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  1. Duquesne School District: McKeesport, West Mifflin, Wilkinsburg: foreclosed, transfer, school districts - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  2. michigan bar in pittsburgh: college, bars, friendly - Pennsylvania (PA)
  3. Taxes Information Help: Swissvale, Emsworth, Hampton: apartment, lease, landlords - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  4. Update on the Murray Forward (Sq Hill) project: Pittsburgh: fit in, real estate - Pennsylvania (PA)
  5. Interesting contest for 45+ migrants: Pittsburgh: loans, living, legal - Pennsylvania (PA)
  6. EPA to issue shale wastewater regs: calculated, disposing, natural gas - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  7. Safe restaurants for someone with a severe peanut allergy?: food, suburbs - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  8. Grass cutting South Baldwin/Southhills area: how much, landscaping, price - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  9. Choosing electricity provider?: Duquesne: how much, costs, money - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  10. Charity for sports ticket donation?: Pittsburgh: work, kids, accepts - Pennsylvania (PA)
  11. West Virginia to join the Big 12: Houston, Oklahoma: schools, vs, move - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  12. Recommendations for custom homebuilders in Pgh area?: Pittsburgh, Monroe: how much, neighborhood - Pennsylvania (PA)
  13. Is there another transit option besides the 28x Flyer to the airport?: Mount Lebanon: transfer - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  14. Nursing home recommendation?: Pittsburgh, Oakmont: homes, live, moving to - Pennsylvania (PA)
  15. Gothic Pittsburgh -- Halloween Photo Tour: Penn: houses, neighborhoods, buying - Pennsylvania (PA)
  16. Great map from Nullspace: neighborhoods, move to, transportation - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  17. Commonwealth Foundation on PLCB: how much, to buy, living - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  18. South Hills month-to-month apartment rentals?: Pittsburgh: apartments, home, to buy - Pennsylvania (PA)
  19. Funding the DA?: Dormont: attorney, salaries, law - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  20. Directions: Pittsburgh, Warren, West View: shop, parking, park - Pennsylvania (PA)
  21. Inclusion Schools for Moderate Autism & Move: Pittsburgh, Butler: appointed, house - Pennsylvania (PA)
  22. PPS gets federal grant for AP/IB programs: Pittsburgh: money, teacher - Pennsylvania (PA)
  23. East Pittsburgh/ North Braddock: Forest Hills, Turtle Creek: section 8, crime, house - Pennsylvania (PA)
  24. Penguins Tickets: Pittsburgh: home, prices, safe - Pennsylvania (PA)
  25. bus to Youngstown ???: Pittsburgh, New Castle, Akron: buses, castle, Amtrak - Pennsylvania (PA)
  26. Concert benefit in Braddock: Pittsburgh: sales, live, ticket - Pennsylvania (PA)
  27. 10 Best Places to Retire? Of course we are on the list.: Pittsburgh: fit in, sale - Pennsylvania (PA)
  28. Waterford Landing-Moon Township: Coraopolis: apartments, lease, appliances - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  29. CF provides more ammo for school choice: Pittsburgh, Harrisburg: middle-class, crime - Pennsylvania (PA)
  30. Interesting cluster study: Pittsburgh, Industry, Houston: natural gas, health, rated - Pennsylvania (PA)
  31. Career Counselor: Pittsburgh: home, employment, contractor - Pennsylvania (PA)
  32. Direct TV Vs. The Dish: Pittsburgh, Clark: house, price, bill - Pennsylvania (PA)
  33. Nice Atlantic article about the PHLF: Pittsburgh: neighborhoods, university, commuter - Pennsylvania (PA)
