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  1. Old Brookline Blvd Theater for Sale: Stowe: lease, movie theater, price - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  2. PGHWatchdog: App to anonymously report city waste or fraud: Pittsburgh: neighborhood, budget - Pennsylvania (PA)
  3. Lost dog on Murray Ave: Pittsburgh: safe, shelter, privacy - Pennsylvania (PA)
  4. convert basement into a garage: Wall: house, water heater, live in - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  5. $39 million research center in Findlay: Pittsburgh, Carnegie: university, live, manufacturing - Pennsylvania (PA)
  6. Back in the 'Burgh: Pittsburgh, Penn: how much, hotel, home - Pennsylvania (PA)
  7. 1 or 2 BR Apartment- two parking spaces? (Bellevue / West View): Pittsburgh: apartments, for rent - Pennsylvania (PA)
  8. Housing prices slide in Pittsburgh region: York, Crafton: for sale, real estate market, foreclosures - Pennsylvania (PA)
  9. Where is the entrance to Hays Woods?: Baldwin: school, legally - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  10. Tut Tuts in the burgh: Pittsburgh: photos, laguna, travel - Pennsylvania (PA)
  11. Laundry service: Chester, Ellsworth: hotel, house, neighborhood - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  12. Pittsburgh is the third-best city for football fans: Athens, Dallas: 2015, college - Pennsylvania (PA)
  13. Forbes Best Places to Retire: Pittsburgh, Lincoln: real estate, home, buy - Pennsylvania (PA)
  14. Nearly half of all home mortgage requests in the Pittsburgh metropolitan area are made by residents under the age of 35: Lawrenceville: loan - Pennsylvania (PA)
  15. Section 8: Pittsburgh: safe area, landlord, voucher - Pennsylvania (PA)
  16. PA voter registration deadline Monday: bus, phone, registered - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  17. Where can I ride a street legal enduro off road in Pittsburgh area?: Butler: safer - Pennsylvania (PA)
  18. Luxury Car Rentals - Pittsburgh: Clairton, Avis: 2015, contractor, budget - Pennsylvania (PA)
  19. City Affordable Housing Task Force public forum events: Pittsburgh, Liberty: crime, how much - Pennsylvania (PA)
  20. yinz see them balleagles ana't?: floor, top, - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  21. Best cell phone service in North and South Strabane TWP: appointed, rental - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  22. Embassy Suites downtown: Oliver, Smithfield: hotels, vouchers, live - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  23. Main Street's Irwin: houses, theater, school district - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  24. Edgewood/Regent Square: Swissvale, Braddock, Liberty: apartments, safe area, dangerous - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  25. Allegheny Center was the best-designed project we had done .: Pittsburgh: home, living - Pennsylvania (PA)
  26. Beaver Co. tree service reccomendation: county, job, good - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  27. How busy is Rodi Rd. and Franskstown Rd. at about 9:15am?: Penn Hills: DMV, shopping center - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  28. About a Commute: Pittsburgh, Highland Park: live in, park, job - Pennsylvania (PA)
  29. Moving to Houston PA: Pittsburgh, Bethel Park: condos, how much, houses - Pennsylvania
  30. Very Pittsburgh eBay listing: 2013, nightlife, kosher - Pennsylvania (PA)
  31. New park proposed for the City: Pittsburgh, Progress: rental, how much - Pennsylvania (PA)
  32. GNC in trouble?: home, to buy, live - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  33. Questions driving rules - DMV Road Test: Penn Hills, Penn: shopping center, cars - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  34. Why can the Port Authority figure out a better notification system?: bus, drivers - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  35. PA vehicle registration: Pittsburgh, Carnegie: lease, loan, DMV - Pennsylvania
  36. Your experience with Matthews and Bakers for foundation repairs: house, buyer - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  37. Need best acne dermatologist in or near Pittsburgh very distraught: Lebanon: appointed, dermatologists - Pennsylvania (PA)
  38. State College: Lewistown, Centre Hall, Penn: arboretum, best, park - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  39. Blairsville History: Pittsburgh, Penn, Atlantic: how much, manufacturing, farmers - Pennsylvania (PA)
  40. 2nd Ave/Ross St intersection backup: Bloomfield, Oakland: closing, live, bus - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  41. Regent Square Area Rental Homes: Pittsburgh: apartments, house, neighborhood - Pennsylvania (PA)
