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  1. Moving 101: apartment, rent, student loans
  2. Northern- and Western-most natural extent of Spanish Moss?: zip code, trees
  3. Best fishing an hunting cities in America.: live in, places
  4. Relocation from MI to FL, VA or Carolinas. Advice?: low crime, living in
  5. How would you rate your state on it's public land offering?: get credit, camping
  6. Dual state citizenship?: attorney, income, income tax
  7. Best Southern Eastern Lake Front Living Town: houses, restaurant
  8. Lowest speed limit on an interstate?: construction, live, bars
  9. South Oregon in West North Carolina: ski resorts, best cities, real estate
  10. Returning to USA for Surgery. help.: chapel, hotel
  11. Cities With Best Toll Road Systems: living in, club, garden
  12. Relocation advice: 30something female: best city, cliquey, insurance
  13. How much has transit ridership declined in your area in the past month?: home
  14. Low income housing with No credit check in Northeast USA: apartment, rent
  15. Most central area in WNC , SC , TN: job market, quality of life
  16. Best cities w/ easygoing and driven people?: 2015, rent
  17. Homeless Cities-Cutting through the BS: employment, taxes, move to
  18. Census 2020 form: observations: rent, loan, house
  19. Relocation Advice: Couple in 20s: insurance, chapel, how much
  20. How your city is handling the covid-19: activity, area
  21. Ohio or NC???: home, schools, contractors
  22. Nevada OR Washington - For Nomadic Lifestyle: rental, home
  23. Server and barista...where to live?: apartments, rent, credit
  24. Charleston WV/Roanoke and Birmingham/Charleston SC: house, luxury
  25. Which state is most akin to the colonial American states?: live, authority
  26. Best cities in America to find a job in 2020...: job market, salary
  27. Can cities have vastly different personalities: vs, rated
  28. Spokane, Las Vegas, Charlotte, & Orlando Hottest Metro Areas for Affordability-Seeking Homebuyers: estate
  29. Help! Single mom looking for the best city to move to: apartments, rental
  30. Which City Has Best Shot @ Lowering Crime This Decade?: crime rate, bars
  31. Educational Attainment by State - age 25-44: 2014, high school
  32. Would saying I lived east to west coast be a more accurate description or traveled east to west coast?: motel
  33. Where in the USA can I find this specific housing and lifestyle at this price?: homes
  34. Relocation Insight,: chapel, homes, neighborhoods
  35. Which city is more bilingual? San Juan or Montreal?: homes, school
  36. US cities with a lot of street dogs/cats: 2013, mobile home
  37. Which rural cities or counties are isolated enough to get 0 COVID-19 cases?: buy, live
  38. Raising Kids: Small town vs big city: rent, homes
  39. What is the most VISUALLY IMPRESSIVE/AWE-STRIKING city in the U.S.?: homes, beaches
  40. No. Carolina or Delaware: sales, real estate, home
  41. Relocating!!!!!: low crime, homes, safe area
  42. Are big cities suburbs of bigger cities?: beach, population
  43. what city has famous districts: neighborhoods, university, to move
  44. Top 5 U.S. cities that movies are based in?: 2015, tax
  45. What Are Your Favorite Local Suburbs?: living in, restaurants, club
  46. 5 U.S cities that thrived the most at the time of their state's annexation: estimated, population
  47. Coronavirus Cancellations/Postponements 2020: insurance, companies, cities
  48. Best City for Small Equine Business: loans, house, to buy
  49. Would telling people I'm Hispanic or Native American for the sake of convenience be a good idea on a Stateside visit ?: rating, place
