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  1. Nat Geo - Drugs Inc - Pittsburgh: about, crazy - Pennsylvania (PA)
  2. Big Pile of Dirt: construction, fence, title - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  3. Roofer in Beaver County (Chippewa) needed...: roofing, estimate, rating - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  4. Is PA Medical Assitance (Medicaid) means tested?: Penn: 2015, insurance - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  5. Allegheny River trails access: Pittsburgh, Washington: 2013, lofts, to live - Pennsylvania (PA)
  6. convert a garage into a bedroom: Lawrenceville: house, contractor, tile - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  7. Updated satellite images of Pittsburgh: McKeesport, Washington: appointed, how much, houses - Pennsylvania (PA)
  8. Do the Blue Angels ever fly over Pittsburgh?: Latrobe, Oakland: neighborhood, live - Pennsylvania (PA)
  9. nice places by the river: Pittsburgh, Washington: maintenance, live, restaurants - Pennsylvania (PA)
  10. Coward needs eye surgeon: medicine, work, surgery - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  11. Pittsburgh HVAC recommendations?: company, furnace, working - Pennsylvania (PA)
  12. North Hills to Robinson Commute: Beaver: home, camp, live in - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  13. 2015 Holiday Home Tours: Pittsburgh, Crafton, Penn: sale, house, neighborhood - Pennsylvania (PA)
  14. Apartment hunting in Pittsburgh: apartments, rentals, to live in - Pennsylvania (PA)
  15. InventionLand / Davison Design: company, employee, looking for - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  16. Where to buy uncommon batteries in Pittburgh: Oakland: buying, prices - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  17. Internet under $40?: Freedom: apartment, house, to buy - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  18. Uber to hire 400 new employees: Pittsburgh: 2015, lease, restaurant - Pennsylvania (PA)
  19. fine art/giclee printing in Pittsburgh?: shops, photographs, good - Pennsylvania (PA)
  20. Medical transportation in Pittsburgh: university, taxi, prices - Pennsylvania (PA)
  21. How would you tweak/fix overhaul Pittsburgh zoning?: Washington, Oakland: city hall, neighborhoods - Pennsylvania (PA)
  22. PA Power Switch -changing Electric suppliers, what has been your experience ?: Duquesne: 2014, credit card - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  23. Westmoreland Museum of American Art Grand Reopening: Pittsburgh, Greensburg: 2015, live - Pennsylvania (PA)
  24. Bridge Lazy: parking, location, drive - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  25. Pittsburgh's historic grocers: Lebanon, Swissvale, Dormont: gym, floor, stores - Pennsylvania (PA)
  26. Good news for Sawmill Run corridor: Pittsburgh: 2015, how much, houses - Pennsylvania (PA)
  27. Hilltop/Parkview Manor: Pittsburgh, McKeesport, West Mifflin: apartments, crime rate, living in - Pennsylvania (PA)
  28. Did notice the old pictures/video of Pittsburgh during the Pitt vs NC game last night?: insurance - Pennsylvania (PA)
  29. Is someone voting for me?: Pittsburgh, Republic: 2015, live, drivers license - Pennsylvania (PA)
  30. Curious about Latrobe/Unity Township distinction: Pittsburgh, Greensburg: school district, college, living in - Pennsylvania (PA)
  31. Pennsylvania unemployment Appeal: 2015, how long, questions - Pittsburgh, (PA)
  32. Warehouse in southside (26th & Jane): company, rain, important - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  33. Trains near Lawrenceville: Pittsburgh, Penn: apartment, to live, floor - Pennsylvania (PA)
  34. Allegheny Traditional Academy and Manchester Academy: Pittsburgh, Lincoln: 2014, neighborhoods, magnet schools - Pennsylvania (PA)
  35. House histories in Pittsburgh?: real estate, buying a house, buying - Pennsylvania (PA)
  36. Need to find SOFT fudge thumbprint cookies: Pittsburgh, Penn Hills: 2015, restaurant - Pennsylvania (PA)
  37. Woods Run (North Side) Photo Tour: Pittsburgh, Scranton: for sale, 2015, houses - Pennsylvania (PA)
  38. Emsworth, Avalon, Bellvue -- Air quality?: Pittsburgh, Avon: apartment, house, buy - Pennsylvania (PA)
  39. PA, OH, WV governors sign agreement: Pittsburgh, Youngstown: 2015, tax, severance - Pennsylvania
  40. Who would buy a nice, huge house?: sale, real estate - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  41. Comcast X1 cable package: lease, purchasing, movies - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  42. Dance Mom indicted: Pittsburgh, Penn Hills, Penn: 2015, bankruptcy, celebrity - Pennsylvania (PA)
