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Shreveport-Bossier City Bossier Parish, Caddo Parish, De Soto Parish
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Old 02-09-2015, 09:05 AM
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It is far and beyond time for people to stand up, speak up and shut down the Jindal constructive dismantling of the State's Valued Institutions.
He has chose a pathway to descimate LSU, both in Educational Stature and Medical Services Statures.

His recent acts which led to the closure of Emergency Centers in New Orleans, is a travesty within a state which has one of the worst Health Care Standards of Citizenry in the whole of the Nation. He constructively played games with Federal Monies for Medicare funds, to set up the sham game to outsource LSU Medical. He did this right before the Federal Funds were slated to up the performance and ACA insurance coverage was to infuse new funding into the LSU Medical Networks.

Studies have shown that Health Care Cost at these Public Service Medical Facilities, Under Medicare and ACA has reduced medical expense up to 43%. Yet, Jindal's policies has Louisiana suffering higher cost and that delusion is being utilized not only to attack the Medical Services Needs of the people, it has set up to threatned the coverage for 10's of thousands of Louisiana Residents.

In an era when Federal Actions is doing all it can to make education affordable and improve programming, Jindal has set out to dismantle as much of the Stature and Credibility of LSU's Educational system, and again it fits under one agenda. Jindal's aim to set up and seek means to privatize it for Private Organizational Profit Gougings. A Pure and Clear Assualt on the young people of this State and their educational needs.

We lag in these areas because of the negative direction Jindal has taken, in his aim to try and be an Austerity Master Republican Golden Boy, who is known for defeating anything which benefits the citizen populations via State and Federal Assistance Programming.


Louisiana, over the past seven years, has already cut more money, on a per-student basis, from higher education than almost any other state in the country. Since 2008, the state has slashed higher education funding by $673 million. But a $300 million reduction to higher education would be the largest one-year cut in recent memory.

Cutting Louisiana higher education by $300 million, putting it into perspective | NOLA.com
We have found insult brought to the state by his presence and his continental state hopping with a fictitious delusions that he can use us and strip us, with his self centered aim to think he will be a Presidential Contender. He does not pay attention to reality. Reality has spoken years ago, that he is not and will never be considered as Presidential Material in the United States of America. He simply does not see beyond his own self aggreandizing mad man obsessiveness for delusions of granduer.

Who suffer's? It's the people of Louisiana.

We have made no progress in the years under his term. We are insulted as a state, unable to rebuild and clean up the mess of the globally known disaster of Katrina. Parts remain as disasterous as the days after the tragedy.

Awaken people, complacency, apathy and utter silence and being dis-engaged to have voice to stand up for the Children and their Futures. The States disregard for it's Senior Citizens has been one of the greatest inhumane disasters of the ages, in the State of Louisiana under the Jindal Administrations. and Yes, this affects "YOU".

He will assualt the State Employees Pensions system, and loot what he can and underfunds the rest to try and force a severe cut or the utter dismantling of the program.

It is time "NOW" to put a stop to it.

When this reverbrates to the rural areas, who often are slow to learn the results of these devastating acts, it will become crystal clearn when they are denied basic benefits, and must travel additional milage to get care in what will be 'over-crowded and severely understaffed public medical facilities".

By all means people: Take Time to Read and Learn: Then take the actions to have voice.

“Silence becomes cowardice when occasion demands speaking out the whole truth and acting accordingly.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

LSU | Something Like the Truth
The actions of Jindal have invoked hardships on the Mayors across this state, in ways the public seems to ignore until the denial and diminished quality and standards of services are assaulted by the malice and ill driven motives of the Jindal and Co. Machine.

