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  1. Progressive place on the water: apartments, rent, home
  2. This is definitely not a good thing, but of you west coast lovers may like this.: live in
  3. Moving down south...but where?: rent, low crime, houses
  4. Looking For Horse Property Near Mountains: live in, prices, to move
  5. How do flora/vegetation vary across US regions?: 2015, live
  6. Ethnic Migration Trends in YOUR metro area: transplants, home
  7. Looking for a place to move/Intern?: crime, house
  8. Looking to move (Gulf Shores?) Fla vs Alabama vs SC: home, safe neighborhood
  9. Looking to move: rent, job market, school
  10. Northern city most scared by urban renewal?: middle-class, real estate
  11. Help me with city suggestions :): house, neighborhoods, living in
  12. Which cities do you think of for each of groups of people??: neighborhoods
  13. Best place for starting a family, excellent education system, arts appreciation, foot/bike friendly, few to no chains...: rent
  14. Help! Thinking of moving from VT: apartments, renting, neighborhoods
  15. Family Budget Calculator...: income, metro, children
  16. Help me find the perfect place to live with horses!: school, college
  17. Minneapolis, MN area vs Virginia Beach, VA area: homes, living in
  18. help me find my next home!!!: rentals, find a job, neighborhood
  19. Family looking for nature, hipster scene, and good schools.: rent, buy
  20. Best small-mid sized downtowns (or other non-downtown districts) in the Great Plains/Midwest: college
  21. From Chicago to Atlanta: area, drive, between
  22. US Public Housing Issue?: low income, section 8, apartments
  23. Find my Spot: homes, safe neighborhoods, public schools
  24. Is there anywhere in the US that host a giant Semana Santa festival like in Spain?: title
  25. Which US city/metro area is closest to what I am envisioning?: chapel
  26. What type of American accent is this? Is it hard to understand?: Australian
  27. Looking for a Southern college town/city: crime rate, chapel
  28. information on the municipalities that border big cites: school, university
  29. Finding a city: apartment, rental, condo
  30. Highway Traffic on Good Friday From NYC to Northern VA: congested, driving
  31. Best place to purchase a Beach home along I-5 under $600k?: condo, homes
  32. Ann Arbor Mi,Dayton Ohio and Evansville, Indiana: apartment, rentals
  33. Where in the USA?! SLEEPY TOWN + DOG FRIENDLY: job market, live
  34. Which City do you think $16 an hour go far?: apartment, to rent
  35. Need help creating initial list of cities to research: chapel, houses
  36. 2018 Fastest Growing US Cities List from Forbes: employment, wages
  37. 10 largest cities in the US: crime, neighborhoods, tax
  38. Cost of living calculator comparing cities: best cities, for sale, vehicle registration
  39. Not to hot or to cold?: houses, transfer, to live in
  40. US states that could fit in other regions?: beaches, palm trees
  41. Starting to wonder why compared to other cities, I just have a tough time socially in Atlanta.: high school, live in
  42. What city should I move to? (32-year-old male, single): apartments, job market
  43. Is the South losing it's unique identity due to transplants?: movers, military
  44. America best major cities to live in new 2018 report: best cities, transplants
  45. Cities with most beautiful old-money neighborhoods/suburbs?: houses, university
  46. Medium-sized getaway: chapel, houses, college
  47. Best cities in the US for single guys: how much, college
  48. Is San Francisco most expensive city in the country ?: real estate, renting
  49. Moving for a year from Barcelona, Spain: apartment, to rent
  50. Op-Ed: DC and The Bay Area Pulling the Countrt: home, professionals
  51. Two fascinating maps of Appalachia's sub-regions.: how much, home, college
  52. Minneapolis...without Minnesota: camping, living in, cost of
  53. How did NYC, Philly and Chicago managed to brace the westward shift?: neighborhoods, buying
  54. Least materialistic/consumeristic places in U.S.?: neighborhoods, live in
  55. Atlanta’s rent increases outpacing San Fran, according to apartments, rental
  56. US cities obsessed with their image.: live in, title, business
  57. Lack of mileage signs in the Northeast: live in, cities
  58. Underrated Historic Southern Cities/Towns: homes, university, live
  59. Would you say Northern California has PNW elements?: ski resort, live
  60. Coastal cities not actually on a coast: school, living in
  61. Most Friendly Big City: live in, cities, places
  62. Cities that Pride it's self off of it's Negative Qualities: crime rates, how much
  63. Cities most intimidating for a visitor to drive in: neighborhoods, construction
  64. Let’s Have Fun: Where Should I Move?: sales, real estate
  65. Best state/s to live in the America West?: crime, quality of life
  66. Does this place exist? (Snowy winters, friendly people, historic architecture, low taxes): houses, school
  67. Gulf coast cities (Mobile vs Pensacola vs ?): for sale, homeowners insurance
  68. Why people don't classify the mountian states as it own reigon: schools, live in
  69. US Cities and What They're Famous For: how much, movies
