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  1. Do you know book to learn all the things there are in each state?: buy
  2. What states have lowest cost of living 2019-2020?: low income, sales
  3. Where to move?: living, price, housing
  4. Moving: Western Texas Vs Coastal Oregon: condo, house, job market
  5. What is a RV Friendly State?: RV park, apartment, purchase
  6. For of you who moved around A LOT: 2013, house
  7. Denver, Las Vegas or Orange, CA?: transfer to, living in, activities
  8. Seeking relocation ideas/suggestions: houses, tech jobs, income
  9. Best and/or Up-And-Coming Coastal Cities or Towns in Southeast and Mid-Atlantic: house
  10. Idaho-Washington-NH-VT-Utah LF Advice: university, military, friendly
  11. Income graph by region from 1890: Midwest has always been about average, West has decreased, South has increased: incomes
  12. Relocating: North or South Carolina...: sales, apartment, rental
  13. Should the federal and state governments assisted cities when their population dropped rapidly: appointed
  14. cheap cities like El Paso or Albuquerque: apartments, rental
  15. Battle of the Deltas: Northern California Delta vs. Southeastern Louisiana Delta: architecture, area
  16. Is it best to avoid applying to a state where a high percentage of young adults live a home?: real estate
  17. XX-Day Vacation City: renting, how much, hotel
  18. Best city in the West / SW U.S. to live this list?: middle-class
  19. Move from Houston To West N&S Carolina's or East Tennessee - Your of a town/location: real estate
  20. Desert Cities - recent climate: home, buying, live in
  21. Why has the marijuana boom been more successful in Washington and Oregon than in California?: leasing
  22. Bringing water to the waterless: houses, neighborhoods, construction
  23. Vermont couple change: to rent, home, neighborhood
  24. Saturday mail delivery: 2014, purchases, versus
  25. Hempstead not listed as one of nations largest cities? other towns like this?: home
  26. What time does your town go to bed?: neighborhood, closing
  27. Have you ever tried to find a new place to live from afar without knowing what state?: houses
  28. Where should I move too in the contiguous US?: fit in, buying
  29. The difference between the states: live, association, rated
  30. How would US cities status change if they swam in a non-US pond?: live
  31. Trash amnesty week: appointed, appliances, shops
  32. Help us leave colorado: low crime, find a job, living
  33. Cities with swimmable bodies of water next to the downtown?: pollution, beach
  34. small ish city with tech jobs: low crime, living, cost of living
  35. Most integrated East Coast city/region?: 2013, home, employment
  36. Which places get the least flack?: live in, bars, suburbia
  37. Would you consider Iowa and Missouri to be the Deep Midwest: tornadoes, agricultural
  38. US Racial Dot Map: 2015, apartment complexes, how much
  39. Boise, Idaho or Bloomington, Indiana.: house prices, neighborhoods, university
  40. Where in the US can a decent home be purchased or 50k or less?: rent, mobile home
  41. Is population growth correlated with wealth?: middle-class, apartment, low crime
  42. I'm looking to move, but where?: real estate, condo, movies
  43. What natural disaster is the biggest turn off when you consider moving to a new city?: real estate, insurance
  44. Top 4 landmarks in America: house, estate, park
  45. City Whose Is Most Limited By Highways: neighborhoods, university
  46. Top Ten States people are moving to: transplants, 2015
  47. Thinking of Florida, but...: to rent, homes, buying
  48. Midwest places that lack ualities: unemployment, college
  49. Business Insider uses census daa to compile top 10 states people are going to or leaving: tech jobs, moving to
  50. 5 Most Impressive American Engineering Feats: college, ranking, building
  51. Older beach amusement parks...: casino, rating, island
  52. Will City Ever Replace SF as 2nd Most Dense US City?: condos, neighborhood
  53. City with the Most Socially Outgoing/Assertive People: tech jobs, vs
  54. Pedestrian-Friendly, Compact Small Towns?: neighborhoods, subsidized, place to live
  55. How would you compare Bloomington, IN with College Station, TX: theater, schools
  56. Coldest Cities in the USA: living in, title, best climate
  57. Your City's Homeless: neighborhoods, university, live in
  58. Which US college campuses have you been to?: chapel, school
  59. City parks: adjacent to each other: neighborhood, garden, campus
  60. Cities with most green space: neighborhoods, ranked
  61. OR vs CO vs AZ vs NM. which one??: fit in, rent
  62. Would you be open to living in dry city or town or county in the United States of America?: sales, neighborhoods
  63. Want to move from Omaha, NE - Looking for Similar Affordability, Mountains, & Less Humidity: rent, crime rate
  64. Are regional accents fading?: neighborhood, college, professionals
  65. The impossible location to satisfy everyone for a vacation home: to rent, condos
  66. Cities that are the perfect size for you: 2014, utilities
  67. Need to escape Texas, what are lively affordable cities for gay young professional?: renting, insurance
  68. Are there American cities where the city is less liberal than the suburbs?: university, military
