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  1. ACHD plumbing permits and inspections: Pittsburgh: condo, how much, house - Pennsylvania (PA)
  2. Another Area Teen Hit By A Train But Survives: live, moving - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  3. Pittsburgh Tops List for First Time Homebuyers: Wilkinsburg: real estate, loan - Pennsylvania (PA)
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  5. Istanbul Sofra reopening under new owners: Oakland: home, price, business - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  6. Safe areas near Carnegie Mellon for young woman: Pittsburgh, Oakland: crime, purchasing - Pennsylvania (PA)
  7. Where do I apply to be a paid caregiver for my grandfathe in Allegheny Countyr?: Pittsburgh: home - Pennsylvania (PA)
  8. Carriage park appartment: Dormont, Carnegie, Oakland: apartments, maintenance, live in - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  9. Haymaker, Monroeville area: for sale, houses, place to live - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  10. PA Local Tax Filing?: school district, income, taxes - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  11. Quaker Valley - the little school that could: Pittsburgh, Fox Chapel: chapel, credit - Pennsylvania (PA)
  12. Woodland Hills School District: unsustainable finances: Penn Hills, Wilkinsburg: property tax, best, money - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  13. Zip line from Mt. Washington to the North Shore: Pittsburgh: neighborhoods, car - Pennsylvania (PA)
  14. Moving to pittsburgh single parent two kids daycare options and schools: Erie: best neighborhoods, apartments - Pennsylvania (PA)
  15. Regionalism - is it a dream?: Pittsburgh, Reading: crime, home, prices - Pennsylvania (PA)
  16. British phone booths in Pgh?: Pittsburgh: tickets, business, market - Pennsylvania (PA)
  17. Pittsburgh based company lands NASA contract: live, location, good - Pennsylvania (PA)
  18. We are potentially moving to the McCandless, PA area and would like rural land: Butler: for sale - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  19. Recommendation for Movers: Ross Township: home, storage, moving - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  20. unemployment compensation in pennsylvania: find a job, severance, deal - Pittsburgh, (PA)
  21. Mt Washington area: Shiloh, Duquesne: renter, homes, neighborhood - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  22. help for elderly neighbor?: Pittsburgh: house, income, living - Pennsylvania (PA)
  23. Saladworks....whatever happened?: California, Penn: apartment, co-op, buy - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  24. City Data Pittsburgh vs Philadelphia posting numbers: Harrisburg, Indiana: credit, neighborhood - Pennsylvania (PA)
  25. Double Take - Diversity Chic, Twin...or Moonlighting?: Pittsburgh: plumbing, inclusive - Pennsylvania (PA)
  26. Advice on condo purchase: Pittsburgh, Washington: apartment, HOA, condos - Pennsylvania (PA)
  27. Looking for novice musicians in Pittsburgh: shop, best, build - Pennsylvania (PA)
  28. Carriage park appartment lease change: apartment, pay, about - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  29. Home Inspection: price, towns, township - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  30. Recommendations: Exterior Sandstone Block Repair: houses, school, store - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  31. Southside parking - how bad is it actually?: Washington, Lawrenceville: apartments, house - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  32. Hastings development in Bridgeville ( Charters Homes): Pittsburgh, McDonald: renting, townhouses, neighborhood - Pennsylvania (PA)
  33. Indian community to buy a home in Pittsburgh: Scott Township, Green Tree: homes, neighborhoods - Pennsylvania (PA)
