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  1. Wanderlusting...Where should I move?: apartment, high crime, job market
  2. Christmas Displays in Your Area: theater, gardens, nicest
  3. best towns in Northern MT/ID/Southern AB/BC Rockies?: home, shops
  4. Urban farm systems/community gardens: live in, housing, cities
  5. Best regional/metro government in North America?: schools, live
  6. Which city has a good mix of east & west coast vegetation?: allergies
  7. Largest and smallest SMALL cities in the US.: bars, design
  8. Where would you settle to set your kids up for success?
  9. The Worst States For Millennials - 2020: sales, condos, student loan
  10. The positives in 2020 for North American cities: rent, new home
  11. What makes your city or metro the best in the nation?: 2015, crime rates
  12. Top Metro Areas for Remote (technology) Workers: appointed, job openings
  13. Texas is the new silicon valley?
  14. How would you stack State's???: school districts, university, living
  15. Is Jacksonville recongized outside of the South: college, live in
  16. Are natural amenities now more important than nightlife?: theater, living
  17. How Bad is Homelessness Where You Live?: 2015, violent crime
  18. 2020 Population Estimates: house, closing, vs.
  19. Best NEW Black-owned/oriented Urban Markets/Cultural Nodes
  20. Where to live for a socially liberal, fiscally conservative couple?: fit in, suburbia
  21. Small urban cities within an hour and a half off big cities: neighborhoods, living in
  22. What cities/towns in the US do you think would do best in an economic collapse situation?: homes, airports
  23. Chic-Fil-A popularity in the Northeast: house, school, living in
  24. The best mountain ski town in America?: bars, money
  25. The stereotype of friendly Americans - is it vanishing?: 2014, motel
  26. Big city feel: live in, move, suburbs
  27. What was the statement piece to announce your city arrived?: city hall, amusement parks
  28. Top 5 cities/towns/districts for Bachelors(starting out)?: best cities, apartment
  29. Best Skiing in the Southeast: activities, best place, places to go
  30. Starbucks selects 12 cities for $100M BIPOC investment
  31. Best place to move in the US?
  32. Another one of Top 10 lists - Best Places to Live in 2021
  33. Desirable Sunny/Open space areas similar to PNW vibes for active couple
  34. Best City for Young, Gay, Dark-Skinned Black Male
  35. From the middle of nowhere to...?
  36. Most industrial areas of the U.S.
  37. Who has lived all over the US, and what areas were your favorite?
  38. US cities that are safe from drought and water shortage issues?
  39. where do I go after Austin?
  40. Do Americans find it surprising when people from first world countries (e.g. W.Europe/Canada) desire to move to the US?
  41. Why do people in dryer climates tend to have more respiratory, nose and digestive issues than wetter, humid climates?
  42. What are the highest and lowest amenity cities for education, economic, health care amenities based on their population?
  43. Which of states would you live in?
  44. 2021 Best Cities for Jobseekers (Article): buying, stats, retirement
  45. Great city to work in as a software engineer with great nature?
  46. A Good Measurement for Racial Diversity? s my try at it...: areas, Hispanics
  47. Which city / area in the US has weather that is most like England and Ireland?: live
  48. Twin Cities, Minnesota vs. Silver Spring, Maryland
  49. What the america will look like once all the ice melts: live, beachfront
  50. Better Reputation: your city/county or your state?
  51. Walkable city, good schools,: homes, neighborhoods, school district
  52. 37 states in the US have ski resorts.
  53. NYT: MSA’s with Highest Incomes Needed for Mortgage: sales, home sales
  54. Mississippi Racial Stigma- is it cool to hate on Mississippi?: statistics, retiree
  55. Most beautiful state of each U.S. region?: design, island
  56. Which city or state did you move from/to that changed your life for the better?: transfer, quality of life
  57. Best US cities for wildlife: hotel, home, neighborhood
  58. How Much House Will $500k Get You in Your Metro Area in 2020?: apartment, HOA fees
  59. If the denser Rustbelt metros were in a warmer climate, would their populations have still declined?: crime, tech jobs
  60. How are cities still shrinking?: crime rates, employment, neighborhoods
  61. NFL Map of the U.S.: bills, metro, areas
  62. How Much House Will $1 Million Get You in Your Metro Area in 2020?: HOA, condos
  63. Where should I move (anywhere in the USA), safe, affordable areas: fit in, for sale
  64. The Montclair, NJ of other metros.: low income, neighborhoods, incomes
  65. Help us decide. Europe -> US: transplants, apartment
  66. Would the MSP be in way or relation like the DFW of the North?: credit, houses
  67. Who besides Californians are currently infamous for leaving their state?: unemployment, college
  68. Commuting to Texas?! Need ideas!: home, buying, school
  69. Midwest Nice vs. Southern Nice: houses, living, law
  70. People relocating due to WFH, are you not worried about going back to office in a year?: apartment, condo
  71. General differences between who grow up in the Eastern vs Western United States: transplants, house
  72. What is the largest (an smallest) mid-sized cities in the US?: college, airport
  73. Florida saw more migration than state in the country - Report: unemployment, buyers
  74. Help me decide which of states to move to!: real estate, apartment
  75. Where should I move to, to meet women?: college, live in
  76. Moving from Cleveland, OH to ????: 2014, condo, house
  77. Name this street!: bars, business, buildings
  78. Cities with excellent air quality. Cities with terrible air quality.: neighborhoods, good schools
  79. What is exaggerated about your metro area: insurance, high crime
  80. What is the center of your city?: city hall, houses
  81. How Much House Will $150k Get You In Your Metro Area?: lease, HOA
  82. The Street in Your City Known for Prostitution and/or Strip Clubs: 2013, city hall
  83. Which US city smells the best?: living, shop, pine
  84. What cities in the United States have the best and worst styles of houses?: neighborhoods, housing
  85. Cities gaining popularity during the pandemic: real estate, condo, brokers
  86. Cities you Expected to Dislike or have no Opinion that you ended up Loving: how much, houses
  87. Is your town divided E-W or N/S?: houses, neighborhoods
  88. Article: Escaping the City: America's Hottest Neighborhoods of 2021: moving to, properties
  89. Boston Racial Stigma- is it cool to hate on Boston?: houses, neighborhoods
  90. Is Oklahoma more similar to Kansas or Texas?: farmer, metro
  91. How many different cities have you lived in since joining: 2014, house
  92. How much of the Midwest do you consider to be part of the Eastern United States?: vs., transit
  93. What are the most expensive homes for sale in your city?: apartments, HOA
  94. Is Ohio more similar to Pennsylvania or Indiana?: houses, live
  95. 10 Best Cities for African American Families - Raleigh tops list: public schools, university
  96. Best mid-sized (100-500k pop.) for raising a family, in 2021 and beyond: homes, job market
  97. Most affordable urban cities for Remote Work: high income, living
  98. State Population Predictions: find a job, colleges, gated
  99. Is this a good map of the the South (Dixie)?: transplants, beach
  100. what part of your home area or metro would you move to if you to move back or raise a family in???: property tax, live in
  101. work from home and have a business owner policy?: townhouse, homeowner
  102. Warmer cities Demonstrations: restrictions, warm
  103. Emergency test alerts: east coast