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  1. Who will be the big winner by the end of this decade??: how much
  2. The Best Walking Neighborhoods Near Conveniences: university, restaurants, price
  3. Lead toys & Over sea Jobs: how much, buying, luxury
  4. Your thoughts on Shari's Restaurant: home, restaurants, food
  5. I Need Advice on Commute Times!!: school, university, living
  6. What city is best for my family?: house, public schools
  7. Interracial Lesbian Couple Seeking New Home: rental, neighborhoods, place to live
  8. West Nile Virus: activity, friendly, area
  9. What Do You Wear To Work In Your City?: live, gym
  10. 401K to 101K ?: mortgages, how much, home
  11. How do you decide what cities to recommend?: living in, restaurants
  12. Taking a road trip along the exact pavement of U.S. Route 66?: motel
  13. Worst places to retire: how much, rich, retirement
  14. Take a breather from your hectic life and -: cemetery, pictures
  15. IKEA and lead: sales, buy, ceramic
  16. Moving your children from a big city to a smaller one: middle school, town
  17. Husband diagnosed with Histoplasmosis.: mold, to move, pollution
  18. What Is The Most Fun Top Cities?: amusement parks, restaurants
  19. need help: income, income tax, living
  20. Fort Funston San Francisco[Pictures]: beach, parking, dog park
  21. What travels East to West?: moving to, mosquito, population
  22. Where to move to: job market, taxi, property taxes
  23. Property taxes in the US: real estate, how much, house
  24. which city, which neighborhood?: sale, condo, low crime
  25. Driving Across Country: areas, place, weather
  26. Opening an upscale jewelry store with a child on the the East Coast - where? ! Thanks!: house
  27. Best place to move to FROM AL?: apartment complex, rentals
  28. citizenship by marriage: home, gay, Brazilian
  29. Omaha: live, kids, American
  30. men's health best and worst cities for young men: home, living
  31. Good for IT developers???: living, cost of living, park
  32. Upscale jewelry store on the East Coast?: home, school district
  33. Why are regions more rude than others: live in, suburban
  34. Need help deciding.: high school, colleges, living in
  35. How Fast Does Your City/Town Move?: oceanfront, condos
  36. News, Mag Names Most Dangerously Drunken Cities.: live, car
  37. Where to move with my home based business...ID?CO?OR?VT?: foreclosures
  38. Need help: apartment, to rent, find a job
  39. holiday lights: home, live in, electric
  40. Help and Advice - Moving to the USA: ski resorts, living in
  41. Got: real estate, apartments, for rent
  42. Miami, Honolulu: best, cities, traffic
  43. Getting out of Michigan...: chapel, college, living in
  44. Help: low crime, good schools, tornado
  45. Best place to live if you work in finance and: insurance, wages
  46. S.o.s.!: apartment, foreclosure, employment
  47. Seeking Medium-sized city, great for family: low crime, schools, living
  48. Living in a Summer Resort: neighborhood, beach, timeshares
  49. Where should I move to?: insurance, schools, taxes
  50. Tennesee or North Carolina lakes?: for sale, house, neighborhoods
  51. Are there cities or towns with a lot of misfits: vs, shop
  52. Looking for the 'perfect' cottage community: house, good schools, shops
  53. Forget city vs city! New World Order-Is this for real?Demons?: vehicle, free
  54. W The Citizens of The USA: insurance, felons, live
  55. Where but where...: home, taxes, living
  56. National Great School List: 2015, home, living
  57. simpler times: places, small towns, looking for
  58. Silicon Valley takes on Detroit: power lines, move, pollution
  59. Cities with the most secure water supply: apartment, pollution
  60. Memphis, TN. Most obese city: health, rankings, best
  61. What should local governments do about decreasing Property Tax Revenue as home prices fall?: how much
  62. Starting a business, can move anywhere. Where would you send him?: home, to buy
  63. Moving to the usa: neighborhood, school, to live in
  64. Where should I live?: crime, school, universities
  65. City life as seen through the comics: rules, great
  66. Airshow pix...: photos, bridge, great
  67. Median Home Prices down in most metros, up in: foreclosures, condo
  68. What's the value of a house now?: foreclosure, to rent
  69. best place to reinvent yourself as a 40 something: home, to buy
  70. Most Happening Cities 2007: home, casinos, activities
  71. I want to visit America next year. Need your advice!: rent, job market