  34. Why is Greene County excluded from Pittsburgh Metro Area?: New Castle: incomes, bus - Pennsylvania (PA)
  35. What areas should we consider moving to?: Pittsburgh, Ardmore: apartments, rent - Pennsylvania (PA)
  36. Southside Flats Apartments/Rowhome Renting: Birmingham: real estate, rentals, how much - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  37. The Breathe Project...good or bad for the region?: Pittsburgh: home, air pollution - Pennsylvania (PA)
  38. Renting in Squirrel Hill/ for a single woman?: Mars: real estate, apartment - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  39. Looking for a Gunsmith in the Northern Suburbs: Wilkinsburg, Economy: home, medical - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  40. Greek to Market Square: place, cafe, local - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  41. Making Pittsburgh New by Keeping it Old (article).: Atlantic: apartments, neighborhoods - Pennsylvania (PA)
  42. Park/Trail for walking at night.: Pittsburgh, Penn: casino, live - Pennsylvania (PA)
  43. 2nd Ave: Pittsburgh, Smithfield, Penn: to eat, best, area - Pennsylvania (PA)
  44. Greensburg CC wins the WPIAL Class A Soccer Title: Pittsburgh: chapel, layoffs - Pennsylvania (PA)
  45. Funny Onion article with Pittsburgh mention: sales, motel - Pennsylvania (PA)
  46. There's a Pawn Shop on a Corner in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: Republic: trolley - (PA)
  47. Thanks: Pittsburgh, Millvale: apartment complex, rental, neighborhoods - Pennsylvania (PA)
  48. Your favorite set of steps: Pittsburgh, Troy: houses, school, live - Pennsylvania (PA)
  49. 2011-2012 Pittsburgh area Winter Snow Amounts-Storm: home, transfer - Pennsylvania (PA)
  50. Pittsburgh as cool city and hot destination: Washington, Denver: tech jobs, college - Pennsylvania (PA)
  51. New lighting on the 10th Street Bridge: Pittsburgh, Duquesne: pollution, car - Pennsylvania (PA)
  52. Occupational location quotient in the Pittsburgh MSA: Butler: contractors, club - Pennsylvania (PA)
  53. Do I need to rent a car: Pittsburgh, Avis: rental car, rental - Pennsylvania (PA)
  54. First Frost: Pittsburgh, Washington, Butler: how much, live, moving - Pennsylvania (PA)
  55. Important charities for Pittsburgh.: Carnegie, Gettysburg: 2014, how much, university - Pennsylvania (PA)
  56. Strange -- 4 firefighters, 3 medics and 2 police officers became short of breath after entering Bellevue apartment......: house - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  57. Pet friendly rentals??: Pittsburgh, Jefferson Hills, Jefferson: apartments, how much, townhouses - Pennsylvania (PA)
  58. Location Scout - Looking for Abandoned Steel Mills: Pittsburgh, Bethlehem: houses, college - Pennsylvania (PA)
  59. Cool 1950s article about Pittsburgh: Carnegie, Beaver: university, live, shops - Pennsylvania (PA)
  60. Best rental car deal in Pittsburgh?: Avis: rentals, car insurance, home - Pennsylvania (PA)
  61. East Liberty touted in British magazine: Pittsburgh, York: sales, Home Depot, schools - Pennsylvania (PA)
  62. Avail. Housing-Canonsburg/Pittsburgh Area-Gas Drilling Industry: Penn: apartments, rental, living in - Pennsylvania (PA)
  63. whats the best business school in pittsburgh?: ranked, place - Pennsylvania (PA)
  64. do I need permit for remodeling?: Pittsburgh, Upper St. Clair: house, contractor, inspection - Pennsylvania (PA)
  65. Verizon LTE in Pittsburgh - How's the coverage?: Washington, Indiana: appointed, buying - Pennsylvania (PA)
  66. Relocation from NYC to Pitt: Pittsburgh, Ingram: employment, neighborhoods, go bankrupt - Pennsylvania (PA)
  67. Congratulations to Aspinwall and the area for securing the Marina!: Pittsburgh: chapel, live - Pennsylvania (PA)