  34. Pittsburgh crime rate is going down: Lawrenceville: income, live, statistics - Pennsylvania (PA)
  35. Jet Setter Names Pittsburgh No. 6 of America's Best Food Cities 2019: York: pierogi - Pennsylvania (PA)
  36. Development to spread from Strip to North Side: Pittsburgh, Liberty: for sale, real estate - Pennsylvania (PA)
  37. Where to get the safest and cheapest extensions in Pittsburgh? Need hair advice: Bethel Park: salon - Pennsylvania (PA)
  38. Attending a Pirates game....Parking: Pittsburgh, Duquesne: home, casino, garage - Pennsylvania (PA)
  39. East Liberty woman’s remains found from 1964: Pittsburgh: village, courts - Pennsylvania (PA)
  40. need to remove my broken grill: live, natural gas, deal - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  41. Crafton/Brentwood safety: Pittsburgh, Baldwin, Monessen: real estate, cheap house, neighborhood - Pennsylvania (PA)
  42. PIT airport's opening of terminals to not flying: Pittsburgh: home, tenants - Pennsylvania (PA)
  43. The Woods House in Hazelwood could open by fall: Homestead: houses, architecture - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  44. Kennametal closing Hempfield plant (breaking news): Pittsburgh, Latrobe: live, price, to move - Pennsylvania (PA)
  45. Renting apartment/townhome in Robinson/Crafton/Greentree Area: Pittsburgh, Washington: for sale, apartments - Pennsylvania (PA)
  46. Chatham Towers living conditions?: apartment, hotel, price - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  47. Falling Water up for World Heritage Site List: Pittsburgh: rated, corporate - Pennsylvania (PA)
  48. Unemployment benefits: payment, claim, letter - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  49. Better be careful speeding in the city and towns soon: Pittsburgh: insurance, income - Pennsylvania (PA)
  50. Carnegie Safety?: for sale, crime, house - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  51. Ever heard of Cool Valley?: Liberty, Rutledge: 2015, suite, businesses - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  52. New hotel by casino slated: moving, good, time - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  53. Pittsburgh Tour de Cure: living, internship, association - Pennsylvania (PA)
  54. New apartments planned on north shore: Carnegie: casino, living, restaurant - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  55. Home Search (Oakwood, Westwood, Crafton Heights, Windgap): Pittsburgh, Penn: for sale, real estate - Pennsylvania (PA)
  56. Pittsburgh Job Market Ranks 48th out of 53 Major Metro Areas: Johnstown: school, shop - Pennsylvania (PA)
  57. Vo-tech highschool programs: Pittsburgh, California, Avon: homes, construction, school districts - Pennsylvania (PA)
  58. Are there theater/art groups I can join in Pittsburgh?: university, living - Pennsylvania (PA)
  59. Updated apartments in Southside: Washington: appointed, house, price - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  60. Walking on Scott Road: Lebanon: houses, middle school, living - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  61. Moving to Pittsburgh from CA: Butler, Fox Chapel: chapel, house, neighborhoods - Pennsylvania (PA)
  62. Apartment-hunting near Pitt (Shadyside, Squirrel Hill): Bloomfield, Oakland: apartment complexes, rental, homes - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  63. Questions about Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: house, living, cost - (PA)
  64. Post-Gazette: photos, work, free - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  65. PPS superintendent may have flown to Cuba without approval: Pittsburgh: public schools, gated - Pennsylvania (PA)
  66. Moving to Pittsburgh area from Rockville, Md. similar areas?: Robinson Township: Home Depot, neighborhoods - Pennsylvania (PA)
  67. For you southerners - boiled peanuts on banksville riad: Pittsburgh: buy, living - Pennsylvania (PA)
