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  1. How does the Wasatch range in Utah compare to other ranges in the west?: live
  2. Most Intelligent US Cities: live, education, social
  3. Census workers and COVID-19: apartment, buy, college
  4. The places seen in Chevy's 70s commercials: college, price
  5. What are the capitals of each US region?: home, transportation
  6. If Cities were students and the high school was the United States, who would you be ?: middle-class
  7. Area with cleanest lakes and green mountains.: homes, buy
  8. Am I allowed to have drivers license in two different countries?: insurance, DMV
  9. States that has the least amount of COVID19 related restrictions/cases this summer?: salons
  10. Mid-Atlantic beach towns with a younger demographic: university, live
  11. Sell your home now or postpone new home purchase!? All major cities.: buy
  12. Kentucky vs Arkansas: car insurance, crime rate, house
  13. for of you who have lived abroad or go back and forth between The US and another county: apartment
  14. What are alternatives for someone who loves Irvine, CA and Bellevue, WA?: transplants
  15. Moving out of Southwest Florida?: for sale, real estate, houses
  16. Help choosing my next place...: sales, to rent, mortgages
  17. Best northwest mountain lake town: ski resorts, college, to live
  18. Midsize cities with decent Japanese population?: transfer, college, gardens
  19. Top 10 Micro Areas & GDP: home, school, university
  20. 300k for a house/townhouse in the southeast...where should i look??: job market
  21. COVID-19 Deaths In The Past Two Weeks Per US County: population, map
  22. Google Maps Bold Font City Names: sale, how much, moving
  23. Which city is best for me?: neighborhoods, to live in, prices
  24. Has This Ever Happened In The Same State in the Same Week Before?: tornado
  25. If you live in a U.S. tourist area, to what degree has COVID-19 had an effect?: rent
  26. help me find the best Southern California alternative for me!: new house, neighborhoods
  27. Municipalities that have reduced/will reduce police funding vs. that have not/will not: crime
  28. Outdoor oriented road trip itineraries: spring break, rent, how much
  29. Where in the Northeast should I live? (physician): apartments, lofts
  30. Why do Mountain States have so much more men than women?: neighborhoods, income
  31. Another, Where Millennials Are Moving: closing, living, moving to
  32. States to stay Red: house, area, cities
  33. Upper Middle Class in your city.: middle-class, sales, condos
  34. The Post your City/Region Black Accent: construction, schools
  35. Help deciding where to move: how much, house, college
  36. E. Suburbs St Louis vs: apartment, condo, house
  37. Western cities similar to another: Denver reminds me very much of Sacramento: ski resorts, apartment
  38. Where should we live?: to rent, crime, buying a house
  39. US cities for tourists without a car or Uber: rental car, rental
  40. Looking for my forever home.....: for rent, motorhomes, find a job
  41. What states are not falling apart due to 2020's drama?: how much, school
  42. Will we see population changes due to Covid-19?: 2013, living in
  43. Grade America's Cities by What They Offer to Tourists: hotel, home
  44. Areas of cities that don’t resemble the common images that we think of: lofts, condo
  45. Twin cities like Minneapolis/St. Paul; Why?: beach, suite
  46. Moving from NYC to ?: low crime, living in, suburbs
  47. City Welcome Signs: airport, designs, suburban
  48. Best medium-sized city not connected with a large metro area: college, to live in
  49. Which US Region has the most nuisance bugs?: home, scorpions
  50. Did you desire to live in your current city or did you end up there?: lease, house
  51. Best cities to buy vs rent (East Coast): renters, home
  52. Cities By Geographic Types: car, transit, metro
  53. Why does the US need 50 states?: quality of life, live in, vs
  54. What's the oldest town/city in your state/province?: live, military
  55. What are urban cities that feel suburban and suburbs that feel like urban cities?: homes, neighborhoods
  56. Has the virus motivated you to relocate?: home, quality of life
  57. Why does the Northeast have almost no mid size cities?: metropolitan area, area
  58. Miniature Version of the 5 Largest US Cities: neighborhood, theater
  59. Surprising, minority populations in the United States: houses, gated
  60. 9 Months in Florida and 3 Months in Maine, or vice versa?: renters, HOA
  61. Which of six cities would you recommend.......: best city, rent
  62. How well integrated or otherwise would you say the following ethnic groups are?: live, agriculture
  63. Do people slow down when driving in rain in your area?: house, tornado
  64. Visiting Aiken to research a move there: good schools, tornado
  65. Advice on best place for us: new home, tech jobs, buy
  66. 28 year old musician looking to move away from Chicago next year: rent, hotels
  67. Landmarks/places that are associated with a city but are outside city limits: schools, gardens
  68. State and City Population Effect from COVID-19: how much, homes
  69. Less than $140k for acreage? Anywhere?: real estate, house, buy
