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  1. Information Gathering trip: Home Depot, neighborhoods, pros and cons
  2. Quality of lifw for young single gay male.: pros and cons, vs
  3. Nature vs. Social Environment: house, movies, elementary school
  4. Help us move!: insurance, home, taxes
  5. Best States for Business...: taxes, assess, to move
  6. Makeup jobs out West?: rent, weddings, college
  7. What are the advantages and disadvantages of living in an unincorporated community?: suburb
  8. Looking for a new State and City to move to: low crime, homes
  9. How to find best place in US if i can work get only minimal wage work?: rent
  10. No law enforcement on highways: to live in, safety, commute
  11. Trying to decide between small to mid-sized Texas cities like Abilene,San Angelo,Lubbock,Waco and New Mexico: neighborhood
  12. Where is the farthest point in the lower 48 states from where human has been?: how much
  13. Cities that look much better at night than during the day?: employment, live
  14. Best-run cities in America: suburbs, land, office
  15. Rhoticism of American English by region: live, move, bars
  16. Your experience moving to the South: living in, prices, military
  17. Which states seem to come down hardest on thieves?: to move, places
  18. 40, Fabulous and Starting Over: apartment, rent, living in
  19. Seasons on the west coast/southwest.: 2015, live in, garden
  20. Counties by unincorporated population: houses, neighborhood, living in
  21. What neighborhood or community in your city would you bring back to it's glory days: real estate
  22. Missoula MT, or Tri-cities WA for LGBT people?: transplants, apartment
  23. Is it illegal for me to get while I am under my parents' insurance?: health insurance
  24. Best city for Veteran with dis-ability status?: house, school
  25. Which city with plenty of jobs!!!!: apartments, rent, hotel
  26. What the breakdown of various US metro areas by white collar/blue collar populations?: employment
  27. Are the Contiguous US states culturally more similar with Southern Canadian Provinces or Alaska and Hawaii?: home
  28. What are the best states/area(s) of the country for mental health care?: insurance
  29. What makes cities and places more laid back than others?: population, weather
  30. Las Vegas to Chicago the end of july: hotels, college
  31. Nerdy Woman looking for a new city to call home.: renter, high schools
  32. Which cities saw the most urbanization in the 1990s?: trendy, suburbs
  33. Nature-Based Schools in the US?: preschool, living, kindergarten
  34. help me move, name a city.: job market, live, move to
  35. Best Sense of Community: homes, neighborhoods, good schools
  36. Compare mid-size small cities that are home to a Mid-Major university: crime
  37. General - Waterfront properties / rural areas: houses, living in
  38. Trying to find a town/city in the high desert, help: apartments
  39. Where do black people live in the southwest valley of Phoenix: living in, relocating to
  40. WaPo writer moves to town in his worst place to live article: places to live
  41. Moving from Colorado to Houston Texas suburbs or South Carolina: homes, purchase
  42. Hilly or Flat: where is CW most in error: how much, metro area
  43. globalization and world cities research network 2018: yard, rankings, weight
  44. Cities with largest senior aged workforce: metro, showing, percentage
  45. What States Allow Towns/Cities to Have the Most Control Over Building Standards?: construction
  46. Which of lakes in Ga, SC or NC are best to live on?: good schools, earthquake
  47. How much does being in a large metro hinder access to nature?: living in, backyards
  48. Will California always take the#1 spot in terms of population?: hotel, casino
  49. Recession coming!! Which metros will be hit hardest!!: real estate, mortgages
  50. Which Western state feels the most Northeastern?: universities, living
  51. If you just turned 30, single, and your job offered to move to of 5 states...which would you choose?: salary, taxes
  52. States out West to move to if you are desperate to leave your parents' place?: apartment, to rent
  53. mood*feel*essence: capturing The City: home, neighborhoods, calculating
  54. Which states or cities can mostly relate to this type of climate?: fit in, how much
  55. Which Midwestern state feels the most Southern?: house, rank
  56. Premiere city is not largest in its state?: school, beach
  57. Are you from where you are born, raised, or something entirely?: home, high school
  58. Which major cities have the highest percentage of really well-educated low-income people?: middle-class, lawyer
  59. Help me choose: DAL/PHX/CLT/ATL: fit in, real estate
  60. Overwhelmed - Help! Need recommendations on where to start over.: fit in, to rent
  61. safest Metro areas for a RECESSION!! It's coming!!!: house, employment
  62. Walkable, safe, good schools, affordable, liberal, Midwest?: apartment complex, rent
  63. Why we see Baltimore/Washington differently: credit, home, organic
  64. What major cities have the best bike infrastructure?: to live in, horse
  65. Cities that are the most choked and encircled by highways: neighborhoods, bars
