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  1. University qualifications from outside the U.S: universities, education
  2. Top 3 Industrial Cities: rating, factories, current
  3. Need ideas for new location: apartment, student loans, house
  4. America's Most Literate Cities (Survey, CCU): home, live, educational
  5. Where would be a good place for me to live?: neighborhoods, universities
  6. Which is more humid in summer?: live in, to move, places
  7. HELP!! need this identified.
  8. Where to move after I graduate?: neighborhoods, place to live, safe
  9. News, Denver and others Is America's Most 'Lustful' Cities.: university, living
  10. What are the Top 3 Best Metropolitan Areas?: to live in, centers
  11. Your Town's #1 [item]. Part 2: for sale, high school, university
  12. Better for outdoors: Portland or Seattle?: live, activities, best
  13. Modern or Rehabbed?: architecture, cities, buildings
  14. Iconic food by city/state: live, airports, island
  15. How useful English language actually is?: upper-class, home, school
  16. If you're looking to relocate, are uestions to ask: apartment, lease
  17. Vacation ideas?: live, pub, budget
  18. Dog Parks: power lines, neighborhood, live
  19. Most Expensive Cities for Renters: real estate, apartment, neighborhood
  20. Relocate for health...where?: homeowners insurance, condos, low crime
  21. Looking for a place to move.: real estate, rentals, low crime
  22. Not looking for the best just valid opnions on areas to move: college
  23. Cities with the best places to go metal detecting: hotel, houses
  24. Relocation: new house, living in, moving
  25. who know Charlotte AND South Florida: crime rate, gated
  26. Where's the (fresh) food at?: living in, groceries, shop
  27. Does the ethnic makeup of a community effect its friendliness?: live in, friendly
  28. 2007 Most literate cities: crime, elementary school, university
  29. Road trip across the USA: rental car, rental, motel
  30. Which frosty town would you rather visit?: to live in, shops
  31. Road Trips: ski resorts, beaches, vacations
  32. Which U.S. Region Suffers Perfectionism the Most?: county, expensive
  33. Asian Population in Small & Mid-sized Cities: how much, living in
  34. Official Language?: cities, Hispanic, map of
  35. States with the most drunk drivers: license, install, top
  36. Relocating to NE US :: Is there a suitable compromise for both of us?: employment
  37. Cities with Jobs and < $100,000 Houses (or Where to start a family ): cheap home
  38. In which cities do people share houses?: apartments, to rent
  39. To Everyone:: year, agent, color
  40. Thinking about a move to the Southeast: college, to live
  41. Best & Worst Housing Markets in 2008: real estate market, home, purchase
  42. the BEST!!: camping, living, cost of living
  43. Things kids in the stix do or used to do for fun: house
  44. Cost of Living Calculator: utilities, salary, groceries
  45. Is sunbelt a meaningless term?: live in, vs.
  46. Going from NY to DC Boston and Philadelphia: price, centers
  47. City with the most beautiful, homosexual Asian men.: moving, population
  48. Merry Christmas for Everyone!: health, year, great
  49. states, county vs Norwegian Fylke: live in, teacher, area
  50. Do other states have something similar to Georgia's Hope Scholarship program?: high school
  51. where is this?: university, shop, rated
  52. White-collar cities?: stats, office, education
  53. hate brooklyn must go read help: quality of life, organic
  54. car seats suggestions: renting, buy, price
  55. Mountain-West & Southwest Transit Systems: How do they rank?: hotels, to live in
  56. European guy wants go to the college: apartment, rent
  57. High crime areas: apartment, loft, low crime
  58. City with the most...: cities, population, summer
  59. Post Satellite Imagery Oddities From Your Area: home, vs.
  60. Do places have a more welcoming and active outdoors community than others?: job market
  61. moving?: home, to live, restaurants
  62. There is a Santa Claus!: how much, house, live
  63. Rust Belt Cities See Rise in Drugs: closing, gangs
  64. D.C. metro area, Atlanta or Charlotte? Or other places?: rent, condo
  65. America's Lustiest Cities: legal, title, area
  66. Cities in the US that feel just right: loft, condo
  67. Most overrated southwestern city: appointed, waterparks, to live in
  68. Most Refreshing City: neighborhood, pre-k, live
  69. Sacramento, Las Vegas or Seattle: crime rate, houses, employment
  70. Which City Would You Choose?: amusement parks, to buy, college
  71. Best movie in your city?: amusement park, neighborhood, movies