  43. Can recommend a good cataract surgeon in Pittsburgh?: Philadelphia: live in, garage - Pennsylvania (PA)
  44. Pittsburgh the Beer Town: Butler, Beaver: lease, mortgage, houses - Pennsylvania (PA)
  45. Duck Hollow: Swissvale, Thompson: neighborhood, moving, pool - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  46. Dan Frankel announces LGBT rights forum Thursday in Pittsburgh‏: Philadelphia: house, law school - Pennsylvania (PA)
  47. Halloween/Fall activities in Pittsburgh: Monessen, Carnegie: 2015, houses, castle - Pennsylvania (PA)
  48. The P-G's Social Security Number contest: Penn: 2015, office, market - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  49. Blacks walking in the streets: Wilkinsburg: closing, live, driving - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  50. How to find Short Term Rentals?: extended stay, apartment, hotels - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  51. Vehicle alignment shop recommendation, Beaver Co.: Evans City, Lawrenceville: shops, work, road - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  52. Going to sites: Pittsburgh, Washington, Dormont: construction, closing, maintenance - Pennsylvania (PA)
  53. Relocation advice needed.: Pittsburgh, Erie, Plum: renting, low crime, neighborhoods - Pennsylvania (PA)
  54. Neighborhood Scout Ranks Two Pittsburgh Communities as 2015 Most Dangerous: McKeesport: apartments, crime - Pennsylvania (PA)
  55. East End Co-op goes union: Pittsburgh: 2015, home, moving to - Pennsylvania (PA)
  56. Mt Pleasant / Greensburg rentals?: real estate, houses, high school - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  57. Cost to install bricked to grade foundation: costs, estimate - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  58. Another to Privatize Liquor Sales: Republic, Penn: price, store, rank - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  59. Watch for School kids on Black Friday: Donaldson: shoppers, buses - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  60. Mayor of Braddock running for Senate: living in, restaurant, club - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  61. Suggestions for Motorcycle accident lawyer.: Pittsburgh: insurance, cost, law - Pennsylvania (PA)
  62. LPC or LSW in Pittsburgh/PA?: Penn: school, live in, internships - Pennsylvania
  63. PGH Taco Truck: Braddock: area, company, Hispanic - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  64. What City In Westmoreland County ,would you live in? Belle Vernon or West Newton?: Greensburg: houses - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  65. Hairdresser in Robinson area/ Pedicures: salon, prices, studio - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  66. Relaxing/peaceful places in Pittsburgh?: Erie, Lebanon: apartment, theater, living in - Pennsylvania (PA)
  67. Worsening traffic on 22 towards Murrysville: Pittsburgh, Scranton: home, construction, college - Pennsylvania (PA)
  68. I know this gets asked a lot, but is Pittsburgh's air and water quality really a serious health risk?: Clairton: 2015, university - Pennsylvania (PA)
  69. More Change is Coming....: Pittsburgh, Oliver: 2014, rent, live - Pennsylvania (PA)
  70. 3 strikes you're out? Grad student apartment hunting approach: Oakland: apartments, rental - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  71. A struggle for good paying jobs?: Pittsburgh: home, income, prices - Pennsylvania (PA)
  72. Dkops: Pittsburgh: 2013, credit, college - Pennsylvania (PA)
  73. Breaking lease due to bed bugs?: 2015, apartment, month-to-month - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  74. Kenny Chesney to spread the love July 2nd: Pittsburgh: 2014, condo - Pennsylvania (PA)
  75. Mandy's Pizza in Observatory Hill closing due to crime: Pittsburgh: appointed, 2015 - Pennsylvania (PA)
  76. Pittsburgh to Philadelphia Move; Public Transit, Cost of Living, Way of Life Comparisons: York: apartments, lease - Pennsylvania (PA)
  77. Poll: Hypothetical cycling laws passed: Pittsburgh: health insurance, buy, income - Pennsylvania (PA)
  78. Stadium Authority votes to build garage on North Shore: Pittsburgh: real estate, 2015 - Pennsylvania (PA)
  79. Moving truck with best rate for a quick studio apt move?: Pittsburgh: truck rental, apartment - Pennsylvania (PA)
  80. Article on Pittsburgh's Tech Sector: 2015, schools, taxi - Pennsylvania (PA)
  81. Can someone explain sanitary sewers and dye tests: Pittsburgh: buying a home, neighborhoods - Pennsylvania (PA)