  66. City suggestions that match criteria: real estate, rental, theatre
  67. History of the MSA: 2015, to live in, design
  68. The hardly incomparable city?!?: crime, quality of life, live in
  69. Cheaply built, cookie cutter apartments/condos: How many are in your city?: 2015, apartment complexes
  70. What state would you choose to live in for the rest of your life?: home, buying
  71. Help me get ideas where we should possibly move: real estate, houses
  72. Turnpikes and toll-roads with no or poor interchanges: maintenance, living
  73. Proximity One 2060 MSA/CSA Population Projections: rent, calculating, property taxes
  74. What places come to mind when you think of small towns with big city advantages?: college, vs
  75. Which cities/areas are undiscovered in movies?: crime, credit
  76. Married couple looking to relocate: apartment, to rent, home
  77. Moving from socal to New England: crime rate, how much, buying a house
  78. What US cities fit the nature demanded one description: neighborhood, military
  79. When do the summer activities wrap up in your area?: rent, layoffs
  80. Federal Reserve Banks 1913 vs 2019: house, moving, bars
  81. Places out West with the least job competition?: college, minimum wage
  82. Best bang for YOUR buck (your career, your household): credit card, house
  83. Natural beauty (& more): Midwest short changed on perceptions?: apartment, credit
  84. Census worker trespassed: home, high school, gated
  85. Where should we head?: home, neighborhoods, school district
  86. What do you miss the most about your former homes?: houses, college
  87. Best Kept Secret in the U.S.: transplants, coop
  88. Do you love mountains and hiking , but hate the cold?: living, move
  89. Which City Has The Best Hospital?: best cities, loan, hotel
  90. Which cities have 24 hour mass transit?: crime, maintenance, buses
  91. Really not sure where to move: fit in, homes, schools
  92. Best City in the South for Single 20's: apartment, rent
  93. The underrated urbanity of Great Plains cities: how much, high school
  94. Help me decide on where to move: construction, live in
  95. Suggestions for next move!: apartment, rentals, low crime
  96. Best City for Single Male (dating, lifestyle, ): college, living
  97. Geographic Breakdown Of Black Communities: living in, estimates, areas
  98. Cities/towns and states not portrayed geographically accurate in movies and TV.: credit, how much
  99. What types of music are most popular where you live?: fit in, buy
  100. Most Urban built Mid-Size City: light rail, cars, metro
  101. Why does the Southeast extend further west than the Northeast?: plantation, agriculture
  102. Has Southern become more of a brand than an actual reigion: home, living
  103. Best balance between cost of living, economic opportunities, 'big city' amenities, and low congestion.: employment, transfer
  104. NYC, NYS, DC, Wash st.: the Name Game: rental car, rental
  105. Detroit, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, or Chicago: crime rates, homes, good schools
  106. Does the state embrace: capital, largest city, flagship U college town?: appointed, chapel
  107. The SouthWest for the long term: 2013, crime rate, job outlook
  108. Best city to move for young/liberal aspiring real estate agent?: ski resorts, house
  109. Beautiful towns for young person just getting started?: real estate, lease
  110. Rude people in the Eastern US (US cross country trip): hotels, campgrounds
  111. What's the Best City for Cheap Downtown Living?: apartments, lofts
  112. Hilly areas with low elevation and Flat areas with high elevation.: how much, home
  113. Cities that overwhelm you: living, restaurants, shops
  114. Best value place for someone who wants city living: apartments, condos
  115. Cities with huge, extensive, underutilized grid systems in place?: apartments, homes
  116. Deep south road trip itinerary - Recommendations: houses, neighborhood
  117. The Largest Company by Revenue in each state of the USA: calculated, wage
  118. Collectivist vs Individualist parts of the US: schools, income
  119. Suburban skylines?: suburb, office, commute
  120. Cities Most Similar To Brooklyn: transplants, 2015, apartments
  121. Is Is Black and white integration in New England vs Mid Alantic: 2014, neighborhoods
  122. Contemplating a move, but where? Suggestions?: houses, university, living
  123. Half of US population lives in 9 states.: shop, statistics
  124. Which east coast states have the best coastal scenery?: houses, neighborhoods
  125. Clean, walkable smaller cities: sale, real estate market, 2015
  126. Smallest cities with a Trader Joes?: college, Whole Foods, suburb
  127. States that are consistently in the middle: public schools, income
  128. What is the most uniquely American accent?: closing, bars
  129. Small Town Rural Gentrification: hotel, house prices, schools
  130. Why Do We Judge Cities Based On Reputations?: movies, live
  131. Warm coastal places with lots of rain (brainstorming places to move): living in, beach
  132. Slang from your city/region. + Which City has the most influential slang?: area, culture
  133. 2nd to 3rd Tier Cities for Affordability and Jobs: apartment, rent