  68. Brentwood Area: Pittsburgh, Penn Hills, Washington: section 8, apartments, rentals - Pennsylvania (PA)
  69. Residential Moving & Storage Company referrals !: movers, new house - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  70. Cigar camp gone wild on the South Side?: Pittsburgh: company, hot - Pennsylvania (PA)
  71. Verizon FIOS: Sewickley, Liberty: neighborhood, price, areas - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  72. McMurray to Pittsburgh: Lebanon, Mars: how much, home search, neighborhoods - Pennsylvania (PA)
  73. Moving to PA - neighborhood questions!: Pittsburgh, Scott Township: apartments, to rent, townhomes - Pennsylvania
  74. Suburbanites rejoice!: Pittsburgh, Butler, Mars: restaurants, eat, health - Pennsylvania (PA)
  75. Phillies-friendly bars in Pittsburgh?: Philadelphia, Oakland: home, buy, camp - Pennsylvania (PA)
  76. Wage Tax in Harmar Township - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  77. Need help understanding Visitor Parking Permit Restrictions: vehicle, park - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  78. That huge 28+- Acre lot next to the 62nd St. Bridge: Pittsburgh: houses, move - Pennsylvania (PA)
  79. Warner Center/Fifth and Forbes: Pittsburgh: to buy, movie theater, offices - Pennsylvania (PA)
  80. City, Home Depot, volunteer groups upgrading 70 homes: Liberty, Homewood: construction, income - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  81. Real Estate Services: Penn Hills, Oakmont, Millvale: house, buyer, office - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  82. Grant Street Transportation Center: Penn: apartments, leases, tenants - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  83. Magistrate on leave?: Pittsburgh: appointed, lawyer, vacation - Pennsylvania (PA)
  84. Visiting in dec: Pittsburgh, Washington, Carnegie: apartment, hotel, houses - Pennsylvania (PA)
  85. New Job during FHA loan process: employment, to buy, closing - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  86. Is the general Pittsburgh area safe?: Allentown, Penn Hills: section 8, rent, low crime - Pennsylvania (PA)
  87. Home Owners Association Bylaw advice: Washington: HOA, condo, attorney - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  88. Brighton Heights Information: California, Rankin, Mars: crime, houses, neighborhood - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  89. Why are there so many smokers in pittsburgh?!: home, neighborhood - Pennsylvania (PA)
  90. Liberty Tunnel Facades: West Liberty: centers, moving, design - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  91. Unemployment Drops Again: Pittsburgh, California: for rent, month to, employment - Pennsylvania (PA)
  92. Highmark and WPAHS make it official: Pittsburgh, Bloomfield: closing, floors, deal - Pennsylvania
  93. Whole Foods: Pittsburgh, Lebanon: live, shop, suburbs - Pennsylvania (PA)
  94. Moon: the new red light district?: Pittsburgh, Penn Hills: hotels, theatres, live - Pennsylvania (PA)
  95. Is it hard to make friends?: Pittsburgh, California: house, university, moving to - Pennsylvania (PA)
  96. Moving from California to Pittsburgh... help with advice!!!: Ross Township: real estate, rentals - Pennsylvania (PA)
  97. Football Culture: Pittsburgh, York, Penn: houses, college, live - Pennsylvania (PA)
  98. Allegheny Valley School District: Penn Hills, Baldwin: chapel, buying a house, safe area - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  99. Abandoned & Endangered: Lamar Building (Oakland) and St. Peter & Paul School (E. Liberty): Pittsburgh: 2013, apartment - Pennsylvania (PA)
  100. Duquesne University to slash education majors tuition: credit, how much - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  101. Presidential visit to South Side on Tuesday: Pittsburgh, Wilson: tax, activity - Pennsylvania (PA)
