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Old 08-12-2020, 12:04 PM
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I graduated from Alamo Heights not all that long ago at all and when I was there some of the most popular students were black. There might not have been more than 5-10 black people per grade but there was always at least 3 or 4 that were a part of the popular kids. People who did not buy into the Alamo Heights thing - not dressing like everybody else, not partying with everybody else, not playing sports, extremely liberal politics, etc. were probably made fun of of regardless of what race they were.
During the whole instagram BLM movement my Alamo Heights friends, most of whom ARE very conservative and even had Republican politicians as parents, posted black squares on their instagram. Meanwhile my current group of friends, mostly people who are from border towns or more poor schools around San Antonio, were making fun of people who did this and saying borderline racist things about the subject. I will let y'all get the predominant race of each group...

I have no doubt that Alamo Heights was a lot more racist years ago, and people do still say racist things as jokes, but it is not anything like Highland Park or Memorial imo, and I say that knowing people that are the same age as me that went there.
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Old 08-15-2020, 09:34 PM
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Originally Posted by WilGar View Post
Gee these two feel discriminated at Alamo Heights. You were afforded the best public school education in San Antonio and you feel slighted.

Consider the slighted Anglo students who don't have parents in the SA Country Club, a father in the Texas Cavaliers, The Order of the Alamo, the German Club or any of a number of exclusionary organizations that keep out others.

Suck it up Buttercups and be proud of the sacrifices your parents made to make you an AHHS graduate.

Best public school education in San Antonio? Don't make me laugh lol.

Originally Posted by Azure110 View Post
Correct me if I am wrong here but I assume that you are a white person just like I am. I am all for equal rights for all but lately it has been getting to the point where it is just angry "and always angry" non-whites basically attacking the "whites" using a broad paint brush.

I didn't read the entire article but it appears these two snowflakes waited until they finished AHHS to complain about treatment and wanting change.
Well maybe if they would stop doing racist things, then minorities wouldn't complain about them.

Originally Posted by ashbeeigh View Post
She didn't attempt to take the pizza, that's the point. And, like I said, she experienced it as a person of color and I'm not going to use my ability to "white center" this conflict to justify any of the interactions she reports. I am "not racist" or "a racist," I am working on being "anti-racist."
Thank you for that.
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Old 08-15-2020, 09:47 PM
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Originally Posted by rrbcfy View Post
One things is for certain.

The OP definitely has no idea what he's talking about - considering he almost certainly doesn't live in Alamo Heights or Terrell Hills. It's fun to conveniently look away from what is painfully obvious.

The students that do live in the Alamo Heights District, which comprises of the 50% White as students, come from wealthy families who are predominately extremely conservative and view blacks and latinos as outsiders and lower class people, and they DEFINITELY resent the fact that "those people" are present in their school district. One of the principal reasons why the Alamo Heights School district is so diverse is because they are the only school district in the area that lets students that live outside of the zone to attend - for a fee.

These wealthy families all go by the same playbook:

1) Hyper conservative beliefs
2) racism that floats just under the surface of the water but occasionally bubbles up (see the Alamo Heights Cheerleader Instagram videos)
3) insular bubbles of wealth that are passed down through generations. You'll see these lilly white families that are predominantly involved in commercial real estate, and oil/energy continue to stay in the area. Little Johnny III always tends to go to SMU or Oklahoma, get a token degree in business administration to return to Big Daddy Johnny Jr's firm for a job and then a 1.5 MM house in Terrell Hills with his wife Becky and 3 kids at Alamo Heights (or St Marys Hall or St Lukes).

You can then rinse and repeat the cycle with a sprinkle of the charity circuits, a little dusting of COVID hoax, and the occasional slip up by the kiddos saying the n-word.

It's never failed us in 75 years.
That is an excellent post.
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Old 08-15-2020, 10:22 PM
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Originally Posted by Galvatron99 View Post
Well maybe if they would stop doing racist things, then minorities wouldn't complain about them.
Who is "they"? You are making my point with a post like that.
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Old 08-16-2020, 09:15 AM
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Default Concerning Discrimination here,

Why of course "they" is describing the people who are racist here in San Antonio- as put forth by Galvatron.
You believe, honestly or not, that there are no racist people here, the "They"?