  42. How is this development in southside?: townhomes, neighborhood, exemption - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  43. Good lumber supply in Pittsburgh: Liberty, Bloomfield: Home Depot, buy, school - Pennsylvania (PA)
  44. Apartment/townhouse recommendations for Beaver PA...: Meadville: real estate, to rent, maintenance - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  45. Where to live east side of Pittsburgh metro?: Greensburg, Latrobe: house prices, school districts - Pennsylvania (PA)
  46. Oakmont Transportation: Penn Hills, Wilkinsburg, Tarentum: buses, public transportation, commuting - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  47. Thank God for the foundations: Pittsburgh, Allentown: money, cities, foundation - Pennsylvania (PA)
  48. What's happening on Fourth Avenue?: Pittsburgh: theater, university, park - Pennsylvania (PA)
  49. High School Musical: Pittsburgh, Taylor: theatre, kids, street - Pennsylvania (PA)
  50. Do you need a vendor's license to sell food in the Strip?: Sharpsburg: insurance - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  51. Upper Hill District: apartment, crime, home - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  52. Do you know Dr. Heidi Ray?: Pittsburgh, Parker: insurance, how much, ratings - Pennsylvania (PA)
  53. Is Upper Lawrenceville safe?: McKeesport, Upper St. Clair: apartment, to rent, condos - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  54. New start in Mckeesport??: Pittsburgh, Carnegie: crime, house, neighborhoods - Pennsylvania (PA)
  55. Always a good laugh on the South Side.: closing, live - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  56. Allegheny County is getting healthier.: Pittsburgh: good, premium, local - Pennsylvania (PA)
  57. Duquesne University - Speech-Language Pathology: Pittsburgh, Washington: apartments, construction, schools - Pennsylvania (PA)
  58. North Allegheny Intermediate and Senior High schools: school district, community college - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  59. Cheap rent outside of Pittsburgh? Looking for 1 to 2 hours away: Bethlehem: to rent, credit - Pennsylvania (PA)
  60. Self Driving Cars in Pittsburgh: transportation, money, cities - Pennsylvania (PA)
  61. Questions about buying in Monroeville: Delmont, Gap: for sale, violent crime, townhouses - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  62. Help! Seeking to Rent near Pittsburgh International with large dog: Beaver: apartments, renters - Pennsylvania (PA)
  63. Marcelous Shale -- Hiring?: Oklahoma: prices, legal, oil - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  64. Local man in need of help: insurance, donation, business - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  65. have an opinion about Brighton Heights: Ross Township, Bellevue: home, neighborhoods - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  66. Brentwood: Pittsburgh, Baldwin, Brownsville: house, neighborhood, transport - Pennsylvania (PA)
  67. Best Home warranty company for the area: appliances, house - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  68. Google Gifts Two Neighborhoods with Free WiFi: Pittsburgh, Liberty: home, income - Pennsylvania (PA)
  69. Pizza brawl in Hazelwood: Pittsburgh: live, shop, delivery - Pennsylvania (PA)
  70. Pens game at consol energy center taking the T: Washington: transferring to, construction - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  71. Is hand over hand steering allowed on the PA DMV driver's license road test?: Penn Hills: transfer, luxury - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  72. Pledged delegates: Pittsburgh, Republic, Penn: appointed, 2015, hotel - Pennsylvania (PA)
  73. Inner ring suburbs future: Pittsburgh, Franklin Park: real estate, crime, houses - Pennsylvania (PA)
  74. How are the suburbs?: Pittsburgh, Mount Lebanon: cul-de-sac, chapel, buying a house - Pennsylvania (PA)
  75. Highways and Pittsburgh: Progress, Manchester: loans, houses, neighborhoods - Pennsylvania (PA)
  76. Work in Cranberry Twp, but want to live in Pittsburgh city: Washington: neighborhoods, prices - Pennsylvania (PA)
  77. The textured walls of Pittsburgh: Lawrenceville: houses, buy, asbestos - Pennsylvania (PA)
  78. Good news for Dicks?: Pittsburgh: sale, bankruptcy, cost - Pennsylvania (PA)
  79. Crosswalks without signs or signals: Pittsburgh, Progress: live, law, dangerous - Pennsylvania (PA)
  80. WHAT TOWN in Pittsburgh!?!? NEED HELP ASAP: Beaver, Mount Oliver: apartment complex, rentals - Pennsylvania (PA)