  68. Whole Foods back on for East Liberty: Pittsburgh, Penn: apartment, minimum wage - Pennsylvania (PA)
  69. Golf / Country Clubs: Pittsburgh, Oakmont, Fox Chapel: fit in, chapel, house - Pennsylvania (PA)
  70. a move to Pittsburgh in a few years: Tarentum: transplants, 2014 - Pennsylvania (PA)
  71. Relocating to PA for work: Pittsburgh, Washington: apartments, rentals, safe neighborhood - Pennsylvania
  72. Developer wants to add sandy beach, lagoon, Ferris wheel to North Shore: Pittsburgh: real estate, apartments - Pennsylvania (PA)
  73. Why is Pittsburgh one of the few cities with population continuously declining every year despite its good reputation?: McKeesport: affordable houses, job market - Pennsylvania (PA)
  74. Working in Wheeling, WV, but living in Pittsburgh: Washington: neighborhoods, cost of living - Pennsylvania (PA)
  75. Relocation in June 2019: Pittsburgh, Washington, Duquesne: apartments, theater, rooftop - Pennsylvania (PA)
  76. Home prices are wildly high around Pittsburgh and they are selling: Lawrenceville: fit in, for sale - Pennsylvania (PA)
  77. Real ID optional?: Penn: DMV, centers, airplane - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  78. Memorial Day BBQ?: Homewood: where to buy, live, beach - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  79. HOV I-279 violations: Penn: construction, live, pollution - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  80. Century III Mall to be demolished...: Pittsburgh, West Mifflin: hotel, bankruptcy, school district - Pennsylvania (PA)
  81. Gentrification in Pittsburgh: Liberty, Bloomfield, Lawrenceville: low income, sales, 2014 - Pennsylvania (PA)
  82. Pittsburgh 4th of July Fireworks: New Castle, Washington: appointed, hotel, camp - Pennsylvania (PA)
  83. North Shore canning plant closing...: Pittsburgh, West Mifflin: real estate, apartment, lofts - Pennsylvania (PA)
  84. Parkway East closure: Pittsburgh, Braddock, Oakland: construction, closing, bus - Pennsylvania (PA)
  85. Bill moving along to let independents vote in the primaries: California: live, offices - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  86. Syrian refugee charged w/ plotting Islamic State bomb attack against North Side church: Pittsburgh: crimes, attorney - Pennsylvania (PA)
  87. scammed at the farmers Market: Avoca: sale, houses, buy - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  88. Why the constant whispers/insults about Peduto's sexuality?: Pittsburgh, Progress: live, homeless - Pennsylvania (PA)
  89. Homestead Library and Surrounding Areas: Pittsburgh, West Mifflin: real estate, renters, crime - Pennsylvania (PA)
  90. Pittsburgh Airport- No new Terminal: how much, cost, shops - Pennsylvania (PA)
  91. When do you all think Pittsburgh will start increasing in population?: insurance, home - Pennsylvania (PA)
  92. Rainfall 2019 Will we break the record again?: Penn Hills, Freeport: home, vs. - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  93. Another shooting downtown: Pittsburgh, Liberty, Lincoln: violent crime, home, live - Pennsylvania (PA)
  94. More development in the Strip District: Pittsburgh, Plum: middle-class, top neighborhoods, real estate market - Pennsylvania (PA)
  95. Recommendations for venues to host very small Weddings: Pittsburgh, White Oak: rentals, restaurant - Pennsylvania (PA)
  96. The next big neighborhood in Pittsburgh no one sees coming?: Dormont: rental, insurance - Pennsylvania (PA)
  97. A new proposed park in East Liberty: Lawrenceville, Penn: real estate, crime - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  98. What happened to the old home on the corner of McArdle and Grandview?: Pittsburgh: townhouses, rooftop - Pennsylvania (PA)
  99. You're Going Where? Pittsburgh!: Washington, Carnegie: spring break, rent, mattress - Pennsylvania (PA)
