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  1. mortgage rate predictions?: companies, building, working
  2. USA by surveys: crime rate, houses, cinema
  3. Seperate Cities or Suburbs?: how much, homes, shop
  4. Artists Across America: college, live, designers
  5. Tax Comparison: taxes, living, retirement
  6. s where a talented professional musician can relocate to that is affordable and opportune?: new home
  7. Where in the US...: crime, how much, college
  8. Vacation: prices, getaway, best
  9. Which of 3 cities would be a good choice?: living, cost of living
  10. Is location important?: for sale, house, neighborhood
  11. where to move?! sell your city to me! =D: good schools, university
  12. Moving Closer to Grandkids?: rentals, home, live in
  13. Looking for a nice place to move a large family: best city, apartments
  14. Best and Worst Cities for Your Job: lawyers, home
  15. Southern Cal vs Northern Cal: pros and cons, live, beaches
  16. Best place to live near Phx or Detroit?: low crime, houses
  17. Happy Father's Day!!!: shop, cabin, eat
  18. Similar cities: towns, downtowns, comparisons
  19. Born and raised in RI, looking to leave, but where? Help!: to rent, job market
  20. (NEW) Google Street View Feature: gated, move to, suburbs
  21. Father's Day: Honor your Father: house, find a job, elementary school
  22. What do high gas prices mean for America's cities?: buying, subsidized
  23. Migration trends within the U.S.: stats, moving to, population
  24. Where should we move to? help: low crime, neighborhood, construction
  25. Advice needed: sales, high crime, house
  26. Baffled: for rent, crime, homes
  27. Want to move to Athens GA, Asheville NC or Burlington VT: job market, living
  28. about comparing cities and states...: move, relocation, location
  29. Live and let live?: restaurants, yard, murders
  30. Inclusive education for special needs child: school districts, living in, safe
  31. Funny things about moving around: houses, live, moving to
  32. Struggling to Find jobs in california. Need advice?: how much, job outlook
  33. Looking for my ideal city and I need your help!: cheap apartments, houses
  34. looking for free dvd ripper: entertainment, history, better
  35. News, Southern towns shrink, economic troubles grow.: cheap house, school
  36. Seattle>>Reno>>Portland>>Los Angeles>>Ogden: low income
  37. New Graduate wanting to Move South: fit in, best cities, apartment
  38. Check Ur Area for sex offenders.. great website: neighborhood, rated
  39. I need advice on where to go!: fit in, transplants
  40. Where to Move?: insurance, house, find a job
  41. great place to live from philly?: schools, places to live, stores
  42. FBI arrests over 300 realtors and mortgage brokers in mortgage fraud sweep: housing, default
  43. Stock Market: to buy, prices, oil
  44. Is history on McCain's side?: live, residents, state
  45. Best Smelling City: house, club, food
  46. relocating to Portland or Corpus in the next 3 years...: crime, house
  47. Top Ten States Where Women Make Big Bucks.: buying, income
  48. looking for small affordable gay friendly city/town: houses, job market
  49. Looking for the right place: condo, schools, university
  50. A functional view of city and town size: fit in, real estate
  51. Best city for sushi?: live, restaurants, cities
  52. DESPERATE - know how to change your identity?: bad credit, how much
  53. Looking for a cold and economicly safe area?: low crime, college
  54. I am still overwhelmed by Big City living after growing up in a Small Town (are you)?: lofts, how much
  55. Want to move to USA! Very confused !! :-((: rentals, loan
  56. Central, Eastern European population in U.S.: school, living
  57. Which states have you been the happiest living in? Most unhappy?: homes, campers
  58. Proposed Philly Tower to be Third Tallest in Nation: real estate market, apartment
  59. High-Rise Spider Problem. Help: apartment, condo, houses
  60. Are we headed for another Great Depression?: bank owned, for sale
  61. Why all the hate at L.A?: neighborhoods, live
  62. Cities/Districts with the roughest/worst public schools: credit, office
  63. Do You Live in A Tourist Town?: motel, prices
  64. Americans are fat: schools, living, restaurants
  65. Help me find my dream city - I'm driving myself insane!: to rent, low crime
  66. What do you think of Native Americans?: house, neighborhood
  67. I Need Help!!! Help me!!!: apartment, for rent, loan
  68. How is the littering in your state?: how much, live
  69. Best place to live and work in the U.S.: job market, camping
