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  1. Where should I move? Looking for a safe area with level of convenience with a 200K budget.: amusement parks
  2. Where are neighborhoods in your city?: home, college
  3. Which sizable US Metros have polished sprawl and mild winters?: suburbs, distance
  4. Suggestions for cities in the USA for a single, female who is 28.: real estate
  5. $14.50/hr work from home job and can live anywhere in the US. Looking to move south: apartment
  6. What are the most common names for neighborhoods in a city?: theater, warehouse
  7. Alpharetta GA vs Chantilly VA: new house, job market, schools
  8. Can live just about anywhere, can't decide where: real estate, apartment complex
  9. Place for Physician Assistant: income, income tax, living
  10. Where do States Rank on health with categories:: bike, best
  11. weekly motels?: extended stay, apartment, hotels
  12. Each City: What area is the first thing come to mind ?: university, live
  13. Looking for affordable, safe, rural or small town to raise family: for rent, low crime
  14. popular city typefaces: cities, buildings, famous
  15. It’s down to a Boston vs Seattle. Which is better? Tech, COL, safety: real estate
  16. Florida vs NC: transplants, rental, car insurance
  17. Favorite City or Town In Your Home State (or Territory)...And Why: live
  18. I really need your help, and thank you: rent, homes
  19. Just got 2 jury summons, federal and superior within weeks of each other? what to do?: home
  20. Remote workers! Where do you live? :): home, college
  21. If West Coast had East Coasts History: live in, agriculture
  22. Good place: rentals, condo, townhouse
  23. Pittsburgh, Youngstown, and Cleveland rail: train, stations, Amtrak
  24. City marketing descriptors you wish would die?: neighborhoods, theater
  25. Safest Big City?: crime, automobile, dental
  26. Where find weather like OH-PA, rain near Mts?: taxes, rated
  27. Public humiliation criminals: fingerprints, crime, lawyer
  28. Radius for Population and Demographics: real estate, university, estate
  29. Do areas like this exist in the U.S. ...: homes, universities
  30. Best state for men?: 2015, wages, quality of life
  31. Homelessness and Poverty in high-growth U.S. cities/metropolitan areas: How is your city dealing with issues?: sales
  32. Finding a City to move to. HELP!: apartment, home
  33. Most Safe Cities in U.S. Ranked: crimes, law
  34. businesses in your city that caters and shows pride to another city?: layoffs
  35. West Coast cities, more similar to Canada/Australia vs. East Coast cities?: shopping centers
  36. Which major metro areas have speed limits of 75+ on their urban freeways?: construction
  37. East Coast to Pacific Northwest: What it's like + Ocean and Snow anywhere?: fit in
  38. 2018 Defining MSA: metropolitan, areas, time
  39. Retire, Airstream Trlr, ~1 Acre, Sunny, Location?: mobile home, buying, school
  40. Moving Road Trip: crime, hotels, safety
  41. Where can I live car free, that encourages green living and has mild weather?: low crime
  42. What's the best alternative for someone seeking refuge from Southern California?: big house, job market
  43. finding roommates across country or in another state?: apartments, rentals
  44. Major city with most NGOs: apartment, how much, home
  45. Where to live to take a break from hustle/bustle: apartments, rentals
  46. Conservative Beach town: island, drive, shore
  47. Cities for country music other than Nashville?: college, live
  48. New Army HQ narrowed to five: job market, camp, living
  49. which U.S city has plenty of halal food stands / Gyro similar to NYC ?: business, cities
  50. The East Coast Swampbilly: 2014, home
  51. Well off 24 year old looking to move anywhere. Las Vegas or Miami or where?: real estate, apartments
  52. Have you ever hated living in paradise?: cliquey, home
  53. Midwest cities primed to grow again: neighborhoods, stats, estimates
  54. Where to move to next? (Outdoor Town): rent, buy
  55. Urban Highrise with Skyline Views: apartments, condos, neighborhoods
  56. With one of 5 places would you recommend the most/least?: home, buy
  57. Are there places in the US where East Asians are generally considered more attractive in the gay community?: fit in, living
  58. Most Beautiful Cities East of the Mississippi River: 2014, hotel
  59. Cities with the Best Summer Weather: house, cars, skylight
  60. Small to medium size towns/cities on the East Coast...: houses, school
  61. Have of you moved due to scenery? If so, did the move work out for you?: find a job, college