  82. Next HUGE transportation project: Washington, Oakmont: appointed, neighborhoods, moving - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  83. help me understand Pittsburgh oddities!: York, McDonald: rental car, rental - Pennsylvania (PA)
  84. Downtown WiFi Spots?: Pittsburgh, Smithfield: bars, to eat, best - Pennsylvania (PA)
  85. North Allegheny rated the 7th best school district in the USA: Pittsburgh: real estate, homes - Pennsylvania (PA)
  86. What is going on with the Veterans Bridge and exits, I-579/I-279?: Lawrenceville: restaurant, commute - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  87. Nov 3, 2015 Election: Republic, Penn: live in, transportation, budget - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  88. Pittsburgh & Railroads: Clairton, Carnegie, Pitcairn: transporting, neighborhoods, live - Pennsylvania (PA)
  89. The Old Peet's at Waterworks: Millvale, Freeport: rent, closing, mall - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  90. In Pittsburgh...what to eat??: Erie, Washington: sale, pierogies, restaurants - Pennsylvania (PA)
  91. Bad White Neighborhoods in PGH?: Pittsburgh, Brentwood: crime, safe, unsafe - Pennsylvania (PA)
  92. Proposals for Hunt Armory redevelopment to be presented: Pittsburgh: 2015, apartments - Pennsylvania (PA)
  93. How about a new Pitt Stadium?: Oakland: school, university, buses - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  94. Pittsburgh new South Side Plan: Lawrenceville: 2015, lease, neighborhood - Pennsylvania (PA)
  95. parking ticket - 5 minutes expired - no grace period?: Pittsburgh: vacation, car - Pennsylvania (PA)
  96. the mon fayette expressway. is it gonna be beneficial or wasteful?: Pittsburgh: low income, 2015 - Pennsylvania (PA)
  97. Does know good reputable psychics?: Dormont, Bellefonte: price, store - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  98. Prominent Pgh Steel Company has Sordid Past: Pittsburgh, Carnegie: leasing, construction - Pennsylvania (PA)
  99. the mills mall recieves foreclosure notice: Pittsburgh, New Kensington: condos, neighborhoods, luxury - Pennsylvania (PA)
  100. Ticketed with two parking permits: Oakland: apartment, lease, new house - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  101. $65 annual rental registration fee proposed: Pittsburgh: rentals, tenants, landlords - Pennsylvania (PA)
  102. Wonder if this will push more folks out of the county?: Pittsburgh: sales, 2015 - Pennsylvania (PA)
  103. Woodland Hills Teachers being attacked by elementary students.: Pittsburgh, Edgewood: 2015, elementary school - Pennsylvania (PA)
  104. Looks like the T will get more crowded soon...: Pittsburgh: 2015, hotel - Pennsylvania (PA)
  105. Bieber bringing Purpose to Pittsburgh: sale, hotel, bars - Pennsylvania (PA)
  106. Steelers gifts- Could use your: Pittsburgh, Hometown: home, live, shops - Pennsylvania (PA)
  107. Just Effing UGLY!: Pittsburgh, Irwin: 2015, how much, arena - Pennsylvania (PA)
  108. Infamous, Bizzare and or strange crimes that have happened in Pittsburgh?: McKeesport: crime, houses - Pennsylvania (PA)
  109. is a two-stage snow blower an overkill?: Pittsburgh, Erie: how much, house - Pennsylvania (PA)
  110. The Empire - new apts in Oakland: Pittsburgh, York: top neighborhood, real estate - Pennsylvania (PA)
  111. How would you fix the mon valley?: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh: real estate, renting - Pennsylvania (PA)
  112. Nat. Geo. channel featured Pittsburgh's heroin problem: Penn Hills, Penn: 2014, crimes - Pennsylvania (PA)
  113. Are there cheap motels or hotels for $20 or $30 a night?: Pittsburgh: price, mall - Pennsylvania (PA)
  114. Marijuana Decriminalization ordinance to be introduced in Pittsburgh City Council: Washington: sales, 2013 - Pennsylvania (PA)
  115. Mayor Peduto Wants The Syrian Refugees To Come To Pittsburgh: Liberty: appointed, safe - Pennsylvania (PA)
  116. unpaid first months rent: Erie: rental, credit, how much - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  117. Ambitious new plan unveiled for Civic Arena site...: 2015, apartment complexes - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  118. 11 year old killed in Mt. Oliver shooting: Pittsburgh, Allentown: middle-class, 2015 - Pennsylvania (PA)
  119. How artsy/cultural is Pittsburgh? Are people friendlier: Philadelphia: transplants, rental - Pennsylvania (PA)
  120. Where to open an Asian fusion restaurant..: Pittsburgh, Allentown: rent, new house - Pennsylvania (PA)
  121. Why is The Hill District all Black?: Pittsburgh, Columbia: real estate, apartments - Pennsylvania (PA)