  100. Pittsburgh and Cincinnati: Monongahela: buy, quality of life, live - Pennsylvania (PA)
  101. Proposed plan could link Mon-Fayette Expressway, Route 885: Pittsburgh, Dravosburg: construction, live - Pennsylvania (PA)
  102. Pittsburgh Farm Markets: Bellevue, Carnegie, Green Tree: appointed, rentals, condos - Pennsylvania (PA)
  103. Be aware Garth Brooks is in town today: Pittsburgh: hotels, parking - Pennsylvania (PA)
  104. about property taxes in listings: Pittsburgh, Wilkinsburg: assessor, lawyer, house - Pennsylvania (PA)
  105. I-279 North - worst organized construction project: Pittsburgh, California: rent, house - Pennsylvania (PA)
  106. Study into Route 28 expressway expansion to I-80 gets funding: Pittsburgh: live, transportation - Pennsylvania (PA)
  107. Man pushed onto the tracks at Wood Street Station: Sharpsburg: 2015, crime - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  108. Live alligators roaming the city?: Pittsburgh, Penn: home, to buy, law - Pennsylvania (PA)
  109. Where to live for 2 young professionals: Pittsburgh, Lebanon: to rent, house, neighborhood - Pennsylvania (PA)
  110. parks in Lawrenceville??: Pittsburgh, Washington: houses, neighborhoods, middle school - Pennsylvania (PA)
  111. Woodland Hills and Penn Hills school districts in financial trouble: Churchill: layoffs, gated - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  112. Squirrel Hill vs. Regent Square - Comparison, Tips on Moving to PGH: Pittsburgh: appointed, homes - Pennsylvania (PA)
  113. Have $320,000 to spend. Where to live?: Pittsburgh, Carnegie: townhouse, new construction, restaurants - Pennsylvania (PA)
  114. Wanting to move back but where???: Pittsburgh, Lebanon: spring break, real estate, condo - Pennsylvania (PA)
  115. Long Weekend Getaways FROM Pittsburgh: Erie, Scranton: rent, home, high school - Pennsylvania (PA)
  116. Boycott Biddle's Escape: Pittsburgh, Braddock: house, neighborhood, live - Pennsylvania (PA)
  117. East End Schools: Liberty: best neighborhood, real estate, house - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  118. Brawl caught on video at Foxtail in the South Side: Pittsburgh: restaurants, pit bull - Pennsylvania (PA)
  119. Port Authority Ridership increased nearly 2% in 2018.: Pittsburgh, Houston: 2013, houses, employment - Pennsylvania (PA)
  120. People forget how to drive in the snow ..........: Pittsburgh: live, dangerous - Pennsylvania (PA)
  121. KDKA man fired for known cheater under Tom Brady's name.: employers, studio - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  122. Nice suburbs in between city of Pittsburgh?: Bethel Park, Mount Lebanon: hardwood floors, transplants - Pennsylvania (PA)
  123. So how do you think Peduto doing as Pittsburgh's mayor?: Etna: appointed, 2014 - Pennsylvania (PA)
  124. Penn Hills School District. What a financial mess: Pittsburgh, Plum: construction, school districts - Pennsylvania (PA)
  125. Guys. Moving possibly to East Lib/Garfied. Are areas: St. Clair: crime, home - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  126. Meat, Butchers, Meat Markets: Pittsburgh, Crabtree: home, buying, law - Pennsylvania (PA)
  127. Pittsburgh Zoo?: section 8, credit, house - Pennsylvania (PA)
  128. Pittsburgh area companies adding jobs: Butler, Latrobe: Home Depot, tech job, neighborhoods - Pennsylvania (PA)
  129. Where to Live/Where to Avoid??: Pittsburgh, Ross Township: middle-class, transplants, apartment - Pennsylvania (PA)
  130. How bad will of commutes be?: Washington, Shiloh: for sale, apartments - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  131. Pittsburgh Area Town makes Top 50 list: Philadelphia, Indiana: buy, schools, pharmacy - Pennsylvania (PA)
  132. How can we connect Pittsburgh Harrisburg and Philadelphia: Scranton, York: movies, schools - Pennsylvania (PA)
  133. Healthgrades Releases Top 250 Hospitals in US: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh: 2015, insurance, home - Pennsylvania (PA)