  70. Which part of the country favors Social Conservativism AND more regulation (esp in that direction)?: hairstyles, colleges
  71. Relocation-single/gay/early30s: cliquey, employment, theater
  72. 28M Nurse, Arizona --> ??? (help me move): 2013, condo
  73. Best sunny, coastal city with low humidity?: beach, cities
  74. Mildest Climate in an Affordable Area?: house, college, camping
  75. Young Single Black Professional looking to move: best city, apartment
  76. 13 US cities everyone agrees are the best places to live: apartment, homes
  77. Best City in the USA For Single 40 Year Old Libertarian Male: sales, rental
  78. Do speakeasies still exist in the US ?: middle-class, mortgage
  79. Millennials and the 'Boomerang' Phenomenon: rent, home, buying
  80. Cities that act smaller than they are?: houses, high school
  81. Recommendations on states to live in in the USA.: middle-class, homes
  82. Best City in North America Now (2018): low crime, chapel, mortgage
  83. Questions on moving to the Mountain States: for sale, real estate
  84. Do Scots-Irish Americans Have A Certain Look?: how much, living in
  85. Best US Cities for Archaeology: best city, live, airports
  86. Folksiest states?: condo, school, utilities
  87. Which city-and/or-metro is most balanced: white, black, hispanic, Asian?: rated, metro area
  88. Best cities and states for introverts and loners?: apartment, house
  89. I have the freedom to live anywhere in America- all I need to good internet connectivity. Where do I go?: 2014, apartments
  90. Is there that feels like lifes goes by faster in the small towns and slower in the big cities?: how much, college
  91. US cities that surprised you with their population.: live, suburbs
  92. What Midwest Metro (over half million) is the most likely to see sustained 3% annual pop. growth...if: university, moving
  93. States with the coolest reputations: colleges, move to
  94. It's too cold up ..: rent, houses, camping
  95. Most self contained City?: live, centers, suburbs
  96. What city in the US has the most: university, live
  97. College grad moving! Best city?: rent, job market, neighborhood
  98. What are ethnic enclaves in cities that are not official areas?: homes, neighborhood
  99. How would the West be if it was flat?: tornadoes, living
  100. Which US cities have the most libertarian nightlife?: neighborhood, casinos
  101. For of you who wouldn’t dare live in California today, would you live in 1947s small town California?: how much, school
  102. Places within a day's drive to both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans?: maps, drivers
  103. Are Cities North or South (Culturally Speaking)?: area, places
  104. Which city's neighborhoods are the most distincict themselves?: university, live in
  105. Where can I move that isn't going to kill me?: real estate, 2014
  106. where is the permanent winter weather on the west coast: live, locations
  107. Alabama Manufacturing Jobs - Yes or No?: rent, neighborhoods
  108. Homeless on $1200 month: apartments, living, move to
  109. Savannah vs. Chattanooga vs. Roanoke??: for rent, house, safe neighborhood
  110. New England Area Vs. Other Area's of the U.S.: to rent, home
  111. Suburban retail blight. Which metros will fare worse?: apartments, foreclosure
  112. What Are the Misconceptions of the Coasts?: camper, taxes
  113. What Are People's Misconceptions of the Midwest?: high school, place to live
  114. Are we destined to struggle socially in cities and states while doing well in others?: transplants, high schools
  115. Is Texas the State That Has the Greatest Variety of Fast-Food Chains?: home, live
  116. Do they still look down on Catholics in the South?: wedding, live
  117. Healthy Cities and Low Cost of living?: apartments, to buy
  118. Would you rather live in a city, suburb, or exurb?: cul-de-sac, crime rates
  119. Game: Assign a city to general characteristics and/or likes: low crime, how much
  120. Most Urban/Navigable Cities w/o a MRT or Light Rail: best cities, neighborhoods
  121. I'd move to _______ IF: home, tornadoes, tax
  122. Which major US city is the LEAST fast paced?: suburbia, retirement
  123. Is the entire Western US essentially California expanded?: ski resorts, transplants
  124. Moving from Italy to USA: rental, hotel, school
  125. Cities where their beauty is underrated?: neighborhoods, things to do, architecture
  126. States with more than one accent: island, population, Cuban
  127. Best family vacations with fun outdoors activities: rentals, condo
  128. Suburbs that were landing spots for African Americans during the Great Migration: homes, living
  129. Most racially harmonious cities...: apartment, living in, military
  130. What are your biggest dealbreakers for not wanting to move to an area?: insurance, maintenance
  131. What are other cities/regions which resemble Buckhead, GA?: neighborhoods, versus
  132. Why do Asian Americans have much less of an aversion to California than other groups?: apartment, to rent
  133. Difference in Culture in Upland vs Lowland South: home, living
  134. cities or areas with Cold but NOT snowy winters?: relocate to, transit
  135. Where should we move to?: transplants, 2014, lease
  136. Which state is most proud of their name?: transplants, live