  102. Tips for southerner moving to Pitt.: Pittsburgh: houses, heat pump, neighborhood - Pennsylvania (PA)
  103. Most Literate City - Pittsburgh pulls in at #5: York, Washington: neighborhoods, closing - Pennsylvania (PA)
  104. IT's So Pretty Outside!: Pittsburgh: cabin, to eat, best - Pennsylvania (PA)
  105. Relocating from Philly to Pittsburgh: Philadelphia, Penn Hills: apartments, rentals, mortgages - Pennsylvania (PA)
  106. Who needs television? I've got the police scanner.: Pittsburgh, Washington: how much, new home - Pennsylvania (PA)
  107. Suburb Most Like Squirrel Hill?: Pittsburgh, Lebanon: restaurants, shop, bus - Pennsylvania (PA)
  108. Hazelwood: Stowe Township, Stowe, Liberty: real estate, lease, insurance - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  109. Where to buy a house: Dormont, Crafton: for sale, how much, houses - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  110. moving to South Side with 3 year old: Pittsburgh: rentals, daycare - Pennsylvania (PA)
  111. How much are you paying for gas in the 'Burg?: Pittsburgh: neighborhood, buy - Pennsylvania (PA)
  112. Pittsburgh Fantasy Subway System: Wilkinsburg, Greensburg: transfer to, mall, train - Pennsylvania (PA)
  113. Why are there so few illegals in Pittsburgh?: Allentown, Lancaster: legal, estimate - Pennsylvania (PA)
  114. same-sex parents in Pittsburgh suburbs: Philadelphia, Scranton: lower-class, renting, chapel - Pennsylvania (PA)
  115. It lives! Oakland Portal breaking ground: Pittsburgh, Paint: 2013, apartments, loft - Pennsylvania (PA)
  116. Victim of Crime needs help choosing a safe place to live in the Burgh: Pittsburgh: middle-class, apartment complexes - Pennsylvania (PA)
  117. What do people in Pittsburgh wear to go to the grocery store?: Bath: floor, shoppers - Pennsylvania (PA)
  118. How to Land a Job in Pittsburgh Area: job market, college - Pennsylvania (PA)
  119. Autism, PDD-NOS and alternative therapies: Pittsburgh, Mount Lebanon: school, tax, campus - Pennsylvania (PA)
  120. Applause for Mayor Luke: Pittsburgh: sales, credit, how much - Pennsylvania (PA)
  121. amish roofers that serve the PGH area?: Pittsburgh, Lancaster: insurance, homes - Pennsylvania (PA)
  122. My take on Trader Joe' that I actually vitited one...: Allentown: prices, shopping center - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  123. Luke Ravenstahl: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Taylor: middle-class, sales, violent crime - Pennsylvania (PA)
  124. What is your overall view of western PA's economy?: Pittsburgh: home, construction - Pennsylvania
  125. 2012 Pirates: Pittsburgh: 2013, home, stats - Pennsylvania (PA)
  126. The 'Pittsburgh Steelers' Appreciation: safety, pictures, kids - Pennsylvania (PA)
  127. Squirrel Hill Tunnel Project: Pittsburgh, Monroe: purchase, construction, to live - Pennsylvania (PA)
  128. going INTO the city: Pittsburgh, Penn Hills: daycare, hotel, house - Pennsylvania (PA)
  129. 2013 PGH Mayoral Election- Ravenstahl Y or N and VS ??: Republic: live in, bill - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  130. Good pizza in Robinson Twp area: McKees Rocks, Coraopolis: home, high school, restaurant - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  131. another neighborhood search: Pittsburgh, Bellevue: apartments, renters, houses - Pennsylvania (PA)
  132. Nicolas Cage, Steve Carell may film in Pittsburgh: York, Penn: credit, movies - Pennsylvania (PA)
  133. Cheaper cable and internet service: Pittsburgh, McKeesport: how much, neighborhood, taxes - Pennsylvania (PA)
  134. Pittsburgh area help: Penn Hills, Butler, Indiana: employment, schools, taxes - Pennsylvania (PA)