  81. Job growth in Western Pa. stagnates while rest of country surges: Philadelphia: home, job market - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  82. Work near Airport; where to live best w/ school kids?: Bethel Park: how much, home - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  83. PGH the WORST place EVER: Pittsburgh: job market, live, price - Pennsylvania (PA)
  84. Racial tensions rise at Gateway High School: Pitcairn: school district, living in - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  85. North side -- Chestnut Street: Pittsburgh, Troy: for sale, apartment, rental - Pennsylvania (PA)
  86. 37 signs you're a Pittsburgh douchebag: Butler, Penn: places, top 10, limit - Pennsylvania (PA)
  87. Buying an older house -- general questions: Pittsburgh, Lawrenceville: credit, townhouse - Pennsylvania (PA)
  88. Fantasy Light Rail Map: Pittsburgh, Wilkinsburg: sales, chapel, how much - Pennsylvania (PA)
  89. McLay unprepared for Trump rally: Pittsburgh, Progress: appointed, public schools - Pennsylvania (PA)
  90. Whats up with the recent insane appreciation of East End houses?: Pittsburgh: real estate, rentals - Pennsylvania (PA)
  91. Does commute to the east coast for work?: Philadelphia: home, job market - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  92. Planners seek to reduce traffic congestion in Oakland, Downtown: Pittsburgh: neighborhoods, live - Pennsylvania (PA)
  93. What makes a neighborhood good/bad??: Pittsburgh, Bloomfield: low crime, attorney, neighborhoods - Pennsylvania (PA)
  94. Hot New Food Town: Pittsburgh: appointed, how much, buying - Pennsylvania (PA)
  95. Cruz in Monroeville tomorrow: Dunmore, Millersville: school districts, university, tax - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  96. Moving to Pittsburgh with three dogs...major help needed: Media: apartment, renters - Pennsylvania (PA)
  97. Carnegie Science Center to expand: Pittsburgh: live, centers, moving - Pennsylvania (PA)
  98. Most overrated Pittsburgh neighborhoods: Washington, Bridgeville: 2013, apartments, loft - Pennsylvania (PA)
  99. Getting a JOB in Pittsburgh.....Best Way: Youngstown: middle-class, where to stay - Pennsylvania (PA)
  100. Best Area of Pittsburgh: Washington, Sewickley: homes, neighborhoods, to live in - Pennsylvania (PA)
  101. Interesting Buildings for sale?: Pittsburgh, McKeesport: real estate, apartments, rental - Pennsylvania (PA)
  102. Can someone explain property taxes to me?: Pittsburgh, Washington: sale, 2013 - Pennsylvania (PA)
  103. Compost sources in Pittsburgh: Bridgeville, Oakland: houses, organic, live - Pennsylvania (PA)
  104. If North Carolina caves next week: Pittsburgh: oceanfront, wedding, vacation - Pennsylvania (PA)
  105. Neighborhoods and Elementary Schools in Franklin Park!: Pittsburgh, Fox Chapel: for sale, chapel - Pennsylvania (PA)
  106. Let’s get ‘upskilled’: A local worker shortage by 2025?: Pittsburgh: transplants, apartment - Pennsylvania (PA)
  107. Questions Squirrel Hill: Pittsburgh, Lebanon: 2013, apartments, rentals - Pennsylvania (PA)
  108. River Walk Corporate Center Overaul: Pittsburgh, Washington: house, neighborhood, high school - Pennsylvania (PA)
  109. What was up with that motorcycle rally?: Penn: condo, exemption - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  110. DMV Road Test - Making Right Turn ..: Pittsburgh: bike, schedule - Pennsylvania (PA)
  111. small inexpensive hotels left in downtown Pittsburgh?: Wilkes-Barre, Wilkinsburg: rental, bus - Pennsylvania (PA)
  112. best commute INTO Monroeville (not from): Penn Hills, Plum: for sale, 2014, renting - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  113. Alarming Trend In Pittsburgh Violence: Penn Hills, McKeesport: 2015, apartment complex, violent crime - Pennsylvania (PA)
  114. Traffic today?? (Downtown/North Side/28): Etna, Liberty: construction, tax, bus - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  115. Are there Italian restaurants in Pittsburgh with homemade sauces and pasta made from scratch?: Washington: prices, floor - Pennsylvania (PA)
  116. What's underneath all that aluminum siding?: Pittsburgh, Bloomfield: power lines, houses, neighborhoods - Pennsylvania (PA)
  117. POLL: Democratic Presidential Primary: Pittsburgh, Washington: health insurance, how much, minimum wage - Pennsylvania (PA)
  118. Dealing with Uptick in Panhandling: Pittsburgh, Smithfield: 2014, neighborhoods, luxury - Pennsylvania (PA)
  119. Wilkensburg Shooting: Pittsburgh, Wilkinsburg, Franklin: neighborhoods, calculated, live - Pennsylvania (PA)
  120. #47: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Harrisburg: homes, quality of life, places to live - Pennsylvania (PA)