  69. Quad cities a tale of two halves: how much, taxes
  70. Most affordable, walkable suburbs with train connections to major downtown: houses, neighborhoods
  71. What cities would you suggest?: how much, homes, neighborhood
  72. Go west or go east?: transplants, violent crime, houses
  73. Best region to be FROM?: home, incomes, living in
  74. Looking for a fresh start.....: apartments, rental, amusement park
  75. An Atlas of American Gun Violence: 2014, apartment, university
  76. Which states enforce laws/take laws most seriously?: crime rates, legally
  77. Which major US cities have you visited?: houses, airport
  78. Did you feel like your city was less unique and less special the more you traveled the United States?: how much, houses
  79. Midwestern states with the most Southern influences ? Oklahoma Kentucky West Virginia and anything between don't count: centers, suburbs
  80. The Wheels on the Train Go Up and Down, Up and Down: transfer to, construction
  81. Asians in the South: living in, restaurants, military
  82. College town's ranking in-state cities: best city, how much, private schools
  83. Best lakes in the US: amusement park, houses, living
  84. What is the hottest place in the United States of America you could live in if you had to???: living in, activities
  85. Retirement Nirvana - Where Are You?: vacation home, buyers, tax
  86. Most abrupt change between suburban and urban environment: apartments, condos
  87. Most rapidly urbanizing US city?: apartment, condos, homes
  88. Looking to move, what other cities should I look into?: transplants, apartments
  89. Why did you move to your current city or town?: ski resort, leases
  90. Cities with the most craft breweries: neighborhoods, high school, calculated
  91. Forest areas with little snow and little cold: mortgage, homes
  92. What towns/cities would you feel the safest walking alone at night.: apartment, roughest
  93. Wallet hub ranks the states: purchasing, income, living
  94. Cities where wealthy families choose to live in apartments: lease, mortgage
  95. Distances as the crow flies that surprise you?: college, beach
  96. What's the public transportation like in your city/area?: low income, transfer
  97. You're now moving to a random US county: condo, new home
  98. Can you describe people in Idaho, Iowa and Nebraska?: fit in, home
  99. In your generation, what were the booming towns (good for jobs) and the dying towns (retirement hotspots)): apartment, insurance
  100. Are bars that don't serve food common where you live?: sales, houses
  101. How many (which) state governors can you name?: average, top
  102. Virginia vs Rhode Island: fit in, real estate, oceanfront
  103. Twin Cities in America?: neighborhoods, university, living in
  104. Major metro areas with lowest Hispanic population and least influence?: suburbs, best
  105. 2019’s Most Fun States in America: casinos, island
  106. City neighborhoods for upper middle class and up: middle-class, apartments
  107. Which cities have the best mix of local and cosmopolitan culture?: transplants, neighborhood
  108. Is there that was born in a city and is ok never relocating?: credit, homes
  109. Top 10 States for International Notoriety: vs., bars, cities
  110. Been hunting the perfect SUMMER place/home: vacation home, income
  111. Does walkability take into account the weather: buy, to live
  112. If Washington DC was never built...then Baltimore/the Mid Atlantic..: tenants, DMV
  113. Where is the best year-round weather with COL at or below U.S. average?: condo, house
  114. How do YOU travel to a new city?: real estate market, to rent
  115. Would the following couple be lower, middle or upper-class in your area: middle-class, real estate
  116. Should a high COL automatically disqualify me from wanting to live: real estate, cheap house
  117. Rank 3 people by how conservative you'd assume they are: school, tax
  118. States with the lowest vaccination rates: day care, home, school
  119. Where should I move after I graduate?: apartments, for rent
  120. Most livable suburbs ?: best cities, public schools, quality of life
  121. This must be ____; it couldn’t possibly be anywhere: hotels, homes
  122. Is it worth it to live in a city?: apartment, job market
  123. If money was no object, where would you live?: vacation home, living
  124. Do cats like being outdoors in the humid climate of the South: lease, new house
  125. Best Southern City for a 20's guy?: apartment complexes, hotels
  126. Americans, which city is the best place to live in the US and is black family friendly ?: to rent, job market
  127. To who's moved from a big city to a small rural town. What was the experience like?: home, school
  128. American cities you're curious about but doubt you'll ever visit?: live in, moving to
  129. Florida to Niagara Falls Ontario Trip Observations: construction, inspectors
  130. Why Is New York So Much Colder Than Philly In the Spring?: house, live
  131. If Southern Ontario had become a part of the United States instead of Canada...: house, safe
  132. If you didn't like your childhood state, did it play a good role in your childhood?: condo, how much
  133. City proper matters: middle-class, insurance, houses