  72. Best City On The West Coast???: transplants, new home, neighborhoods
  73. State Forums vs. General U.S. Forum: appointed, new home
  74. most happy cities and cities with the most disgruntled people: crime rate, job market
  75. Do you believe in vibes ?: school, to live
  76. Underrated or livable small/midsized cities near large metros?: employment, college
  77. Are you satisfied with the people in your community?: cul-de-sac, apartment
  78. Which state/city has the lowest crime?: crime rates, live
  79. Cities you were shocked that you disliked: home, university
  80. Affordable/walkable/bikeable quaint city/town: best city, home, find a job
  81. Similiar feel to Mexico: home, neighborhoods, university
  82. Videos of your city/area: house, neighborhood, subway
  83. Which is more dangerous: Northern or Southern cities?: violent crime, neighborhood
  84. A New US Capital?: house, live, military
  85. FORBES: America's Most Sinful Cities: taxes, most dangerous, bills
  86. Which area is sprawling less?: zoning, housing, suburban
  87. Russian-Americans?: living in, restaurants, garden
  88. For buying acreages.: extended stay, mineral rights, how much
  89. ever get the desire to just move ?: home, school
  90. Favorite Unique Place???: neighborhoods, rich, architectural
  91. Top 5 favorite and least favorite states: town, trash, worst
  92. Most casual and formal cities?: fit in, neighborhoods, to buy
  93. You know you are addicted to City Data when...: design, architecture
  94. white ghettos?: high crime, neighborhoods, military
  95. Choose between 3: salary, living in, cost of
  96. i know its been done to death, but.... regions of the south: fit in, transplants
  97. Would yopu rather live in Charlotte or Dallas?: neighborhoods, schools
  98. Which city has the most lively downtown?: best city, neighborhood
  99. What Is White Trash?: how much, buy, high school
  100. if you could raise your kids anywhere...: city hall, low crime
  101. The City With the Most Green Buildings Is...: rooftop, gardens
  102. The Great Lakes - industrial wasteland or natural treasure?: real estate, oceanfront
  103. compare the place you grew up to the place you live now...: crime, houses
  104. Sense of humour: condo, home, transfer
  105. Your City's Chances of Having a White Christmas (according to NOAA): college, versus
  106. Charlotte or Portland OR. or Seattle??: real estate, mortgage, home
  107. Are there less social problems in the Midwest and Mountain States?: high school, college
  108. Where would you move to if you were a 42 year old single/divorce wanting a child and looking for a husband?: schools, income
  109. What city or town do you find the most beautiful?: neighborhoods, to live
  110. Best and Worst City Mayors: layoffs, bills, stadium
  111. Ethnic strip malls: hotel, public school, live
  112. Which state/city toots its own horn the most?: Home Depot, buy
  113. Different Sub-Regions of the West :): ski resorts, how much, hotel
  114. Which city gets picked on the most at C-D?: island, population
  115. Do you ever judge a new home by type of cars driven by the locals?: apartment, luxury
  116. Utopia?: condos, purchase, university
  117. Are there jobs anywhere?: real estate market, low crime, homes
  118. What brought you to this web site?: middle-class, ski resorts
  119. Should versus threads be banned?: where to live, activity
  120. Looking for Nice/Safe/Warm/Low Cost of Living: real estate, rent
  121. US Mayors Conference BLASTS Most Dangerous Cities Rankings: crime, hotel
  122. What's the longest distance tch-hiked?: to rent, credit card, luxury
  123. state/city with good weather, low cost of living, good job market, safe, and culture!: apartment, rent
  124. Help choosing where to put down roots.: transplants, foreclosures
  125. 800 Billion Barrels of Colorado...: leasing, house, employment
  126. Best states for hiking and backpacking???: home, college, subdivisions
  127. How do you define nice?: apartment, lawyers, neighborhood
  128. Maine and Northern Michigan: very similar: school, live, versus
  129. San Antonio,Louisville or Pittsburgh: neighborhoods, living, restaurants
  130. Want YOUR advice !! MOVE or NOT ?!?!: neighborhood, buy, school
  131. How many times do you expect to move?: house, buy
  132. The ring of poor around old northeast/midwest cities: apartments, lofts
  133. How Many Skylines does your City Have?: apartments, beach
  134. Moving Out of Houston: real estate, live in, manufacturing
