-2008, 09:22 PM
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HEY! I think FIDO is geographically challenged! He almost pooped all over Las Vegas! I mean Lost Wages. BAD DOG!

Originally Posted by Synopsis View Post
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Old 04-19-2008, 04:02 PM
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The Transplant Wave seems to shift from time to time. It was California; then Montana.Oh, I can't forget Alaska. Then it was young folks returning to the North and East to reclaim OLD cities and doing a rebirth.
I saw a shift with 9/11. We here in NH saw massive inflow of folks from the lower New England area. A lot of retired military people too?!?
Please don't get too hung up into what may come. Go with what is right for you.
I know that may be the wrong attitude, but it is like having a baby.When is the right time to have a baby?
If you want Oklahoma...........Do Oklahoma.
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Old 09-17-2008, 05:17 PM
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Default Reviving an oldie but goodie

Just arrived from California a couple of weeks ago and hope that the people who love California the way it is stay home. I have had neighbors come over and help with the house without wanting money (bought them groceries anyway), everyone has been friendly and there is actual open space. My apartment when I left had about a third empties as they were clearing out anyone low income (which would be rich here) and the druggies were moving in unofficially by droves. I am so happy to live in a place where everyone isn't in a race to be there yesterday, except for those who aren't, and where you can find trees and grass without it being a city park.

The state I grew up in and am a third generation native of has changed beyond recognition and there is a reason that they are having negative population growth including the illegals. I'm perfectly happy if the neighbors don't keep the place pristine. Riverside has so many rules that some of them actually contridict each other.

I did research and visited before I moved, but the three months inbetween were a trial. If this becomes a really popular destination I'll have to start telling people how awful it is lol. Of course that I'm here with no plans to go mean it probably won't work.

I don't think Ok will ever become California because the jobs aren't here and the alure can't compete. People will move anywhere right now to get away from the absurd prices for housing etc but have to work too. And that old steriotype still is there.... Most people who weren't familiar with the state had the stammering, but why would you do that look.

I am very happy with the way it is, and will not be complaining.

The big quake is coming in Ca, especially socal, and without power and water and food for a great while when the grid goes nobody will be complaning that there is a dead car in the neighbors driveway anymore.
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Old 09-17-2008, 05:34 PM
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Hi Nightbird. I hope you stick around in the OK forum. I'm also a native Californian thinking about relocating to Oklahoma in a couple years for better quality of life. There are many positive things I've heard about Oklahoma and would like to hear your input in the future.

Tim C.
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