  135. TCU to Big 12: Pittsburgh: schools, college, live - Pennsylvania (PA)
  136. SouthSide Improvement District - for new taxes: neighborhoods, live - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  137. Electric Utility Suppliers: York, Duquesne, Wyoming: how much, zip code, costs - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  138. Pittsburgh is the third-most mustache-friendly city in the U.S.: Houston: law, cities - Pennsylvania (PA)
  139. Need to move from Oakmont to Hamar: Pittsburgh: truck rental, rental - Pennsylvania (PA)
  140. St Edmund's or Shady Side Academy: Pittsburgh: loans, schools, income - Pennsylvania (PA)
  141. Website of a Photo Tour of the Restored PHLF homes in Wilkinsburg: Pittsburgh: hardwood floors, apartment - Pennsylvania (PA)
  142. Coolest looking Pittsburgh skyscraper/building?: Penn: house, shops, offices - Pennsylvania (PA)
  143. Are the lions ever coming back to the Dollar Bank building?: Pittsburgh: live, bars - Pennsylvania (PA)
  144. Come the Geese: Pittsburgh: shopping centers, Walmart, radio - Pennsylvania (PA)
  145. Neighborhoods for Runners...: Pittsburgh, Reading, Lebanon: apartments, rental market, home - Pennsylvania (PA)
  146. The Fall of McKeesport: Pittsburgh: townhouse, neighborhoods, live in - Pennsylvania (PA)
  147. Smells from Yesteryear: Pittsburgh, New Castle, Washington: house, neighborhood, high school - Pennsylvania (PA)
  148. Nat'l Geographic Traveler: PGH a Best Trip 2012: Pittsburgh, Lawrenceville: credit, neighborhood - Pennsylvania (PA)
  149. Il Pizzaiolo to Market Square!: dorm, live, shop - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  150. Bienvenue aux banlieues: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Penn Hills: middle-class, section 8, crime - Pennsylvania (PA)
  151. AE Outfitters: high school, college, move - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  152. that Marcellus Shale thing was going to help us out?: Pittsburgh: employment, high school - Pennsylvania (PA)
  153. Living in Marshall-Shadeland?: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Penn Hills: crime, houses, neighborhoods - Pennsylvania (PA)
  154. Sheetz expanding closer to city.: Pittsburgh, Altoona: theatres, live, stores - Pennsylvania (PA)
  155. Restaurant suggestions on East Carson?: Pittsburgh: live, restaurants, club - Pennsylvania (PA)
  156. Interesting article on federal funding for bike/ped in SWPA: Pittsburgh: homes, costs - Pennsylvania
  157. East Liberty...: Highland Park, Bloomfield, Lawrenceville: neighborhoods, high school, live - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  158. Lingerie football fans: Pittsburgh: to live, reviews, clothing - Pennsylvania (PA)
  159. Bike Friendly Areas to live Commuting to downtown?: Pittsburgh, Washington: lofts, employment - Pennsylvania (PA)
  160. Jewish Suburban Pittsburgh: Lebanon, Upper St. Clair, Indiana: chapel, places to live, centers - Pennsylvania (PA)
  161. Why is New Castle listed 1st/2nd/3rd/4th/5th/6th/7th ?: Sharon: crime, homes - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  162. The T : Recommendations of a Tour.: Pittsburgh, York: transfer, buy - Pennsylvania (PA)
  163. Bakery Square..?: Pittsburgh, Liberty, Penn: best neighborhoods, hotel, neighborhoods - Pennsylvania (PA)
  164. Will this effect us in Pittsburgh?: Harrisburg, Dauphin: city hall, lease, insurance - Pennsylvania (PA)
  165. Old (still visible) trolley tracks around town: Pittsburgh, Allentown: loan, homes - Pennsylvania (PA)
  166. what can u guys tell me about the neighborhoods in pittsburgh: Ross Township: real estate, low crime - Pennsylvania (PA)
