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  1. Ouside looking in: Pittsburgh, Denver, Republic: homes, schools, college - Pennsylvania (PA)
  2. The Transit Union: Dallas: appointed, costs, buses - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  3. Steelers/Hotels/Airport: to rent, costs, bus - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  4. Big college town: Pittsburgh: median income, statistics, retirement - Pennsylvania (PA)
  5. I don't like Ike! Pun intended: State College: houses, neighborhood, schools - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  6. Spider ID: Pittsburgh: living, garden, eat - Pennsylvania (PA)
  7. location for nonlimit pets: house, law, relocating - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  8. Where to have a party?: Pittsburgh, Washington: park, place, job - Pennsylvania (PA)
  9. Jobs at Universities/Community Colleges: Pittsburgh, Beaver: employment, to move, offices - Pennsylvania (PA)
  10. Advice for a new landlord: Pittsburgh: renters, house, tenants - Pennsylvania (PA)
  11. Photography allowed at Steeler games?: Pittsburgh: stadium, hot water, restriction - Pennsylvania (PA)
  12. Paul Green School Of Rock Music: Pittsburgh, Carnegie: location, news, time - Pennsylvania (PA)
  13. Salvation Army, others near Bloomfield?: shops, donate, clothing - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  14. Argh!: Pittsburgh: motels, restaurants, appraisers - Pennsylvania (PA)
  15. Pittsburghs New Stairway to Heaven: Washington: condos, hotels - Pennsylvania (PA)
  16. Traffic: Oakland: university, bus, light rail - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  17. Will Bellevue always be dry ?: Pittsburgh, Wilkinsburg: neighborhood, restaurants - Pennsylvania (PA)
  18. how's Mexican War Streets House & Garden Tour?: Pittsburgh: neighborhoods, architecture - Pennsylvania (PA)
  19. Rt.66 T.V. show in Pittsburgh: trains, pictures, rain - Pennsylvania (PA)
  20. Moving back to Pittsburgh as adult: Plum, Etna: houses, neighborhoods, good schools - Pennsylvania (PA)
  21. diversity without injury: Pittsburgh, Osborne: low crime, safe neighborhood, quality of life - Pennsylvania (PA)
  22. Pittsburgh Police are #1!!!: credit, live, vehicle - Pennsylvania (PA)
  23. Pollution in Pittsburgh: transplants, home, construction - Pennsylvania (PA)
  24. Need relocation help: Lebanon, Greensburg: for rent, how much, houses - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  25. The day when all of the City of Pittsburgh's differences are set aside: military - Pennsylvania (PA)
  26. Hopefully this is appropriate - an introduction: Pittsburgh, Reading: transplants, neighborhoods - Pennsylvania (PA)
  27. Lawrenceville: Pittsburgh, Butler, Progress: houses, neighborhood, live in - Pennsylvania (PA)
  28. good place for foreclosure listing?: Pittsburgh, Franklin: tax lien, sales, real estate - Pennsylvania (PA)
  29. Public Transportation from the North to Downtown?: Pittsburgh, Washington: chapel, neighborhood - Pennsylvania (PA)
  30. Part-time job suggestions...: Pittsburgh, Dallas, Oakland: loft, home, neighborhoods - Pennsylvania (PA)
  31. haunted house season is coming soon: Sharon: coupon, houses, buy - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  32. Local stores in Fox Chapel?: O'Hara Township, Oakmont: houses, safe neighborhood, income - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  33. Bicycle Shop with Good Used Selection: Pittsburgh: universities, live, shops - Pennsylvania (PA)
  34. should I stay in Pittsburgh or go to NY?: best cities, transplants - Pennsylvania (PA)
  35. Delivery Dilemma: area, building, to work - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  36. Pittsburgh Balances Budget: Penn: money, market, summer - Pennsylvania (PA)
  37. Squonk Opera: Astro-rama Oct 15-18 Scenley Plaze in Oakland: artists, fun - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  38. Pittsburgh Job Offer: real estate market, renting, buying a house - Pennsylvania (PA)
  39. Sewickley front license plates?: car, parking, dealership - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  40. Moving to Pittsburgh from Youngstown, OH: sales, real estate, live - Pennsylvania (PA)