  122. Twin Way Drive In likely to be replaced by...: Brownsville: cinema, live - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  123. Greater Pittsburgh Area Relocation Information: Erie, Lancaster: middle-class, low crime, chapel - Pennsylvania (PA)
  124. What Kind Of Crowd Lives On Munhall's Ravine Street?: Pittsburgh: houses, neighborhood - Pennsylvania (PA)
  125. What are the pros and cons of living in Pittsburgh?: Harrisburg: purchasing, college - Pennsylvania (PA)
  126. Why is Aspinwall all white?: Pittsburgh, Turtle Creek: middle-class, chapel, new home - Pennsylvania (PA)
  127. WPA or SWPA????: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Allentown: college, area code, oil - Pennsylvania
  128. How Tasteless Suburbs Become Beloved Urban Neighborhoods: Pittsburgh, Allentown: 2015, apartment - Pennsylvania (PA)
  129. Looking for section 8 approved house: Pittsburgh, Penn Hills: apartments, for rent, houses - Pennsylvania (PA)
  130. Golf Carts in bike lanes?: Pittsburgh, Mexico: 2015, neighborhoods, live - Pennsylvania (PA)
  131. snowmobile rentals?: Pittsburgh, Penn, Portersville: buying, trailer, vehicles - Pennsylvania (PA)
  132. Industry Public House opening in the burbs: Butler: restaurant, food - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  133. Why have Pittsburgh drivers gotten so aggressive and angry?: Washington: home, neighborhood - Pennsylvania (PA)
  134. Moving to Pittsburgh / Canonsburgh: Lebanon, Upper St. Clair: apartments, homes, movie theaters - Pennsylvania (PA)
  135. Non-deafening restaurants in the East End (and environs): Highland Park, Bloomfield: school, food - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  136. How much can you rent a house out for if you're only renting it out for part of the year?: Pittsburgh: rental, insurance - Pennsylvania (PA)
  137. Toby Keith North Shore May Not Happen: 2015, tenant - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  138. How much farther west past Robinson do you see future commercial development taking place, if: Pittsburgh: 2015, apartment - Pennsylvania (PA)
  139. Kennametal to Relocate Corporate Headquarters: Pittsburgh, Latrobe: 2015, lease, home - Pennsylvania (PA)
  140. PostMates is Now in Pittsburgh: Lawrenceville, Oakland: home, live, restaurants - Pennsylvania (PA)
  141. New to Pitt: Weird but Why Do Only African Americans Walk in the Street?: Pittsburgh: insurance, houses - Pennsylvania (PA)
  142. Things to do around Pgh: Pittsburgh, Carnegie: rating, congested, shelter - Pennsylvania (PA)
  143. Park 7: Oakland: apartment, houses, neighborhood - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  144. Bike Lane: Pittsburgh, Bloomfield: bus, safe, car - Pennsylvania (PA)
  145. How bad are winters on cars in Pittsburgh?: York, Rochester: moving to, garage - Pennsylvania (PA)
  146. 31st Street Pub to close: Pittsburgh, Lawrenceville: for sale, 2015, refinance - Pennsylvania (PA)
  147. New Oakland Bike Lane: Washington: colleges, legally, safety - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  148. BYOB restaurants in the Pgh area: Pittsburgh, Washington: eat, castle, kitchen - Pennsylvania (PA)
  149. Vehicle inspection - new to Pittsburgh: gated, inspections - Pennsylvania (PA)
  150. 28% of Cranberry's land is still undeveloped: Lancaster: living, stadium, suburban - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  151. Woods Run/Brighton Heights: Coraopolis, California: 2015, crime, houses - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  152. Top 20 Public School Districts in US. 4 in Pennsylvania - 1 From the Pittsburgh Region: Philadelphia: how much, best school districts - (PA)
  153. Living and Working in Fayette/Westmoreland Counties: Pittsburgh, Greensburg: to rent, to buy - Pennsylvania (PA)
  154. Pittsburgh Police in the news for being first!: Delta: 2015, legal - Pennsylvania (PA)
  155. Continental Continues to Slack: Pittsburgh, Liberty: appointed, 2015, apartment - Pennsylvania (PA)
  156. Cultural Trust Poised to develop Ocean Front Property: Pittsburgh: real estate, 2015 - Pennsylvania (PA)
  157. Should I keep or get rid of a fire escape?: buying a home, buying - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  158. New residents choosing rural counties: Butler, Penn: taxes, standard of living, cost - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  159. Searching for an Amish area of town: Lancaster, Sharon: shops, areas - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  160. Pittsburgh Brick Townhouses - Noise?: Stowe: buying, college, home inspection - Pennsylvania (PA)