This is a great post. Everything is totally solved in one sentence.

Why of course there are no racist people around here. Right. We have no history of racism in this city or even state whatsoever. Who dreamt up all of this racism stuff up, anyway? Radicals.
This country has a history of racism since people landed at Plymouth Rock. This is such a great post, probably the best I have ever seen here.
Racism is insidious you understand. As soon as Europeans needed more property the westward push from the East Coast of the country began at the expense (expense, meaning death) of native Americans. "So began such a thing as was called " Manifest Destiny". Legitimacy.
Manifest Destiny- reads , "Rip off as much real estate as possible from everybody that one can." Was this
discrimination? Nah.
Soon or later this policy had to reach us here, in San Antonio, Texas.
Shall I even include slavery in this? This country was founded on racism. Thrived on it. Only by the American Civil War did this one end. However the squandering of land from the indigenous populations of America did not discontinue afterward. In fact it had only begun. Indians had no right to private property I guess one might say.

A newly elected Congressman of only two months, way back then, from Illinois, rose from his seat to decry the Mexican-American War as nothing but a land grab to extend slavery. His name was Abraham Lincoln. Texas was beyond flat-ass broke by this time and its' monetary script was worthless.
This Texas Revolution was about the right to own slaves not about freedoms. Freedom was what was claimed, it was about though. In this manner a call to pseudo-righteousness was enlisted for some sort of legitimacy and morality. Congressman Lincoln certainly was right, wasn't he?
The Mexican-American war was unconstitutionally begun by by President Polk anyway, Lincoln said. We are all familiar with this from very recent history, right? Maybe not.
Me? I, will not get into the particulars of any of this above except for a number. There were 250,000 slaves in Texas by the time the American Civil War began and, it was unconstitutional for Texans to even free slaves by state law. It was also illegal for persons of at least 1\4 Black lineage to marry whites. Surely a non-discriminatory policy. This law was in existence until the 1940's.

Is there any kind of legacy left behind by all of these customs, mores, and exclusionary racist behaviors? Nah. This is all delusional, some might tell you. There is no such thing as "they" as described by Galvatron.
No one does this any more. No, of course not. Racial discrimination ended at the end of the Civil War.
Except for those maybe, whom wanted to arm themselves against, the people who dared to paint some statue, orange in downtown San Antonio? Possibly even shoot the SOB's if they pushed too far. Just like during the Battle of 1836.
This stuff was all started by left wing radicals from out of town.
All of this stuff like "Black Lives Matter", does not really matter at all either, because it is all, baloney. We all know this. Nonsense. Such things as these do not even exist at all in the United States any more. There is no such thing. Are you kidding me anyway? No one is doing racist stuff anymore. Why should such an issue even be raised? Radicals.
Someone is making up all of this racist stuff. Left wing radicals from out of town.
I myself do not think for one instant that North America should have been left as a hunting preserve
for native Americans. It was tragic but tragedy happens to many of us all of the time. Nor do I believe that
racism is overwhelming in it's pervasiveness in the country, but I am not African American. If I were I might believe differently.
There is a limit to- nonsensical- however. Plausibility might be described as a condition described by the possibility of truth. Some honesty is therefor a prerequisite. There is no plausible deniability.
There is such a thing as " they". This is they.
Suck it up buttercups. Someone else here said this, not me.

Originally Posted by Azure110 View Post
Who is "they"? You are making my point with a post like that.
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Old 08-16-2020, 12:50 PM
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It is hard for me to understand your answer being that it is circumlocution. Sorry.
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Old 08-17-2020, 08:15 AM
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Default Yet another great post,