  70. Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Atlanta: Are cities doable without a car?: best city, rental
  71. Rancho Cucamonga, Sacramento, Houston, Phoenix, Orlando: ski resorts, apartments, low crime
  72. Best U.S. Cities (25) to Live Work and Play: quality of life, standard living
  73. for SteveO: suburbs, best, metro
  74. Why Is There So Much Variation In Southern Accents?: transplants, house
  75. Most urban areas of the United States?: moving, metro area
  76. Critique My Brief Generalizations About Southern cities: casinos, nightlife
  77. Staying put due to economy?: how much, homes, buying
  78. Rant on Roadside Memorials: high school, live, fence
  79. Which state would you rather live in, Illinois or New York: job market, living in
  80. Large city with high elevation?: metro area, area, cities
  81. City or State with the most people who are like you?: middle-class, fit in
  82. Taste of Chicago or Summerfest: amusement park, safer, food
  83. Fireworks = war zone?: neighborhoods, to buy, live in
  84. Is it for a great place to live to NOT appear on top 10 lists?: home, places to live
  85. [Forbes] Top Cities for Graduates - Three Texas Cities Sweep List: best cities, cheap house
  86. Most dangerous city in the midwest: neighborhoods, shops, design
  87. City/State that has the worst Summertime Haze and Pollution: smog, cities
  88. What are your plans for the 4th of July?: house, to buy
  89. Does think that Indy is the best city in the midwest besides the people who live there?: neighborhoods, move to
  90. What State has a true identity?: transplants, home, schools
  91. Your on the SW Water Situation: casinos, to live in
  92. Florida vs. Callifornia: places to live, beach, land
  93. Looking for city to move in US (help): apartments, lease
  94. The City (Metro Area) with the Greatest URBAN FOREST is?: credit, design
  95. What City (Metro Area) has the least TREES (per square mile): residential, palm trees
  96. lets talk about cities with great economys. no omaha in this: job market, construction
  97. Chicago Spire VS Freedom Tower: safe, designs, building
  98. City/State where kids still play outside: home, neighborhood
  99. Keep it city slogans.: electric, businesses, cities
  100. Best Urban Neighborhood in the U.S.?: middle-class, fit in
  101. Moving to the mountains...but which ones??: low crime, house
  102. College and Beyond: The Poll.: real estate market, home, find a job
  103. Help Settling an Argument - Portland or Annapolis: rent, condo
  104. Where to go on vacation?: shop, beaches, activities
  105. Planning to move in 2009 or 2010, but haven't found my dream city: home, job market
  106. Find My Town: fit in, home, university
  107. What is the best big warm weather city in the US?: crime, loans
  108. Cities for college grads that are NOT snooty, materlaistic, cliquey, nor ran by A-Types, but are social and laid back?: transplants, job market
  109. Where's the Best Barbeque in the Nation?: food, place
  110. America: What city do you Adore the Most?: neighborhoods, living
  111. Does This City Exist?: mover, hotels, neighborhood
  112. Gas prices??: middle-class, go bankrupt, income
  113. Which structure Identifies your City?: city hall, loan, home
  114. Increase the gas price!!: home, to buy, high school
  115. Poll: The best U.S state?: live, cities, place
  116. Cities that smell good? Natural or man made scent!: live, beach
  117. Funny street names in your town.: neighborhood, drive, cat
  118. The region with most palm trees in the U.S: neighborhood, high income
  119. Suburbanites, What Would It Take To Get You To Move Back Into Your Host City?: middle-class, for rent
  120. firework shows: golf course, company, building
  121. 2007 Gross Product, all 50 states: insurance, home, construction
  122. Palm trees or snow: living in, pine, yard
  123. Friendliest large cities?: friendly, ranked, work
  124. Best city to live, between ones: appointed, best cities
  125. Are There Affordable Beach Homes/Land in The US?: real estate, homeowners insurance
  126. Montgomery County, MD or Bergen County, NJ: best city, home
  127. interesting website: crimes, unemployment, income
  128. Americans bash American cities/states more than foreigners: best city, house
  129. Which city would be your choice?: university, living, cost of living
  130. If you could live ANYWHERE...: to live in, to move, beach
  131. Best College Town?: home, neighborhoods, university
  132. Cities with the brightest future: job market, neighborhoods, good schools