  72. What Will Become of the Sunbelt?: how much, house, living in
  73. $150 million development in downtown Detroit: real estate, new construction, renewal
  74. What Man-Made Structure Represents each City?: stadium, architecture, cities
  75. 51st State: rich, station, rating
  76. Best Architecture: 2014, city hall, credit
  77. VOLUNTARY TIPPING or AUTOMATIC GRATUITY!! PROS & CONS ??: sales, credit card
  78. Nice place for a new begining: apartment, low crime, houses
  79. Bloodiest Metropolitan Areas in America?: crime rate, college, living in
  80. Best places to live for over 40?: apartment, renter, crime
  81. Seeking city in process of rebuilding downtown???: lofts, neighborhoods
  82. Raleigh or Charlotte?: home, find a job, neighborhoods
  83. How to Pronounce Western States - Nevada, Colorado, Oregon: live, bill
  84. The Strip vs. Times Square/Broadway: construction, public schools, organic
  85. What cities would you save?: movies, population, places
  86. Charlotte or Dallas?: transplants, high crime, houses
  87. Snow vs Nasty Large Spiders: house, scorpion, taxes
  88. s for a nice state to live in?: house, college
  89. If it is bigger and closer than Boston, why isn't Philly NYC's rival?: mover, condos
  90. YouTube - NBC Nightly News - how to say Nevada: live in, deal
  91. Best TV show set in your city: law, office
  92. Mild Winter states....not dry: employment, schools, living
  93. Weather Only: Worst Summer Weather: best weather, cities, places
  94. other state with low college costs for residents, beside California?: coupon, apartment
  95. Looking for a nice farm-type community.: low crime, house, to buy
  96. What Is Martin Luther King Drive In Your City Like?: neighborhoods, light rail
  97. Recent College Grad Looking for Young Professional Friendly City: best cities, sales
  98. Manners. Good and Bad.: movie theater, high school, living
  99. Your States #1 [item]. The spin-off.: home, high school, university
  100. Which are the Top 3 Best Metropolitan Areas?: middle-class, violent crime
  101. In What Type of Environment Do You Currently Live?: apartment, neighborhoods
  102. Where to move for space?: house, theater, schools
  103. What Is Your Household Income?: apartments, home, college
  104. most superficial: best cities, transplants, universities
  105. Where are the best Cities for singles over 40?: for sale, apartments
  106. Fort Lauderdale, FL versus Cheyenne, WY: lawyers, beach, places to eat
  107. What city that never been to would you choose to be exiled to?: to live, safety
  108. comparing US cities to Toronto, Ontario: crime, neighborhoods, living in
  109. I choose to live in a big city because......: insurance, crime
  110. Favorite Big City Besides The Big Three?: live, cities
  111. Chicago's Rival: cities, trading, town
  112. Comparing U.S Cities to London, UK: restaurants, centers
  113. Which U.S. Rust Belt city do you think could make the biggest comeback?: crime, education
  114. Favorite Place in USA: home, top schools, places to live
  115. Most spectacular mountain range in the country: vehicle, park
  116. What form of transportation do you use daily?: rent, transfer to
  117. If you Could match a city with a song, what would the song be?: rent, home
  118. Your Town's #1 [item]. The Third (and Final).: neighborhoods, movies
  119. What museum best gives an insight into your home town?: homes, neighborhood
  120. white on white racism?: loan, house, employment
  121. why so many baptists in appalachia?: upper-class, fit in, home
  122. What city has the most mild winters?: live in, costs
  123. Honking: live in, price, law
  124. Most iconic structures/buildings in American Cities?: castle, architecture
  125. Most iconic structures in US cities: city hall, theater, pre-k
  126. If you could live in 5 places in the US, what would they be?: homes, quality of life
  127. Connecticut?: home, incomes, live in
  128. favorite baseball stadiums: home, school, design
  129. High Crime White Dominated Communities: neighborhoods, movies, dangerous
  130. America's Fittest Cities - Top 25: school, centers, public transportation
  131. Most Atheist American cities?: area, lowest, church
  132. If you could BUILD a museum the would give insight to your town, what would you put in it?: crime, house
  133. Where would we go kayaking in your city?: places, photos
  134. Are there cities that DON'T have suburbs?: houses, land
  135. Best music scene: home, live, clubs
  136. What does your town do for New Years?: living, horse
  137. What city really dominates the south?: move to, title
  138. Moving to US very soon ...Pennsylvania, New York, California, or Washington state?: low crime, house
