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Old 07-11-2008, 01:26 PM
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Originally Posted by SA78228 View Post
i just read your previous post about the house situation. You should get out. take the money hit. You're intelligent, I'm sure you'll recover.

I am intelligent. I've also had a lot of problems over the past two years that I wound up on the hospital for. Kidney related stuff that I never would have seen coming or anticipated in my early 30's so losing that much money scares me. I worked but not as much as I could have and the stress of working and recovering made everything take that much longer so we suffered financially because of it.

Stressing out this way scares me too, though. Stress will do wonders with regards to prohibiting recovery. I'm still not 100% but just by looking at me you'd never know it!

It's a lose/lose situation the way things currently are and I'm aware of that. I just can't go without trying to at least fight it. That's just in my nature. And I DID make some progress today and I have to retract (for the time being) what I said about code compliance because I spoke with the manager for our area and he was very helpful and mentioned that he'd have getting our area cleaned up on his immediate agenda. Apparently areas that get pretty bad and receive enough complaints they WILL hit pretty hard and the things that they may be inclined to "let go" on occasion will not be but they have to receive enough complaints. I understand where they're coming from in that respect. It's the whole "he who cries the loudest" situation with regards to situations where theres so much to tackle that it's not a matter of where to start you just have to close your eyes and dive in somewhere random. I would like to see where we get after having spoken to him. He sounded intelligent and seemed like a nice person and I've encountered the opposite through other avenues that should have been able to remedy the situation so that has me hopeful at least for now.

If a few months of persistence yields NO remedy whatsoever I WILL take the hit unless I can get a decent renter which in turn will give me several years to fight it slowly but persistently.
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Old 07-11-2008, 06:58 PM
Location: Helotes
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Remind me - were the folks across the street Section 8? If so, I may be able to provide some information for you.

Also, too bad some errant 4th of July fireworks didn't accidentally cause an unexpected fire at that house. There is always New Years Eve. (Just kidding, of course).
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Old 07-11-2008, 09:02 PM
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The last ones were but I'm not sure about this bunch. I have NOTHING against anyone who is legitimately on Section 8 but this person was not. I really don't know if the tenants now are. I swear a new person comes out of that house every day,though! No telling WHO the real tenants are!
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Old 07-11-2008, 10:07 PM
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Oh and you know, I guess I'll find out when the open records request I submitted with regards to the landlord through SAHA comes back! I'm really considering driving by ALL of their properties, not just a few, and looking to see if they're in the same sad, state. If they are but a majority of the other properties around them are in compliance then I know it's a bigger problem than just what we're experiencing here.
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Old 07-12-2008, 12:33 AM
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Originally Posted by DigginHouseVibez View Post
I do know. Firsthand! But thanks for the reminder. I tend to get a bit overzealous in my attempts to get things done sometimes. I HAVE rubbed people the wrong way in the past but what really gets me is that I get looked down on because I want someone to do the right thing. I've experienced - from here in my own neighborhood, to our HOA management company, to 311 Operators - a total lack of understanding as to WHY I want these things followed up on. The general attitude I get is "why can't you just let it go"? I can't because four or five years ago my house was BRAND NEW in a brand new neighborhood and it looked like it. Now it looks like a ghetto slum that's been here for three times as long and I KNOW there are other people on my street who feel the same way but they work 40-60 hours a week or work AND go to school and have multiple children to take care of. Fighting this battle isn't do-able. All they can do is submit reports online like I have. I work from home so I have more time although it DOES end up costing me. . I just don't have a boss to answer to if I decide to work from 5 pm to midnight or for two hours here and there instead.

Your suggestion about going over there is probably better. I've avoided it because I feel like and "in person" visit is the last straw and if I get the crappy response I've gotten on the phone and via email (or rather NOT gotten via email) then I'll feel like EVERYTHING is lost. Like there's really and truly nobody who can help us. I understand that when you put it into perspective it seems very minor. Especially since nobody is dead or dying from the offenses but they ARE offenses and if they're not lawful within the city then why allow it to continue? Doesn't it take just as much effort to close out a file as it does to assess a fine or keep sending the same canned text letter over and over? It really can't take much more than that. If they'd just ENFORCE the law or assess a few fines here and there like they're SUPPOSED to I know it would help. I'm not asking them to break anyone's bank but show them that there ARE repercussions. Otherwise we get what is happening now and that leads to worse and pretty soon there's no recovering from any of it. At least that's the trend I've seen and I'm at a point where I'm too scared to let it continue but I'm also too scared to continue to pursue it overzealously for fear that we will eventually face some type of retaliation.
Take a photo of all of the garbage and take it to the news media and tell them that THIS is how your council person allows his/her district to look, after futile attempts of getting the issues corrected via Code Compliance AND making complaints to the council's office. I'm sure that if the media takes an interest, you will see some action really quick. Also, the newspaper usually has a section that allows you to write/email the editor and they will print it. I would do that, too. Good luck.
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Old 07-12-2008, 07:54 AM
Location: U.S.
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Lightbulb Specific compliance issues?

Can you list the specific compliance violations for us in order to provide some additional assistance? I've read all the posts and we have a pile of trash on the street and maybe a broken fence (same house?). Here is a list of common compliance violations Enforcement Codes

Is the trash increasing - meaning that besides not being picked up the pile is getting bigger since it started in May?

Part of your comments were lots of visitors and activity in and around the house. Unfortunately there isn't much you can do on this issue if the occupants are simply very popluar people. Noise? Sure. Parking? Maybe.