We can no longer be Cowards consumed by Silence, and submit to the madness of the Jindal programming and assault upon the State and its Citizens.
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Old 02-09-2015, 05:53 PM
Location: USA
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That's a fact, Jack!
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Old 02-09-2015, 08:51 PM
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If you listen carefully you can actually hear the sound of outmigration of younger people to other states.
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Old 02-09-2015, 09:41 PM
Location: New Orleans, LA
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Originally Posted by BeenThereDunThat View Post
If you listen carefully you can actually hear the sound of outmigration of younger people to other states.
The bible belt is going to be like the rust belt one day. People left that area due to a lack of manufacturing, well people are leaving this area due to a lack of intelligence. The only difference is their demise was tragic, ours is earned.
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Old 02-10-2015, 06:29 AM
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People simply need to concern themselves with reading and learning, moving past bias and excelling themselves beyond bigotry. In some areas that is a very big challenge. but across the country in many places it is a challenge.
Poverty is an atrocity where ever it exist and it beings with it many things which result to consume many people.
If anyone knows a sure fire way other than education and learning to eradicate, then certainly "speak up". it is not and has never been confined strictly by race, but history has a great impact on how it was generated and what was put forth to sustain it within various ranks such as among poor whites, and among minorities in the overall general context. Segregation was a 100 yrs long mass program which was designed to insure poverty and many things.
It takes time to work out of such things, the same as for poor whites it takes time to move out of the doldrums of bigoted encampments, low and despaired income circles where educations was secondary and group think was excessive in biases.

MLK said, in the speech at Birmingham, that many poor whites who had challenges to feed their kids and educate their kids were fed a delusion, that their white skin gave them a superior edge. Time has proven again and again that to be a false premise. Black were for decades upon decades taught and treated as inferior and unable to do this or that, time again has proven all that to be wrong and without merit.

Opportunity is what works, be it black or white, education is what works be it for black or whites, and people learning to 'teamwork" has over and over proven to be the recipe for success in America.

Poverty, the family driven by the ravages of low wages, is a distress on many fronts, and impacts families with often devastating consequences. We have so much talent and creative people lost in the grips of impoverished conditions, and often we add to it, by looking down on them, and distancing ourselves in many ways from them.
Then when occasion brings situations where the individuals from poverty meet those from means, they think they have met someone unique, but what they have come to know is the person as a individual. This is where the dignity of respect finds people communicating as people, without looking down upon each other based on skin tone and economic challenge.

It takes a great deal to learn these things, because the region came from a very turbulent history which fought with great vile to deny this type of humane learning.
Just as one poster stated, in another post:
when people reach that $100k income status as a family", there becomes a commonality, in economics' which transcends the race factors, because they have "means".
But with those means comes also the will to learn, to be civic involved, far and beyond just the church, and to have concern for community and community standards, because they can "afford" to have such concerns.

It is very difficult for anyone to build home with $8.00 an hour, or anything under $12.00 and hour. The living expense and often the work conditions become a great challenges, which does not afford, maintenance upkeep of property, be it rental or otherwise. But people try as best they can to continue to hope for better conditions.
It's difficult when one has to avoid the "meat section" in the grocery store, because it is cost prohibitive, or they must make meals of things without the regard for the nutritional factors on the packaging, because the point becomes to put a meal on the table as a basic. When the Winter heat bill comes, or the summer cooling bill comes, provided one even has air conditioning. These things make great challenges.

The concept of the poor and the improvised community's often filled with many mis conceptions about individuals, Yet, without mistake there is crime, there is violence but it is not a party of everyone who is within the spectrum of poverty and ghetto like unsustainable housing conditions. It's equally the same with people in Trailor parks or trailer parked in the countryside, they are doing what they can with the conditions which surround them, but as individuals, there are many who not only want to do better, there are some anguished because they can't find ways to do better and become bitter, resentful and even violent. These are conditions of impoverished conditions which spans a wide range of variables.
Maybe we can't fix it, but we can fix our attitude in how we interpret and how we structure out minds to consider. We have the power to do that.

Mistreatment and ill considered treatment is a devastating things, whether one is wealth or dire broke, it is a horrendous burden to overcome. This we should consider when we face and see people whom we know is facing challenges.

We've in many ways forgotten the power of a "greeting" in casual form, such as a simple hello, or even a passing acknowledgment of presence of others. We become a contributor to the challenges so many face when we loose the humanity to simply greet others when in general populated public places.
That by no means does not mean to not be of caution, because crime is not confined by race, in some cases it is not confined to the impoverished. We see well to do people harming and killing each other all the time.

Its up to us as individual to learn and discern to have social graces in our daily doings.