  41. Friend needs help: low income, house, neighborhood - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  42. Comparing school districts: Pittsburgh, Erie, Harrisburg: for sale, real estate, crime - Pennsylvania (PA)
  43. where did the carson street deli go?: theater, live - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  44. homes with lots of land: Bridgeville, Oakdale: houses, price, privacy - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  45. Questions about the city??: Pittsburgh, Penn Hills: crime, new home, neighborhoods - Pennsylvania (PA)
  46. News/Talk radio: Pittsburgh: station, campus, deals - Pennsylvania (PA)
  47. Walk-in Medical Clinic that accept cash: Pittsburgh, Penn: health insurance, credit card, how much - Pennsylvania (PA)
  48. clear up confusion: Pittsburgh, Allentown, Erie: real estate, chapel, house - Pennsylvania (PA)
  49. Pittsburgh's Diversity: Portland: house, neighborhoods, school district - Pennsylvania (PA)
  50. Is Pitt good for me?: Pittsburgh, Lebanon: fit in, rental, student loans - Pennsylvania (PA)
  51. B-25 Mystery Search Picks Up Again This Weekend In Monongahela River: Pittsburgh: live, business - Pennsylvania (PA)
  52. Urban Exploration: Pittsburgh, Washington, Akron: hotels, living in, mall - Pennsylvania (PA)
  53. Great Allegheny Passage Trail Close to Completion: Pittsburgh, Washington: amusement parks, bike - Pennsylvania (PA)
  54. Toddler swimming lessons on the East side?: Pittsburgh, Wilkinsburg: YMCA, live in - Pennsylvania (PA)
  55. Housing that accepts German Shepherds: apartment, rentals, townhouse - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  56. What's going on with rent in Pittsburgh?: California, Millvale: apartments, foreclosures - Pennsylvania (PA)
  57. good neighborhoods and schools?: Pittsburgh: homes, teaching jobs, to buy - Pennsylvania (PA)
  58. Expanding Downtown: Pittsburgh, Monongahela: live, light rail, arena - Pennsylvania (PA)
  59. Expanding Downtown: Pittsburgh, Washington, Monongahela: real estate, neighborhoods, casino - Pennsylvania (PA)
  60. Been to the Scarehouse in Etna?: Pittsburgh: house, activities - Pennsylvania (PA)
  61. Three PNC and environs: Pittsburgh, Liberty: real estate, condos, hotel - Pennsylvania (PA)
  62. Check this out!: Pittsburgh: office, steel, place - Pennsylvania (PA)
  63. Moving to Murrysville or Monroeville?: Franklin: house, neighbourhood, to buy - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  64. Fireworks-Pittsburgh 250: buildings, locations, town - Pennsylvania (PA)
  65. testament @ the rex theater friday 10/3/08: live, summer, great - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  66. Furniture Consignment store: Pittsburgh: apartment, lease, tax - Pennsylvania (PA)
  67. More questions about school districts: Pittsburgh, Bethel Park: relocating to, rankings, business - Pennsylvania (PA)
  68. Wooooooooo!!!!!: job, good, running - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  69. gas issues???: Pittsburgh: trip, supply, weekend - Pennsylvania (PA)
  70. North Shore Development: Denver, Oakland: real estate, hotels, landscaping - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  71. Washington PA Nightlife: house, business, dinner - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  72. Looking at Crafton and Carnegie...: Pittsburgh: apartments, rental, home - Pennsylvania (PA)
  73. Looking for nice safe home for family of five.: Pittsburgh: school, to live - Pennsylvania (PA)
  74. Need a good travel agent: Pittsburgh, Mexico: vacation, island, problems - Pennsylvania (PA)
  75. UPMC recruiting: Pittsburgh, Portland, Penn: hotel, move, bill - Pennsylvania (PA)
  76. moving back to pittsburgh? (it's been a long time): Bridgeville: transfer, neighborhoods - Pennsylvania (PA)
  77. Pittsburgh Neighborhoods: Manchester, Homewood: crime, living in, safe - Pennsylvania (PA)
  78. Apartments Near Pittsburgh and or Greensburg, pa?: Youngwood: rent, credit check - Pennsylvania (PA)
  79. Vintage clothing stores: Pittsburgh, Avalon, Ellsworth: theatre, shops, move - Pennsylvania (PA)
  80. homeschooling or alternative schools?: Pittsburgh: public schools, area, learners - Pennsylvania (PA)
  81. looking for rental in Upper St Clair: Pittsburgh, St. Clair: rentals, school - Pennsylvania (PA)