  134. Is the areas surrounding Monroeville Mall a safe area?: Penn Hills: apartments, crime - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  135. What is wrong with your Mayor?: Pittsburgh: credit, live, safe - Pennsylvania (PA)
  136. Rental increases: Pittsburgh, Bethel Park, Lebanon: 2013, apartment, renter - Pennsylvania (PA)
  137. Sharp Edge Creekhouse is closing.: Pittsburgh, Crafton: restaurants, prices, store - Pennsylvania (PA)
  138. Deutschtown/MWS vs Southside vs Mt Washington: Pittsburgh, Shiloh: for sale, violent crime - Pennsylvania (PA)
  139. Pittsburgh Cost of living: York, Bethel Park: fit in, apartment, rent - Pennsylvania (PA)
  140. Downtown Pittsburgh is BOOMING!: Liberty, Oakland: apartments, townhouses, tenants - Pennsylvania (PA)
  141. Nied's Hotel, a Lawrenceville institution, has closed: Pittsburgh: 2015, buyers - Pennsylvania (PA)
  142. No talk about yesterday's gun rally?: Pittsburgh, Erie: appointed, home, school - Pennsylvania (PA)
  143. Manufacturing Jobs in Pittsburgh: Philadelphia, Penn: real estate, house, employment - Pennsylvania (PA)
  144. Big companies laying off people or closing down in our region: Pittsburgh: middle-class, layoffs - Pennsylvania (PA)
  145. Port Authority to add electric buses: Pittsburgh, Oakland: 2013, buy, subsidized - Pennsylvania (PA)
  146. Best suburbs for families Pittsburgh area: Bethel Park, Lebanon: chapel, home, purchasing - Pennsylvania (PA)
  147. Places to meet women in Pittsburgh as a young adult age 30 & over without going to clubs or bars?: school, live - Pennsylvania (PA)
  148. Police responsiveness burbs of Pittsburgh?: Lebanon: crime, neighborhoods, gated - Pennsylvania (PA)
  149. Odd situation observed at Kennywood Park Pittsburgh, thoughts?: promotional, law - Pennsylvania (PA)
  150. What Are the Misconceptions About Pittsburgh?: quality of life, statistics, air - Pennsylvania (PA)
  151. Lawrenceville vs. Southside vs. Mount Washington: Pittsburgh, Bloomfield: transplants, apartment, rent - Pennsylvania (PA)
  152. Winter Storms, Pittsburgh & Weather Forecasts: schools, live in, health - Pennsylvania (PA)
  153. Hill District Shop N Save closing on March 20th: Pittsburgh: real estate, house - Pennsylvania (PA)
  154. Things to do downtown with 4-year old?: Pittsburgh, Washington: 2014, hotel - Pennsylvania (PA)
  155. Thoughts on Living in Ben Avon?: Pittsburgh, Lebanon: for sale, house prices, neighborhood - Pennsylvania (PA)
  156. Not Fitting In (Mt.Lebanon - Sunset Hills): Pittsburgh, Upper St. Clair: neighborhood, magnet school - Pennsylvania (PA)
  157. Parking options at Pittsburgh airport: Bellevue, Avon: credit card, home, price - Pennsylvania (PA)
  158. Another shooting at Monroeville Malll: Pittsburgh: neighborhood, living in, mall - Pennsylvania (PA)
  159. Apartments near Univ of Pittsburgh: Liberty, Oakland: apartment complexes, neighborhoods, luxury - Pennsylvania (PA)
  160. What's the deal with South Fayette SD taxes?: Penn Hills, Lebanon: real estate, renters - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  161. Chelsa Wagner has been formally charged: Pittsburgh: hotel, live, move - Pennsylvania (PA)
  162. Young new family need HELP searching for HOME in Pittsburgh: Bethel Park: rentals, condos - Pennsylvania (PA)
  163. Walking around in Fox Chapel: Kittanning, Sharpsburg: middle school, live in, safe - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  164. Questions about Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: Washington, Butler: house, neighborhoods, wages - (PA)
  165. Penguins heading into 2019 What do you think?: Pittsburgh, Washington: layoffs, school - Pennsylvania (PA)
  166. Pittsburgh One of Nation’s Most Gentrified Cities: Washington, Progress: top neighborhoods, condos - Pennsylvania (PA)