  139. Which city would you move to?: home, school, live
  140. Your Town's #1 [item].: city hall, insurance, crime
  141. Tennis Towns: live in, club, clubs
  142. New England small cities: fit in, low crime, how much
  143. Predominantly African-American cities with low crime...: low income, neighborhoods, income
  144. Does the city location of your employer impact corporate culture/socialization?: live in, restaurant
  145. Earthquake Weather, Woolly Bears and such: how much, tornado, live
  146. Cities with lots of White People: money, population, Hispanics
  147. Best Cities for Sneakers: buying, live in, cost
  148. U.S. Citites (Most Attractive African American Women)??: cities, population
  149. Poll: Which City?: earthquakes, live, friendly
  150. The Perfect U.S city will have...: neighborhood, construction
  151. Looking for the next 'Chicago' with slightly better weather: homes, neighborhood
  152. Mountains Versus Ocean: condo, house, buy
  153. US cities with the most unattractive women....let's see how far this gets: how much, live in
  154. Can a Cities culture change your personality towards people?: condo, how much
  155. Least favorite English-language accents: fit in, live, best
  156. What are your favorite American National Parks?: school, camping
  157. Do of you consider yourselves liberal, but live in a rather conservative city/town?: high school, university
  158. Blue Collar Cities that support the Arts?: apartments, loft
  159. What is the Best City to live in, if you made only minimum wage?: best neighborhoods, apartments
  160. What Cities are White People discriminated against (second class citizens)?: neighborhoods, living in
  161. The Three Most Dynamic U.S. Cities: Which would you pick for a foreigner to visit?: restaurants, centers
  162. What is the most ethnically diverse City in America (and would you want to live there)?: crime, where to live
  163. What sports team do you associate with each city?: live, area
  164. Safe Racially Diverse Community, Decent High Schools!!!!!: unemployed, neighborhood
  165. most friendly: schools, living in, cities
  166. Bloodiest City in America: crime, most dangerous, stats
  167. Could give me advice on where I should relocated?: apartment, low crime
  168. 40 Largest U.S. Metros 2020 projection.: beach, deal, metro area
  169. An opportunity to relocate*HELP*: low crime, home, neighborhood
  170. Slowest Paced Big Cities: live, retiree, best
  171. Little boys playing with toy guns: Future time bomb or a myth?: neighborhood, schools
  172. What are the differences between New York City and Chicago?: how much, theater
  173. Which New England state is your favorite?: homes, to live
  174. Have you used Google's Street View® to check out other cities?: townhouse, neighborhoods
  175. Cities/towns where you get to see of the older cars other than the car shows: lease, home
  176. Favorite Chinatowns in America: neighborhoods, live in, shops
  177. Cities/towns with high problems with crack/cocaine?: crime rate, buying
  178. Looking for a certain city: credit, job market, contractors
  179. Favorite/ Least Favorite City by Region: crime, hotel, living
  180. Chicago, Atlanta or Miami: transplants, theater, gated
  181. Why Iowans are more friendlier than Wisconsiners?: house, friendly
  182. Most beautiful mountains?: quality of life, horse, trees
  183. What is the middle of nowhere to you?: houses, public school
  184. If you could do something to your favorite city to make it better, what would it be?: neighborhoods, buy
  185. Best southern city for young singles?: home, university, young professionals
  186. Spokane WA or Little Rock AR?: crime rate, stats, safer
  187. What city have you visited the most?: hotels, living in
  188. Asheville or Roanoke: job market, school, college
  189. Seeking Liberal City with Great Education: home, theatre, living in
  190. Efficient cities that aren't freezing cold..?: home, law school, incomes
  191. The Burbs: suburban, areas, urban area
  192. Texas or Georgia, which is better for entry level IT jobs.: move to, relocation to
  193. Why doesn't list Canadian cities?: American, love, favorite
  194. 6 Bodies Found at Rural Wash. Property
  195. Battle of the Best Place to Live in the USA: best town, home
  196. Moving to US very soon...Where to live?: low crime, house
  197. Your most vivid chilhood memerable experience !: farmers, money, paid
  198. How to recognize a tax professional is not competent: taxes, office
  199. More single men or women map: place, Russian, singles
  200. Good city to get a Economics/Finance Related Job (Affordable midsize cities): real estate