  82. Sq. Hill/Fox Chapel/North Hills: Aspinwall, Howard: real estate, apartment, renting - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  83. What is turtle creek like now?: Wilmerding, Penn: houses, neighborhood, school district - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  84. Georgian Pittsburgh: Philadelphia, Scranton, Washington: houses, neighborhood, university - Pennsylvania (PA)
  85. Is it time to cook the goose ? URA head goes after Mayor Luke: live - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  86. University of Pittsburgh Football season opener on the 30th: Clark: sales, theater - Pennsylvania (PA)
  87. starting CCAC Downtown center soon have transportation /parking questions: Canonsburg: live, buses - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  88. outdoor cafe's in pittsburgh: Philadelphia: neighborhoods, rooftop, live - Pennsylvania (PA)
  89. Green Industry Hub Rises From Rust Belt Ruins: Mexico: how much, landscaping - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  90. Thinking of Moving to Pittsburgh: Portland: apartments, lofts, houses - Pennsylvania (PA)
  91. WI-FI in Pittsburgh: Philadelphia, Penn: town, hotspots, downtown - Pennsylvania (PA)
  92. Is there a photo sticky?: Pittsburgh: photos, around, pics - Pennsylvania (PA)
  93. The clarks at the rib fest: time, Friday, around - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  94. Art Gallery recommendations: Pittsburgh, Butler, Lawrenceville: buyers, design, rating - Pennsylvania (PA)
  95. Utilities: Pittsburgh, California: how much, house, water heater - Pennsylvania (PA)
  96. Imagine that, corruption still reigns in PA politics: Pittsburgh: crime, unemployment - Pennsylvania
  97. Temporarily closed pending Pittsburgh Moderator review. Thanks.: Scranton: authority, eat - Pennsylvania (PA)
  98. We LOVED Pitt!: Pittsburgh, Williamsport, Washington: neighborhoods, camp, live in - Pennsylvania (PA)
  99. Pittsburgh 250: Carnegie: home, wedding, live - Pennsylvania (PA)
  100. Moving To Pittsburgh: crime, how much, school - Pennsylvania (PA)
  101. Easiest way to find an apartment?: Pittsburgh, Lebanon: rental, homes, neighborhoods - Pennsylvania (PA)
  102. reasonably priced motels in or around Pittsburgh?: Sharpsburg: extended stay, apartment - Pennsylvania (PA)
  103. Can an international young woman find work in the Burgh?: Pittsburgh: school, universities - Pennsylvania (PA)
  104. Commute time: West Mifflin, Mifflin: about - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  105. Temp Agencies in Pittsburgh: school, office, place - Pennsylvania (PA)
  106. Looking to Relocate- Apreciate advice!: Pittsburgh, Bloomfield: employment, safe neighborhoods, living in - Pennsylvania (PA)
  107. Tell me about Polish Hill: Pittsburgh, Dormont: apartment, to rent, houses - Pennsylvania (PA)
  108. Request for Legal Assistance - Father's Rights: Pittsburgh: rent, lawyer - Pennsylvania (PA)
  109. Things worth checking out in Pittsburgh: Washington, Confluence: neighborhoods, stadiums, best - Pennsylvania (PA)
  110. Thinking about moving to Ingram: Philadelphia, Lebanon: renting, condo, houses - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  111. We Need More Motorcycles in Pittsburgh: living, moving to, transportation - Pennsylvania (PA)
  112. Ohio Woman First To Swim Length Of Allegheny River: Pittsburgh: how much, deed - Pennsylvania (PA)
  113. becoming a broker: Pittsburgh, York: flat fee, for sale, move - Pennsylvania (PA)
  114. for Pittsburgh Home Remodelers: sale, price, discounts - Pennsylvania (PA)
  115. Upscale bar/lounge in the SW suburbs?: Pittsburgh, Sewickley: hotel, taxi - Pennsylvania (PA)
  116. Emerald Gardens Residents!: summer, roommates, room - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  117. Mine subsidence: Pittsburgh, Washington, Minersville: for sale, 2013, insurance - Pennsylvania (PA)
  118. want to buy a small condo, help: Pittsburgh, Oakmont: for sale, real estate - Pennsylvania (PA)
  119. Heartland Homes: Pittsburgh, Plum, California: appointed, home builder, neighborhood - Pennsylvania (PA)
  120. How far to the closet oceanfront from pittsburgh?: Erie, Washington: houses, to live - Pennsylvania (PA)
  121. Pittsburgh 5th poorest big city, census shows: Philadelphia, Media: lofts, neighborhoods - Pennsylvania (PA)
  122. pittsburgh local bands: Media: live, nightlife, place - Pennsylvania (PA)