This is your best reply? You cannot muster anything else but one word? Not much retort there at all. I must be right. Of course, because, I am always right.
It is alright also because I understand that you could not glean an inkling the ancient undercurrent or strain of racism which has always been prevalent in this country's history. Since its' founding? The gist of this last post should have been obvious to any adult with a quality education. I attended saisd. But I do not mind at all so I will make it simpler and then you can see it without the details of history which are so important to the understanding of the topic concerning this thread which led us all through history and which was bequeathed to these Alamo Heights students. Then you might understand the permeation and not so subtle blend or mix of the totem pole of racism. Keep up now. Try.
Important point, do not miss this one.= The country is founded on racism and it is a caste system. I know you don't get it. Look it up in Colliers Encyclopedia. These can be of great help. I will be as succinct as possible so you can't get lost. However you will miss the vastness and not so subtle permeation of racism as a problem in the U.S.
Here is the readers digest version of my last post; Condensed and simpler by far, and I apologize because I cannot show multi-colored illustrations for you ; This is a condensed version of u.s. history.

1) numbered, as wilgar likes: Europeans landed at Plymouth rock and soon, others followed.
2) people began to be forcibly removed from their lands if they were not of European delineation. Yes I
am of European delineation.
2) African Americans were kidnapped from their ancestral homelands and sold into slavery. Only African
3) Abraham Lincoln rose to his seat in the U.S. congress and decried the Mexican-American war as
nothing more than a land grab in a plan to extend slavery. He was right. At the time of the Texas
revolution there were 250,000 slaves in Texas. This war was not about freedoms it was about slavery
and discrimination. Even until the 1940's it was illegal for anyone of one quarter African -American
bloodline to marry a white. Exclusionary legislation making outright racist behaviors not only acceptable
but making racism a norm. A fight for "freedoms" was only a way of lending a tone of legitimacy into
the Texas revolution . Still there? This is all leading to a not subtle conclusion so hang in there.
History proved Lincoln right.
4) Manifest destiny. Meaning grab as much real estate illegally as one can off anybody. Native
Americans had no property rights.
5) Is there a legacy to all of this ethnic racism here? Yes. There is.
Originally Posted by Azure110 View Post
It is
hard for me to
Now. Who is the "They" in your question? The "They" is the people who practice discriminatory behavior
patterns in American society. I biggie I know Azure, but re-read it.
Plausibility is a biggie too. This word stems from your who(?) question as though you might not understand who is practicing discriminatory behavior. The above simplified retort to your question was
supplied for your non-comprehension. Plausibility is the means by which a anything is believed to be true by
deduction for one reason or a number of reasons. For instance; If you drop a hammer on your foot it may hurt. Drop, try this, and you will see why. Thus it is plausible to say " Do not drop a hammer on your foot." Believe it.
The word "Deniability" means a reason to dispute anything which may be assumed to be false like.
"Drop a hammer on your foot and it will not hurt." Go ahead and do not deny it because it will hurt, of course.
This is another biggie. Together these words become something greater."If you drop a hammer on your foot it may or may not hurt."
Of course it will hurt so do not try to drop a hammer on your foot , particularly a heavy one Azure.
understand your answer
being that it is.
circumlocution. Sorry.
Understanding is an art when it comes to language so it can be difficult, especially because Spanish was my first language, however I learned it well as it came easy to me. I used to win the spelling bee at my elementary school every single year vs. hordes of other kids. And. Then go home and speak Spanish to my grandmothers. So. You see this stuff comes very easy to me. It always, has. Words and their meanings and spellings come to me with only one reading. Even as a small child. I was born like this. It is a gift./
So I understand where you, are.
So plausibility means a possibility of truth, right?
Deniability is- the possibility of a denial of the truth.
There is not a possibility of there being any, plausible deniability of there being the existence of a "They". These are the ones who accept and practice discriminatory behavior. Sure it exists.
So. Racism exists. Who? If you cannot yet comprehend I will shorten it again even further. History should be self-explanatory.
If you do get it then re-read the old post. Understanding will then permeate your soul and you will have learned. I will write an even more condensed version upon request. Suck it up butter cups.
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Old 08-17-2020, 12:23 PM
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There is a more condensed version? Oh joy....I can't wait.
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Old 08-17-2020, 02:54 PM
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Wtf is going on?
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Old 08-17-2020, 03:23 PM
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Originally Posted by supfromthesite View Post
Wtf is going on?

Incoherent rambling that has nothing to do with the thread. You know...the usual.
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