I can tell anyone, sickness, the great equalizer, can befall anyone at any time. and in some cases the one you may have respected less may be the very one who gives you the greatest care, even beyond what one may receive from their own family.

We should be willing to learn these things, and not assume it only befall others, because we could be that "other" it befalls.

These may to some sound like 'bleeding heart dribble", but it is the reality we often fear thinking, and become terrified to consider. This is when we ask God for the wisdom and strength of what is "compassionate" awareness.
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Old 02-10-2015, 06:45 AM
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Shreveport will continue to grow, it may not do so at any record level, but it will as it always has, sustained a growth factor. That factor is like everything else, it has its high points and low points.
But what we have is currently a recognition that we must invest to grow. That is a new paradigm within the inner city of the downtown concept.
We have many suburban communities that do well and are well maintained. We've been able to sustain what some cities have lost. Which is currently Shreveport has a Mall and Bossier has a mall that both are thriving, when many cities have vast empty buildings which are no longer functioning.

Vision-wise, we may need to think different in terms of the Massive GM Facility, in how to develop it as a Storage Transfer Facility, and a Mulch-Industrial Complex of various business. It has superb rail infrastructure which by today's standards and expense we could not afford to build this level of quality and accessibility, it has freeway accessibility, and good roadways around the entire complex. We need to learn to see what is value and what is valuable in what we have. It's simply over-looked and hidden within despairs encirclement of not knowing what to do or how to do it.
If we think I-49 is a boom, we need to look beyond the infusion of monies that construction brings, and look past the construction to learn better how we can become a hub, rather than a 'by passed city", due to freeway flow past.

The massive benefit of this structure is far more than we know and far greater than we have considered. While we wallow in sorry at the departure of GM, we should be looking ahead to what can the massive facility facilitate in the mixed use development of industry, warehousing, and transfer staging. (I will write a piece specifically on this point and factor aspect of facility).

After nearly 3 decades, the Selber Building has a tentative confirmed agreement to bring a tech company to the premise. The procession to building living quarters in downtown will not vanish, because people are looking for this style of living. It is common in both the European nations as well throughout the Asian Pacific. We have to understand the vision of what and how that influences the growth and change of American Cities.

We will get different Tech and Vocational and Higher Education entities whom will come, but we have to know tht growth is a process and paradigm shifts in what is a city is a living function.

How we became a generation of doubt seekers, and naysayers and condemners is attributed to much, we are a generation of broken home children who became adults, under conditions where hope and positive thinking became challenged, by a history of 2-3 generations of latch key kids, and single parent household challenges.
As adults we survived it, therefore we need to think different, not wallow in the delusions of what was the 1950's folklore, or the devastation of the 1980's, but we have to see what is the potential for a better future.

No one can force you to think progressive nor think positive, but if it is misery one seeks, they can find plenty, but if it is positive and progressive thinking that requires the work first to be so, and then to seek out like minds who aspire to seek and see so. It's an individual thing, there is no conscription program to this change programming, it is within each person to have and want to be and do better. If they choose, or they may complain and wallow in despair and see destitution of which they seek to see.
American has always been built by the willing, the aspiring and those who dare to challenge convention and commonality of conditions, to pursue improvements.
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Old 02-10-2015, 07:15 AM
5,349 posts, read 2,971,045 times
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In some ways Jindal is smart when it comes to the understanding of choice within the basic school up to K12, but when it comes to specifically higher educations is where he lacks to know the damages he is doing.
he get's it when he considers that schools need to not be 'test obsessed" and learn how to test, what to test and when testing is beneficial, rather than to aspire to a test based madness.
He may not be the best in concept of Governor Position, and Certainly Not in Presidential Terms, but he may have been more functional in basic education as a contributor, not the leader, but within a structure of other good and positive minded basic school up to K12.

Often people are placed in the lessor opportune position for what their greater skill calling may mandate. but sadly, he would not see it as a service, but as a step down, therefore he may miss the position where he can function best.
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Old 02-12-2015, 01:40 AM
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My college tuition started at $500 per class when I began and was up to $770 when I left. Jindal has kicked an education system while they were already down. He has destroyed health care coverage for those not well off financially. I will rejoice the day this man leaves office.
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