  50. Cities that are expensive for no reason.: apartments, for rent
  51. If you could move anywhere after a loss….Atlanta / Carolina’s: rent, home
  52. Which of cities is most similar to Los Angeles: homes, architecture
  53. Which cities are you less likely to visit NOW due to covid-19?: how much, home
  54. Which US cities currently have the largest amount of Appalachian enclaves ?: neighborhoods, gardens
  55. Are bars actually closing in the cities where they’ve been ordered to?: spring break, lease
  56. MSA's That Should Have Larger/Smaller Boundaries Than Census Gives: chapel, centers
  57. cities most impacted by recent events: home, live, prices
  58. Is Coronavirus prominent in West Coast because of region's Asian ties: living, cost of living
  59. Most Impressive Built Environment (outside NYC and Chicago): neighborhoods, homeless
  60. Cities that will be hit the hardest economically by the virus! Brookings institution!: chapel, construction
  61. Why is Oakland the only Black Major City the West Coast has ever had: crime, houses
  62. What represents a metro area more, CSA's or Metropolitan Divisions: general contractor, vs.
  63. The 5 Premier Cities in the USA?: rated, top, good
  64. Most iconic river for each state: live, car, snake
  65. Do coal companies in Appalachia still hire gun thugs to intimidate their opponents ?: subsidized, move to
  66. Atlanta or Raleigh, NC: transplants, real estate, rental
  67. Where will be the best places to move to after economies reopen?: extended stay, home
  68. We will see an unbelievable Baby boom starting in October 2020.: electricity, build
  69. Small Towns that have like 2 or (3 the most) SMALL Churches in the SOUTH, MID-WEST or SOUTH-WEST?: 2013, rent
  70. Small Towns Made Famous By Sports Legends: home, school districts
  71. Northern New England vs Coastal South: crime rates, high school, college
  72. Which state you think will see growth in the 2020s: sales, home
  73. (Poll) Your favorite U.S. Region that you don't live in?: quality of life, bars
  74. what's great about where you live?: crime, home, schools
  75. U.S. Sister Cities: work, compare, great
  76. Looking for list of all townships and what county they are in: credit, purchases
  77. Large and Mid size metropolitan city vs. suburb public school discussion: low income, house
  78. Are there ethnically integrated cities in the US?: apartment complexes, neighborhoods
  79. What cities have been rebuilt or revitalized due to a natural disaster: homes, tornado
  80. Looking to where to move to in the US?: appointed, sales
  81. NATURAL DISASTERS: 3 Most Infamous Cities for Disasters?: insurance, homes
  82. What's the furthest town or city from its CSA core city?: neighbourhood, beach
  83. Mildest summer in the southeast?: bill, best, cities
  84. Most worldly city between Boston, Philadelphia, and Chicago?: live in, move to
  85. Do you prefer Nevada or Arizona?: neighborhoods, live, car
  86. Biggest Sports Legend in Every State + DC: schools, college
  87. Top 10 Hot Spots for Unique Culture for American Cities?: transplants, credit
  88. Which City Has the Most Unfair Reputation on: transplants, real estate
  89. Is there comprehensive data that social distancing is working state by state?: house, vs.
  90. What overall effects will Covid have on US Cities Economies and the 2020 Census results?: rentals, chapel
  91. How come working class urban Eastern Euro Americans haven't formed their own subcultures/subcultural styles ?: apartment, crime
  92. Where should we go for Spring Break? 1 day's drive from Denver max: how much, hotels
  93. Post 3 Google Street Views of Your City: crime, neighborhoods
  94. Which present day major American cities have poor ghetto neighborhoods with an Asian majority population ?: apartment complexes, law
  95. No A/C nor heating required - where are places?: condo, house
  96. What are a few southern and southwestern states that aren’t attracting people?: move to, population
  97. Hiking trails WITHOUT off-leash dogs (in the Midwest): lease, to live in
  98. Are sprawling and/or low COL cities more materialistic?: apartment, for rent
  99. New England Battle Royale: Massachusetts vs Maine...: to rent, crime
  100. What are the most popular or well-known streets in each region?: home, live
  101. Which US cities are most like modern-day Central/Eastern European cities in terms of lifestyle/vibe?: apartment, hotel
  102. Desert SW USA vs SubTropical SE USA: salary, living
  103. What is “up north” or vacation country for your state?: amusement park, vacation home
  104. Post 4 google Street Views from your city, mixed use residential/retail: apartments, neighborhoods
  105. Looking for liberal minded city with mild winters and lots of outdoor activities: low crime, chapel
  106. Cities/states Red Tape: low income, apartment complexes, deed
  107. Mid sized cities near coast with mountains and mountain bike trails?: condo, townhome
  108. States Hit Hardest by the COVID-19 Pandemic: home, university
  109. What Kind of Home Will $500k Get You in Your City/Metro?: condos, house
  110. Are there states whose inhabitants identify with their broader national region first?: homes, living
  111. Whitewater rivers by state: spring break, rentals, high school
  112. Adjust to heat and humidity with asthma??: home, transfer
  113. Is 29 to old to completely start a new life?: house, job market
  114. Legal Marijuama leads increases demand for Fast Food: sales, live
  115. Why do TX and FL not seem to have issues with Latino gangs like CA does?: 2013, crime
  116. Houston is NOW less Affordable than New York City??: car insurance, mortgage
  117. Why Manhattan’s Skyscrapers Are Empty (and not just Manhattan): middle-class, sales
  118. Is there a city meeting the following criteria?: real estate, houses
  119. Why is the rural West growing in population?: lofts, house
  120. What city(s) do you think have the most growth: attorney, university
  121. We bought a Drove!! headin' to America! :): real estate, lease
  122. What parts of your city are you least with?: new home, neighborhoods
  123. Best Pro Sports U.S City: transplants, home, promotional