  123. What are bugs?????????????: Pittsburgh, Penn: houses, live in, rated - Pennsylvania (PA)
  124. Interesting story from the PG: Pittsburgh, Liberty: transplants, mortgages, houses - Pennsylvania (PA)
  125. Housing market: Pittsburgh: sale, real estate market, renting - Pennsylvania (PA)
  126. 50 year old single guys... creepy: how much, school, title - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  127. Affordable Mexican Food: Pittsburgh, Lebanon, Indiana: how much, live, restaurant - Pennsylvania (PA)
  128. Pittsburgh job market increases in August: to buy, closing, living - Pennsylvania (PA)
  129. Think you know the burbs?: Pittsburgh, Butler: how much, income, tax - Pennsylvania (PA)
  130. compare Seneca Valley, Quaker Valley and North Allegheny school districts: Pittsburgh: house, neighborhood - Pennsylvania (PA)
  131. . for relocation: Pittsburgh, Austin: real estate, insurance, condos - Pennsylvania (PA)
  132. Anywhere around Pittsburgh for this?: Sharon, Hermitage: real estate, broker, house - Pennsylvania (PA)
  133. I am a about to buy in Penn Hills and getting nervous: Pittsburgh: for sale, crime - Pennsylvania (PA)
  134. Nice restaurant to celebrate 1 year wedding anniversary: Pittsburgh, Washington: live, food - Pennsylvania (PA)
  135. Are thre Chinese people in Murrysville?: Pittsburgh, Municipality of Murrysville: crime, home - Pennsylvania (PA)
  136. What do nurses make in Pit.. help: Pittsburgh, Denver: sales, rentals - Pennsylvania (PA)
  137. tattoos in Pittsburgh?: Wilkinsburg, Butler, McKees Rocks: price, shops, best - Pennsylvania (PA)
  138. Could National City Be Next: Pittsburgh: insurance, mattress, credit - Pennsylvania (PA)
  139. For you Pittsburgh City Residents..What signs do you see in your n-hood of being the 5th Poorest City: apartments, crime - Pennsylvania (PA)
  140. Where to eat before concert at Mellon Arena: Pittsburgh, Duquesne: hotels, theatre - Pennsylvania (PA)
  141. Modern Pittsburgh: Economy, Industry, Portland: neighborhoods, schools, universities - Pennsylvania (PA)
  142. Magee Hospital performs ABORTION: Pittsburgh: subdivisions, to live in, legal - Pennsylvania (PA)
  143. Hot Pittsburgh Job Market: minimum wage, live, stores - Pennsylvania (PA)
  144. Carnegie Mellon 20th Best in the World: Pittsburgh, Rankin: school rankings, universities - Pennsylvania (PA)
  145. Need a town with charm...: Pittsburgh, Beaver: to rent, high crime, houses - Pennsylvania (PA)
  146. Where are the pierogie places?: Pittsburgh, McKees Rocks: sale, pierogies, restaurant - Pennsylvania (PA)
  147. What says Pittsburgh?: Washington: floor, steel, district - Pennsylvania (PA)
  148. South Side Works: Duquesne, Liberty: condo, hotel, neighborhood - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  149. The Docks in Fox Chapel hates kids so beware: Pittsburgh: apartment complex, condo - Pennsylvania (PA)
  150. Where is the best Deli in the burgh: Pittsburgh, Butler: to buy, live in - Pennsylvania (PA)
  151. young family possibly moving to pittsburgh: Lincoln, Bloomfield: appointed, fit in, transplants - Pennsylvania (PA)
  152. Relocating: Pittsburgh, Lebanon, Upper St. Clair: chapel, townhouse, neighborhoods - Pennsylvania (PA)
  153. City shifts to younger work force, census says: Pittsburgh, Carnegie: houses, employment - Pennsylvania (PA)
  154. Gun Shots in Highland Park?: Pittsburgh, Bloomfield: apartment, crime, home - Pennsylvania (PA)
  155. Need to escape for a day: Pittsburgh, Plum: rent, live in, buses - Pennsylvania (PA)
  156. CP Development Management company in Regent Square: Baldwin, Wilkinsburg: hardwood floors, real estate - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  157. Are there a lot of transplant NYers?: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh: transplants, real estate - Pennsylvania (PA)
  158. JUST IN. Century III Mall to close.: tenants, maintenance - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  159. Great Restaurants in the North Hills: Fox Chapel, Millvale: school, shop, eat - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  160. How do school districts compare?: Fox Chapel, Sharpsburg: 2013, chapel, homes - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  161. Companies in Robinson?: Pittsburgh, Robinson Township, Sewickley: home, movies, to live in - Pennsylvania (PA)