  70. where should i move to?: low crime, houses, neighborhoods
  71. U.S. Population Growth in the future: apartment, townhouse
  72. Favorite US city scenery/landscape/geography?: house, university, where to live
  73. Which major metro area east of Kansas City would make for the easiest transition for a lifelong Angeleno (Los Angeles)?: wealthy, things to do
  74. Where should I move to - young college grad: insurance, low crime
  75. MSAs that should be combined: employment, airport, land
  76. Trans and Tax Friendly States / Areas?: real estate, homes, established neighborhood
  77. COVID in Colder Climates: rental, to buy, movies
  78. ISO a spot to settle down. Old downtown like Disneyland's Main Street. Geniune friendly people. Arts appreciation. Edu.: rent, crime rate
  79. Best (affordable) metros for gay dating?: rent, job market, college
  80. What medium-sized cities have the most Bungalow housing stock?: real estate, homes
  81. Relocation for single female in late 20's: living, young professionals
  82. Biggest US metro you NEVER heard of: metropolitan, area
  83. Challenge: What's the Best Place for Our Summer Home: fit in, apartment
  84. what town is the Asheville of the West?: university, park
  85. US metro areas that will be least impacted by Covid?: home, employment
  86. Are Northeasterners better with the concept of “the collective good”?: crime, homes
  87. Georgia economy braces for impact as pandemic jobless payment ends: renters, unemployment
  88. California vs Northeast: quality of life, centers, wealthy
  89. Does know if Upstate NY (Adirondacks has the same trees as the Pacific Northwest?: how much, pine
  90. Young couple looking to relocate to a place with more seasons and better vibe: apartment, rent
  91. Which cities have underwater transit tunnels?: 2014, light rail, island
  92. Comparison of how visited US National Forests are: lease, how much
  93. Politics of Capital Counties: Based on 2016 Vote: transplants, university
  94. We are overrating DC’s worldwide popularity, and San Francisco’s too: best cities, how much
  95. Beasts of the East - Mountains edition: vacation, residential
  96. Is the Northeast colder than the Northwest?: metro area, areas
  97. Early 50s couple to move from Portland OR to anywhere - help us pick?: how much, universities
  98. Do you see a bright future for your city?: how much, new home
  99. Where to move from LI to the south: house, landscaping
  100. Top 3 under-dog tourist attractions in your city: condos, house
  101. Pandemic shortages (still): home, buying, price
  102. 1 street to showcase your city: middle-class, apartments, city hall
  103. for the Nashville-Charlotte-Atlanta triangle to be a future megalopolis?: home, to live in
  104. Progressive Southern cities that have best held onto their Southern roots?: transplants, house
  105. Unicorn? Affordable, diverse, liberal-leaning Western mountain town?: high crime, home
  106. Least political cities: low income, crime, college
  107. Looking for that 80s Boulder Vibe: ski resorts, real estate, co-op
  108. Major Cities Without a Bypass: fit in, living in, airport
  109. beautiful/outdoorsy smaller cities that have jobs?: best towns, houses
  110. Which city is most worth a trip?: house, neighborhoods
  111. Which town/city in the western usa is the best?: home, job market
  112. Big Cities with a small town feel: food, ranked
  113. Best Skateboard Cities Underrated/Unknown dden Gems: best cities, skateboarding
  114. Forbes study on US economic recovery post Covid-19: real estate, rent
  115. Better Mountains - NH or VA: homes, restaurants, shop
  116. Are there are walkable, vibrant, safe, and affordable cities in the U.S.?: safe neighborhoods, university
  117. Cities with most ultra-wealthy individuals in U.S: real estate, neighborhoods
  118. Favorite Urban Park?: military, mall, garden
  119. Which city/ state might be best for us?: health insurance, low crime
  120. Why People Move Where? An Analysis based on Demographic Trends: transplants, house
  121. Best place to move to with Korean wife: real estate market, how much
  122. Has relocated due to allergies/health?: sales, transfer
  123. Moving back to USA after 7 years abroad. Where to live?: crime, homes
  124. In your metro area, how far is considered an easy day trip?: ski resorts, university
  125. Where do the rural liberals live?: college, income, title
  126. how long would you have to live/visit ...: living, moving
  127. What is the largest urban area with no Interstate or Auxiliary Interstate? (I-*, I-**, I-***): home, bus
  128. Relocating - 2nd: home, job market, good schools
  129. What city has the best 'midtown'?: apartment, hotels, townhouses
  130. Which states have re-opened: eviction, home, colleges
  131. Google Street View your child hood Neighborhood(s): townhomes, neighborhoods
  132. Post Pandemic Cities of Interest: living in, fence, safe
  133. Cities with the most comprehensive, inclusive, integrated ‘mainstream’ culture: crime, neighborhoods
  134. Most Geographically Diverse Metro in US: bars, beaches, oil
  135. Let's play a game : pretend two cities are similar using cherrypicked points: real estate, home