  133. Latino is not a race. Is Asian?: to move, Korean
  134. Cities that you really want to visit?: home, neighborhoods
  135. Cities of the Decade. (2000's Poll): job market, wedding, movies
  136. If you could live ANYWHERE?: best city, loft, home
  137. If you could lived anywhere in the US?: low crime, schools
  138. Best (or favorite) large Midwestern city/metro area.: nightlife, trailer
  139. How much do you weigh?: health, better, fashion
  140. How big does a city have to be to have suburbs?: live in, land
  141. Cultural Creative Town: home, universities, living
  142. Favorite State License Plates?: best, palm trees, pictures
  143. Smelliest cities? Which cities have the most overbearing stench?: living, horse
  144. Future State: purchase, taxes, live in
  145. Best rural places to move with great weather, no snow: good schools, university
  146. Metric vs Imperial: fit in, buy, calculator
  147. Best cities for young people?: crime rates, job market, high school
  148. Road Videos!!!: high school, bus, garden
  149. vote for your three favorite world cities: best cities, rich
  150. Which cities are happy the way they are?: homes, income
  151. Top Ten U.S. Cities: pre-k, quality of life, place to live
  152. Chicago beaches/harbors versus Jersey shore and hamptons: homes, weekend getaway
  153. Best School Districts in Country: home, neighborhoods, income
  154. Drill Drill Now! For USA-ers fed up with gas prices!: law, oil
  155. City free from non-white people: fit in, place to live, to move
  156. Best state for Astronomers: cities, island, place
  157. Why do so many people all move to the same city?: condos, headhunters
  158. Which of cities should we move to?: fit in, condos
  159. states with tax free income: sales, public schools, casinos
  160. Say something nice about a commonly ignored city.: ski resorts, home
  161. Houston...Ft. Worth...Chicago...Atlanta?: crime, movie theaters, school
  162. Where Would You Rather Get Island Fever?: home, beaches
  163. Large Parades: horses, gay, snow
  164. Why is so much of American rude, inconsiderate, and hurried days?: middle-class, crime
  165. Places on your to visit list?: best city, hotel, college
  166. Crime in south vs north: crime rate, neighborhoods, to buy
  167. Advice on where to move!: real estate, sex offenders, low crime
  168. I have no idea where to move.: real estate market, apartment
  169. Temperatures at your home: live, required, coastal
  170. Has Made You Feel Better Or Worse About Where You Live?: to move, suburban
  171. Quintessential time of year or event to visit your city?: college, live in
  172. Best Cities to live without a Car?: middle-class, apartments
  173. How come states capital's aren't in the main population/cultural center of the state?: fit in, living in
  174. How Many States Have You Been Too?: territory, visit
  175. Dry Cool: gangs, moving, nice areas
  176. The Mid-Atlantic States: live in, cities, map
  177. I'm starting my own best places: hotel, neighborhoods
  178. Great place for 2-month winter getaway?: rental, condo, crime
  179. Phoenix or Tucson: Where would you prefer to live?: landscaping, theater
  180. Tell us about your city: condo, crime, house
  181. POLL: How reliable are top 10 lists, and would one decide your move?: transplants, apartment complexes
  182. Greatest influence on the U.S.A. *Updated*: cars, town
  183. Would you move for your family's sake?: fit in, homes
  184. My future life - Where to live - Canada or US?: real estate, high crime
  185. walking trails: house, safe area, to buy
  186. Most exciting U.S city?: casinos, live in, club
  187. that work w/ public: Which states have nicest clientele? Rudest/meanest clientele?: middle-class, transplants
  188. *AWESOME* Google Street View: park, metro, areas
  189. Will The Rust Belt Ever Rebound?: real estate, crime, employment
  190. good cities too!: job market, universities, shop
  191. Green Card Holders working and living in Virgin Islands???: law, residence
  192. What Makes A City?: cities, location, population
  193. LOve vs Hate
  194. Does knows about the natural healing device from germany?: water, friend
  195. The top ten National Parks in the U.S. according to Outdoor Life: appointed
  196. mcse practice exams: offer, good, looking for
  197. cool .. all of the best U.S. buildings all in one skyline.: shop
  198. Join the City Construction Projects group: cities, place, good
  199. ATL suburbs vs. Northshore MA?????: attorney, live, shop
  200. Frustration with environmental issues & relocation (PNW): move to, eat