  62. Would an Italian American from Nj appear to be an immigrant in the deep South?: Koreans, metro
  63. Where would you choose to live - Sacramento suburbs or Dallas suburbs?: real estate, home
  64. Is it to find a small house with very little land?: apartment, rent
  65. Sacramento vs. Dallas: landscaping, scorpions, universities
  66. Is Anime bigger in the East Coast or West Coast: live in, metro area
  67. Which southern state should we move to?: 2014, houses
  68. Which of the following metros pushes above it's weight class the most?: college, nightlife
  69. Differences in trees between Southern cities?: live, assess, pine
  70. Which City Would You Prefer To Merely Exist In?: 2013, apartment
  71. Where to go: Philadelphia, Portland, someplace in New England, or entirely?: crime, home
  72. What's the easiest large metro/big US city to live in?: home, buy
  73. The Most Charming Small Towns in Every State: 2015, hotel
  74. Washington DC or Texas (Help): real estate, home, contractors
  75. California Exodus, where should I go?: theater, law school, taxes
  76. And The Best-Run City In The US Is...: schools, maintenance
  77. 22-Year-Old Graduate looking to move out of the South towards the North / West. Help me find a city?: job openings, neighborhoods
  78. Aunt or Ant: tornado, live, title
  79. Does a City exist like this in the U.S.: rent, neighborhoods
  80. Top Cities with large concentration of Asian-Americans...: 2014, college
  81. Maryland vs Massachusetts vs Virginia....: violent crime, houses, incomes
  82. Cities w/ Sizeable Black Populations But Few Black Professionals: middle-class, fit in
  83. What U.S. cities could use light rail systems?: mover, neighborhoods
  84. A/C set too low in summer?: home, to buy
  85. Super vs Wicked vs fill in the blank.: island, place
  86. Which US City best meets Criteria?: renting, to buy
  87. Why do people erroneously consider Virginia and North Carolina to not be in the South?: transplants, university
  88. The Most Romantic and Secluded Getaway In Your State: hotel, camping
  89. Indiana vs Iowa: apartments, how much, homes
  90. Affordable, diverse, liberal city for a single 33 y.o. woman?: apartment, to rent
  91. Where am i from?: living, military, move
  92. Most Americans live in the state they were born: fit in, home
  93. 22 y/o german Guy coming to US: rent, new home
  94. Need advice on good cities for tech/engineering: apartment, chapel
  95. Where do you feel safer - in Canada or in the US? (apart from stats and the news): neighborhoods, places to live
  96. Good weather location for fibromyalgia: fit in, how much, job market
  97. What are the biggest differences between cities that feel Northern and cities that feel Southern ?: house, young professionals
  98. Interior Northeast vs Northern New England: school, income, centers
  99. What is most ubiquitous type of chinese restaurant in your area outside chinese enclaves: home, live in
  100. Which region/city in the US is a good climate/weather alternative to the California Mediterranean?: quality of life, living in
  101. Expensive and mediocre: 2014, how much, houses
  102. Western cities suggestions?: apartment, low crime, house
  103. I can move anywhere--where should I go?: rental, low crime
  104. Tourist Destinations: Great to Visit, Hell to Live In: sales, rentals
  105. US Cities That You Would Use As A Role Model For Your Own: crime, house
  106. Is the West Coast more unified than the East Coast culturally: vs., oil
  107. Not sure where to move to - would like: apartments, low crime
  108. Which region of the US is culturally less Non-Hispanic White: the West or South?: eat, population
  109. Do locals know the meaning of their city name?: high school, live
  110. Ever been attracted to a city or state..: neighborhoods, middle school
  111. Real Personal Income for States and Metropolitan Areas, 2016: 2015, vs.
  112. Should Kansas be the cutoff between the Eastern and Western US: casino, restaurants
  113. Southern cities with most underrated architecture?: home, neighborhoods, school
  114. What cities in the US have the most stereotypical four season climate?: estate, areas
  115. Top 10 states with most attractive men: bars, richest, best place
  116. open to relocating out of NY: apartment, renting, condo
  117. Google Street View: Favorite Urban and Favorite 'Nature' Part of your city: home, neighborhood
  118. What's the last place that you stepped foot in in each state been to (besides the Airport)?: taxi, living
  119. City Population Estimates: bars, suburbs, cities
  120. what cities in USA have luxurious skyscrapers and how do I find: apartments, rentals