  121. Dinner in Cultural District with older elementary girls: Liberty, Smithfield: theatre, live - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  122. Development organization ARTEZ to close doors: Pittsburgh, Millvale: loans, employment, neighborhoods - Pennsylvania (PA)
  123. Article about Pittsburgh photographer who got ‘once in a lifetime’ lightning shot on film: Washington: house, theater - Pennsylvania (PA)
  124. Buying shoes in Pittsburgh: Burlington: sale, price, stores - Pennsylvania (PA)
  125. #68: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Lancaster: best cities, 2015, hairstylists - Pennsylvania (PA)
  126. Indians moving to Pittsburgh from South: Bethel Park, Lebanon: apartment complex, to rent, houses - Pennsylvania (PA)
  127. UPMC to set minimum wage to $15: Pittsburgh: insurance, to buy, wages - Pennsylvania (PA)
  128. The Extroverts of Cranberry: Erie, Zelienople: to live in, move to, roads - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  129. New resident - things to do (visiting my brother): Pittsburgh: house, neighborhoods - Pennsylvania (PA)
  130. Thrival 2016: Manchester: price, bill, furnace - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  131. Wendy Bell: Pittsburgh, Wilkinsburg, Ardmore: 2015, violent crime, mobile home - Pennsylvania (PA)
  132. How much money would it cost for two people to fly from Pittsburgh to L.A.?: car rental, rent - Pennsylvania (PA)
  133. Do black men have success living in Pittsburgh?: York: middle-class, job market - Pennsylvania (PA)
  134. The Pittsburgh answer to the Onion Funny little blog: Wilkinsburg: restaurants, best - Pennsylvania (PA)
  135. Hey Pittsburgh, what is the best place you ever visited?: McKeesport: university, shop - Pennsylvania (PA)
  136. Pittsburgh's Finest leaving in droves: Butler: property taxes, price, vs - Pennsylvania (PA)
  137. Snowy equinox, thinking of gardening: Pittsburgh, Bath: apartment, house, buying - Pennsylvania (PA)
  138. Local dining with young children?: Penn: restaurants, bars, to eat - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  139. New stuff at PNC for 2016: Pittsburgh, Hyde: food, ticket, best - Pennsylvania (PA)
  140. Suggestions for visitors: Pittsburgh, Altoona, Harrisburg: rental car, rental, house - Pennsylvania (PA)
  141. PA House passes medical marijuana bill: living, legal, health - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  142. Choose 1 direction for a new T line / extension: Pittsburgh, Oakland: house, casino - Pennsylvania (PA)
  143. ROUTE through Pittsburgh: Harrisburg, Youngstown: deal, area, pay - Pennsylvania (PA)
  144. How do you go about gaining access to an abandoned place?: Pittsburgh: house, buy - Pennsylvania (PA)
  145. How high do you see gas prices going before they start coming back down?: layoffs, tax - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  146. Three bicycle shops in our region broken into within the past month or so: 2015, crimes - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  147. Vegetarians of Pittsburgh!: Aspinwall: restaurants, to move, food - Pennsylvania (PA)
  148. South Side Works, but things could be better: hair salon, apartment complexes - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  149. Looking to Move to Around the Pittsburgh Area: Greensburg, Butler: renting, low crime - Pennsylvania (PA)
  150. Best Catholic cathedrals in PGH?: Pittsburgh, Lebanon: construction, school - Pennsylvania (PA)
  151. Home Invasion in the L-ville: Pittsburgh, Erie: violent crime, homeowner, activities - Pennsylvania (PA)
  152. 2015 Pittsburgh MSA Population Estimates: Allentown, Washington: layoffs, gated, centers - Pennsylvania (PA)
  153. How common are landslides in PGH?: Pittsburgh, Penn Hills: insurance, homes, neighborhoods - Pennsylvania (PA)
  154. Happy Birthday Pittsburgh March 18th 200!: Washington, Penn: rated, best place, area - Pennsylvania (PA)
  155. Was the Garden Theatre cursed?: Pittsburgh, York: 2013, apartments, renting - Pennsylvania (PA)
  156. Expanding permit parking in L'ville: Butler, Lawrenceville: home, neighborhood, to live - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  157. 2016 Pittsburgh Paving Schedule: Millvale, Liberty, Mars: cul-de-sac, appointed, 2015 - Pennsylvania (PA)
  158. Are there celebrities who are fans of Pittsburgh?: health, places - Pennsylvania (PA)
  159. Pittsburgh restaurants are thriving!: Morton, McDonald: house, neighborhood, live - Pennsylvania (PA)
  160. Pirates 2016!: home, place, road - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  161. What is the stereotypical Pittsburgh personality?: Fox Chapel, Millvale: neighborhoods, colleges, living in - Pennsylvania (PA)