  136. (Game) The reason I love this place is because...: credit, rich
  137. Amusing descriptions of cities that heard: casino, income
  138. Is greater NYC cheaper than the west coast: real estate, rent
  139. where to move in US...opinions?: ski resorts, sales, low crime
  140. Challenge: find a nicer house than this: real estate, to buy
  141. BNSF forces move: real estate, house, good schools
  142. Mid-rise neighborhoods (NYC- or European-style): apartment, houses, construction
  143. what funky east coast beach town would you live in the USA and why?: condos, crime
  144. Most Beautiful Historic and Well-Preserved Towns/Small Cities in Your State or Region?: bars, ferry
  145. 25 US cities with highest population historically: calculation, estimates, suburbs
  146. Horse friendly cities: house, neighborhoods, live
  147. of you who live in a state with no compulsory motorcycle helmet law, do most bikers you see wear helmets?: insurance, dangerous
  148. Seeking advice on what state to live..would appreciate: fit in, transplants
  149. What is the standard bar food like where you live?: homes, restaurants
  150. Cities under 100,000 people that don't require a car: college, living in
  151. Moving out of the Northeast: school, college, living
  152. Where to move? Horses, family, seasons!: fit in, home, school districts
  153. Youngest and Oldest U.S. States: transplants, transfer, construction
  154. Cities with the most 30K millionaires?: credit card, student loans, home
  155. Thinking about moving to a Plains/Midwest state at point and be a snowbird in the winter: taxes, living
  156. What languages are usefull in U.S?: living in, restaurants
  157. Super Liberal Racially-Diverse Suburban Towns: chapel, college, live in
  158. What US city was so advanced it made you feel like Marco Polo?: 2014, home
  159. Best American Cities for Indian Men To Work: taxes, live in
  160. Looking to Get Out Of Fort Collins, Colorado: schools, living in
  161. Which City Would You Choose if You Can Work Remotely: living in, move
  162. What is the extent of yes, ma'am/no, sir usage in the United States?: transplants, apartment
  163. The U.S.'s 250th birthday is only 6 years away: to buy, live
  164. What types of cities/towns are going to be struggling soon?: ski resort, low crime
  165. I really want my own space in case there's another or continued lockdowns. Should I move?: apartments, house
  166. Cities with close access to Forests/nature (not PNW or Cali): bike, requirements
  167. Moving back to the USA, looking for advice on cities to consider living in.: real estate, crime
  168. Where to go to live alone: living, store, cabin
  169. What USA City Should I Move To?: rent, crime
  170. Most worldly city/metro between SF (Bay Area), DC (DMV), Miami (South Fla), Houston: transplants, crime
  171. Relocation recommendations: camp, income, tax
  172. Describe the biggest cities in your state in five words or less: hotels, houses
  173. Is Colorado considered part of the West: live, population
  174. Libertarian US cities? An exercise in futility?: 2015, crimes
  175. What region do you consider the Third Coast?: living in, area
  176. Place suggestions for my parent's relocation: warm, mild weather, affordable on low income, pop <= 200k,: transplants, apartments
  177. What City Deserves an NBA Team: rated, deal, build
  178. Canada vs. the United Blue States of America: how much, gated
  179. What city or area would check every one of your boxes?: transplants, neighborhoods
  180. Which cities have less cases of police brutalities, and what do you think they do differently?: living, dangerous
  181. Homicide in America: A State-by-State Analysis: crime rates, live, statistics
  182. Youngish, from Southern Maine, looking to move to rural ME, NH, VT, MA, NY, or PA to create immersive art: to rent, home
  183. Chicago: Time to Plan Our Exit? Where To Go?: sales, rental
  184. Is East Longmeadow the most “New England” place? Alternatively, what does “New England” mean to you?: houses, construction
  185. Independently wealthy, minority: where to move?: crime, chapel, houses
  186. Humidity and dew point areas: live in, move to, population
  187. Where in the US should I live (near water)?: neighborhoods, good schools
  188. Best SE USA Beach Town for Young Professional to Live in Full Time: spring break, real estate
  189. mid-sized tech cities: job market, vs, health
  190. Hierarchy of cities in your state: home, luxury, university
  191. Single Mom Can't Decide between NC, GA, or TX...: transplants, rent
  192. Has the riots and covid changed your mind on relocation?: real estate, apartments
  193. MSA’s that get shafted by straddling an international border: crime, credit
  194. What are smaller metros you'd live in?: college, living in
  195. Cities that did not have riots/looting/violence: stores, moving
  196. Political leanings of every NFL team's fan base: live, vs
  197. Is Upstate New York More Like Michigan Or Maine?: neighborhood, live
  198. What is the most dissimilar largest city compared to their state?: bars, rank
  199. Hidden/low key streets that have quite a bit to offer...: cities, urban
  200. move to northern MN or the UP, which is better?: schools, taxes