  121. Why is everyone moving south ?: crime, job market, schools
  122. Why aren't people referring to counties instead of cities: home, vs.
  123. Popular white flight destination states: live in, moving to, retiree
  124. Why are US metropolitan areas so grossly overstated & oversized? Are they credible 4 you?: live, statistics
  125. Looking for pretty, friendly mid-Atlantic town/city: low crime, mortgage
  126. What are obvious ways in your city that lets you know you have left the city limits?: home, neighborhoods
  127. Best states for Conservatives?: house, tax, living
  128. Under 2K income, safe affordable mountain areas U.S: low income, section 8
  129. Is Colorado basically just a more urban Wyoming?: neighborhoods, living
  130. Affordable, Mild Winter, Minimal 90+ days: apartments, lease, lofts
  131. Is your city trashed out by transients?: live, homeless
  132. cities/states traditionalist/Fifties way to living: how much, house
  133. What Are the Misconceptions About the South?: transplants, 2014
  134. Best fit: Eugene, Norman or Boulder: condo, houses, transfer to
  135. How do Californians view the South?: transplants, buy, movies
  136. Most fascinating states?: college, to live, moving to
  137. What is the absolute best alternative to living in Southern California in the USA?: best city, quality of life
  138. Picture Perfect Towns?: fit in, homes, neighborhoods
  139. Eugene, Or --> Provo, UT?: fit in, to rent, employment
  140. average size of cities/towns per state +wu-tang clan (howto:): rated, best
  141. I am a millennial in Texas and want to move out of state at point but idk if i should.Money will be no object: sales, home
  142. Match me up: low crime, home, job market
  143. City's name used in other municipalities in metro area: credit, neighborhood
  144. PASPA repealed - Which states will legalize sports betting first?: casinos, tax
  145. Do fights occur between redneck and yuppie types in certain parts of the US ?: buying, college
  146. Are shrinking cities in the Northeast going to fall below 100k?: colleges, stats
  147. What is consider Upstate New York part of your state: ferry, commute to
  148. US cities that aren’t experiencing decline or gentrification: transplants, houses
  149. Collective Family States: 2014, how much, home
  150. that they only hire attractive females now for cashier positions?: home, casinos
  151. Which cities of over 100k people are the most aesthetic and educated?: low crime, university
  152. Top 10 States with the most Attractive Women: how much, maintenance
  153. The select few places that are NOT Middle America: credit, neighborhoods
  154. Are The Coasts really that similar?: insurance, home, costs
  155. North Carolina vs Texas: mineral rights, transplants, home
  156. Media Hyped Cities vs. Non-Media Hyped Cities: transplants, new home
  157. Cities in the south?: homes, construction, universities
  158. How would you rank the New England States...: home, camp
  159. Which city is most similar to Denver, but has warmer winters: neighborhoods, live
  160. Best cities for recent college grad: apartment, rentals, neighborhoods
  161. States with the least/most gun violence. Where would you live?: crime, quality of life
  162. Is there city in the US that is comparable to Montreal?: cities, place
  163. Urban highrise with mountain views?: hotels, live, residential
  164. Next tech hub: tech jobs, tax, centers
  165. Sacramento vs Austin - Is Sacramento a hidden gem?: best city, neighborhoods
  166. Sunbelt or not Sunbelt?: subdivisions, wages, to live in
  167. sick of Georgia: rentals, living, low cost
  168. Anthony Bourdain - Filming locations and his take on the area: neighborhood, live
  169. Which Southern state feels the most Midwestern?: tornado, live
  170. What would you consider to be of the most usable and accessible large metro areas in the USA?: 2015, home
  171. American Boom towns as viewed in 2011: 2013, taxes, cost
  172. p neighborhoods in mid/sized smaller cities...: middle-class, 2014
  173. Anywhere in the U.S. where it's hot and the temperature doesn't dip at night?: condo, deal
  174. Most sexually open/liberal state to you?: activity, cities
  175. places in the US today where it's still common for women to marry withou ever working?: house, high school
  176. The Perfect City: living, costs, rich
  177. Dreaming of Naperville.....: 2014, low crime, how much
  178. Metro's: 2014, legally, commuters
  179. Is decorating graves just a Utah thing?: live in, deal
  180. What is the Most important historical event in your city by local impact?: city hall, transfer
  181. Looking for city suggestions for new home: low crime, neighborhoods
  182. help me find a place to live. I need a solution to my problem.: fit in, apartment
  183. How much home can you buy for $200K in various cities: apartment, rent
  184. What are your top 5 best beaches State (Can be freshwater beaches as well)???: earthquakes, living
  185. Which Southern states have the best futures?: home, college
  186. I don't fit in Western CT. Which Region/State Fits me the best culturally?: home, living in
  187. Where is hockey most popular?: live in, versus, bills
  188. What is the furthest North, South, East and West you have been: island, towns
  189. What town (or small city) is the next Asheville and poised to explode?: hotel, home
  190. Is there another city/metro area in the USA that is like a slightly bigger version of Austin, TX?: live, cities
  191. Linear skyline avenues: apartments, condo, beach
  192. Places with cool summers (health reasons): job market, good schools, university
  193. I bet you know JUST the right place for me.?: fit in, rent
  194. Regions with the most unique accents?: living in, area, cities
  195. Why don't AAs in Philadephia have strong accents like AAs in other NE cities?: live in, areas
  196. Integrate Sensor readings file with internet cloud: university, design
  197. How has rideshare affected your city?: renting, how much, neighborhood
  198. Reston VA vs Redmond WA: rent, house prices, live
  199. What's the first place you visited in each state (besides an Airport, hotel, gas station, rest stop, ?: university
  200. Weather Averages for US Cities: current, interest, results