  137. The classic American night: movies, food, friendly
  138. 2018 Best State Rankings...US News & World Report: real estate, job market
  139. Where do you go in the U.S. for good drag shows?: places to live, moving
  140. Which State/Region/City has the Most/Least Strict Law Enforcement when it comes to minor crimes like speeding?: crime, live
  141. Best City for vegetarian/vegan cuisine?: living, restaurants, bars
  142. Smaller West Coast towns with large East Asian-American populations?: neighborhoods, university
  143. Are there parts of the US where the average Latino income is as high as the average white income?: live, area
  144. What are affordable metros with good job market in the south?: crime rate, houses
  145. Underrated food cities: restaurants, dining, quality
  146. Cities with low humidity: live, best, areas
  147. What States share similarities with California?: houses, college, subdivisions
  148. Cheapest US major city that's extremely liberal/atheist?: tax, living in
  149. Looking for Affordable, Safe, Family-oriented Cities in the West: houses, safe neighborhoods
  150. Which Metro area has more Japanese people?: 2015, standard of living
  151. Small towns and cities in with particular immigrant groups?: neighborhoods, live
  152. Which city have the quietest, most courteous neighbors?: neighborhoods, live
  153. Help refine new county-based map of US regions?: university, DMV
  154. Great Lakes in September?: rental, hotel, house
  155. Things that surprised from watching drone footage of cities across the US: homes, neighborhood
  156. Your city: progressive or no?: transit, places, average
  157. What city has the most missed in the US?: neighborhoods, store
  158. Midwest vs Northeast, race relations, where is interracial dating and marriage most common?: high school, gated
  159. North American Metropolitan Areas: Official Corporate Expansions & Headquarters Relocations: apartment, leasing
  160. about Maryland and Delaware: transplants, living in, shop
  161. Which Cities Are More Liberal Or Conservative Than How They're Portrayed To Be?: fit in, live
  162. The American Dream is dead? Article from Nov 2017 -Business Insider: fit in, apartment
  163. Best place in USA for retiree to live: real estate, crime
  164. Major US Cities with Black Female Mayors: 2014, lawyer
  165. Cities in the shadows of other close big cities: oceanfront, gated
  166. Map of major private supersector industry by county I made: real estate, leasing
  167. Drivers that Tailgate: gated, moving, car
  168. US cities you never hear about...: buy, movies, university
  169. Advice needed on cities to relocate to after graduation. (21m): low crime, house
  170. How Texas and Florida became popular in recent years ?: income, income tax
  171. What Suburb are Rich African Americans Flocking To in Major Metro Areas: neighborhoods, school
  172. The Sawtooths, Driftless, Ozarks or Quachita?: live in, best, areas
  173. Distance from my city to... Google autocomplete: live in, top
  174. moving out of Indiana: apartments, rent, crime
  175. Best and worst cities for pedestrians in the USA: best cities, how much
  176. Manhattan, Chicago, San Francisco: it's The City ...true: home, live in
  177. Need help on states I'm for University (OK, NE, LA): apartment complexes, roughest
  178. What other areas in the US feel like the western suburbs of Austin?: how much, houses
  179. What are the cheapest US cities with at least degree of urbanity?: apartments, rentals
  180. Baby boomers and millennialls rejecting large cities?: apartment, condo
  181. If not DC , what city would have been best as the capital?: transportation, area
  182. Which cities you planning visiting this summer ?: live, beach
  183. Best examples of ultra diverse well integrated successful suburbs.: low crime, school districts
  184. Where Small Town America is Thriving: sales, universities, live in
  185. Is Montana essentially what Colorado was 50+ years ago: ski resort, quality of life
  186. 10 favorite and 10 least favorite metros for millennial home buyers: house, buying
  187. Is a City That Doesn't Have a Lot of Transplants a Bad Thing?: house, tax
  188. Maxed out cities Vs. Cities with endless room for expansion.: how much, agriculture
  189. Towns/Cities similar to Greenville SC: horse, to relocate, metro area
  190. In defense and praise of Flatness: neighborhoods, beaches, architecture
  191. Would you rather live in a flat city or a hilly/mountainous one?: neighborhood, living in
  192. What city/state is right for me?: for sale, apartments
  193. How Much Money You Have To Earn To Be Rich: rent, median income
  194. Cities in the south gentrifying at the fastest rate?: condos, new home
  195. Which rural areas have a strong culture of violence ?: violent crime, homes
  196. Looking for ideas for places to live: houses, high school
  197. Working or studying first?: hotel, job market, colleges
  198. Other Places in US/North America with similar walkability/pedestrian vibrancy to Centro Historico (Mexico City): how much
  199. US City Illustration of Squares By Population and Density: cities, top
  200. Does your city have a strong spoken word poetry scene: live, best