  167. Help with schools Pittsburg area: Pittsburgh, Robinson Township: rentals, violent crime, house - Pennsylvania (PA)
  168. Giant Eagle Drug Test?: Pittsburgh, Edgewood: credit, employment, legal - Pennsylvania (PA)
  169. My trash bag not being collected in Highland Park: home, live - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  170. Ideal car for Pittsburgh roads snow and hills): Erie: 2015, university - Pennsylvania (PA)
  171. Indian family moving to Pittsburgh - needs advice: Lebanon, Upper St. Clair: sales, apartments - Pennsylvania (PA)
  172. Direct Bus to Oakland?: Carnegie: transfer, buses, authority - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  173. Pittsburgh neighborhoods that could realistically see pop growth: Washington, California: low income, 2014 - Pennsylvania (PA)
  174. Commissary Or Commercial Kitchens?: Pittsburgh, Sharpsburg: for rent, home, farm - Pennsylvania (PA)
  175. PA turnpike wildly behind on payments: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh: sales, 2013, foreclosed - Pennsylvania
  176. Fight with police and Pagans to go nowhere: Pittsburgh: crime, lawyer - Pennsylvania (PA)
  177. 2019 Pirates: 2015, cost, money - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  178. A very short case for why Pittsburgh is the blackest: Lawrenceville: fit in, home - Pennsylvania (PA)
  179. Walkable, Diverse, and under $275K?: Pittsburgh, Wilkinsburg: fit in, transplants, houses - Pennsylvania (PA)
  180. Apartment Complexes in Greater Pittsburgh: Crafton: fit in, to rent, how much - Pennsylvania (PA)
  181. Pittsburgh area unemployment lowest since 1970: apartments, home, safe neighborhood - Pennsylvania (PA)
  182. 15 Year Old Male Run Over by Coal Train in Tarentum: Pittsburgh: live, move - Pennsylvania (PA)
  183. How to buy a house in Pittsburgh: Oakmont, Fox Chapel: real estate, lease - Pennsylvania (PA)
  184. Pittsburgh 53 out of 53 metros in 2019 census estimates: Indiana, Dormont: middle-class, top neighborhoods - Pennsylvania (PA)
  185. Are walkability and urban living important to real life Yinzers?: Pittsburgh: 2014, houses - Pennsylvania (PA)
  186. Downtown getting a huge six screen movie theater: Pittsburgh, Homestead: hotels, homes - Pennsylvania (PA)
  187. Tender Care: reviews, kids, center - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  188. Steelers, Penguins, Pirates & August Wilson: Pittsburgh: movies, fences, rain - Pennsylvania (PA)
  189. Braddock looking for a new mayor: live, resident, local - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  190. I 579 Cap: When will Crosstown & other ramps be closed?: construction, traffic - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  191. People stay in Pittsburgh longer than other city in the US - Pennsylvania (PA)
  192. Driveway excavator in pittsburgh (south): land, build, offer - Pennsylvania (PA)
  193. PA's largest indoor food truck extravaganza.: Pittsburgh, Oakmont: sales, coop, purchases - Pennsylvania
  194. Southside hopefully getting a much needed pedestrian friendly upgrade: Pittsburgh: safety, transportation - Pennsylvania (PA)
  195. Wilkinsburg train station being renovated: live, building, demolition - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  196. Atlantic Broadband Johnstown/Altoona Limited Basic/Locals Only Analog and Digital?: 2015, dates - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  197. Happy May Day. Polish Hill celebrates it - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  198. New Manufacturing Training Facility Hopes To Help Restore The Mon Valley: McKeesport: tuition, careers - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  199. Pittsburgh Public Schools misses out on millions in state funding: how to, run - Pennsylvania (PA)
  200. Bike commuting up and other commuting statistics: pollution, driving - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)