  135. Cities with the most adult video stores: how much, house
  136. Manhattan tops salaries at $2,821 per week: crime, home, salary
  137. Does every US city have racial issues?: live, military
  138. Cities that have gone down hill fast- fault of the people or local governments?: crime, neighborhoods
  139. Need help! -- my husband and I can't agree on a town to settle in: homes, technology jobs
  140. ever had to admit they made a big mistake in moving: mover, house
  141. Regions of the South: income, agriculture, suburb
  142. Historic Homes: neighborhoods, purchase, new construction
  143. America's Most Murderous Cities.: home, dangerous, centers
  144. Most suitable city?: fit in, neighborhood, living in
  145. Help my find my big village: crime, chapel, townhomes
  146. Are Cities dominated by African Americans more violent?: real estate, sex offenders
  147. The Holidays in your Neighborhood: cul-de-sac, houses, to buy
  148. Roughest City: house, dangerous, trendy
  149. Anything special people(in the midwest) eat for thankgiving?: house, neighborhood
  150. US Cities with the physically strongest people: sales, home
  151. California home to 10% of World's Billionaires: buy, live in, beach
  152. Cities/states that lack hometown pride: transplants, home, live
  153. What city looks the best in snow: houses, neighborhood
  154. Most Dangerous Cities - As of Monday Nov. 19, 07: crime, statistics
  155. Mispronounced City and State names: to live in, best, place
  156. POLL: Migratory Shifts?: house, schools, earthquake
  157. Best City For Young Person: college, living, young professionals
  158. Has Meth use/abuse affected your town/city?: crime rate, neighborhood
  159. Where to get the BEST Breakfast ...: live, restaurants, centers
  160. Cities for Successful African-Americans?: best cities, to live, to move
  161. Best places to live as a lesbian besides SoCali and AZ: for rent, university
  162. Take your pick - Minnesota, Illinois, Wisconsin: crime, attorney
  163. Doctors in USA: private schools, university, salary
  164. Hello Americans!: license plate, architecture, car
  165. Stereotype Each City/Region: crime, how much, gated communities
  166. Looking for a nice place to live. s?: apartment, universities
  167. Would you live in a skyscraper? Do you?: apartment, hotel
  168. Is the midwest dying?: insurance, crime, job market
  169. How does political leaning affect your daily life?: neighborhood, college
  170. Which city for a student ?: renting, buying, school
  171. Fast paced friendly cities???: living in, moving, area
  172. Drunkest Cities: buying, taxis, store
  173. What are you running from?: crime, home, unemployment
  174. Philadelphia or Minneapolis: real estate, apartments, rental market
  175. How much are your property taxes: sales, houses, square footage
  176. Small cities and Towns with virbant intellectual and arts amenities: college, live in
  177. Cities with Highest % of Brunette and Brown-eyed Women?: apartment, living
  178. What median income makes an area affluent?: house prices, to buy
  179. Where are all the Artists/Hippies?: neighborhood, organic, place to live
  180. Redneck or Good Old Boy?: live, wealthy, fishing
  181. ...and now something REALLY dumb to debate: live in, health care
  182. Where would you go if you could go anywhere?: apartments, crime rate
  183. Virginia is the Birthplace of Southern Culture !: transplants, sales
  184. Rudest Region: homes, buy, college
  185. Which place would you prefer to live?: neighborhoods, law school
  186. Rebel Flag: high school, plantation, wealthy
  187. When will the -villes start booming?: construction, moving to, metro
  188. Americas Best Urban Neighborhoods: real estate, university, incomes
  189. East Coast and West Coast Liberals: living in, design, housing
  190. Where can I find a real-life Mayberry?: quality of life, living
  191. California vs USA: co-ops, go bankrupt, organic
  192. How do I find out........: houses
  193. Most content cities?: complaints, people
  194. this is starting to bother me: renting, job transfer, income
  195. Best Neighborhoods in Your City: hair salon, home, restaurants
  196. 10 worst holiday traffic tie ups in the US: ski resorts, construction
  197. News, America's Most Jealous Cities.: insurance, crimes, car
  198. Southeast Property: square footage, property taxes, restaurants
  199. States with the most cases of non voluntary sterilization: low income, income
  200. Just a - emigrating to the US.: live in, apply