  134. voluntarily discarding a good life to make a big change: for sale, real estate
  135. Liberal Blue Collar Cities?: low income, 2015, house
  136. Is there something to be said for being in a city that brings out the best you?: homes, college
  137. Post the longest pedestrian shed in your city or area: appliances, house
  138. Cities/metros in transitional geographic zones?: pine, farms, trees
  139. Roanoke, Charlotte or Knoxville?: mortgage, houses, construction
  140. Do small, young, international cities exist in the US?: neighborhoods, college
  141. What is the most beautiful part of your state vegetation-wise?: moving, pine
  142. Biggest downtown employment centers?: construction, statistics, move to
  143. What is your preferred terrain?: living in, beach, land
  144. Does an area like this exist in New England...: sales, real estate
  145. Moving to U.S with a family , which city to start ?: apartments, rent
  146. Black? male looking for a predominantly White community without Blacks: fit in, living
  147. cities with the most skinny people?: how much, live, gym
  148. cities where there's not a culture of wasting money?: condos, neighborhood
  149. East Coast vs West Coast Seafood: eat, best, snow
  150. Similarities and differences between Minnesota and Maine?: high school, college
  151. Ongoing Debate humidity in TN vs. NC: income, income tax
  152. Safest lower income majority black neighborhoods in America?: low income, crime rates
  153. Trying to decide between Florida or Tennessee if I settle outside of Texas: crime rates, neighborhood
  154. Yelp's 5 Boomtowns: hotels, vacation home, neighborhoods
  155. Good Beach Cities: wage, tax, living
  156. Regions with best scenery.: homes, bars, rated
  157. Escaping the South Help!: fit in, apartment, lease
  158. What is considered a healthy climate ?: home, high school, college
  159. Sight-seeing bucket list.: appointed, high school, living in
  160. Cities with the most interesting RESIDENTIAL architecture? Cities with the most modern RESIDENTIAL architecture?: apartment, houses
  161. What could NYS tell us what it is like to live with NYC: credit, home
  162. 10 of the most romantic destinations in the US: celebrity, places
  163. Looking for new home in the South. Narrowed down to 7. Help with choosing:: crime, neighborhoods
  164. Winters: New England vs Coastal Great Lakes vs Northern Midwest: living in, vs.
  165. Amtrak may eliminate long distance routes. Thoughts?: car rental, rental
  166. Help me find a place to move my family (leaving Florida): house, school district
  167. County park systems...: live, garden, land
  168. Which US suffers worst effects of tourism/travel: transplants, 2014
  169. Help deciding on which state to live in.: 2015, lease
  170. 10 cities you would live in but would never visit if you didn’t live there: low crime, schools
  171. I want to move but I have no idea to where: best city, transplants
  172. I'm picky with where I want to there a perfect city for me?: renting, home
  173. Places isolated from their state that associate more with another state: for sale, how much
  174. Best Appalachian State: home, neighborhoods, best climate
  175. What's the population density in your neighborhood? Would you prefer higher/lower?: apartments, lease
  176. What is your favorite US time zone?: live, best
  177. Outdoor State's: Maine; New Hampshire; North Carolina: crime, employment
  178. Cheap places to live with low humidity!: quality of life, price
  179. Where should we go: apartment, rental, unemployed
  180. Largest Cities Without a Trader Joe's: square footage, live, marketplace
  181. Traffic counts in your city?: garden, deposit, suburbs
  182. Moving in 2 1/1-3 years: school districts, DMV, income
  183. New York migrants based on race: schools, live in, gardens
  184. What Southern City Should I Move to? Mid/Late 20's Guy: apartment, hotels
  185. Do fast food burgers come with mustard by default where you live?: high school, castle
  186. What cities in the United States are the most tropical ?: living in, area
  187. Looking for my latest unicorn city, s?: best city, house
  188. Places out West good for/with the most childfree people?: apartment complex, home
  189. America's musical love affair with city names: living, shop
  190. 40 somethings w/kids leaving Baltimore for a slower pace of life. Where should we go?: low crime, big home
  191. If your city included the urbanized areas ouside of the city how large would it be and what would it's population be?: estimated, suburbs
  192. Cities/States with least gang activity?: house, gangs, activities
  193. Are people nicer & more courteous outside of Florida?: living, shop
  194. 10 cities you'd like to visit but never live in?: earthquakes, taxes
  195. If you had to change your state tree, what would you pick?: live, pine
  196. Millennials flocking to places, most west of the Mississippi: salaries, live
  197. I'm trying to decide where to move! Want to help score things for me?: real estate
  198. Short Term, Month to Month, Housing Options on the East Coast: rent, suites
  199. Is there reviews of dating scenes by state/city in US?: place
  200. What questions would you ask people about cities or states?: run, results