  162. Restaurant suggestions: Pittsburgh, Penn: hotels, home, neighborhood - Pennsylvania (PA)
  163. Help! Live in Pittsburgh, walk to PNC Park: Washington, Lincoln: condos, crime - Pennsylvania (PA)
  164. we want indie music. and friends.: Pittsburgh, Edgewood: apartment, living in, club - Pennsylvania (PA)
  165. Are all students just waiting to leave??: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh: condo, credit - Pennsylvania (PA)
  166. Where's the best unheard of breakfast place in Pgh?: Sharon: restaurant, food - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  167. Parks and the Health of Great Cities: Pittsburgh, Monroe: houses, find a job - Pennsylvania (PA)
  168. Primo Property: Pittsburgh, Wilkinsburg, Washington: condos, how much, hotels - Pennsylvania (PA)
  169. In five words or less, how would you rate Pittsburgh's job market?: California: health insurance, universities - Pennsylvania (PA)
  170. Mt. Oliver: Pittsburgh, Allentown, York: top neighborhoods, houses, neighborhoods - Pennsylvania (PA)
  171. buy and sell at the same time??: rent, mortgage - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  172. Need wedding ceremony Idea.: Pittsburgh, Butler: city hall, how much, weddings - Pennsylvania (PA)
  173. What cars perform best: Pittsburgh, Indiana: to rent, insurance, to buy - Pennsylvania (PA)
  174. Salon 5844: Pittsburgh, Altoona, Ellsworth: live, prices, venue - Pennsylvania (PA)
  175. Best downtown parking for lunch at Six Penn Kitchen: Pittsburgh: hotels, neighborhoods - Pennsylvania (PA)
  176. Panthers and mountain lions....: York, Uniontown: home, neighborhood, to live in - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  177. Famous Cookies?: Pittsburgh, Oakmont, Homestead: homes, wedding, to live in - Pennsylvania (PA)
  178. Businesses w/HQs in Pgh: Pittsburgh: university, taxi, airport - Pennsylvania (PA)
  179. Irwin/Hundington Area: Pittsburgh, McKeesport, Greensburg: real estate, crime, houses - Pennsylvania (PA)
  180. Steelers 0-Line is a joke: Parker: home, school, safety - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  181. 376 Weekend Closures -- Help!: Pittsburgh, Penn Hills: homes, closing, place to live - Pennsylvania (PA)
  182. WDVE not my cup of tea: Pittsburgh, Clark: college, live, station - Pennsylvania (PA)
  183. Late-Night Delivery????: Pittsburgh, York, Butler: neighborhood, safer, food - Pennsylvania (PA)
  184. Isaly's Chipped Chopped Ham...: Pittsburgh, Beaver Falls: sale, home, college - Pennsylvania (PA)
  185. Frenchies moving to pitt!: Pittsburgh, Carnegie: apartment complex, rentals, health insurance - Pennsylvania (PA)
  186. The people are so friendly in Pittsburgh: Bethel Park, Mount Lebanon: coupon, hotel - Pennsylvania (PA)
  187. Moving to Pittsburgh: Washington: employment, schools, colleges - Pennsylvania (PA)
  188. Portland to Pittsburgh: Penn Hills, Oakmont, Fox Chapel: renting, insurance, condo - Pennsylvania (PA)
  189. Our blessing is our curse: Pittsburgh, Liberty: transplants, neighborhoods, bus - Pennsylvania (PA)
  190. Jay walking in the burgh?: Pittsburgh, Oakland: school, college, live - Pennsylvania (PA)
  191. Been in the burbs for 3 years-moving closer to town and need help!: Franklin: real estate, apartments - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  192. oktoberfest @ penn brewery: Troy: food, cars, best - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  193. Credit Union recommendations?: Pittsburgh, Coraopolis: towns, township, banks - Pennsylvania (PA)
  194. restaurants near Marriott City Center/Mellon Arena?: hotel, eat - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  195. Best local places that are unknown to many locals: Ambridge: food, farm - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  196. May be moving to PA: neighborhoods, school district, price - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  197. Dr Howard Scott's website help !!: transfer, office, children - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  198. Nice letter about the Burgh.: Pittsburgh: home, vs., food - Pennsylvania (PA)
  199. Looking for land north of Pittsburgh: Freedom, Mars: real estate, house, school districts - Pennsylvania (PA)
  200. New York Bagels in Pittsburgh: store, best, places - Pennsylvania (PA)