  162. UBER can't find good help locally.: Pittsburgh: job openings, schools, universities - Pennsylvania (PA)
  163. The History Of Pittsburgh's Red Light District: McKeesport, Butler: hotel, tenants - Pennsylvania (PA)
  164. Diocese of Pittsburgh prepares to restructure: Washington, Butler: 2015, neighborhood, elementary school - Pennsylvania (PA)
  165. New(er) and Pitt.=Oxymoron: Pittsburgh, McKees Rocks: apartments, rentals, townhouses - Pennsylvania (PA)
  166. St. John Vianney/St. George Church: Pittsburgh, Allentown: condominiums, new home, neighborhood - Pennsylvania (PA)
  167. State owned vehicle parking in Pittsburgh?: Republic: homes, store, pool - Pennsylvania (PA)
  168. Bike Lane on the East Busway: Liberty, Ellsworth: buses, safety, trains - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  169. Poll: What amenity or business would improve your own neighborhood the most?: Lebanon: for rent, movie theater - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  170. Average Work Commute: Pittsburgh, Greensburg, Lawrenceville: lease, house, neighborhood - Pennsylvania (PA)
  171. Trump to bring back steel: Pittsburgh, Braddock: contractor, tax, live - Pennsylvania (PA)
  172. How do you define walkable?: hair salon, houses, neighborhoods - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  173. good neighborhood with affordable homes: Ross Township, Lebanon: townhouse, public schools, price - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  174. Pittsburgh population loss and urban decay: Bloomfield, Lawrenceville: 2013, houses, employment - Pennsylvania (PA)
  175. Looking to rent out our house -- who are the best property management companies in Pittsburgh?: Lawrenceville: leasing, mortgage - Pennsylvania (PA)
  176. Wednesday p.m. Traffic Alert: Pittsburgh, Liberty: school, shop, safer - Pennsylvania (PA)
  177. Penguins are on fire!: layoffs, vs., centers - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  178. walk from downtown to the National Aviary?: York, Penn: hotel, bus - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  179. Sixth Avenue Lanes: Pittsburgh, Highland Park, Bloomfield: YMCA, live, legally - Pennsylvania (PA)
  180. Sidewalk Parking: Pittsburgh, Washington, Prospect: 2013, houses, neighborhoods - Pennsylvania (PA)
  181. Things to see and do in Pittsburgh: Mount Lebanon, Lebanon: mattress, house - Pennsylvania (PA)
  182. Is there anything to do in this city on St. Patrick's day?: Aspinwall: school, live - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  183. good bars near Embassy Suite on Smithfield: Pittsburgh, Monongahela: hotel, house - Pennsylvania (PA)
  184. Penn Hills addresses: Wilkinsburg, Churchill, Verona: houses, to buy, school - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  185. The Burgh and Segregation: Pittsburgh, Allentown: section 8, apartments, townhomes - Pennsylvania (PA)
  186. Best non-Neapolitan style pizza in the burgh: Pittsburgh, Beaver: homes, oven - Pennsylvania (PA)
  187. The continued insistence that Pittsburgh is the Midwest: Newport, Williamsburg: transplants, real estate - Pennsylvania (PA)
  188. Affordable, Cookie Cutter House in McCandless: Pittsburgh, Liberty: transplants, 2014, for rent - Pennsylvania (PA)
  189. Investing in Pittsburgh RE: Carnegie, Manor: middle-class, real estate, leasing - Pennsylvania (PA)
  190. Pittsburgh Vacation for baseball: Oakmont, Highland Park: rental, hotels, neighborhoods - Pennsylvania (PA)
  191. Traffic alert for Wednesday 4/6: Carnegie, Millvale: fit in, school, university - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  192. good needlework shops?: home, place, time - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  193. Homestead's Vietnamese community: Pittsburgh: population, steel, students - Pennsylvania (PA)
  194. know anything about the Irma Freeman Center summer camps?: home, school - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  195. Looking for best school for Physical and multiple disabilities?: transit, development - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  196. Carpet installers?: home, construction, drive - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  197. Penn Commons – Student Housing Review: Pittsburgh, Duquesne: apartment, neighborhoods, school - Pennsylvania (PA)
  198. Bruno, Danny Marino honored with new Oakland sign: Pittsburgh: great, sports - Pennsylvania (PA)
  199. WILKINSBURG, Pa Gunmen, 1 with rifle, worked as team to kill 6 at cookout: woman - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  200. Brentwood: house, to move, budget - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)