What about your neighbors? If they are decent neighbors who are also frustrated about "not being able to sell", they also may have an interest in cleaning the place up. It might be best to get a few neighbors together to hire a dumpster crew to pick up the trash and then sue them in small claims court for the amount PLUS costs and your time spent on this issue. Filing the suit allow the police to visit (to serve the suit) and they'll get the pleasure of seeing the poor condition of the place. If they are section 8, you'll have to sue the property owner.
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Old 07-12-2008, 12:10 PM
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We don't mind the visitors, etc so much. I just want the place to look like it's under control and it's not. It looks like a damn free for all over there. I'm only spouting off about everything else because cumulatively it makes everything so much worse but I realize that clouds the issue. With regards to the trash - it's not something that would require a dumpster crew. ONE of them could handle it in about 15 minutes but they're some 4 foot x 5 foot large boxes on the side of their house directly across from me and on the line between their home and the property next to them (which is temporarily vacant) and they're FULL of FOOD trash. It stunk for the longest time and we were starting to see roaches on the sidewalk over there. The stink is gone but I think that's either because we've gotten used to it or because everything is drying out. It's still there though. It's obvious and it's an eyesore. I think the fact that the issue is so minor (with regards to cleanup) is what makes it even more frustrating. It's minor for them to handle, major in that it affects our sellability or rentability being directly across the street. I'll only be able to get tenants just like them! I'd clean it up if I weren't afraid of going onto their property! That's how bad I just want it done so I can finally move. I would love to move before school starts again but after talking with the code compliance manager for our area, he went over some of their procedures and I know it's not something that will happen overnight. Our one remaining homeowner neighbor and ourselves will just have to be very diligent with regards to calling, documenting and reporting everything. They need to move in a few years, too, so thankfully they're very on board with regards to getting this straightened out.

Last night was one issue after another. They had a car parked in the middle of the yard, all doors swung open, stereo cranked all the way up and the bass was hitting so hard that the lamp here at my desktop computer was vibrating. I had a glass of water that was moving and it doesn't even do that from the vibrations when I type! They were all in and out of the car getting high and every other word started with b or f. It was loud and had my daughter been home last night, she would have heard EVERY word through her front bedroom window. I'm grateful that she wasn't. This activity got STARTED at 2:00 am so I think it's behavior that would be a major imposition to ANYONE living here. We called SAPD and so did some other neighbors but there were two shootings several miles away and a rape according to the officer who came by and it took over an hour to get here. They were apologetic which wasn't even necessary. I understand those things come first. I'd had it with these people last night though. They had gone inside not TWO minutes before sapd drove up (two cars!) and were about to walk back outside when they saw them and yelled "oh HELL no" and slammed the door. I made sure to go outside and talk to them and I was hoping the neighbors heard me. I told them exactly what was going on all the way down to the smoking and cussing and made sure to point out that our camera was running and if it became an issue they were free to take a look at everything that recorded. That was more for the sake of the neighbors hearing but the officers were awesome and said the second they start up again to call. After the officers left they yelled "SUCK MY D*CK" out of the window, moved the car to the main street behind us and got high there. We knew they'd be done pretty quickly and calling sapd wouldn't have done any good so we didn't.

I don't think these tenants are section 8 but they're not the kind of people it would make sense to sue. One of them was talking about how she'd been writing hot checks to go shopping earlier in the week and wasn't sure how she was gonna pay her part of the rent. She was laughing about how she'd have to call her mom for money and make something up but how that sucked too because they might come down here from corpus to give it to her and they'd leave her daughter here for a few days. What a great mom.

Apparently all of the violation letters have been sent to the owner and whether or not she has communicated this to the tenants, we don't know. If she's to blame for non communication or just disregard in general, we're not the only ones who are ready to sue. Having our camera on helps alleviate the pressure to take constant photos and have to document everything. It's date and time stamped.

Damn, I'm long winded.


Last edited by DigginHouseVibez; 07-12-2008 at 12:26 PM..
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Old 07-12-2008, 02:09 PM
Location: Charleston, SC
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I'm getting really curious what the place looks like... can't be the only one here.
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Old 07-12-2008, 03:53 PM
222 posts, read 664,633 times
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I might be brave enough to post a pic. I'm just worried that someone may know who I am and FORGET IT after that. I think I've said before that we're in a neighborhood where people are torn. MOST people abide by our HOA covenants and the Code Compliance regulations. Some don't and for some reason it seems like our HOA is kind of "just let it go" about the whole thing. I don't need them targeting me after finding out that I'm complaining and posting pictures. It's VERY easy to end up on their "bad side" too and HOAs have way too much power in that regard. I have several neighbors who have gone through what I have with neighbors near them getting away with a bunch of infractions (repeatedly) and once you become a pain for the HOA they become the same thing right back. I KNOW I shouldn't tolerate it but like I've said before there are a bunch of people here who just dont have the time for this. I don't. I've MADE time to deal with it but it's costing me. A LOT. I don't need to fight with the HOA because I ticked them off. It's not hard to do. They go after the wrong people. just my luck I wound up with a VINDICTIVE HOA.

I'll see if there's a way to do it without it being obvious as to where/who's property it is should someone happen upon this thread.

(I also happen to be a teeny bit paranoid. . that doesn't help!)
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Old 07-12-2008, 04:04 PM
Location: Helotes
778 posts, read 2,334,156 times
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Post the address. I'll drive by, take a picture and post it. They'll have no idea it was you!

I feel your pain. The one thing you mentioned regarding the food in the box - forget code compliance, call the health department!
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