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  1. Returning to USA for Surgery. help.: chapel, hotel
  2. Charity medical: chapel, best, cities
  3. Charleston WV/Roanoke and Birmingham/Charleston SC: house, luxury
  4. Best Southern Eastern Lake Front Living Town: houses, restaurant
  5. Best cities in America to find a job in 2020...: job market, salary
  6. Which City Has Best Shot @ Lowering Crime This Decade?: crime rate, bars
  7. Low income housing with No credit check in Northeast USA: apartment, rent
  8. Best cities w/ easygoing and driven people?
  9. Moving 101
  10. DFW feeling Gulf Coast vs Twin Cities feeling Great Lakes.
  11. States: Ohio vs Indiana vs Florida (Exempting SE Florida/Miami area)
  12. Ohio or NC???
  13. Most central area in WNC , SC , TN
  14. Southwest vs Southeast QOL, Amenities,: 2015, insurance, home
  15. Dual state citizenship?: attorney, income, income tax
  16. If Manhattan Did Not Exist as is, Would North Jersey Be Its Own Large Metro Area?: neighborhoods
  17. States by July 1, 2019 GDP per capita: home, calculated, income
  18. I like the feel of South OC, Seattle's East Side, and Austin's Western Suburbs... Where is similar?: low crime
  19. places similar to Eugene but with cheaper housing?: violent crime, house prices
  20. Relocation Insight,: chapel, homes, neighborhoods
  21. What do people say about your city while traveling? What questions, comments, or conversations tend to follow?
  22. Moving from Michigan to the Southwest
  23. Has yall become more mainstream recently
  24. Let's play a game.: new home, live, suburbs
  25. Are we all data nerds?: unemployment rate, income, living in
  26. Your relationship with your current city...: renting, condo, neighborhood
  27. Want to leave northeast. Need help deciding between Las Vegas, Austin, and Phoenix.: sales, to rent
  28. Cities where nice, modest homes still sell for under 100K: real estate, lofts
  29. looking to relocate Boston or Portland or other suggestions: lease, employment
  30. What do you all think? Accurate? Warning: obscene language: transplants, movers
  31. What Cities Offer Fly Fishing within City Limits?: moving, wealthy
  32. Small cities/towns in the USA that are going to blow up and get big
  33. What parts of your city are you least with?
  34. Is this becoming new trend in US cities?
  35. Best Pro Sports U.S City
  36. Where in AZ or the Southwest to find affordable off-grid land?
  37. Most Globally and Nationally Influential US Cities: how much, live
  38. Does the Midwest get the most undeserved hate?
  39. What is the West Coast ?
  40. Cities With Great Places
  41. Culturally diverse parts of Rust Belt cities/areas
  42. The South is the Most Interesting Region of the US
  43. Moving from SW Arizona - looking for small mountain town: apartment, to rent
  44. For the homers, what don't you like about your amazing city?
  45. Diverse cities not dominated by white professionals
  46. Top Art Deco Downtowns
  47. Midwexit?: to live, water, American
  48. Relatively affordable beachfront in U.S.: real estate, oceanfront, townhome
  49. Cities w/high education but low COL
  50. With no specific draw to in which cirumstances should someone choose Dallas over Atlanta, and vice versa?: neighborhood, income
  51. Tiny cities that are a hub
  52. Cities like Houston that are diverse but not segregated
  53. Does city in the US have the same laid back vibe as Key West?
  54. What's the south's snowiest city?
  55. To who live in Colorado Westward: Do you feel walled off from the rest of the country?
  56. First 14th st in Manhattan, now Market st in San Francisco — next place to ban cars?: house, live
  57. U.S. Mountain ranges that are below 7,000 feet max height that are still scenic.: live, vs.
  58. Moving from Boston to warmer liberal area: 2015, crime
  59. 5-10 Best Google Image Views of your Current City/Metro!: city hall, new home
  60. Least political/most friendly US cities: how much, where to live, tuition
  61. Best places to land a job easily in 2020 based on my experience?: rent, house
  62. Affordable, urban, family friendly non car dependent? Chicago Vs Philly Vs ??: fit in, condo
  63. Most popular cities for Millenials to purchase (Report): best cities, apartment
  64. Where should I consider moving to?: job market, college, camping
  65. At what point do you achieve anonymity in a city?: chapel, DMV
  66. Is the Mormon Belt stick closer to traditional gender roles than the Evangelical South?: Mennonites, law
  67. Uprooting high school kids to move? Conflicted and seeking advice.: apartment, renting
  68. What's everyone's limit for a commute time one way?: home, neighborhood
  69. Black Mecca: Micropolitan cities: 2014, income, live
  70. What states have the best sunrise/sunsets: neighborhoods, pollution
  71. If your state was its own country, what other state would be its mini-me, its Canada?: home, living in
  72. Im moving to Denver or Charlotte/Raleigh. help deciding: apartment, rent
  73. Best suburban skyline in the US: 2013, credit, live
  74. We bought a Drove!! headin' to America! :): real estate, lease
  75. Towns/cities that are gentrified or renovated: 2013, chapel
  76. Legal Marijuama leads increases demand for Fast Food: sales, live
  77. Major US States? (Population, Economy, Politics): agriculture, residential, top
  78. Alberta vs. Colorado: appointed, homes, income
  79. Are there states whose inhabitants identify with their broader national region first?: homes, living
  80. Whitewater rivers by state: spring break, rentals, high school
  81. What city(s) do you think have the most growth: attorney, university
  82. Is 29 to old to completely start a new life?: house, job market
  83. Adjust to heat and humidity with asthma??: home, transfer
  84. Cities That Still Have Squeegee Kids: mall, stadium, cars
  85. Why do TX and FL not seem to have issues with Latino gangs like CA does?: 2013, crime
  86. Why is the rural West growing in population?: lofts, house
  87. NE vs MO-leaving for cheaper digs.: rental market, high crime, job
  88. Best and worst snow cities ?: roughest, schools
  89. Why Manhattan’s Skyscrapers Are Empty (and not just Manhattan): middle-class, sales
  90. Houston is NOW less Affordable than New York City??: car insurance, mortgage
  91. Is there a city meeting the following criteria?: real estate, houses
  92. Location Scouting Your City For a Movie: middle-class, 2014
  93. Free Richard Florida-led course on Coursera: registered, place, date
  94. Starbucks Starts program to open stores in low income areas.Will others companies follow suit?: unemployment
  95. Affordable places to live
  96. fruitmarkets: home, neighborhoods, move