  167. Greenfield Bridge to be imploded; replacement work to last a year: Pittsburgh: 2014, live - Pennsylvania (PA)
  168. Trip to Pittsburgh for Relocation. What should I check out?: Lebanon: hotel, houses - Pennsylvania (PA)
  169. Houston, Tx to Pennsylvania: Pittsburgh, Penn Hills: 2013, apartment complexes, for rent - (PA)
  170. A young couple (late 20s) moving to Pittsburgh blindly, where to start??: Bethel Park: apartment complexes, rental - Pennsylvania (PA)
  171. Pittsburgh vs. Greensburg: Washington, Butler, Bloomfield: lease, appliances, neighborhood - Pennsylvania (PA)
  172. Rain: Pittsburgh: living in, moving to, suite - Pennsylvania (PA)
  173. Riverfront Trail plan gets state's OK, begins moving forward on up to Freeport: Pittsburgh: neighborhood, to buy - Pennsylvania (PA)
  174. Pittsburgh Will Host the 2012 NHL Draft: Philadelphia: home, price, estimated - Pennsylvania (PA)
  175. Halloween in Pittsburgh: Jeannette, Latrobe, California: house, neighborhoods, live - Pennsylvania (PA)
  176. Lets talk about the Squirrel Hill Tunnels: Pittsburgh, Swissvale: how much, buying - Pennsylvania (PA)
  177. UPMC building new research facility in Shadyside: Pittsburgh, Liberty: middle-class, real estate market - Pennsylvania (PA)
  178. Hill District then and now: Pittsburgh, Carnegie: real estate market, townhomes, neighborhoods - Pennsylvania (PA)
  179. Heinz Field Parking: Pittsburgh, Duquesne, Liberty: taxi, price, floors - Pennsylvania (PA)
  180. Occupy Pittsburgh to host permitted event: York: credit card, tax, law - Pennsylvania (PA)
  181. Inquiries on Baum Boulevard Area Projects: Pittsburgh, Carnegie: middle-class, for sale, rental - Pennsylvania (PA)
  182. Shaler Highlands: Shaler Township, Etna, Aspinwall: apartment, rentals, car insurance - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  183. IUP: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Indiana: low crime, chapel, best school - Pennsylvania (PA)
  184. Allegheny County Property Taxes: Coraopolis, Avalon: houses, buying, school districts - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  185. Landing PGH Biglaw: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Lebanon: chapel, lawyers, home - Pennsylvania (PA)
  186. Pittsburgh fancy! Am I wrong?: York, Springfield: home, job openings, neighborhood - Pennsylvania (PA)
  187. I'm in your city right now.: Pittsburgh, Washington: transplants, real estate, houses - Pennsylvania (PA)
  188. Halloween: Trick or Times and Dates: Pittsburgh: apartment, home, unemployed - Pennsylvania (PA)
  189. Allergies season in Pittsburgh: moving to, dental, rain - Pennsylvania (PA)
  190. Young Professional - Commute to Natrona Heights: Pittsburgh, Tarentum: crime, home - Pennsylvania (PA)
  191. Could Pittsburgh benefit from a name change? And... what would be a better name?: York: territory, fun - Pennsylvania (PA)
  192. Going to Pittsburgh this weekend, questions: King of Prussia, Washington: rental car, rental, neighborhoods - Pennsylvania (PA)
  193. Verizon to Expand Pittsburgh 4G LTE Network: live, cities - Pennsylvania (PA)
  194. Contractor needed!: Pittsburgh: loan, home, buying - Pennsylvania (PA)
  195. Commercial General Contractor: leasing, build, location - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  196. Documentary New Muslim Cool shot in Pittsburgh is on Netflix: living in - Pennsylvania (PA)
  197. Lower lawrenceville newly houses: Pittsburgh, Penn: apartments, townhouses, relocate to - Pennsylvania (PA)
  198. Wow, this lady lived to 111 in Homewood.: Pittsburgh: pollution, great - Pennsylvania (PA)
  199. Spanish to English Lessons in Mt Lebanon: school - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  200. Pittsburgh area R/C enthusiasts: store, clubs, racist - Pennsylvania (PA)