  134. Does this exist? Moving out of Utah Valley...: sales, real estate
  135. Best Cities with Reasonable Cost of Living?: rent, low crime
  136. Major landmarks in your city that never been to: house, casino
  137. Favourite state that you wouldn't want to live in?: earthquakes, wages
  138. Best Up-And-Coming & Affordable Cities for Millennials: sales, apartment
  139. Most vegetarian cities in the country?: college, restaurants, bars
  140. Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, full?: prices, buses, to move
  141. Best Cities and States for Running Trails/Path Systems?: how much, neighborhood
  142. Global Census is merging Inland Empire into the LA MSA making new population count at 19 million: houses, statistics
  143. Best Harbor Contest Winner (1,278 harbors across 23 states): real estate, YMCA
  144. Help us leave Utah: real estate, crime, house prices
  145. What are stereotypes about cities or states that are incorrect and disappoint transplants?: low income, appointed
  146. Why don't Americans talk about weather us much as Brits: live, phone
  147. City recommendation for data scientist: rent, crime, tech jobs
  148. States that don't get four seasons.: live in, deal, trees
  149. Where out West is good for me?: real estate, to rent
  150. Rapid transit station: subway, elevated, &/or surface: bars, trains
  151. Towns where People walk around Barefoot?: house, beach, food
  152. What if......Washington, DC, had remained a ♦. ?: townhouses, neighborhoods
  153. What Advice Would You Give Someone Who Has a Superiority Complex About Their City?: live, land
  154. Most affordable cities where year round temps are between 40F° and 90F°?: home, prices
  155. How Many States Have You Been To?: buses, airport
  156. List all the Interstates driven on: college, bus
  157. What US city is most defined, most associated with its teams?: live, move
  158. Most underdeveloped cities: houses, transfer, neighborhoods
  159. Is there another city in the South similar to Tallahassee?: living in, moving
  160. Alternate History City Population Sizes: transplants, real estate, neighborhoods
  161. Which is a better place to live, Charleston SC or VA beach ?: school, military
  162. Would NYC be our #1 city without Manhattan's topography?: real estate, neighborhoods
  163. Searching for Our Perfect Place: chapel, home
  164. People in (State A) would be comfortable living in (State B): home, moving to
  165. What is the meth capital of the Northeast?: 2014, motel
  166. Help me find my place (Warm, dry, low crime,: home, live
  167. Threshold density for a neighborhood to be a pedestrian paradise: apartment complexes, hotels
  168. Money no object, where's your dream retirement place?: to live, airport
  169. What American cities feel the most FOREIGN to you?: club, architecture
  170. What are of the most beautiful small towns within 2 hrs drive from a city?: house, nicest
  171. West Coast City with Strongest Black Presence?: transfer, live in
  172. Northerners who fled South???: chapel, house, schools
  173. How can I move when I don't know where to go: apartment, rent
  174. Continuing the search for our future and feeling discouraged: hotel, home
  175. Is California the only not-too-hot / not-too-cold place?: area, places
  176. Black Growth Rate By State ( 2010-17): neighborhoods, moving to, estimates
  177. Best and worst states for middle class: middle-class, real estate
  178. Cities that will survive after the United States collapses: linear, moving
  179. Sense of place: which states really are real places: organic, live in
  180. Cities or neighborhoods that are still strongholds of organized crime?: how much, movies
  181. Most liked US cities on Facebook: college, live in, bars
  182. What is the most kitschy city in the US not named Las Vegas?: amusement parks, motels
  183. Does your city/metro area have express lanes on its highways: suburbs, installing
  184. What is the most scenic place you have lived?: neighborhood, college
  185. What's the criteria for a good climate?: living, education
  186. What movie perfectly captures the feel of an American city to you?: 2013, credit
  187. Which U.S. City has the MOST unique architecture?: parking, area
  188. States with snowcapped mountains: winter, year round, time
  189. Are there college towns of private u's that are comparable to the ones with state u's: fit in, chapel
  190. Do you like/love the city you live in?: home, neighborhoods
  191. What do New Yorkers(from NYC) think of New York State?: middle-class, transplants
  192. Evanston, Oak Park: are there other suburbs akin to them?: fit in, 2015
  193. What is the coldest place in the United States of America you could live in?: house, closing
  194. Cities with no trendy, hip, or cool suburbs/bordering cities. Cities without?: university, live
  195. No, a prestigious job is not going to stop me from moving to where I want.: appointed, home
  196. Are you more city-oriented or nature-oriented?: living in, restaurants, cost of
  197. How neighborhoods shape children for life...: live, showing, poverty
  198. Thrillist's Best Lake Towns: pictures, travel, great
  199. USA Road Trip advised sights to see?: condo, places
  200. When in (place city name , you must....Advice, Parts A & B: houses