  161. Budget for a house is 20k-30k. Is there such a home for me?: Pittsburgh: sale, real estate - Pennsylvania (PA)
  162. The next neighborhood to surprise us: Pittsburgh, Allentown: section 8, rentals, lofts - Pennsylvania (PA)
  163. Commuting to/from the Downtown Business District: Pittsburgh, Indiana: how much, live in - Pennsylvania (PA)
  164. Demographics of city vs suburban dwellers: Pittsburgh, Brentwood: 2014, lease, house - Pennsylvania (PA)
  165. Best Private School in Pittsburgh: Highland Park: house, neighborhood, pre-school - Pennsylvania (PA)
  166. Two pedestrians killed in Oakland: Pittsburgh: lawyers, neighborhood, university - Pennsylvania (PA)
  167. Late 20-something moving to Pittsburgh: York, Butler: middle-class, for sale, 2013 - Pennsylvania (PA)
  168. Big house, tiny back yard: Pittsburgh, Edgewood: to rent, neighborhood, buying - Pennsylvania (PA)
  169. Noise Complaint/Shared Space: apartment, lease, condo - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  170. Fox Chapel one of the top suburbs in the USA: Pittsburgh: best suburbs, 2015 - Pennsylvania (PA)
  171. Neighbor parking infront of house?: neighborhood, buying, live in - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  172. Repair or Replace Fire Escape: apartment, house, contractors - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  173. Garfield's Tiny House Experiment a Bust...: Pittsburgh: apartment, townhome - Pennsylvania (PA)
  174. Visiting for hockey; neighborhoods to stay in?: Pittsburgh, Bedford: violent crime, hotels - Pennsylvania (PA)
  175. Census Data Shows Migration Growth Highest in the Exurbs: Pittsburgh: real estate market, construction - Pennsylvania (PA)
  176. Sewickley Historical Information?: Pittsburgh, Carnegie, Penn: real estate, house, university - Pennsylvania (PA)
  177. looking for Ukrainian/Russian to English notarized translation, recommendations?: Pittsburgh: suburban, office - Pennsylvania (PA)
  178. reccomendations for good neighbor dispute attorney?: Pittsburgh: attorneys, house - Pennsylvania (PA)
  179. SW PA CBDs: Ross Township, New Castle, Lebanon: homes, refrigerators, live - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  180. Where to live near nemacolin: Pittsburgh, Washington: middle-class, for sale, renting - Pennsylvania (PA)
  181. Wilkinsburg shutting down middle/high school: Pittsburgh, Washington: school districts, tax, cost - Pennsylvania (PA)
  182. Looking for Portland-like Neighborhood: Pittsburgh, Lebanon: real estate, apartments, rent - Pennsylvania (PA)
  183. Pittsburgh's future Central Park: Allentown, Carnegie: low income, houses, neighborhoods - Pennsylvania (PA)
  184. Recommend a contract lawyer: Pittsburgh, Greensburg: house, contractors, cost - Pennsylvania (PA)
  185. Interesting use of Smithfield Street?: Pittsburgh: house, transfer, live - Pennsylvania (PA)
  186. Del's in Bloomfield: Pittsburgh: real estate, 2013, broker - Pennsylvania (PA)
  187. jogging through Hill District: Oakland: house, YMCA, construction - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  188. White Oak!!: Penn Hills, McKeesport, Jeannette: middle-class, for sale, rent - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  189. September Planning Commission PDF: Pittsburgh: hotel, lawyers, properties - Pennsylvania (PA)
  190. Head of the Ohio (crew/rowing event) 2015: best weather, weather - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  191. Amish Discount Food Stores in Johnstown PA?: Somerset: vacation, bulk - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  192. Pittsburgh's Brass Rail: Liberty: 2015, restaurants, prices - Pennsylvania (PA)
  193. New City/County online data center: Pittsburgh, Penn: sales, crime, inspections - Pennsylvania (PA)
  194. How Far Your Money Goes in Pittsburgh: 2015, credit - Pennsylvania (PA)
  195. walking tour- Highland Park neighborhood: Pittsburgh: neighborhoods, garden, drive - Pennsylvania (PA)
  196. Color-treated hair donation: pricing, shops, offer - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  197. Did See The Fog This Morning?: hills, white - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  198. Water analysis companies: Monroe: house, live, location - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  199. Finding Construction Plans on Homes since 1950: Pittsburgh: house, to buy, residential - Pennsylvania (PA)
  200. The Kennametal Choice of HQ City is a huge competition for Pittsburgh: university - Pennsylvania (PA)