  124. Cities where nice, modest homes still sell for under 100K: real estate, lofts
  125. Where in AZ or the Southwest to find affordable off-grid land?: mineral rights, purchase
  126. Small cities/towns in the USA that are going to blow up and get big: sales, real estate
  127. looking to relocate Boston or Portland or other suggestions: lease, employment
  128. First 14th st in Manhattan, now Market st in San Francisco — next place to ban cars?: house, live
  129. What Cities Offer Fly Fishing within City Limits?: moving, wealthy
  130. What do you all think? Accurate? Warning: obscene language: transplants, movers
  131. NE vs MO-leaving for cheaper digs.: rental market, high crime, job
  132. Best and worst snow cities ?: roughest, schools
  133. If your state was its own country, what other state would be its mini-me, its Canada?: home, living in
  134. Best suburban skyline in the US: 2013, credit, live
  135. Im moving to Denver or Charlotte/Raleigh. help deciding: apartment, rent
  136. Is the Mormon Belt stick closer to traditional gender roles than the Evangelical South?: Mennonites, law
  137. Uprooting high school kids to move? Conflicted and seeking advice.: apartment, renting
  138. What's everyone's limit for a commute time one way?: home, neighborhood
  139. What states have the best sunrise/sunsets: neighborhoods, pollution
  140. With no specific draw to in which cirumstances should someone choose Dallas over Atlanta, and vice versa?: neighborhood, income
  141. Southwest vs Southeast QOL, Amenities,: 2015, insurance, home
  142. Black Mecca: Micropolitan cities: 2014, income, live
  143. At what point do you achieve anonymity in a city?: chapel, DMV
  144. 5-10 Best Google Image Views of your Current City/Metro!: city hall, new home
  145. Most popular cities for Millenials to purchase (Report): best cities, apartment
  146. Affordable, urban, family friendly non car dependent? Chicago Vs Philly Vs ??: fit in, condo
  147. Towns/cities that are gentrified or renovated: 2013, chapel
  148. Cities That Still Have Squeegee Kids: mall, stadium, cars
  149. Where should I consider moving to?: job market, college, camping
  150. Best places to land a job easily in 2020 based on my experience?: rent, house
  151. Moving from Boston to warmer liberal area: 2015, crime
  152. U.S. Mountain ranges that are below 7,000 feet max height that are still scenic.: live, vs.
  153. Least political/most friendly US cities: how much, where to live, tuition
  154. Coronavirus :/: homes, gated, live in
  155. What do people say about your city while traveling? What questions, comments, or conversations tend to follow?: good schools, taxi
  156. My home city is being destroyed by transplants. Where in the US is this happening?: crime, neighborhoods
  157. Rough Map of US Climate Preferences: live, deal, areas
  158. Your favorite post WWII outer suburb?: 2014, homes, university
  159. Help me.. I really decide: 2014, construction, tornadoes
  160. Where in the US can you find a lengthy snowcover?: areas, places
  161. Best Moose Viewing in New England: vacation home, college, living in
  162. DFW feeling Gulf Coast vs Twin Cities feeling Great Lakes.: beaches, trees
  163. Where would you rank States:: rent, home, job market
  164. Suburbs in Your Metro Area that don't fit in?: houses, best school
  165. Job Growth by County 2019: home, employment, utilities
  166. Korean immigrant looking for a new place to call home: renting, houses
  167. Are there rural areas with large Asian communities?: chapel, home
  168. Weird, OCD, random reasons you chose a certain locale?: apartment, college dorms
  169. What Would Your Response Be to Someone Who Feels You're Not Well-Traveled Because You Visited a Less Popular City?: things to do, yard
  170. Bikeable town in the South?: chapel, university, living
  171. Looking for new home near mountains and recreation.: health insurance, camp
  172. Small, rural towns for an educated millenial?: home, university
  173. Where should I consider moving to? (West Coast, Job Market, Nature): rental, living
  174. Young man... to move to a warm, sunny, dry place that's good on the pockets: apartments, to rent
  175. Location Scouting Your City For a Movie: middle-class, 2014
  176. Leaving California - need suggestions on new home: for sale, job market
  177. Has yall become more mainstream recently: transplants, apartment, school
  178. For the homers, what don't you like about your amazing city?: how much, house
  179. Cities w/high education but low COL: 2014, crime
  180. Relatively affordable beachfront in U.S.: real estate, oceanfront, townhome
  181. Tiny cities that are a hub: horse, land, rated
  182. Cities like Houston that are diverse but not segregated: home, find a job
  183. To who live in Colorado Westward: Do you feel walled off from the rest of the country?: rent, how much
  184. Is this becoming new trend in US cities?: school, restaurant
  185. Moving from Michigan to the Southwest: real estate, low crime, living in
  186. Want to leave northeast. Need help deciding between Las Vegas, Austin, and Phoenix.: sales, to rent
  187. Let's play a game.: new home, live, suburbs
  188. Are we all data nerds?: unemployment rate, income, living in
  189. What's the south's snowiest city?: home, university, best place
  190. Does city in the US have the same laid back vibe as Key West?: to live, transportation
  191. States: Ohio vs Indiana vs Florida (Exempting SE Florida/Miami area): buying, movies
  192. The South is the Most Interesting Region of the US: house, theatre
  193. Diverse cities not dominated by white professionals: transplants, real estate
  194. Culturally diverse parts of Rust Belt cities/areas: neighborhoods, college
  195. Does the Midwest get the most undeserved hate?: living in, to move
  196. Top Art Deco Downtowns: how much, hotels, houses
  197. Affordable places to live: apartments, rental, low crime
  198. Cities With Great Places: 2015, city hall, neighborhoods
  199. What is the West Coast ?: school, living in
  200. Free Richard Florida-led course on Coursera: registered, place, date